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RIAH – Chapter 97: Being Taken Advantage of as Usual

Translator: Twin.Fishes Editor: Rei Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 97: Being Taken Advantage of as Usual News that YL and SI were fighting over an order quickly spread. This was the first time that the jewelry giants at City S publicly fought on the same stage. This could be called the battle of the year that was in a class of its own, and it attracted everyone’s attention. For the most part, the audience was there to watch the excitement. Only a small portion truly cared about the two enterprises, as this affected the future of City S’ jewelry business. Competition within the market was always a topic that could not be avoided. Ever since YL rose up, the two enterprises could not avoid butting heads. Every time the two enterprises fought in the last couple of years, there would be a lightning and storms, but it would ultimately fizzle out. They would battle it out and then they would settle down peacefully, ending with a conclusion where both seemed to develop harmoniously. Only this time, the more experienced industry insiders were able to smell the scent of gunpowder in the air. It looked like they were ready to tear off their facade and really go to war with one another. In these last few days, Xiao Yu saw the overwhelming amount of posts about the two corporations...

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RIAH – Chapter 96: Trump Card

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Ninety-Six: Trump Card The outburst of great ambition was like a raging inferno burning in Xiao Yu’s chest, filling him with motivation. SI stealing the deal away? That wasn’t even an issue – it could be dealt with at the snap of his fingers. He was SI’s former chief designer; the current Guru behind the scene; the hamster lord who could predict the future and shouldered the mission of rebirth. This was just one contract. How could it stop him? However, maybe even the heavens could not bear Xiao Yu’s smooth success thus far – [Grey-white SS]: YL is not at the stage where we have to steal contracts from others. [Grey-white SS]: Plus, regardless of whether we get the deal, people will talk about it. We don’t have to do things that will inflict damage on ourselves. Xiao Yu, who was drenched in cold water from head to toe: …… [Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: But, milord, this deal is really, really good. [Grey-white SS]: It’s just eight hundred thousand. We have deals that are worth millions. [Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It will be worth much more than that in the futureee. You have to see it from a long-term perspective. Plus, this company has gotten really popular recently. A long-term...

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RIAH – Chapter 95: Who’s Paying for It?

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Ninety-Five: Who’s Paying for It? Inclusive of New Year’s Day, Yan Jin had a total of five days’ worth of vacation leave. As a workaholic chairman, such a long rest was very rare. But still, Fishy benefited the most from this vacation. After all, unlike Yan Jin, who was a chairman with an incomprehensible background, a place like the Four Seasons Manor was somewhere he had never ever dreamt of before. Besides its natural, gorgeous scenery, Xiao Yu also loved the Four Seasons Manor due to the highest level of treatment he could enjoy only at this manor. He slept on a mini cradle made of special material, and the blanket had his selfie printed on it. It was all placed right on the headrest of Yan Jin’s bed, making it possible for him to order the chairman around to run errands for him. The food he consumed had expensive vegetables, fruits, cooked beef, and fish jerky. He even had a pretty lady on standby to pass him the water and wipe his mouth. The entertainment consisted of all kinds of interesting mini games. Since they had caught a chill on the first day, Yan Jin instructed his helpers to transport the snow into their room. That allowed Xiao Yu to remain in the warm room while he built...

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RIAH – Chapter 94: How Misunderstandings are Created

Translator: Twin.Fishes Editor: Rei Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 94: How Misunderstandings are Created After dinner, Xiao Yu asked Yan Jin to bring him out to the courtyard. It snowed two days ago. Although the snow had stopped today, the accumulated snow had not melted yet, and he wanted to build a snowman. Yan Jin did not refuse him, but he insisted that Xiao Yu wear the red Christmas scarf. The fluffy Xiao Yu wore a fluffy little scarf, looking especially conspicuous as he ran adorably into the snow. The center of the Four Seasons Manor was built on top of water. It wasn’t a problem from spring to fall, but now that the weather was so cold, the water had frozen over, which was extremely dangerous. Although Xiao Yu had the impulse to go down and skate for a bit, he was aware that Yan Jin would never agree. After all, Yan Jin didn’t even allow him to get close to the pavilion above the water. However, the suites to the East and the West were not built along the water and each had their own little courtyard. At this time, the peach blossoms planted in the one facing East had withered, whereas the plum blossoms in the one facing West were blooming beautifully. Xiao Yu earnestly rolled together a huge snowball to create a snowman. Although...

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RIAH – Chapter 93: Revisiting Four Seasons Manor

Translator: Twin.Fishes Editor: Rei Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 93: Revisiting Four Seasons Manor Just because he agreed didn’t mean he had to carry it out. From the start, he had broken countless oaths and Yan Jin still couldn’t find a way to deal with him. After being spoiled to the high heavens, in Xiao Yu’s mind, he already considered reneging on his promises to be the norm. He did not feel even a sliver of guilt. …… About three hours later, the human and the hamster finally arrived at the Four Seasons Manor. A few days earlier, Yan Jin had sent people over to thoroughly clean up the manor to get it ready for their stay. It snowed two days ago, and the winter scenery at the Four Seasons Manor truly was beautiful enough to stun people breathless. Looking out from the tallest window, the manor that was surrounded by the thick four colored forest was like a fantasy paradise that others could only dream of. Since Xiao Yu did not cause any trouble in the car this time, it was not dark by the time they got to the Four Seasons Manor. More accurately speaking, the day was still young. The moment he entered the room, Xiao Yu pulled off the scarf around his neck and the hat on top of his head. He carelessly tossed...

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