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RIAH – Chapter 174: Explosive News

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Four: Explosive News YL’s announcement also gave NN a scare. It was already too late to retract their statement. Now that two hours had already passed since NN had made their announcement, it was no use crying over spilled milk. Even if NN deleted their announcement immediately, it wouldn’t stop the spread of the news. Furthermore, deleting it from their official blog would in some sense confirm that there was a problem with the engagement. There was no other choice. In the end, they decisively chose to bite the bullet and stubbornly ignore YL’s announcement. However, they couldn’t persist with such stubbornness forever. Without any further response from Yan Jin, how long could they keep up their facade? Since Yan Jin was a cold forbidding chairman who never accepted any interviews, very few people had his personal phone number. Even within the country, the media wasn’t able to get a hold of him. Now that he was out of the country, contacting him was an impossibility. Their energy would be better spent on fishing for information from YL’s employees. When Yan Jin really didn’t want to be contacted, it wasn’t just the media that couldn’t find him. Even Nan Chan, his supposed fiancee, couldn’t contact him. And this time, it was clear that Yan...

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RIAH – Chapter 173: A Storm Approaches

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Three: A Storm Approaches Xiao Yu took a deep breath. “I remember when I was a freshman, I went to a class in place of my friend. When I arrived, not a single person was there. I had no idea what to do. But then, you passed by and gave me a tour of the entire college of design and its surrounding buildings.” “That was because class selection for freshmen didn’t start until week four. I had made the same mistake myself long ago.” Lin Zhou also remembered the event, but he didn’t understand why Xiao Yu would bring this up. “… That was when I thought, ‘The college of design… isn’t as unapproachable as I had imagined.’” This time, Lin Zhou didn’t say anything. He silently listed to Xiao Yu’s story. “The second time I met you was in a class only for design majors. You were the teaching assistant. I recognized you immediately. After class, I registered for my friend during the roll call, but then, I remembered that I had already revealed my name when I introduced myself in our first meeting…” Xiao Yu hid a smile. “But you didn’t expose me. We shared a smile, and then it was as if nothing had happened.” “That is my life’s biggest regret.”...

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RIAH – Chapter 172: Business Trip

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Two: Business Trip Nan Wei’s grip on his chopsticks became rather unsteady. Looking at the noodles in front of him, he felt that the price for these noodles was a little too high. Everyone around him felt the same. The general mood that had only just been soothed became extremely awkward again. But that only applied to the other interns; Nan Wei himself didn’t feel any awkwardness. Instead, he felt relaxed from head to toe. At this moment, Nan Wei realized that there had been another benefit in requesting Yan Jin to hire Zhou Mang. It was too difficult to stay angry with such a blockhead around. It was about time to bring an end to this. The final result was that Nan Wei and Zhou Mang would be converting to full-time. The others packed up all their belongings with all kinds of complicated feelings after receiving their internship certificates. It was fitting that in the end, the month-long farce had an equally absurd ending. …… “I have a business trip coming up soon.” Yan Jin gently patted Xiao Yu, whose eyes were almost entirely shut. Xiao Yu’s drowsiness instantly vanished. In the past, Xiao Yu had been very disdainful of Yan Jin’s habit of holing up in the office all year round. At...

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RIAH – Chapter 171: The Price of a Bowl of Noodles

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-One: The Price of a Bowl of Noodles There was a massive uproar. Ever since Xiao Yu had come to find Nan Wei, most of the interns had sensed that Nan Wei and Xiao Yu didn’t have an ordinary relationship. But, they never would have guessed that Nan Wei was Xiao Yu’s disciple. Aside from their age difference, the biggest reason for this was because of Nan Wei’s background. From their perspective, if the renowned Mystery Designer wanted a disciple, he should have chosen an outstanding genius from a top tier school. Perhaps they forgot or simply chose not to think about the fact that Xiao Yu had also dropped out of school and came from a nontraditional background. Nan Wei’s declaration was only meant to reveal his own identity. The last part about putting in a special request for Zhou Mang was complete nonsense. It wasn’t that he was more talented either; Zhou Mang was only selected to stay because Yan Jin took a liking to him. Yan Jin never made disadvantageous business decisions. Besides Nan Wei, who already had tons of valuable experience, and a few underperformers, the rest of the interns were pretty similar in terms of skill. Yan Jin didn’t want them because he had already obtained sufficiently valuable new...

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RIAH – Chapter 170: The Aftermath of the Dismissal

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Seventy: The Aftermath of the Dismissal Zhang Yuji was frozen in shock. What did Qin Xi just say? I’m being fired? How is that possible? I’ve been at YL for almost three years now. They wouldn’t be that disrespectful to their long-time employees, right? Even for layoffs, it’s definitely not my turn yet. Zhang Yuji had been assigned a task that she had to complete. If she didn’t need to keep such a low profile, she would have kicked Qin Xi out of the company long ago using her authority. Plus, in the first place, who the hell did Qin Xi think she was? She had only been at YL for a year at most and had just managed to catch the right timing when she joined. Once the Mystery Designer joined, YL might not have been interested in her, especially with her ice-cold personality. What ability did Qin Xi have? She always depended on others and probably relied on seducing men to be promoted so quickly. How could this kind of person have the power to fire her? With these thoughts racing through her head, Zhang Yuji walked forward with the same haughty attitude as if she hadn’t understood Qin Xi. She stopped in front of the documents offered by Qin Xi. Statue-like,...

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