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CGPA – Chapter 087

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Eighty-seven The next day, the audio and text transcripts of Su Yuyang’s interview were released on his microblog and the web novel discussion forum. Su Yuyang hadn’t even had time to look at the comments when Mu Yu called. Ordinarily, Mu Yu contacted Su Yuyang through QQ unless the matter was urgent. Su Yuyang remembered that the last time Mu Yu had called him was to discuss the tie-in game for Demonic Song Defying Heaven. Surely this call wouldn’t be about the rights to Massacre of the Nine Heavens? Su Yuyang answered the phone with trepidation. The call went through and Mu Yu’s gentle voice came: “Congratulations, Shu Yang.” Su Yuyang asked uncertainly, “Congratulations for what?” Mu Yu laughed happily. “Demonic Song Defying Heaven’s game is going into beta, you and Ling Miao are together, and, most importantly, you’re taking him to meet your parents.” On hearing this, Su Yuyang could tell why Mu Yu had come looking for him. He glanced at the calendar and guessed, “You’re asking me to go to the Authors’ Gathering?” The Authors’ Gathering was an event the web novel site hosted every July. The purpose of the event was to get their authors out of the house and do something outside,...

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CGPA – Chapter 086

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Eighty-Six The channel was silent. Ling Miao looked uneasily at Su Yuyang, who watched him with a faint smile. The two continued looking at each other as if they’d already forgotten they were conducting an interview. Tofu was keeping track of the time, and after three minutes of neither Su Yuyang nor Ling Miao reacting, he called out worriedly, “Great Shu?” Ling Miao’s heart jumped. He came back to himself and glared at Su Yuyang, seemingly asking, “Fuck me, what are you playing at? Answer the question!” Su Yuyang looked at Ling Miao’s pouting lips and felt mischievous. He caught hold of the back of Ling Miao’s head and pressed his lips close. “Mm?” A fractured whimper slipped from Ling Miao’s lips. Su Yuyang pressed close to Ling Miao’s ear and laughed softly, “Hey, be reserved.” “It’s you who has to be reserved!” 15,000 ‘fuck you’ horses thundered across Ling Miao’s heart. Su Yuyang gave a dry cough, dragging Ling Miao’s attention back to the topic at hand. He said apologetically, “I’m a little nervous and just drank a glass of water. As for why I accepted this interview, it’s in order to thank my fans, and also because it was Xiao Miao who invited me.” “So,...

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CGPA – Chapter 085

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Eighty-five Su Yuyang said in a frustrated tone, “Hey, Xiao Miao, my reputation’s ruined forever.” Ling Miao rolled his eyes at Su Yuyang and said dismissively, “You have a reputation?” Su Yuyang was about to retort when a cry reached his ear: “Great Shu, do you have to PDA? Won’t you spare a thought for us single people?” “And people like me who’ve just broken up.” Su Yuyang gave an awkward cough. “Er, you all carry on. I’ll go write.” Su Yuyang fled and Ling Miao sighed, “You scared him off. Let’s continue discussing.” “Haven’t we finished discussing?” Tofu asked in confusion. Ling Miao said slyly, “I just thought of something new. We planned to interview him over text, but now I think we should do it over voice. What do you think?” Tofu and the others immediately understood—Ling Miao was digging a hole for Su Yuyang to jump in! Given Su Yuyang’s attitude toward Ling Miao, he’d definitely jump right in, so there was no reason for Tofu and the others to disagree. Soon, the new interview plan emerged. Ling Miao stared at his laptop in a good mood. Su Yuyang, Su Yuyang, prepare to take that! Ha ha ha ha! Ling Miao made posts on...

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CGPA – Chapter 084

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Eighty-four Now that Yan Li had left, Su Yuyang and Ling Miao started their life together. The days passed peacefully. Every day, they word sprinted and cleared video game dungeons. Occasionally, Su Yuyang would check his fan group or listen to Ling Miao chat to his fans on a YY channel. Most people didn’t know about Su Yuyang’s relationship with Ling Miao, but several of the fan group moderators knew that Ling Miao was the person their Great Author loved. One afternoon, Su Yuyang was writing when his thought process was broken by maniacal laughter from the living room. The laughter stopped and Su Yuyang heard Ling Miao say: “Interview Shu Yang? And I have to do it? Tofu, why are you doing this? If I bring this up to him, I’ll have to sleep in the hallway tonight!” Several seconds later Ling Miao said, “No, no.” Hearing Ling Miao’s resolute attitude, Tofu said wistfully, “In that case, I won’t force you. But you really won’t even just try?” An exclusive interview with Shu Yang? Sounds good! New provocative text appeared in the public channel. Tofu looked at it and said, “Excuse me, Xiao Yu From Su’s House, please shrink your font size. If you don’t, I...

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CGPA – Chapter 083

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter Eighty-three “This is the answer.” That was Yan Li’s blog post, alongside five photos. Su Yuyang looked through the photos and understood what Ji Linxi had drawn. He’d made his and Yan Li’s story into a comic for all Yan Li’s fans to see. “It’s straightforward, clean, and saves us trouble,” Yan Li said, yawning. “As for the rest, we’ll discuss it when I wake up.” Yan Li stumbled into her room. Su Yuyang picked Ling Miao up and prepared to go to bed, too, but then he remembered Ji Linxi was still here and said, “Ling Miao usually sleeps on the floor. His blanket and sleeping mat are over there—you can use them for tonight.” “I thought you’d chase me away,” Ji Linxi said with a hint of teasing. Su Yuyang looked down at Ling Miao sleeping in his arms and said mock-fiercely, “As long as you don’t have designs on Ling Miao, we can still be friends.” “If I had designs on Ling Miao, he’d already be mine. Would you even have had the chance to get to him?” Ji Linxi said dismissively. Su Yuyang huffed and went silent.. Aside from Su Yuyang, everyone else slept well that night. As for why Su Yuyang didn’t...

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