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DITA – Chapter 7.1

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: DPalmz Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 7.1 One day after Zhang Zhun and Chen Hsin were assigned new rooms, another member of the cast checked into the hotel: Qin Xun-er, a seasoned actress who matched Chen Hsin in terms of experience and fame. However, after meeting her for the first time under Chen Cheng-Sen’s orders, Chen Hsin immediately found her unsuitable for her role. She was too short to play a ballerina convincingly, he thought. While he was inwardly criticizing the casting choice, Qin Xun-er showed a much more personal interest in making his acquaintance. Loosely clasping the tips of his fingers with a manicured hand, she greeted him with enthusiasm. “Nice to meet you, Chen-laoshi.” Although Zuo Linlin was engaged to Gao Zhun in the film, she had far more on-screen interaction with Fang Chi, including several intimate scenes. When Chen Cheng-Sen shared his plans to kickstart the entire filming process with their scenes, Chen Hsin lost it completely. “Are you kidding me? I spent half a month practicing with a dude, but the moment we start filming you want me to get it on with a woman?” Qin Xun-er snickered in amusement. “That’s new, Chen-laoshi. I’d always assumed you were some kind of ‘universal adaptor’ who has no qualms sticking it in anything that comes on to you.” Chen...

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DITA – Chapter 6.2

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Drogan Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 6.2 Gao Zhun began to shake his head, but – as if he was trying to repay Fang Chi for his unreserved honesty, or finally feeling safe enough to relax around Fang Chi – he slowly nodded. Under Fang Chi’s gaze, he got to his feet, turned around, and started undoing his button. This was a significant act. By removing his jacket, Gao Zhun was also symbolically lowering his guard against Fang Chi. Fang Chi considered it a huge step forward in their relationship, but he was puzzled by Gao Zhun’s need to turn away from him. Gradually, with drawn-out movements, Gao Zhun slipped off the piece of clothing. Fang Chi followed the slow slide of the expensive jacket down his shoulders, heard the luxurious sound it made as it brushed against his shirt, and watched the planes of his back pull into a beautiful arch as he lifted his arms. His waist – so fine, so tiny it seemed ready to break at the slightest grip – wordlessly hinted at the possibility of a poor appetite. When Gao Zhun was ready to turn around again, Fang Chi issued an additional command, “Take off the vest as well.” Gao Zhun paused momentarily. Then, seemingly with great determination, he began unbuttoning his vest. His shirt, completely...

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DITA – Chapter 6.1

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Drogan Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 6.1 Another Wednesday came around. Fang Chi had a conference to attend, so he cleared his schedule and turned down all appointments for the day – all except for one. Special instructions were given to his secretary to keep Gao Zhun’s appointment that afternoon. When Fang Chi dashed out of the elevator into his clinic five minutes past the scheduled time, Gao Zhun was already waiting, a troubled look on his face as secretary Feng tried to charm him into helping her put on a newly-bought scarf. “Good afternoon, Mr. Gao,” Fang Chi said, visibly displeased. Gao Zhun turned at the sound of his voice. In that brief moment, his expression seemed to come alive with an animated vitality. All traces of frustration melted instantly into a look of gentle coyness as he set eyes on Fang Chi, like a lone nestling which had spotted its returning flock in the distance, or a single drop of dew trembling under the touch of a loving breeze in spring. “Doctor,” he greeted Fang Chi with a light smile, “I heard from Miss Feng that you rushed back specially for my appointment. Thank you for your trouble.” Fang Chi clearly felt the affectionate dependence that Gao Zhun was projecting onto him. “Please give me a minute, Mr. Gao....

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DITA – Chapter 5.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Drogan Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 5.2 (NSFW) No one said anything after that; everyone got to work with quiet efficiency. The crew started setting up the lights and filming equipment while Chen Hsin and Zhang Zhun returned to the large and familiar bed. Seated side by side, they began stripping in silence, tossing their clothes in a heap by the head of the bed until they were down to their underwear. Then, just as they had practiced countless times, Zhang Zhun lay down in bed before Chen Hsin lowered himself onto him. After looking into each other’s eyes briefly, they locked their lips and tongues together in a kiss. For reasons that he did not understand – perhaps he was shaken by his close-up view of Chen Hsin’s discolored face, or perhaps he was still haunted by the lingering influence of their earlier lust-crazed practice – Zhang Zhun completely lost himself in the kiss. He clung to Chen Hsin like a wave, pressing his entire body flush against the body above him, desperately undulating in time to Chen Hsin’s movements. From time to time, low, guttural moans trickled from his willing lips. Spit dripped down his neck along his delicate jaw, and his long lashes shuddered against Chen Hsin’s face. Turning to the director, assistant director Zhou whispered approvingly, “This...

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DITA – Chapter 5.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Drogan Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 5.1 (NSFW) The sound of heavy panting filled Zhang Zhun’s ears; he could hear nothing else as heat roiled through his body, every tensed inch of skin trembling under Chen Hsin’s fondling touch. Melding hip to hip, pressing thigh against thigh, they lay together in his bed, stripped down to their underwear. Now and then, hardened nipples would slide against skin drenched in sweat, triggering waves of electrifying pleasure that rippled unbearably through their bodies. Chen Hsin’s hair fell on his face, light and playful, haloed in gold as the faint morning light shone through the thick curtains. Zhang Zhun could not believe how far things had gone since they started cohabiting under orders thirteen days ago – kisses melted into hugs, tentative touches grew into wild, uncontrolled caresses… and now, here they were, inseparably entwined like actual lovers, crushing their bodies against each other as if their lives depended on it. Lapping at the crook of Zhang Zhun’s neck, Chen Hsin grabbed Zhang Zhun by the ass. Through the thin fabric of Zhang Zhun’s pants, he kneaded the mounds of flesh slowly, as if he were fondling a woman’s breasts. “Your legs…” he muttered hoarsely. “Spread your legs.” Delirious with desire, Zhang Zhun obliged in a daze. Immediately, he felt something hard and hot...

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