DITA – Chapter 13.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Warning: Contains descriptions of attempted sex with dubious consent.

Chapter 13.2 (NSFW)

Captivated by Zhang Zhun’s singing, Chen Cheng-Sen had made a beeline for the younger man immediately after his number ended and pulled him onto a couch in the corner. Zhang Zhun was wasted. He swayed bonelessly in his seat as Chen Cheng-Sen forced two more drinks on him. “Xiao-Zhang, you’re a pretty good kid. Some of the things I’ve done – they’re nothing personal, you understand?”

Giddy with alcohol, Zhang Zhun nodded in a daze. His vulnerability reminded Chen Cheng-Sen of the various times in which Chen Hsin had lost his cool and forgotten himself on the set. A flicker of curiosity came to life within the older man. Under the influence of alcohol, he placed a hand on Zhang Zhun’s thigh, kneading a little, and slid the hand upward to Zhang Zhun’s waist. Without a doubt, Zhang Zhun had a tantalizing body. Although Chen Cheng-Sen was straight, he was just as open to experimentation as anyone else in the entertainment industry. After all, this industry was a hedonistic world in which all kinds of desires ran rampant with no holds barred. If someone caught his fancy, he had no qualms trying a taste even if it was another man.

Just as he was about to act on his whim, Chen Hsin charged out of nowhere and shoved him away. “What do you think you’re doing! Take your hands off him!”

Chen Cheng-Sen’s mind cleared. He watched as Chen Hsin hauled Zhang Zhun to his feet and guided him towards the door. Chortling, he called after Chen Hsin, “I was just getting him warmed up and ready for you!”

Xiao-Deng was waiting a short distance away. Circling Zhang Zhun with an arm, Chen Hsin approached Xiao-Deng and stretched out a hand. “I’ll send him back to his room. Give me the keycard.”

In an unguarded moment, Xiao-Deng did as he was told. When he saw Chen Hsin pushing the door open, he finally regained his wits and tried to follow the two men. But Chen Cheng-Sen’s order stopped him in his tracks, “Whats-your-face! You! Zhang Zhun’s assistant! Come ’ere and drink with me!”

On their way back to the hotel, Zhang Zhun passed out, and Chen Hsin had to carry him back to his room. Holding Zhang Zhun in his arms, he got off on the 37th floor, swiped them both into the room, switched on the lights, and closed the door behind them. After depositing Zhang Zhun on the bed, he pulled the thin covers over the unconscious man and sat down on the edge to catch his breath. A couple of moments later, he stood up again and prepared to leave. He made it to the door. He turned the handle, and reached for the main light switch by the doorway. Darkness descended on the world around him with a single flick. But he did not open the door.

He stood still for a long time. Then he let out a long breath, as if finally making up his mind, and released the handle. Something clicked softly in the dark. He turned from the door and stalked towards the bed. It was too dark to see anything. He started stripping; the room was eerily silent apart from the sound of breathing weighed down by a guilty conscience. He climbed onto Zhang Zhun’s bed, pulled the covers away, and stripped the other man down to his bare skin as well.

Not daring to touch Zhang Zhun, Chen Hsin reached for Zhang Zhun’s hand instead. He pressed it against his erection, maneuvering it into a loose, gentle grip around his aching flesh. Then he started rubbing himself with slow, slight tugs. In the end, he lost all control as he pulled that hand up and down his swollen length in a blur of frenzied strokes. There must be something wrong with him, he thought, to be so perverse and base. He was little better than an animal, and yet – horrifyingly – he was utterly incapable of stopping himself.

It’s not enough. Zhang Zhun’s hand – soft, naïve, and pliant in his grasp – only served to stoke his desire even more. It’s not nearly enough. He reached out and turned on the bedside lamp. Warm yellow light shone on Zhang Zhun’s face, illuminating his flushed cheeks, his slack lips, and his mussed hair. At the sight before him, Chen Hsin came – hard and fast – a hoarse cry ripping from his throat.

He was too quick. Panting violently from the sensation, he struggled to keep himself from collapsing. Below him, Zhang Zhun shifted a little with a soft hum. To Chen Hsin, it felt as if it had been an eternity since the last time they had truly been together. The two figures entwined in passion before the cameras every day were not ‘Chen Hsin’ and ‘Zhang Zhun’, but ‘Fang Chi’ and ‘Gao Zhun’. They were nothing more than two shadows that existed only in the illusory world of cinema.

He scooped up Zhang Zhun by the waist, and ran his lips all over the man in his arms. No, he would not hold back anymore. This time, he would indulge himself and act on every one of his repressed desires. Starting with Zhang Zhun’s forehead, Chen Hsin began covering Zhang Zhun with kisses as he moved lower and lower, inch by inch. From the spot behind Zhang Zhun’s ear that smelled of soap, he moved on to Zhang Zhun’s chest, where he felt the vigorous thump of a heart influenced by alcohol. From the sweat-drenched pits of Zhang Zhun’s arms, Chen Hsin’s lips moved on to the muscles on his ribs, and the sunken dip in his groin, until he reached the thin scabs between Zhang Zhun’s legs. These were marks he had left on Zhang Zhun – his handiwork, his masterpiece. Latching onto the freshly-healed skin, Chen Hsin began licking and sucking in earnest, thoroughly drenching the tender flesh with his spit.

