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DITA – Chapter 45.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 45.2 (NSFW) Like a dumb fool, Chen Hsin stared in a trance at the fine wine in his hand. It gleamed between his fingers, resplendent as the setting sun. All of a sudden, he looked up once more and shot a hardened glare at Zhang Zhun. He, too, was ready with his answer. With all the recklessness of a desperate man who was risking everything he had, Chen Hsin raised his glass and knocked back his drink. Zhang Zhun watched the Adam’s apple slide up and down Chen Hsin’s throat. Once the glass was emptied of its contents, the younger man flung it onto the floor. It hit the carpeted surface with a muffled thud and rolled towards the door after several frantic spins. Swiping the back of a hand across his lips, Chen Hsin set his steely gaze back on Zhang Zhun, his silent challenge flashing clear in his relentless stare: Your move now. Yet, as if he did not dare to meet those taunting eyes, Zhang Zhun brushed by the younger man and walked up to the table. Clink – he put down his glass, and Chen Hsin felt his heart close to shattering. A single teardrop tumbled from the corner of his eye. It rolled down the side of his nose, slipped...

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DITA – Chapter 45.1

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 45.1 Their relationship should not be known as love, Zhang Zhun thought. Love was too heavy and terrifying a word for them. “Xiao-Zhang?” Noticing how distracted the actor was, Chen Cheng-Sen gave Zhang Zhun a pat on the shoulder. “The whole thing’s pretty much blown over now. Keep your emotions in check. Stay focused, and don’t let your mood affect your performance.” The situation had indeed been defused with success. Thanks to the effective and timely intervention by Chen Hsin’s crisis management team, online opinion had determined that the incident was nothing but a publicity stunt designed by the production team to hype the film. Furthermore, perhaps because of Xie Danyi, Zhang Zhun’s public image became richer and more developed. His media presence grew, and his name even made it to the list of top trending topics. “Look at it this way. Things worked out well for you in the end, I’d say,” Chen Cheng-Sen continued in all seriousness, “so don’t blame Chen Hsin for what happened. More importantly, don’t project any negative feelings onto your character.” He then turned to face Zhou Zheng and the rest. “We had to take the blame too, didn’t we? But the incident also raised the film’s profile, so let’s take it in our stride and regard it with...

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DITA – Chapter 44.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 44.2 (NSFW) Gao Zhun opened his eyes. As soon as he saw the items the man was holding up – a tube of lubricant, and two or three unopened condoms – he was filled with shame and shock. The man hurried to explain himself, “I always use protection, but with you… I want to feel you, flesh against flesh.” Stunned by the pleading expression on his face, Gao Zhun gave a muddle-headed nod. The man wasted no time in stripping himself of his trousers, revealing the lush hair on his pubis, and an overexcited c***. Gao Zhun shied from the sight after a single glance, and his body tried to curl up on reflex – but the man would not let him hide. He clung to Gao Zhun with dogged persistence while his rough, insatiable hands groped all over the helpless body. Shuddering, pitiful gasps escaped Gao Zhun. “D-do it… from the b-back…” At the sound of the feeble request, the man propped himself up. Before his eyes, Gao Zhun rolled onto his front with a sensual twist of his body, alluring as a delicate bloom in the wind, tantalizing as a fish dancing upon the waves. The man could not hold back any longer. Uncapping the lubricant with one hand, he sprung forward to...

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DITA – Chapter 44.1

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 44.1 Although it was only evening, many had already gathered on the street. They milled about with lingering gait, sizing up and checking out one another. Gao Zhun stood at the entrance of an understated bar with his phone pressed to his ear. This was the third call he had made within the last five minutes, and there was still no response on the other end. Today, he donned a cashmere overcoat, accessorized by a single metal brooch fashioned in the shape of Orion. His fingers and ears were unadorned. Under the coat, he wore a tan blazer paired with washed jeans and high cut boots. He looked dashing in the outfit, but the expression on his face was so miserable and wretched that he seemed almost pitiful. It had been almost a month. Every last trace of Fang Chi’s existence had vanished from his life. The clinic was deserted; its gates, locked. Apart from a phone log filled with endless rows of outgoing calls, he had nothing left. It was so surreal. Everything had become a blur, reduced to little more than passing fancies in a long, bewildering daydream. The line went dead after ringing into emptiness for far too long. Teeth bit down on lips uncontrollably; eyelids trembled with aggrieved indignance. Gao Zhun...

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DITA – Chapter 43.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 43.2 But the outburst died abruptly on Zhang Zhun’s tongue as Chen Hsin latched onto his cleft with warm, moistened lips and sucked. Zhang Zhun’s arms shot forward in desperation and clung to the headboard for dear life. His eyes began burning all of a sudden as if tears were about to fall. He wanted to run, to escape the torturous sensation in his ass, but Chen Hsin dragged him back by the waist. Then, digging his hands into Zhang Zhun’s sides and pressing his elbows firm against the backs of the man’s knees, Chen Hsin forced him to raise his butt even higher in the air. “I… f***!” Uncontrolled curses rolled off Zhang Zhun’s tongue. Shocks of pleasure raced through his body, far too intense for him to bear, and he was hard again in no time at all. Yet, Chen Hsin showed no signs of letting up. Pressing his nose to Zhang Zhun’s tailbone, he sucked even harder on the trembling hole, as if he were trying to pull the man’s flesh inside out with the suction from his lips alone. Zhang Zhun was hooked; it felt so terrifying, so thrilling, that he could not help but crave for more. Just as his naïve mind started to worry about the possibility of rectal...

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