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RDE Chapter 22 – Entranced

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay Edited by ONI_Ghost Beta read by OEE ~o~   Chapter 22 – Entranced   “Are they dead?” Luo Xiao asked, stunned. Jiang Yao nodded as he looked worriedly at the younger male. Being ruthless was a part of his personality, but for the first time, he cared about what another person thought of him.   “I guess you had a good reason to kill them,” Luo Xiao finally said with a sigh. His face was pale, and his voice trembled slightly, but his eyes were bright. He looked at Jiang Yao with great trust obvious from his expression.   Jiang Yao released a breath of air when he saw how much he was trusted. He nodded and squeezed Luo Xiao’s waist, pulling the younger man closer to him.   “We can move on now,” he said after ensuring that no one from the information center had survived. Even some of the people outside had lost their lives. Everyone who had left the information center since Jiang Yao and Luo Xiao departed had also been turned into ice statues.   Ling Mo stood some distance away as his heart palpitated with fear, and he sweat profusely.   He finally understood that Jiang Yao was truly a cold-blooded killing machine. For him, life meant nothing. Anyone weaker than himself could be trampled on as he...

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RDE Chapter 21 – Frozen Solid

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay Edited by ONI_Ghost Beta read by OEE ~o~   Chapter 21 – Frozen Solid   Jiang Yao nodded at the information center’s attendant. He then reached out his hand and a few gold bars appeared within. These bars were handed to the clerk who had spoken before, and in return, he received a small map.   Luo Xiao looked curiously at the map. He had read many books, and some of them had details on geography, but none of them were as detailed or beautiful as this map in front of him.   Seeing the curiosity on Luo Xiao’s face, Jiang Yao chuckled and handed the map over to the younger boy.   Accepting the map, Luo Xiao opened it up with reverence. Looking over it, he was brimming with curiosity, unable to contain his excitement.   Jiang Yao had never seen such genuine excitement and interest on Luo Xiao’s face before, so he was very entertained by the sight.   “Your Highness! This map is very valuable!” the clerk exclaimed with shock when he saw that Jiang Yao had just handed it over to Luo Xiao as if it was some sort of toy, but Jiang Yao just shrugged his shoulders.   “I have already memorized it,” he said after glancing at it for a moment, “might as well let my dear...

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RDE Chapter 20 – Capital

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay Edited by ONI_Ghost Beta read by OEE ~o~   Chapter 20 – Capital   Having arrived at the Chengzi Empire, they didn’t head straight for a remote meadow or ravine to find the Moon Anise. Instead, they ventured towards the center of the empire where the capital was located.   They flew the entire way until they reached the outskirts of the city, then Jiang Yao and Ling Mo descended from the skies and walked on the dusty roads.   Luo Xiao was relieved. When they walked, they moved at a speed he could follow, but even so, Jiang Yao was reluctant to release Xiaoxiao from his arms.   “Come now, I can’t really stay in your arms forever,” Luo Xiao argued. But, Jiang Yao just snickered, “Who says you can’t?” he asked as he tightened his hold on the young man in his embrace.   “But you have things you need to do!” Luo Xiao said. But despite this, Jiang Yao was rather adamant about not letting go.   The groups of people that they passed looked at them with curiosity as they heard the bickering that went on between Luo Xiao and Jiang Yao. Ling Mo’s expression was dark while his mind was filled with murderous thoughts.   To him, it didn’t sound like bickering but like flirting, and he couldn’t...

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RDE Chapter 19 – Figured Out

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay Edited by ONI_Ghost Beta read by OEE ~o~   Chapter 19 – Figured Out   Jiang Yao looked at the sleeping Luo Xiao. He was still a mortal and only at the Low Earth Rank. Although he could cultivate whenever he wanted, he still needed to eat and sleep to keep his body functioning.   Jiang Yao stared, mesmerized by Luo Xiao’s appearance. It was as if no matter how much he looked at this younger boy, he could never get enough.   Right now, Luo Xiao was deep asleep. He never spoke much when Ling Mo was around, but as soon as it was just him and Jiang Yao, he threw away all signs of pretense and said exactly what was on his mind.   This honest boy was a welcome change to Jiang Yao’s life of schemes and dishonest people, who would do anything to benefit themselves.   As he looked at the sleeping Luo Xiao, Jiang Yao noticed that some dust had settled on one of his eyelashes, and he couldn’t help leaning forward to observe it closer.   His eyelashes were so long and beautifully curved. They were even more beautiful than any women’s eyelashes Jiang Yao had ever seen.   Jiang Yao moved his face so close to Luo Xiao that he could feel the younger male’s breath...

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RDE Chapter 18 – Abnormal

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay Edited by ONI_Ghost Beta read by OEE ~o~   Chapter 18 – Abnormal   The group set out once more. Ling Mo was in a horrible mood, but he said nothing the entire day. He didn’t fly ahead like usual, he just stayed by Jiang Yao’s side the whole day.   As night descended, they found another small village where they settled down for the night.   Once more, Jiang Yao rented two rooms – one for Ling Mo and one for himself and Luo Xiao. As always, Luo Xiao blushed until he looked like a ripe tomato when the staff heard about their sleeping arrangements, and they sent curious, suggestive glances towards him and Jiang Yao.   It was as if being stared at was an everyday occurrence for both Ling Mo and Jiang Yao, neither of them reacted to the many glances, but Luo Xiao was rather thin-skinned,   “I don’t want to go and eat. Can’t we eat in the room today?” Luo Xiao asked Jiang Yao when they had settled into their room and were on their way to the ground floor where the inn’s restaurant was.   “Why don’t want to eat downstairs? I’m sure it’s much better than eating in this small room,” Jiang Yao said.   “But they’ll stare at me,” Luo Xiao muttered. “I don’t...

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