Then, right before his eyes, Zhang Zhun hardened. There it stood, barely inches away from his face, throbbing with life. In a split second, after a quick thought, Chen Hsin took Zhang Zhun into his mouth. He tried to convince himself that all this was just a fit of drunken madness, but his body knew better. As his throat tightened around Zhang Zhun’s engorged flesh, he became shamelessly hard again. Recalling the countless blowjobs he had received in the past, Chen Hsin swallowed and sucked with ease, slurping loudly as he moved up and down Zhang Zhun’s length. But Zhang Zhun had never been sucked off before. Helpless moans fell unconsciously from his lips. Curling his hands around Chen Hsin’s head, he dug his fingers into Chen Hsin’s hair as his ass tightened and trembled with pleasure.

Clinging desperately to Zhang Zhun’s ass, Chen Hsin swallowed more and more deeply. Above him, Zhang Zhun’s moans turned into shuddering sobs; the searing pleasure was too much and too intense for him. Sensing that Zhang Zhun was close to cumming, Chen Hsin slowed down his movements. He took less and less of Zhang Zhun’s length into his mouth with every bob, until it slipped out from his mouth completely. Rubbing his legs together, Zhang Zhun sought out Chen Hsin’s body and began burrowing into his embrace. He seemed to be awake now, but it was just as possible that he was still lost in a drunken daze. Stroking his hair and planting kisses along his jaw, Chen Hsin asked, “You like that? Feels good?”

Zhang Zhun replied with a kiss of his own: a kiss filled with the most intense ardor and hunger. His tongue ravaged Chen Hsin’s mouth, his teeth bit into Chen Hsin’s chin and his supple, powerful limbs entwined themselves with Chen Hsin’s limbs. This unrestrained enthusiasm overwhelmed Chen Hsin with joy. He had never expected Zhang Zhun to respond with such passion; he did not even dare to imagine it. But now, Zhang Zhun was moving against him more and more wildly. Pulling and pushing at Chen Hsin with increasing force, he reversed their positions and even tried to pin the other man under him. After struggling with great effort, Chen Hsin finally shoved him back onto the bed and regained the upper hand. He grabbed Zhang Zhun by the chin and barked out an order, “Open your eyes and take a damn good look at me! Who am I?”

Batting his long lashes over his half-open, glazed eyes, Zhang Zhun replied in a slow murmur, “Fang Chi…”

Chen Hsin was speechless. He supposed ‘Fang Chi’ would do; he could accept being mistaken for ‘Fang Chi’, which was much better than being mistaken for his girlfriend. He kissed Zhang Zhun again with the sweetest tenderness he could muster, as if he wished to exhaust his very life while thus connected to Zhang Zhun. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Straightening up in a panic, Chen Hsin listened attentively for any signs of movement beyond the door. He waited for a while. When he was sure that all was silent outside the room, he wiped off his sweat and looked down at the writhing body below him. A sense of guilt rose within him. He wanted to get out of bed now, but something stopped him again in his tracks. Before his eyes, Zhang Zhun shifted a leg and bent it at the knee, exposing the curve of his ass – as well as the tantalizing crevice at the end of the curve.

Chen Hsin swallowed. Then he reached out with care and parted Zhang Zhun’s legs even further. Unable to see much in the dim light from the bedside lamp, Chen Hsin kneeled and pressed his erection forward, blindly seeking out its rightful place in the dark. After fumbling around for a while, he thought he had found the right spot. He tried to begin thrusting. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he could not breach the opening between Zhang Zhun’s legs. Recalling the images from the porn flicks they had watched together, he cursed in frustration, “What the f*** is going on!”

Perhaps hurting a little from Chen Hsin’s rough handling, Zhang Zhun dropped a hand on Chen Hsin’s thigh, his eyes quivering as they stared blankly and pitifully into space. After thinking it over, Chen Hsin decided to give up, and dropped a lingering kiss on Zhang Zhun’s knee. Zhang Zhun stirred. Seeming to have lost all inhibition in his drunken state, he grabbed Chen Hsin’s hand and pressed it against his crotch. Closing his fingers around Zhang Zhun in a firm grip, Chen Hsin guided Zhang Zhun’s hand around his own hardness as well. Then, together, they started jacking each other off.

Enfolded in the deep of the night, warmed by the yellow light of the bedside lamp, they jolted and shuddered against each other in bed, each striving to match the rhythm of his breath to the other. Watching Zhang Zhun’s face suffuse with pleasure as he edged closer and closer to completion, Chen Hsin cummed for the second time tonight. Zhang Zhun came almost immediately after, shooting spurt after spurt over his own neck and chest. A few specks landed on his face. When Chen Hsin saw the flecks of cum on Gao Zhun’s face, his first instinct was to find a towel to clean them off. But a second thought soon emerged.

He got out of bed, fished his phone out from his pocket, and returned to sit at the head of the bed. As he focused his lens on Zhang Zhun’s face, Zhang Zhun – only half-awake – looked blankly into the camera. Click. Chen Hsin captured the instant with a tap on his screen.


When he heard the sound of a door closing in the next room, Xiao-Deng sprung out of bed, stepped into his shoes, and opened his door to take a look. He saw a figure turn around the corner at the end of the corridor and thought that it looked like Chen Hsin. He went up to Zhang Zhun’s room again to try the doorbell one more time. There was still no reply. Scratching his head, he returned to his room and went back to sleep.

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