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Pure love for reading the native language of danmei!

Chinese grammar is ” PERSON -> TIME -> ACTION ” For example: I today go          我今天去 I tomorrow go   我明天去 I 3pm go            我三点去 Vocabulary 我 (wǒ) = I 去 (qù) = go 今天 (jīntiān) = today 明天 (míngtiān) = tomorrow 三 (sān) = three 点 (diǎn) = o’clock (depending on the […]

What is danmei?

  Danmei is a genre that is written by, consumed by and targeted for a female audience. The term itself means “indulgence in beauty” and symbolizes the (over)romanticizing of male-male relationships sometimes to the point aesthetics overcome the importance of plot and character development.