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RIAH – Chapter 152: The Ups and Downs of the Past Two Months

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Two: The Ups and Downs of the Past Two Months Although Yan Jin personally appeared at the funeral, something which defied others’ expectations that he wouldn’t recover from his grief, YL’s panic wasn’t entirely dispelled. At the funeral that obviously had some other hidden meaning, many employees wanted to give some words of comfort to Yan Jin but were blocked outside the security zone. After returning from the funeral, instead of feeling relief that Yan Jin escaped uninjured, many felt even more anxious. …… It was probably the first time they had seen Yan Jin in such a state. It wasn’t the first time they’d been doused by Yan Jin’s ice-cold personality. Many of them had actually been won over precisely because Yan Jin wasn’t distracted by anything unrelated to work. They had chased after Yan Jin’s single-minded drive for success. But this time, in the midst of Yan Jin’s strong presence, they felt a certain indifference. He didn’t seem to care about enemies, friends, people, or work. It was as if he didn’t care about anything anymore, including the jewelry corporation he’d raised. Normally, Shao Yue slacked off however much he pleased. But this time, if it weren’t for his heroic efforts, YL would have collapsed in the short month and a...

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RIAH – Chapter 151: The Man Called Yan Jin

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred Fifty-One: The Man Called Yan Jin For YL’s employees, March till May were the toughest two months of their lives. Many years later, when YL entered the international stage, the reporters interviewed one of YL’s elite female white-collar employees. They asked her what was the toughest incident she had experienced in the past ten odd years that she was with YL. That employee who was publicly known to be careful and stern, yet very goddess-like in every aspect, answered, “After I survived those nightmarish two months, the word ‘tough’ and any of its synonyms have never appeared in my dictionary ever again.” Yet when the reporters asked about the specifics, that elite lady went silent for a long moment, before giving an ambiguous answer: “…… The day after day of tedious work was seriously the most boring thing ever. Moreover, it was against the real intention of why YL hired us in the first place. I considered resigning many times In fact, many of our colleagues did too. but, in the end, we all stayed behind for the sake of the high salary. Although we stayed behind, the process changed our job scope. Thankfully, we managed to change it back in the end.” …… On March 5th, YL’s chairman Yan Jin was involved in a large-scale car...

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RIAH – Chapter 150: Something Feels Wrong

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Fifty: Something Feels Wrong “There are some differences between YL and SI. Traditional companies tend to have more clearly defined responsibilities for different positions. But here at YL, the position of chief designer has been vacant for a long time. Up until now, I’ve been the one managing this unruly group of junior designers. Actually, there’s a few that are good enough to stand out, but they’re still slightly lacking to be a chief designer.” Director Wang had worked at SI for decades, and was the director for eight of them. Because he had interacted with so many designers, he was very clear on what qualities were needed in a chief designer. Yan Jin highly valued his opinion and his experience, another reason why YL hadn’t filled the chief designer position. “Oh, so it’s like this.” Xiao Yu nodded as if he understood. Director Wang irritatedly clapped Xiao Yu’s back for not understanding. Xiao Yu stumbled forward a few steps before responding in alarm, “Director Wang?” “Geez, I’m talking about you. How have you not understood yet?” Director Wang had no choice but to directly tell him, “I mean that those responsibilities will be transferred to you. You’ll bear the burden of building up YL’s design department.” Xiao Yu stared blankly and then...

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RIAH – Chapter 149: An Unexpected Acquaintance

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Nine: An Unexpected Acquaintance It was clearly a serious question, but it felt rather light-hearted coming from Xiao Yu. Yan Jin responded jokingly in kind, “Just about, yeah.” “What do you mean ‘just about?’” Xiao Yu said unhappily. “It means that perhaps it’s true that it’s a little unpleasant.” Yan Jin blinked. “In the business world, sometimes human emotions aren’t relevant. For long term benefits, sometimes the most irrational move might be the most sensible.” Xiao Yu didn’t really understand. “What does that mean? You believe that the Nan Family forcing Nan Wei to marry someone he doesn’t like is a sensible decision?” Yan Jin mysteriously intoned, “Hard to say.” “Don’t test me.” Xiao Yu threateningly leapt at the defenseless Yan Jin, who immediately fell over. Before Yan Jin could react, Xiao Yu jabbed at Yan Jin’s armpits. Yan Jin laughed twice in response before counterattacking by pinching Xiao Yu’s sensitive ribs. The two of them wrestled and rolled around many times on the bed before they fell still, lying next to each other on the bed while panting from exertion. Yan Jin adjusted his collar to relieve some of the heat from his lightly sweaty body. Xiao Yu felt it was hot as well, but with Yan Jin lying like that next to...

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RIAH – Chapter 148: It’s Not a Confession

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Eight: It’s Not a Confession In the large room, there was not a soul in sight. However, there was a strange bulge at the foot of the bed. Upon closer inspection, one could see it was a rolled-up blanket looking like a snow-covered hillside. This was what Yan Jin saw. He sat on the bedside and the bed sagged a considerable amount from the suddenly added weight. The blanket roll contracted imperceptibly. “Are you crying?” Yan Jin asked. “No.” “What? You’re really crying?” “I already said I’m not! Are you deaf?” Xiao Yu stuck his head out from the blankets. Like a predator waiting outside a rabbit burrow, Yan Jin immediately snatched Xiao Yu and swept him into an embrace. The “rabbit” struggled for a few moments before finding it was completely imprisoned. Xiao Yu surrendered and stuck his head into the embrace as if he were dead. Yan Jin didn’t pressure him. He calmly held Xiao Yu without saying a word. Before long, a muffled voice came out. “Was I embarrassing?” “No, “ Yan Jin replied almost instantly. “…Hmph. Liar.” Xiao Yu wriggled from Yan Jin’s collar to snuggle a little closer to Yan Jin. Yan Jin held Xiao Yu’s wriggling head steady and clearly said next to Xiao Yu’s ear, “No...

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