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CGPA – Chapter 032

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Thirty-two Ling Miao’s silhouette was visible against the glass. It was blurry, but Su Yuyang’s piercing gaze made one think everything was visible in blu-ray quality. Su Yuyang mumbled, “It’s nothing. Are you done changing? I want to shower.” “Oh, almost done.” Ling Miao had just finished speaking when Su Yuyang heard the lock turning. “Su-ge?” Seeing Su Yuyang, Ling Miao called out in surprise. He quickly walked over to Su Yuyang and asked worriedly, “Su-ge, why are you sweating so much?” Su Yuyang raised his hand to wipe at his forehead, leaving his palm soaked with sweat. Shaking off the moisture on his hand, Su Yuyang smiled stiffly: “I’ll go shower.” “Ah!” Ling Miao caught hold of Su Yuyang who already had one foot in the bathroom. He dragged Su Yuyang out and said seriously: “Su-ge, you can’t let your injury touch water or it might get infected. Wait a bit.” Su Yuyang hadn’t noticed this issue. He looked at his injured hand and was actually kind of happy he’d injured it. Ling Miao put a resealable bag over Su Yuyang’s right hand and tied it fast with string. “Let’s do this for now. If you have any trouble, call me.” Suddenly imagining a scenario in...

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CGPA – Chapter 031

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Thirty-one Ling Miao glanced at Su Yuyang’s text, and his fingers gripped his phone tighter and tighter, as if he wanted to crush it to pieces. Maybe he grew pained at the memory of the money he had spent, because he quickly loosened his grip and threw the phone at the bed, hard. Thunk— The loud sound made Ji Linxi jump. He clutched his pounding heart and asked, “What the hell?! That scared me to death!” Ling Miao let out a frustrated ‘hmph,’ then faced Ji Linxi with a fierce yet tearful expression. “Fuck it, I left in such a hurry that I forgot my computer! Now that bastard Su Yuyang’s using my drafts to threaten me!” “Exactly how much of a hurry were you in when you left? Your clothes aside, you didn’t even take your suitcase full of books or your computer. Ling Miao, are you sure you don’t have other feelings towards Su Yuyang? If not, why are you acting so strange?” Ji Linxi said faux-thoughtfully in a teasing tone. Ling Miao didn’t see Ji Linxi’s expression, but he could imagine what Ji Linxi’s face looked like from his shit-eating tone of voice. Ling Miao kicked the chair Ji Linxi was sitting in and...

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CGPA – Chapter 030

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Thirty Ling Miao had been gone for three days. During that time, Su Yuyang’s life wasn’t particularly eventful and the only thing that dissatisfied him was that writing took twice as long as it usually did! Looking at his word document, Su Yuyang frustratedly clicked the ‘X’ on the top right hand side. Su Yuyang sighed and moved his cursor to his browser. Opening his browser, he went, not to his author’s dashboard, but to Ling Miao’s novel’s page. Ling Miao was still updating his novel, but Su Yuyang knew that, come tomorrow, Ling Miao would have to break his update streak. Why? Ling Miao’s laptop was still here and Ling Miao didn’t have copies of his drafts saved on the website. Ling Miao had asked Su Yuyang to upload chapters for him before, so Su Yuyang knew Ling Miao’s username and password as well as the passcode to Ling Miao’s laptop. Ling Miao’s laptop currently lay on Su Yuyang’s desk. Su Yuyang periodically tapped Ling Miao’s laptop, his expression hesitant as he considered whether to remind Ling Miao that his updates were about to run out or to just update for Ling Miao himself. It had to be said that Su Yuyang didn’t wish for Ling...

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CGPA – Chapter 029

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Twenty-nine Is he calling to beg Ling Miao to return? No, if Ling Miao was chased out by Su Yuyang, it’d be strange for Su Yuyang to ask him to come back now. After thinking about it, Ji Linxi hung up the phone with a sense of finality. Hearing the dial tone from the receiver, Su Yuyang cursed—“Fuck”—and tossed his cellphone to one side. He lay on the bed, his mind full of the smug face Ling Miao must be making after hanging up. Su Yuyang jolted. “I can’t do this! It looks like I’m asking him to come back, but I’m just asking him to take his things away, aren’t I?” He picked up his phone and called Ling Miao again, and suffered Ji Linxi hanging up, again. Probably worried Su Yuyang would keep calling, Ji Linxi went ahead and turned off the phone. Getting hung up on once was bad enough. After getting hung up on twice, Su Yuyang got more upset the more he thought about it. The third time he called Ling Miao’s number, he got the message—‘The number you have called is not available.’ Su Yuyang was really frustrated. He wanted to run up to Ling Miao, grab his collar, toss him...

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CGPA – Chapter 028

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Twenty-eight Ling Miao’s eyes were trained on the glass of the bathroom door. Only when the silhouette on the door began to make the motions of showering did Ling Miao get up and go to the kitchen. What was Ling Miao going to do? Turn off the hot water! This was Chongqing’s¹ coolest May in 18 years, and the temperatures were lower than they were during the same time last year. Also, Su Yuyang was someone who wore a jacket as soon as the slightest wind blew. So making Su Yuyang take a cold shower in this sort of weather was like making him wear short sleeves in winter. Even though Ling Miao had turned off the water heater, some hot water still remained in the pipes, so Su Yuyang didn’t immediately realize something was amiss. As the first jet of cold water landed on Su Yuyang’s head, he froze for half a second, then yelled, “Aaah!” Ling Miao heard the aggrieved cry come from the bathroom. He covered his mouth and began to laugh, then quickly sat down on the sofa. The water had turned cold without any warning. Su Yuyang listened closely and didn’t hear the rumble of the water heater. “Damn, if the building...

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