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RIAH – Chapter 148: It’s Not a Confession

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Eight: It’s Not a Confession In the large room, there was not a soul in sight. However, there was a strange bulge at the foot of the bed. Upon closer inspection, one could see it was a rolled-up blanket looking like a snow-covered hillside. This was what Yan Jin saw. He sat on the bedside and the bed sagged a considerable amount from the suddenly added weight. The blanket roll contracted imperceptibly. “Are you crying?” Yan Jin asked. “No.” “What? You’re really crying?” “I already said I’m not! Are you deaf?” Xiao Yu stuck his head out from the blankets. Like a predator waiting outside a rabbit burrow, Yan Jin immediately snatched Xiao Yu and swept him into an embrace. The “rabbit” struggled for a few moments before finding it was completely imprisoned. Xiao Yu surrendered and stuck his head into the embrace as if he were dead. Yan Jin didn’t pressure him. He calmly held Xiao Yu without saying a word. Before long, a muffled voice came out. “Was I embarrassing?” “No, “ Yan Jin replied almost instantly. “…Hmph. Liar.” Xiao Yu wriggled from Yan Jin’s collar to snuggle a little closer to Yan Jin. Yan Jin held Xiao Yu’s wriggling head steady and clearly said next to Xiao Yu’s ear, “No...

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RIAH – Chapter 147: The Genius’ Shortcomings

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: – Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Seven: The Genius’ Shortcomings “Getting married? Congrats!” Xiao Yu repeatedly congratulated him and continued, “You don’t look that old yet. You’re probably not yet twenty-five, right?” “Twenty-two, ” Nan Wei laughed bitterly. “No need to say it; I know what you’re thinking Master. I didn’t originally plan to get married so early. One month ago I hadn’t even considered marriage. I always thought I’d get an arranged partner or something similar around age thirty. Who knew that heaven liked to play tricks on me so much? Master, I’m really very sorry that I’ll be getting married before you. I really really didn’t expect it.” Xiao Yu: …… Actually, Xiao Yu’s thinking wasn’t that complicated. It wasn’t as obvious when they were chatting on QQ, but now, Nan Wei’s drama queen tendencies were more than exposed. Xiao Yu had always believed himself to be quite imaginative, but now it seemed he was only limited to the level of fantasy novels or television dramas. Nan Wei was at a way higher level. He could make his reality easily understandable. “Relax. We got engaged just the same.” A low voice came from behind the newspaper. Xiao Yu ferociously looked over. The half of the head that had poked out from behind the newspaper rapidly retreated back. “That...

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RIAH – Chapter 146: The World Really Is Small

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: – Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One-Hundred and Forty-Six: The World Really Is Small When the appointed time rolled around, Xiao Yu anxiously waited for the doorbell ring. Xiao Yu had repeatedly checked his phone so many times in the last minute but still didn’t receive any notifications. As always, the impatient Xiao Yu adeptly vented all his worries and responsibilities onto Yan Jin, who was leisurely perusing the newspaper, “Hurry up, hurry up. Go check outside.” “Why?” Yan Jin was puzzled. “Nannan definitely has arrived. Maybe he got stopped by the gate guard just like me last time.” “Ah?” Yan Jin still didn’t get it. It was fine when he didn’t mention it, but now that he did, Xiao Yu’s anger began to rise again as a victim. “I came to try to find you here in March but was denied entry by the gate guard. I waited outside in the corner until it was dark and you still hadn’t come out.” Yan Jin exhaled coldly; he hadn’t heard anything about this. However, just as he started to move towards the cranky Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu firmly pushed him away. “So I’m saying, hurry up and go check,” Xiao Yu seriously said. Not discouraged in the least, Yan Jin started again towards Xiao Yu. Just as Xiao Yu reached out to push...

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RIAH – Chapter 145: So It’s Okay

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Five: So It’s Okay Yan Jin had a beautiful dream. In his dream, he successfully got his Fishy drunk. Fishy, whose furry ears had popped out, was flushing red as his pale body laid on the snow-white bedsheets. He was sobbing and sniffling under him as he leaned forward to reward those dark red lips. Then, he woke up. …… The huge difference between reality and dream made Yan Jin stare at the familiar ceiling for a long time as he laid on his bed. After he repeatedly analyzing what had happened last night, why he was there, and where was Fishy, Yan Jin’s sight landed onto the pillow beside him. He saw a hamster sleeping soundly. This reasonable yet unexpected scene made Yan Jin recall the memories from last night. Then, he let out a defeated sigh and used his hands to cover his eyes. For all he had planned, never had he expect Xiao Yu to be such a good drinker. The previous time when he saved Xiao Yu from the hotel, Yan Jin thought that the younger man was completely knocked out due to that bottle of vodka. However, from the current situation, it seemed that if Lin Zhou had not drugged him, that bottle of vodka may not even have affected Xiao...

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RIAH – Chapter 144: First Attempt at Drunk Play

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Four: First Attempt at Drunk Play Indeed, he should not have put too much faith in Yan Jin. He only looked high-class on the surface. Xiao Yu let his thoughts wander as he sighed and played with his mobile in the passenger seat. “Is there anything you want to buy?” Yan Jin asked while driving as he took out a stack of papers and passed it to Xiao Yu. “I made a list. Have a look and see if there’s anything else I missed and add on to it.” Xiao Yu absent-mindedly took the papers and immediately realized that something was wrong with the thickness of the document. “So thick?” Xiao Yu held the five-centimeters thick document in his hand with astonishment written on his face. With such thickness, one might have thought it was a dictionary. “Hm? Not really.” Yan Jin disagreed. “It’s better to buy more to be prepared just in case.” Xiao Yu lowered his head to look at the “dictionary” in his hand. Page 1 Shopping List 1 – Food Container 1.1 Food Container Frosted, Blue, Heart-shaped border Frosted, Blue, Flower petal border Skipping to the third line… Frosted, Red, Heart-shaped border Onto the tenth line… 1.2 Food Container Enamel, Blue, Flower petal border Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes. Page 5 Shopping List 2.1 Small...

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