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DITA – Chapter 47.1

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria Note: As many of you may be aware, China has recently intensified its attempt to censor webnovel content. Many writers have been affected. Around the same time, Weibo (China’s main social platform) started purging accounts of writers and high-profile reviewers/rec sites without warning or explanation. While Weibo has always been known to manipulate traffic, purge posts and lock accounts without explanations, this recent wave of purges has been rather suspiciously timed. Unfortunately, Tongzi (author of DITA) was one of the affected authors, and she lost her Weibo account on 9 June. This has been a huge blow to her, and though she’s taking a break from social media to recover from the shock, we hope to help lift her spirits however we can. Hence, we’re inviting all DITA fans to show your support for her and her writing through fanmail. If you’ve enjoyed DITA in any way, please take some time to type some words of encouragement or share your thoughts about the novel, and send them to [email protected] We will be compiling them and sending them to Tongzi on your behalf. Thank you! — Chapter 47.1  Chen Hsin left on tiptoe in the wee hours of the morning, bowing his head against the roaring chaos within him as he walked back to his room on the...

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DITA – Chapter 46.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 46.2 (NSFW) Beyond the working area stood an iron staircase; the rust on its steps added a postmodern industrial feel to the structure. Like a spare part to be refined, or a trophy long-coveted, Gao Zhun was held with utmost care as they headed towards their destination at the top. The next thing he knew, he was on his feet once more, standing under a metal shower head as the water came on with a swoosh. Even before his eyes could get used to the sudden cascade, the other man had begun fondling his buttocks with a purposeful grip. “You’re too big…” Lowering his gaze in fright, Gao Zhun grasped at the young man’s wrist. “I’ll get you off with my hands, okay?” The plea fell on deaf ears once more. Like a smitten fool who had lost his wits, Justin could not keep his hands off the man before him. Fervently kneading Gao Zhun’s neck, he dug deeper into Gao Zhun’s ass and opened up his narrow passage using just two fingers. The older man trembled in fear of his lover’s strength. Then, as Justin’s thick middle finger penetrated him with the help of the running water, Gao Zhun started shivering in earnest like a newborn chick fresh out of its shell. While baby...

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DITA – Chapter 46.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 46.1 (NSFW) Gao Zhun straightened his tie. Dabbing at his lips with a handkerchief, he exited the washroom. A young man followed in tow, his light-colored hair and eyes hinting at his mixed heritage. Though it was clear that he had already gotten a taste of the sweetness Gao Zhun could offer, his besotted eyes remained transfixed by the swaying hips before him. The bar was far from crowded at this time of the day; as the two made their way down the corridor, one after the other, there was little doubt that everyone around them knew exactly what they had been up to. Gao Zhun wanted to leave, but his companion was not ready to let him go. Taking a quickened step forward, the youth grabbed his hand and muttered, “Stay a little longer… I’ll…” Gao Zhun shook off the grasp with ease. Just as the young man reached for him a second time, someone called out from behind, “Sir?” Gao Zhun recognized the voice almost at once. He turned his head and saw Justin sitting on a small settee with a slender-looking youth. On the glass tabletop before the pair were a glass of gin, a cup of coffee, and a velvet watch case. Did this chance meeting come as a surprise? Perhaps,...

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DITA – Chapter 45.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 45.2 (NSFW) Like a dumb fool, Chen Hsin stared in a trance at the fine wine in his hand. It gleamed between his fingers, resplendent as the setting sun. All of a sudden, he looked up once more and shot a hardened glare at Zhang Zhun. He, too, was ready with his answer. With all the recklessness of a desperate man who was risking everything he had, Chen Hsin raised his glass and knocked back his drink. Zhang Zhun watched the Adam’s apple slide up and down Chen Hsin’s throat. Once the glass was emptied of its contents, the younger man flung it onto the floor. It hit the carpeted surface with a muffled thud and rolled towards the door after several frantic spins. Swiping the back of a hand across his lips, Chen Hsin set his steely gaze back on Zhang Zhun, his silent challenge flashing clear in his relentless stare: Your move now. Yet, as if he did not dare to meet those taunting eyes, Zhang Zhun brushed by the younger man and walked up to the table. Clink – he put down his glass, and Chen Hsin felt his heart close to shattering. A single teardrop tumbled from the corner of his eye. It rolled down the side of his nose, slipped...

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DITA – Chapter 45.1

Deep in the Act Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 45.1 Their relationship should not be known as love, Zhang Zhun thought. Love was too heavy and terrifying a word for them. “Xiao-Zhang?” Noticing how distracted the actor was, Chen Cheng-Sen gave Zhang Zhun a pat on the shoulder. “The whole thing’s pretty much blown over now. Keep your emotions in check. Stay focused, and don’t let your mood affect your performance.” The situation had indeed been defused with success. Thanks to the effective and timely intervention by Chen Hsin’s crisis management team, online opinion had determined that the incident was nothing but a publicity stunt designed by the production team to hype the film. Furthermore, perhaps because of Xie Danyi, Zhang Zhun’s public image became richer and more developed. His media presence grew, and his name even made it to the list of top trending topics. “Look at it this way. Things worked out well for you in the end, I’d say,” Chen Cheng-Sen continued in all seriousness, “so don’t blame Chen Hsin for what happened. More importantly, don’t project any negative feelings onto your character.” He then turned to face Zhou Zheng and the rest. “We had to take the blame too, didn’t we? But the incident also raised the film’s profile, so let’s take it in our stride and regard it with...

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