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RDF – Chapter 17: Incompatibility

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 017: Incompatibility Whenever they were together with Junior Brother Chen, be it talking or practicing martial arts together, he would always be this composed. Not to mention, Jiang Fan was a talkative person. In front of Junior Brother Chen, he would always feel uncomfortably restrained, as though he couldn’t utilize his strength to the fullest. After the two of them walked out of Chen Jingzhi’s room and out of his residence, Jiang Fan could not help but let out a long sigh. Xiaodong looked at him a little curiously. Jiang Fan was rather embarrassed as he said awkwardly, “It was a little stuffy in that room.” Xiaodong could not help but glance in the direction of Sword Conferring Peak again. Master and Eldest Senior Brother had already been gone for an entire day. He wondered, between Master and Senior Liu, who was winning in the conferring of swords? Senior Brother Jiang thus turned to nagging Xiaodong with the words that were stuffed in his belly. “Senior Liu and Master have been friends for many years. Ever since I can remember, Senior Liu has often contacted Master. Though, Senior Liu’s temperament back then was much better than it is now. I recall that he would often have a smile on his face back then.” Xiaodong...

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RDF – Chapter 16: Old Acquaintance

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Angie First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 16: Old Acquaintance Though the snow had stopped, the mountain was still covered with heavy mist. It looked as if Returnflow Mountain was enveloped in clouds. Xiaodong leaned on the window frame and looked in the direction of Sword Conferring Peak. Naturally, he couldn’t see anything. After a short chat, Senior Brother Jiang stood up. “Eldest Senior Brother won’t be here for the next few days, so he entrusted me with the task of re-applying Junior Brother Chen’s medicine. I’m going to head over now, want to come with?” “Let’s go together.” Xiaodong hurriedly got up. “I’m going with Senior Brother. Speaking of which, just how did Senior Brother Chen get injured?” “He said that he was careless and slipped on the road when it was dark.” Jiang Fan kept the medicine and brought Little Junior Brother out. Xiaodong counted the days in his mind. Senior Brother Chen most likely got injured on the day he gave Xiaodong his gauntlets. The sky was indeed turning dark when he left, not to mention the winds were so strong and it was still snowing too. Jiang Fan turned his head and saw Xiaodong’s head was drooped down. He looked as dejected as a piece of shriveled bok choy. “Little Junior Brother? What’s wrong?” Xiaodong didn’t feel...

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RDF – Chapter 15: Sword Conferring Peak

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 15: Sword Conferring Peak Unfortunately, if things could happen the way people imagine, then the world would just be a chaotic mess. No matter how hardworking Xiaodong might be, it was impossible to be reborn in a single night, not unless someone cast a great knowledge-infusing magic spell on him that could stuff in his brain everything that he couldn’t figure out or was unfamiliar with. He wanted to demonstrate his skills in front of Master so that he could provide Master some comfort. However, he was worried that he would make a fool of himself instead. What would happen then? Haunted by this thought, Xiaodong didn’t sleep well that night. However, he couldn’t admit that he tossed and turned because of the test. The heat stove was too hot. The warm wood was too warm. The heat was what was causing him to lose sleep. Because he was unable to get a night of good sleep, he became even more vexed when he woke up next morning. One could only unleash their true potential after recuperating his or her mind and spirit from a good night’s sleep, after all. Now that he didn’t get sufficient rest, his mind and spirit were both tired. What to do now? In the end, his worrying the...

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RDF – Chapter 14: Croquettes

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Angie First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 14: Croquettes The main hall of Returnflow Mountain was extravagant indeed. Even though there were several dozen tables and over hundred chairs, the hall didn’t feel cramped. With just a glance, one could see that it was a suitable place for huge events and official matters. Every time Xiaodong came here, he would always wonder. Just which senior of his sect was so ambitious to build such a majestic main hall? There were only a small handful of people in Returnflow Mountain. Even after adding in the gatekeepers, the attendants, and the chefs, there were only a few dozen of them on the mountain. This extravagant main hall thus became a place that could not be utilized to its fullest. It was usually just left empty all day. Xiaodong wondered just who these guests were that made Master bring them to the main hall. Either there were a huge number of guests, or they were people with prestigious backgrounds. Xiaodong and Chen Jingzhi were the last to arrive. One was injured while the other was worried about the one injured. When they arrived, the visitors to the mountain had all arrived. Chen Jingzhi did not want to draw attention to them, but regrettably, the lateness of the two had drawn the attention of everyone....

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RDF – Chapter 13: Ashen Face

Records of the Dragon Follower Translator: Scrya Editor: Faith First Published on Chaleuria – Chapter 13: Ashen Face Linglong turned her head to take a look. Because they were quite far away, she couldn’t clearly see Little Junior Brother’s figure in front of the tomb. “He’s definitely crying his eyes out…” Jiang Fan couldn’t hear her due to the strong winds, and so he asked, “What?” “I’m talking about Little Junior Brother. He’s most likely crying right now.” Jiang Fan threw the suspicions to the back of his head and nodded. “He’s definitely crying.” Little Junior Brother usually found it embarrassing to cry in front of people. Now that they were not around him, Little Junior Brother no longer had to hold back his feelings. Presently, Xiaodong was indeed teary-eyed. However, those tears were not due to sadness, but from the burning smoke. The strength of the mountain winds was immense. As the paper money and foil ingots burned, the flames suddenly rose and swirled towards Xiaodong. Shocked, he hurriedly got up from his kneeling posture and retreated a few steps. Fortunately, he dodged quickly. However, at this rate, there was no way he could continue dropping the remaining half of the paper money into the fire a bit at a time. Left with no choice, he stood a little away, stretched out his arms, and tossed in all...

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