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RIAH – Chapter 116: The Truth Will Still Lead to Death

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: The Truth Will Still Lead to Death Xiao Yu laid back on the bed with complex feelings. Although Old Wu just provided him with a bunch of conspiracy theories, at least he had confirmed another fact from it which was a good thing – Yan Jin did own a hamster. More accurately, perhaps he was Yan Jin’s pet for the past eight months. Back then, he had been reborn into a hamster. Now that he was back, did that hamster die from the car accident? To be honest, its lifespan was nearing towards the end anyway, and such a departure wasn’t too upsetting. Xiao Yu imagined what would have happened if there was no accident. He probably would pass away in front of Yan Jin’s eyes a few months later when his time was up. Such a scene might be worse than how it was now for Yan Jin. Probably. Xiao Yu naively hoped that whatever happened to Yan Jin would not be as bad as it could be. …… he should leave, just like that. At the very last moment, he did not even manage to say goodbye. Xiao Yu buried his head into the blanket. Urgghhh, this is so frustrating. Just one more second and I would have revealed my identity. Just one...

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RIAH: Chapter 115: (Real) I’ve Done My Best

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: (Real) I’ve Done My Best “YAN JIN!!!” …… Xiao Yu felt like he had a very, very long dream. In that dream, he had experienced a lifetime. However, it wasn’t right. He felt pain, the kind of pain that could not be felt in dreams. It was heart-wrenching. One second before his heart was almost shredded into pieces, he woke up from his dream. Presently, Xiao Yu did not even realize what condition he was in. Was he a human? A hamster? Dead? Alive? Where was he? He saw a person and immediately pounced toward him, grabbing his collar. “Where’s Yan Jin? Where is Yan Jin?” “Ugghh…” the person who was caught opened his mouth slightly, but he could not react immediately. From the audience’s perspective, what happened in that split second earlier was – The person who had been declared dead suddenly opened his eyes and shot out of the bed like a bullet, flashing like a thunderbolt as he pushed the IV stand away. The metal stand fell toward the equipment at the side as its metallic end stabbed the monitor screen. The sparks flashed twice before it went dead. Before the person could even get to his feet, this fiend in front of him was clutching his necktie. *PING* *BANG* *CLANK* The...

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RIAH – Chapter 114: (Real) Fish and Hamster You Can’t Have Both

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: (Real) Fish and Hamster You Can’t Have Both It was a meteor shower. A real scene of raining stars. A large number of meteors shot out from the same direction in the sky. As they fell, the starlight spread out in a flash as it brightened the dark sky, similar to how it lit up Xiao Yu’s eyes. The night sky within the mountains was very clear. A meteor with a little tail lagging behind it whistled past as the bright light sparkled. It was extremely clear as if it was within reach. It was astoundingly beautiful. Yan Jin stood behind Xiao Yu. It was unclear if he was watching the meteor shower or looking at Xiao Yu that was underneath the falling stars. Under such circumstances, it was strange for him to forget to bring an electronic device to record this beautiful scene. After a short while, Yan Jin softly reminded, “Remember to make a wish.” Xiao Yu nodded solemnly as he never tore his gaze apart from the night sky. Legend said that for every meteor that fell, a soul would be heading to the heavens, bringing along the wishes that people had made. Xiao Yu knew that he should be making a wish. He wanted to make a wish. However, perhaps his...

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RIAH – Chapter 113: Making Glutinous Rice Balls

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen: Making Glutinous Rice Balls Yan Jin was in the driver’s seat whereas Xiao Yu was comfortably taking up all the space in the back. The sound effects from the movie boomed as if they were not afraid of affecting the driver. The pitiful Chairman Yan had no choice but to switch off the music player in the car and drown out the noise with earplugs. It wasn’t peaceful for long before an unpleasant sound effect echoed within the vehicle. The groaning sound went on for five minutes before Yan Jin could not stand it any longer. He pulled the car over and turned around. On the display screen was a typical censored scene. Although the sound effects were disturbing, the entire screen was covered with mist and nothing else in sight. Yan Jin sighed in relief and saw Xiao Yu who was lying flat at the side. The little one was wearing an auspicious red colored cotton-padded jacket with the pointy hood falling off the side. The hamster was curled up into a ball like a gray and red-colored plush ball. The plush ball was breathing rhythmically that upon closer inspection, he could even see its back heaving as the hamster was sleeping. Yan Jin shifted out of his seat and reached out to switch...

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RIAH – Chapter 112: New Car

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: New Car “Squeakk.” Trip? Sure. Xiao Yu answered half-heartedly as he played his game. Yan Jin: …… Chairman Yan, who thought that it would not an easy feat to convince his hamster, hid the five-centimeter thick packet of information behind him. “Squeak?” Why did you take a step back? Xiao Yu squinted his eyes as he doubtfully glanced at Yan Jin. “Nothing.” Yan Jin, who was puzzled by the situation, pretended to be firm: “Where shall we go then…?” “Squeakk?” You still have vacation days to take? Xiao Yu’s random question hit the bullseye. The Lunar New Year holidays had just passed. YL should have a lot of things to do. It would look bad to take a vacation leave during such a critical period. “Of course. There are new vacation days for the new year.” As if he had completely ditched his image as a hardworking chairman, Yan Jin spoke with absolute confidence. “Squeakk.” Alright then. When are we going? Xiao Yu seemed to pick up an interest as he moved away from the iPad and jumped into Yan Jin’s hand. As the hamster nested himself onto the human’s hand, he suddenly felt like both of them had not done such an intimate interaction for a very long time. Maybe it was just him overthinking. After all, they...

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