DITA – Chapter 11.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 11.1 (NSFW)

They were back at the office building, in one of the ten units that had been booked for the filming. It was known as the Blue Room for the color of its walls, and it served as the set for Fang Chi’s home. Currently, Chen Cheng-Sen and Chen Hsin were locked in a heated discussion about the plot, while Zhang Zhun waited at a distance. Seated on a couch in a corner, he listened again and again to the voice message Xie Danyi had left for him.

“Hi… or rather, bye.” After a brief pause, she continued, “I guess I’ll get going now. I shouldn’t have affected your work… I wish you hadn’t signed on for this project. I regret it now.” With a catch in her voice, she said, “I’ll be waiting for you in Guangzhou. I love you.”

Zhang Zhun replayed the last part of her message one more time – “I love you” – and his hands tightened around his phone till they began to ache from the strain. From the other part of the room, Chen Cheng-Sen yelled, “Stop playing with your phone and get to work!”

Zhang Zhun stood up at the sound of the director’s orders, switched off his phone, and tossed it to the side. He was dressed in yet another suit for today: an off-white affair with a pin on his lapel, and a saffron-red tie. After Zhou Zheng directed him to a spot before Fang Chi’s bed, the script supervisor announced, “Deep in the Act, scene 212, shot 1, take 1!”

He stood still. After standing for a full minute, he suddenly unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers, and thrust a hand into his pants. With the camera focused on his face, he stared at the unmade bed before him, running his eyes over the falling covers and mussed sheets. His breath quickened, his hands sped up their movements below his waist, and uncontrollable moans welled up from the depths of his throat.

Chen Hsin stepped through the doorway and entered the frame, staring in shock at the man before him. “What are you doing?”

Zhang Zhun turned his head, smiling in pleasure, untouched by the slightest hint of shame. Chen Hsin’s eyes fell on the other man’s hands – hands which were still moving rapidly below his waist. In reality, Zhang Zhun was barely touching himself as he continued with his performance. Even so, a deep blush exploded promptly over Chen Hsin’s face at the sight. “You…! Do you really have to go this far?”

Zhang Zhun turned away and continued jacking off to the sight of the bed. Chen Hsin strode over and grabbed the other man, an almost pedantic anger flashing across his face. Fluttering his long lashes, Zhang Zhun shot him a drunken stare. “The hell you’re doing, getting all prim and proper now?”

“Cut!” the director called out as he removed his headphones. “That was a pass!”

Chen Hsin and Zhang Zhun parted in silence, turning away from each other. The following shot would be filmed in the nude as well, just like their previous scene. As part of the preparation, a member of the crew turned on the shower in advance. After testing the water temperature, the staff indicated that the setup was ready for the actors’ walk-through.

The camera moved into position. Chen Hsin seized the opportunity to start a conversation with Zhang Zhun, “I think I can do without the rehearsal. What about you?”

Zhang Zhun shook his head in response, refusing to even spare a glance at the other man. Feeling defeated, Chen Hsin turned to Chen Cheng-Sen with a sullen expression and said, “Let’s just get down to it.”

The camera began rolling again. They stepped into the shower and stood under the water, cheek to cheek. Under the warm spray, their wet hair fell back from their faces. As tiny droplets scattered off their skin into a rising mist, Zhang Zhun made the first move and latched onto Chen Hsin’s lips, kickstarting the most demanding make out scene in the entire film.

Stage directions:

Gao Zhun hangs onto Fang Chi like a snake in heat, entwining their bodies together while moaning without restraint. Like a bee starving for nectar, he probes deeply into Fang Chi’s mouth with abandon. Like a lonesome woman thirsting for a man’s touch, Gao Zhun moves with a burning passion and irresistible sex appeal.

Indeed, everyone on the set felt the palpable passion and appeal rolling off Zhang Zhun right now as he snaked his arms around Chen Hsin’s neck. Hooking a leg around Chen Hsin’s hip, he began grinding himself against Chen Hsin, the tension in his muscles accentuating the erotic curve of his ass. As Zhang Zhun continued to rut against him, Chen Hsin felt as if he was losing his grip on the writhing body in his arms: a wanton body desperate with the desire to please Fang Chi – a desire which had absolutely nothing to do with him. With great difficulty, Chen Hsin delivered his line, “Let’s go back to the bed…”

At this, Zhang Zhun pulled away and turned to prop his hands against the smooth tiles on the wall, offering the glistening globes of his ass to Chen Hsin. “Give it to me,” he said, his voice smoldering with desire as he flexed his waist and rocked his hips in the air, “right now.”

‘Fang Chi’ was suddenly incensed. He fisted a hand in the other man’s hair and asked, “Those other men – did they rush to do you the moment their pants were down?”

Zhang Zhun laughed in response. He turned again to wrap his arms around Chen Hsin’s shoulders and sling a leg around Chen Hsin. Against the sound of falling water, he began to deliver his line, “They…” As he whispered the rest of the sentence to Chen Hsin, the camera captured their faces in full detail: one marked with the most fatal seductive wiles, the other with the clumsy simplicity of an inexperienced lover. Upon Zhang Zhun’s provocation, Chen Hsin crushed him to his chest and devoured his mouth in an all-consuming kiss. Grabbing Zhang Zhun by the ass, he lifted the other man off the ground and carried him out of the bathroom, still licking and sucking at his lips.

