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RDF – Chapter 46: Bump

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 46: Bump “Senior Brothers, wait for me. I will be back after sending the pills.” Not many people usually traversed the path to the back of the mountain. As spring was time for growth, grass and weeds were beginning to grow rapidly too, drowning the little gravel path to the point where it could barely be seen. Xiaodong was afraid that he would be too late and that Senior Sister would enter the cave without realizing she didn’t have the pills. That would certainly be disastrous. The more he hurried, the less dexterous he was. Some grass and leaves had thorns grown on the sides, and their surfaces were as rough as sandpaper. When people walked through them, the hems of their clothes would be hooked by the leaves or branches. There was as well still undried dew left on the surface of the leaves, which drenched his shoes and robe. Just as he was about to reach the top of the slope, the hem of his clothes was caught by a protruding thorn. In his haste, a shredding noise resounded as the thick thorn tore into the corner of his clothes. Xiaodong hurriedly bent down his waist and pulled out the thorn. Just as he was about to get up, he heard someone...

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RDF – Chapter 45: Medicinal Pill

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 45: Medicinal Pill “Eldest Senior Brother, what did those two people come to talk about today?” Jiang Fan had asked this too and Mo Chen’s reply was the same. “It’s not anything important.” “But it’s not a small matter either, right?” If it was a small issue, why would they make a trip here from so far away? From what Senior Sister said, Sword Burial Valley was quite a distance away from Returnflow Mountain. One of their elders had personally made this trip. If it was just a small matter – like passing on a message or sending a gift – would an elder have needed to come? Speaking of elders, it seemed like every sect and clan had at least one, and apparently, grand elders existed as well. Aside from Master, their Returnflow Mountain, however, lacked any other senior. Their foundation was simply too frail. If anything were to happen, Master had no choice but to roll up his sleeves and take on the matter himself. He did not even have a helper to turn too. In the future, their generation would have five people… alright, now there were only four of them, since Chen Jingzhi had run off. In the future when Eldest Senior Brother become sect master, Xiaodong felt like he...

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RDF – Chapter 44: Ruler

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 44: Ruler Xiaodong snuck peeks at Eldest Senior Brother several times for the entire night. Eldest Senior Brother had been stroking and weighing two pieces of black, shiny rocks, as if he was comparing their weights and sizes. Xiaodong was incredibly curious, constantly turning his head towards Mo Chen several times. Mo Chen put down the two stones and asked him with a smile, “If you want to ask, then ask. Seeing that you’re so anxious, you won’t be able to practice in peace and all you will achieve is wasted effort.” Xiaodong leaned over, embarrassed. “Senior Brother, what are you looking at?” Mo Chen picked up one of the stones and passed it to him, asking, “What do you think?” Xiaodong reached out his hands to receive it. The moment he held it, he felt his two hands sinking down. The rock looked only a little bigger than his fist but it was actually strangely heavy. Fortunately, Xiaodong received it with his two hands, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to hold it up with just one. Not only was it heavy, but the rock was also especially cold. The weather was already this hot and the rock had just been held by Eldest Senior Brother earlier too. Yet, Xiaodong felt as if...

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RDF – Chapter 43: Birthplace

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 43: Birthplace After finishing tea and sending the guests off, Jiang Fan thought to himself, “They left so easily?” At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief. But it was good that they left. He felt that these guests’ visit had been too abrupt and Master was not here either. Spending less time with them was best. Later, Jiang Fan realized he had put down his worries too quickly. While they were sending the guests off, Mo Chen and Elder Lu were in front, while Jiang Fan and Jin Mian were a step behind them. Jin Mian seemed like someone who had never gone out before, seemingly curious about everything he saw. He would ask just about everything. Though Jiang Fan was irritated, he still kept focused and replied to every single one of his queries. Jiang Fan was not stupid and understood that Jin Mian was someone with a good head. By pulling Jiang Fan to the back, Jin Mian gave Elder Lu the opportunity to speak with Mo Chen about matters that were inconvenient to be heard by others. Jiang Fan, however, was not the least bit worried. What did Sword Burial Valley have? A crumbling empty shelf? Not to mention, Sword Burial Valley would never pass down their techniques...

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RDF – Chapter 42: Sword Burial

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 42: Sword Burial It had been a long time since Mo Chen began taking care of dealings with other people and sects for Master. Though he was considered young and did not have much fame to his name, he was after all the first disciple of Li Fulin. The identity as a first disciple had given him this responsibility and also the accompanying confidence to handle such affairs. If strangers were to make a visit at a time like this, when Returnflow Mountain was being targeted, it was natural that people would suspect them for having ill intentions. “Did you let them know that Master is presently not on the mountain?” “Naturally, I told them. However, they said that meeting Eldest Senior Brother will achieve the same purpose.” This was a little interesting. Mo Chen was silent for a moment. “Then, I will meet him.” Jiang Fan was very worried. “Senior Brother, I’m afraid that he has ill intentions.” “Don’t worry.” Mo Chen’s leisurely look calmed Jiang Fan down as well. That’s right. With Eldest Senior Brother here, what was there to fear? Even the people that came to attack them that night didn’t manage to leave unscathed. Other than that demonic cultivator who disguised herself as Lin Yan, who had managed to flee,...

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