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Chaleuria welcomes fluffy hamster Reborn Into a Hamster for 233 Days!

Hey Chaleurians~ How was your Lunar New Year celebrations? I hope all of you had a good time and may you be blessed in this wonderful Year of the Dog 😀 To celebrate this New Year (albeit a week late), please join me in welcoming our newest project Reborn Into a Hamster for 233 Days (RIAH)! Translated by iamFeiii and Isalee, these dynamic duo are going to bring the most fluffiest story to you. The story: The renowned SI Corporation’s chief designer, Xiao Yu, is young, promising, and brimming with talent. But who would have guessed that the heavens would...

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Mo Shang Hua Kai

陌上花開 Mo Shang Hua Kai Author: 黑白剑妖 Publisher:  —- Status in original country: Complete Reviewed by: DragonaireAbsolvare “When the Mo-flowers blossom, you shall return to my side…” The laid-back, leisurely, love story of an Emperor and the Assistant Minister of Rites. The kind of marvellous story that you don’t find, even in fairytales. It has no villain, no action, no plotline jumps, and no heroine. The Junior Minister of Rites loves to sleep, and he’ll do it just about anywhere. In the office, the courtroom, and even the Emperor’s study. That’s right, he’s the Emperor’s lover. How this came to be, you ask? Well, by an accident with the Emperor and a ‘not-so-bright’ assassin, Li Cong Qing was allowed to choose a department. He chose the most sluggish Ministry of Rites. He slept in morning court. And when his (adorable and amusing) nature attracted the Emperor, this lazy minister understood it would be easier for him to leave his body to the Emperor, than to trouble himself to death by protecting his chastity at all costs. Such a man! How does the poor Emperor expect this slothful man to bother returning his affections? Meanwhile, the world sings of their love, stories like the flower-fairy that descended to bless the Emperor with ‘her’ presence, and others slightly more explicit. (Ahem, ahem!) Will the flower-fairy return along with the Mo flowers? This story...

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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

快穿之打脸狂魔 Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil   Author: 風流書呆 Publisher: JJWXC Status in original country: Complete Reviewed by: Briose   The top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn as hundreds of thousands of villains, Every world ended in a dead end, Every end is tragic. Finally he escaped the control of the Villain System, He decided to enact revenge, change his fate as an abused slag Even if his every bone is rotten, He’ll occupy the heights of morality, even if it’s just the surface.   I’ve been kinda hesitant about this story for some reason. Maybe because the summary does not truly capture the essence of the story but well, summaries rarely do justice to stories in general. So for every other in doubt people out there I have just 3 words for you. READ. IT. NOW.     Let’s talk about our main character. He has a very refreshing personality, truly the breath of air we all need. Not a traditional danmei/yaoi novel character which in my books scored a 100. It’s very tiring to read the same unidimensional overtired characters over and over again. But here it is not the case at all. He is smart while utterly unapologetic about it, charismatic and likeable. Zhou Yun Sheng has an ultimate goal. Take revenge on the Lord God. To achieve it...

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