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RDF – Chapter 29: Seed

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 29: Seed Xiaodong carried the pouch of fruits as if it was a great secret. He protected the pouch with his arms as he walked, afraid that the fruits would topple out were he to make any sudden movements. He circled around, looking for Eldest Senior Brother. Earlier, an Outer Sect disciple mentioned that Eldest Senior Brother and Senior Brother Jiang had gone out, but he did not know to where. The large number of residences filled his view as he wondered just where his senior siblings were. The moment Mo Chen passed through the door of his residence, he saw Little Junior Brother with his arms tightly wrapped, pacing about and glancing around. There wasn’t anyone else on the mountain who was as tiny and as fearful of the cold after all. His nose would turn red the moment he breathed in the freezing air, and if he could, he would wrap up every part of his face the moment he were to step out of his residence, revealing just a pair of eyes. Bundling himself with three layers of innerwear and another three layers of outerwear, he looked like a cotton ball slowly fumbling about on the snow. “Eldest Senior Brother!” Xiaodong waved his hands from afar when he spotted Eldest Senior...

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RDF – Chapter 28: Fruit

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Angie First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 28: Fruit It seemed like his youngest disciple was living rather well on Returnflow Mountain! He was already so tall. Li Fulin was very pleased. The child was entrusted to him by his old friend, and Li Fulin was afraid that he could not live up to his old friend’s trust. Now that his little disciple had already begun to grow, it meant that he had taken care of the child well! Though he still looked skinny, with his current pace of growing an inch or two every year, this little disciple could turn out to be a tall and mighty man like his uncle. Xiaodong looked on as Master showed a smile as if he was daydreaming, and Xiaodong felt that it was such a silly smile. “Head back then. You still need to practice your sword techniques more. If there are any parts that you’re unsure of, ask your senior siblings. It’s fine if you ask me as well.” Xiaodong obediently nodded. Li Fulin really could not hold it in. Who could resist doting on obedient little disciples? In terms of talent, he already had his outstanding eldest disciple. There really was no need to force every single disciple to be extraordinary. “Come, come, come. Let me give this to you. You’re...

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RDF – Chapter 27: Weapon

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 27: Weapon Out of the blue, Xiaodong recalled an incident from years ago where he had tried to snatch a bow from a child on the streets. It had begun with a heated argument, and then slowly escalated into a fistfight. The winner would naturally take the bow. When he remembered this, he felt it was a little funny. Of course, this weapon and that child’s bow were two different matters. Other than this flexible sword, among the weapons that Master brought back, there were also a fan, a flute and even a pair of chopsticks. The chopsticks seemed to be made out of redwood. Xiaodong was very curious. He picked up the chopsticks, and after weighing it with his hand, he found out he was wrong. From its heavy weight, it was not made of wood. Rather, it should be made out of iron and then painted red. Senior Sister Linglong saw the pair of chopsticks as well. She curiously took them from Xiaodong’s hand and drew arcs in the air with them. She then asked Master, “How are these used?” The chopsticks were too short. “The longer a weapon, the stronger it is. The shorter a weapon, the riskier it is.” Usually, the sharper a short weapon was, the better it would...

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RDF – Chapter 26: Absentminded

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Angie First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 26: Absentminded When he was not holding a sword, Jiang Fan would not stand out. He did not even look as tall as Linglong. Given how chubby he was, it was hard to see him as a tall figure. If he was not wearing the Daoist robe unique to Returnflow Mountain, and was instead wearing a silk robe, he really fit the role of a young master of a rich family. he moment he held his sword, however, never mind that he felt like a different person… he even looked entirely different. The sword looked so fitting in Jiang Fan’s hand. If a skinny person like Xiaodong had instead wielded a heavy sword like that, even if he could raise it, would he be able to swing it? Even if he could swing it, he might have to put in so much force to swing the sword that he himself would be swung away instead… Now that he thought about it, what did Eldest Senior Brother’s sword look like? Xiaodong recalled that it was blue. There were patterns engraved on the blade surface, and the blade itself was definitely a little narrow. Compared to Senior Brother Jiang’s sword, it was definitely narrower, though their lengths were about the same. There wasn’t much logic behind...

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RDF – Chapter 25: Sword Techniques

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 25: Sword Techniques Xiaodong and the rest of his senior siblings were not the only ones here for the test that day. There was a crowd of outer sect disciples also being tested. Though they looked anxious and fearful, their faces carried uneasiness and hope. They hoped to be favoured by the Sect Master during the test and become inner sect disciples in one fell swoop. Xiaodong only recognized some of these outer sect disciples. Usually, he rarely encountered them. Because… when he looked at these people, he would always feel a little guilty. Just as how many people were displeased with him, Xiaodong himself felt that he did not really qualify as an inner sect disciple. When it came to aptitude, he wasn’t extraordinary. There were definitely some among the outer sect disciples with better aptitudes than him. When it came to working hard, there were some outer sect disciples who would not sleep and and eat while training, never slacking off. They had it much tougher than Xiaodong. Even after working so hard, they were still outer sect disciples. Yet, Xiaodong managed to make use of his identity and have Master take him in as an inner sect disciple right away. How could anyone be satisfied knowing that? Jiang Fan could see...

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