The camera tracked their movements closely. Once they were back in the bedroom, Chen Hsin tossed Zhang Zhun onto the bed and pounced. “Cut!” Chen Cheng-Sen called out again. The crew rushed to adjust the camera setup, elevating the camera for the upcoming high-angle shot. The detailed breakdown of the scene was absolutely excruciating for the actors. Tormented by the abrupt breaks in the shooting, Zhang Zhun and Chen Hsin gasped for breath in unison, their chests heaving in time as if they had truly been making love to each other. Flustered by the realization, Zhang Zhun forcibly altered the rhythm of his labored breathing and broke the connection between them that should not have been.

Deep in the Act, scene 212, shot 3, take 1!”

Lying on the bed below Chen Hsin, Zhang Zhun splayed his legs on cue for the camera hovering directly above them. Grabbing those legs and parting them further, Chen Hsin looked down again at the crack of Zhang Zhun’s ass. This time, his gaze was so open and brazen that Zhang Zhun felt it on his skin. Unable to close his legs, he tightened the muscles of his sphincter reflexively as he tensed at the sensation. Above him, Chen Hsin stared as the flesh puckered into folds around the secret opening. As he watched the hole shrink and contract before his very eyes, Chen Hsin began to wonder if he was losing his mind. Instead of filling him with disgust, the sight made his mouth go completely dry.

Gathering all his strength, he rocked hard into the body below him and thrust his hardness snugly into the warm, tender strip between Zhang Zhun’s legs. Zhang Zhun moaned. Unable to tell if the other man was just acting, Chen Hsin began grinding in earnest. Every nerve under his skin was on fire now, and his vision began to blur from the rush of pleasure to his head. However, Chen Cheng-Sen was far from satisfied with their performance. With a rap on the monitor, he ordered, “Chen-laoshi, more!”

F***! – Chen Hsin cursed inwardly, shifting his legs and weight for better leverage. Moving things up a gear, he began bucking his hips more wildly into Zhang Zhun. All of a sudden, as if a switch had been flipped within him, Zhang Zhun began to respond with intense urgency. His torso tensed and lifted off the bed, heaving and flexing like a wave against Chen Hsin, every one of the rippling muscles on his chest glistening with a mesmerizing sheen. Chen Hsin’s hand roamed across his flesh, inch by inch, kneading and groping with a slow, obscene touch.

Zhang Zhun’s moans deepened and lengthened, each erotic note oozing tantalizingly across every single eardrum in the room. Chen Cheng-Sen could not help but remove his headphones, allowing the cries of pleasure to dissipate into the air instead of his ears. Zhou Zheng stared at the monitor. On the screen, the focus of the wide-angle shot fell naturally on Zhang Zhun’s open legs, highlighting the lewd manner in which they extended toward the ceiling over Chen Hsin’s shoulders, and the helplessness with which they trembled in time to the vigorous movements of the bodies on the bed.

Zhou Zheng blushed and felt his heart race at the sight before him. After giving the matter some thought, he turned to Chen Cheng-Sen and voiced his concerns, “Director, since we’re cutting most of these footages anyway, do we really have to go this far? It’s too unfair… to Zhang Zhun.”

“Unfair?” Chen Cheng-Sen’s expression darkened. “You think it’s fair for Chen Hsin to be humping him like a perv? And what about sex scenes for actresses? Stop overthinking things!”

Back on the bed, Zhang Zhun grew hard from Chen Hsin’s ruthless thrusting. Lying in such a submissive position, Zhang Zhun felt as if he had indeed turned into a woman. Even his breathing seemed to have become strange and unfamiliar. Desperate and helpless, he grabbed at Chen Hsin’s hands on his nipples as if grasping at straws and cried out his lines, “Touch… touch me!”

Despite Zhang Zhun’s scripted pleas, Chen Hsin was only supposed to make a show of fondling Zhang Zhun without actually touching him. But now, he reached down and trailed his hand all over Zhang Zhun’s crotch. Then he closed his grip around Zhang Zhun’s erection, and a sharp, penetrating keen rang out from the headphones hanging on Chen Cheng-Sen’s arm. There was no stopping Zhang Zhun’s cries now. Moans spilled freely from his lips with every movement of the hand, rising and dipping, keening and hitching in response to every touch. A quiver crept into the rich, mellow tones of his voice, ending every one of his moans on a trembling note that sent featherlight tingles rippling through his listeners’ hearts. There was no man in the room who did not go weak at the knees under the onslaught.

Chen Cheng-Sen, too, could bear it no longer. “Cut!” he barked, lighting a cigarette for himself. He patted Zhou Zheng on the shoulder and began giving instructions for the next shot, “Move the camera over. The dining table looks pretty good, with its metal base and all…”

He stepped out of the bedroom and took a look around the living room: it was a cozy, modestly-sized room, and its bright orange couch struck a refreshing contrast against the complementary blue walls. He smoked as he waited for the crew, but even when he got to the last drag, the equipment and his staff were still nowhere to be seen. His temper flared. He charged back into the bedroom and yelled, “What the hell is all this dallying about? You…”


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