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RIAH – Chapter 70: Designing Objects Other Than Jewelry

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Seventy: Designing Objects Other Than Jewelry As the Ragnarok competition came to an end, the Autumn Release Conference had officially begun. Compared to previous conferences, this year’s event had apparently stood out from the others. An individual design winning against major brand corporate works; Mr. Mystery, the mystery designer whose identity was unknown; City S’s up-and-coming jewelry corporation becoming an overnight celebrity; and even the news of an ambulance called to the scene at the Autumn Release Conference had taken over the headlines of every weekly fashion publication on the second day of the conference – they even saved on the advertisement fees. The results of the Ragnarok competition left people with mixed reactions. However, the majority of the crowd was still satisfied with this interesting competition. Compared to the method of assigning exhibition booths according to the corporation’s annual performance, Ragnarok obviously had more variation and challenges. The voices of displeasure were higher among the older corporations, but the support from the newer corporations were also going strong. In addition, Ragnarok was attractive to the eyes of the public. The organizers were naturally pleased with this kind of free advertisement. Even as discussion about the fairness of the competition had appeared because of Mr. Mystery’s incident, the organizers were not upset. It was inevitable to attract hatred when...

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RIAH – Chapter 69: Winner III

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Sixty-Nine: Winner III After the banquet, the guests gradually returned to the main hall. “We have come to an end for the evaluation segment. We would like to invite everyone to take a look at the final scores on the main screen.” The emcee on the stage quickly rushed out his speech as he hesitantly announced the final results. The crowd look at the main screen. Compared to their own company’s ranking, the majority of the crowd was more interested in Mr. Mystery’s final ranking. However – “Eh? Was there any change?” “The ranking has not changed. Am I blind?” “The scores were not amended? Mr. Mystery is still ranked number one.” “Didn’t they call for an internal discussion on that? And this is the outcome of the discussion? I think they might as well call this conference a failure.” On the main screen, Mr. Mystery’s work was still plastered at the top of the ranking list as the crowd went wild again. Even Yan Jin was puzzled with this result. He turned to look at Secretary Fang who was beside him and asked: “There really were no amendments made?” It was not that he could not completely accept this result, but it just seemed too illogical. Yan Jin even included the possibility that Nan Chan would stir up...

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RIAH – Chapter 68: Winner II

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Sixty-Eight: Winner II SI’s chairman, Zhou Jinrong, was once the most outstanding of the young entrepreneurs in City S. The Zhou family had been in business for three generations. Zhou Jinrong was the youngest among the siblings in his generation. He had been showered with attention ever since he was born, with everything and anything he wanted at the snap of his fingers. It was the same even when he had reached adulthood as he brought SI to the peak. He had always been living with flattery and envy from others, and that made Zhou Jinrong so unavoidably arrogant that he believed no-one else mattered. In his eyes, those who were more talented than him did not have a better family background than him. Those who were richer than him did not have more capabilities than him. That established theory had been in place for thirty years until Yan Jin appeared. When Yan Jin came back from overseas, Zhou Jinrong had sent an invitation to him. Seeing that they were in the same business, the Zhou family deemed it necessary to do so as the leader of the City S jewelry industry. Never had they expect that the welcome party that Zhou Jinrong had spent great efforts to hold, would be stood up by Yan Jin. Thus, the feud...

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RIAH – Chapter 67: Winner I

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Sixty-Seven: Winner I Yan Jin rubbed his chin from under the stage, thinking about how this was an unexpected surprise. Nan Chan stuck out her tongue on stage, as if to imply that she had gotten caught in the act. “What kind of situation is this? How can there be such a score!” “Contact that designer immediately! Hurry, now!” “Who is that person? Mr. Mystery? Never heard of them!” “Aren’t the organizers going to explain anything? What do they mean by this?” Messy, chaotic pandemonium erupted. A designer that no one had heard of before, and an individual work that triumphed above all other corporate works. In addition, they won the number one title in the ranking. The only people in the audience who had some semblance of an idea as to what was going on probably consisted of the minority of YL and SI’s employees. Those few people did not include SI’s chairman, Zhou Jinrong. “Where are the organizers? What do they mean by this?” Zhou Jinrong’s reaction was probably the most exaggerated. After all, such a ranking would conveniently squeeze SI’s exhibition booth right to eleventh place. Even though there was only a difference of one rank, the difference for the exhibition booth was very drastic! No one paid attention to the last two scores for the...

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RIAH – Chapter 66: The Chaotic Opening Ceremony

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Sixty-Six: The Chaotic Opening Ceremony When Yan Jin saw Nan Chan’s name on the list of invited guests, he knew that things were going to get messy. The organizing committee behind the Autumn Release Conference had always been the same few organizations and corporations, with absolutely no change for several years. Moreover, it was publicly known that the Nan family rarely got themselves involved with jewelry events. This sudden change had simply caught them off guard. Yan Jin, who had reached the venue early, settled himself in the audience area. In less than ten minutes, his mobile started vibrating. Secretary Fang, who was sitting beside him, heard his phone going off. She reminded softly: “Chairman Yan, your mobile is ringing.” Yan Jin glanced at the caller ID and hung up without any hesitation. Shortly after, his mobile started vibrating again. This time, Yan Jin switched his mobile to do-not-disturb mode right away. When the opening ceremony had officially started, Yan Jin noticed that Secretary Fang was using her mobile with her head down. He asked: “Is the award list out?” Secretary Fang did not have a pleasant look on her face: “It’s out, but…” “Let me take a look.” “I’ve sent it to you.” Yan Jin glanced through the two award-lists and remained silent. Compared to any other...

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