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Welcome to Chaleuria!

Confetti and flowers and hearts! Jan. 7 is the official birth of Chaleuria, a home for passion and all aspects of love! As the translating scene has exploded in the past two years, sites dedicated to wuxia, romance, comedy, and other genres have sprung up. We’re here to celebrate heat and fire and the fluffiness that isn’t quite found anywhere else yet! Cha is the only danmei site with official authorizations and backed by Volare Limited, so rest easy about the longevity or legality of our projects! We’ve got two novels ready straight off the bat for you, and...

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An ode to translating faster and its inconsistencies

Translating seems straightforward enough, sit down and pound away at a keyboard, produce a masterpiece a few seconds later. Voila?! But wait, here’s real life examples of difficult it can be to consolidate translation styles when one goes hard and fast. Translator 1: While Ning Xi was very drunk, her subconscious mind could feel that the person embracing her at the moment was very warm, and had no bad intentions. She slowly relaxed into his arms and slurred drunkenly as she sat in his lap, “It’s only because I feel it’s beneath me… Otherwise… Otherwise with this face… I could find a… a big leg to hug… You think you can suppress me… I’ll go find one now… right now…”   Translator 2: Ning Xi was super drunk, but people still had instincts even so. She could feel that the person hugging her didn’t mean her any harm, and was really gentle, so she slowly relaxed. She sat on the man’s leg and leaned into him, not struggling anymore. She murmured drunkenly, “This chick here just didn’t care… because… because with my face… I can… go find a thigh to hug… do you think you can hold me down… I’m gonna go find… go find one right now…”   Translator 3: Ning Xi was incredibly intoxicated, but she was still vaguely aware that the person currently holding her had no malicious intent. She...

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Pure love for reading the native language of danmei!

Chinese grammar is ” PERSON -> TIME -> ACTION ” For example: I today go          我今天去 I tomorrow go   我明天去 I 3pm go            我三点去 Vocabulary 我 (wǒ) = I 去 (qù) = go 今天 (jīntiān) = today 明天 (míngtiān) = tomorrow 三 (sān) = three 点 (diǎn) = o’clock (depending on the context, that word has a different meaning) Important key words 在 (zài) = explains the location of something/someone 了 (le) =  explains that an action has already taken place or indicating a change of state in a situation… Now, for today’s post… First, let’s take a look in details of the grammar structure of a simple Chinese sentence. Subject + Time + Location + Predicate [Predicate] : verb, nouns, objects, negation, adverbial modifiers, prepositional phrases, aspect particles…. Examples : 1. 我昨天晚上在我朋友的家看全職高手了。 Analyze 我 / 昨天晚上 / 在我朋友的家 / [ 看了 / 全職高手。] I / last night / at my friend's house / [ watched / The King's avatar. ] Subject / time / 在 + location / [ verb + 了 / noun ] Grenn's translation : I watched The King's avatar at my friend's house last night. Important note : The 了 indicates that the action is already completed in the past. 2. 她在一堆箱子后面看到了一个小男孩。 Analyze 她 / 在一堆箱子后面 / [ 看到了 / 一个小男孩。] She / at a pile of box behind / [ saw / a little boy.] Subject / 在+location / [ verb +...

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What is danmei?

  Danmei is a genre that is written by, consumed by and targeted for a female audience. The term itself means “indulgence in beauty” and symbolizes the (over)romanticizing of male-male relationships sometimes to the point aesthetics overcome the importance of plot and character development. There are a few speculations as to why this phenomenon came to be. The systematic ban and the socially taboo nature of homosexual/homoerotic content Gender inequality and inequity in society where women feel oppressed and objectified The inevitable ties in a conventional romance – marriage and childbirth – which ultimately interfere with the idealized concept of love The first two points are not unique to China and apply to most of Asia and other parts of the world where civil rights have not transformed as they have in most of the West (remember, the emergence of slash coincides gay rights movement). Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to find that danmei or yaoi is very popular with the female audience in those places, as well. Just as pornography set in a classroom or in a religious facility invokes a feeling of naughtiness, homoerotic fiction can provide readers with the rush of witnessing something taboo and forbidden – and the forbidden fruit is sweet. Along with that comes the freedom and privilege that a male-submissive character embodies, insofar that men, even though they are penetrated...

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