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RIAH – Chapter 179: Retribution (III)

Translator: iamfeii Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Nine: Retribution (III) So that was what had happened. Xiao Yu took a cookie and threw it into his mouth. The fragrance of lemon blended perfectly with the sweet cream, spreading its flavorful taste to every taste bud as he chewed and making every bite a pleasure. The taste reminded him of his feelings in that moment. It was a little bitter and a little sweet. And, when both were combined, it was what happiness would taste like. Xiao Yu picked up the files he had arranged in the morning and went to look for the highest authority at YL at the moment – Chu Ge. Since the day before yesterday, the doctor had pushed aside his work at the hospital and came to YL to be their full-time chairman. Of course, this arrangement was agreed upon implicitly. YL’s core members knew deep in their hearts that Shao Yue still had to be their chairman in name when facing the public. That was why Chu Ge had asked Xiao Yu to cover up for him so as to not raise any suspicion among YL’s employees. Although all the preparatory work turned out to be unnecessary because Chu Ge knew Shao Yue. Even without Yan Jin informing him, Shao Yue had guessed long ago that Chu Ge...

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RIAH – Chapter 178: Retribution (II)

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Eight: Retribution (II) “The most impacted people will still be Yan Jin and Xiao Yu. Especially Yan Jin. But, I’m not too worried about him…” Chu Ge said with a face full of dislike. “How’s he going to have any problems? It’ll be hard to hide his position for much longer. By the time he gets back it’ll be public knowledge for sure. It’ll be another reign of terror,” Shao Yue ridiculed. He turned to Chu Ge. “So, how long are you planning on maintaining your own position for?” “I’ve already said my problems aren’t important here…” Helpless, Chu Ge didn’t know why the conversation topic always moved to him. “Can we settle the matter of the photograph first?” “Sure, let’s stop with the idle chit-chat.” Shao Yue had a rare moment of seriousness. “Suppose Yan Jin and Xiao Yu publicly announce their relationship after Yan Jin returns. Then, the biggest problem to handle is how to respond to the Nan Family’s next steps.” “I don’t think they will do anything major. Their engagement announcement is still picking up traction. If the photograph goes public, they’d probably feel more pressured than us.” “From the timing of their engagement announcement, we can at least be sure that the Nan Family isn’t behind the photograph,” Secretary...

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RIAH – Chapter 177: Retribution (I)

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Seven: Retribution (I) Following the exhibition, YL’s reputation rose, but Xiao Yu couldn’t be happy. At this battle, YL’s lack of strength was completely exposed. Even though the final result was not bad, Xiao Yu couldn’t be impressed by an entire design department relying solely on a single member. He wanted every member to have their own style and specialties that wouldn’t lose to designers from other companies. At large events, he hoped that they would be able to collaborate and contribute equally. With this mentality, Xiao Yu discussed these issues with Jing Mo and a few others. They decided to open weekend training sessions, starting with a small number of trainees before moving on to larger groups. Jing Mo wanted to charge a small nominal fee, but Xiao Yu felt like he had nothing better to do at home anyways since Yan Jin was gone. Volunteering his time at the company wasn’t a bad way to kill time. Unfortunately, whether to collect a fee wasn’t important. The program couldn’t get off the ground. After others heard that Xiao Yu wanted to hold training sessions, not only did all of YL’s designers sign up, there were external designers that were willing to pay loads of money to buy a spot from YL’s designers. On...

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RIAH – Chapter 176: Outside the Cubicle

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: – First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Six: Outside the Cubicle Xiao Yu was shocked. T-The overseas industries as well? “What are you doing? We’ve started already,” Chu Ge urged. “Ohh, coming, coming. Let’s fight back!” Xiao Yu snapped back from his thoughts and quickly began to move his immobile character, swiftly devoting himself to the game. In the end, he did not push the topic. It may have been his instinct as a nobody telling him that the more he asked, the more trouble he was inviting. “Oh right, there may be some trouble brewing for YL. You can take a short break before heading back to YL for work, but I’ll need your help to cover for me.” “Oh, sure, sure.” Xiao Yu agreed without hesitation. “What post did Yan Jin arrange for you?” “The Chairman.” Chu Ge spoke very calmly as if he was describing what he ate for lunch. Xiao YU choked on his saliva and began coughing violently. “What’s wrong?” “N-Nothing…” It’s probably better if I keep my comments to myself. …… The exhibition was a success – at least for YL. When the whole event ended, a small evening party was held as usual, and the participating companies and staff were all invited. Xiao Yu, He Xinjia and Jing Mo went as a group. Many of the...

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RIAH – Chapter 175: Sense of Security

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Five: Sense of Security “Master?” Nan Wei became nervous when he did not hear any response from the other end. Xiao Yu opened his mouth and shut it again. He honestly did not know what to say. If this were to happen to anyone else, it would be a scene of a heartless scumbag ditching his gay lover and marrying some rich lady in pursuit of wealth and fame. Right after receiving the breakup “fee”, the news of their engagement immediately appeared. In addition, the “scumbag” was uncontactable at this point –a textbook example of the routine of a two-timer. Then again, the saying comes to mind: “Quantity changes are caused by qualitative change”. If the lawyer had presented a blank cheque earlier instead of that horrifying contract, Xiao Yu might really have gone into a panic. But now… Hah. Who ever heard of anyone giving a company as breakup fee? Not Xiao Yu anyway. Even when he had heard about all sorts of Chairman-related stories from the many love-struck ladies in the office, none of them were as exaggerated as this situation. At the very least, imagination had logical roots, but reality was often stranger. Moreover, although Xiao Yu admitted that he had no clue about managing a business, it did not mean that he...

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