DITA – Chapter 17.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 17.1 (NSFW)

Even though the scene was being filmed indoors, the team still waited till nightfall before they began shooting. Dressed in his blue suit, Zhang Zhun looked stunningly gorgeous in the milling crowd of men. Chen Hsin stood leaning against Zhang Zhun’s back, breathing in the light scent of his cologne as they both looked down at their respective phones. On the other side of the set, Chen Cheng-Sen was preparing Wu Rong for the upcoming scene by replaying footages from the intimate scenes that had already been shot. He wanted Wu Rong to get into the right mood based the on the standards already set by Chen Hsin and Zhang Zhun.

“F***!” Wu Rong propped his hands by his cheeks in an attempt to cover up the unnatural expression on his face. “Director, that… that’s some f***ing serious commitment there!”

They were watching the scene in Fang Chi’s office right now: the lens moved from the crimson couch to the lewdly spread legs, sweeping downward to capture the spasms along an ankle before cutting to a close-up of Zhang Zhun’s lashes, lips, and Adam’s apple. Every detail on the screen seemed to simmer with heat – a palpable heat that seared with its very intensity.

“This upcoming scene of yours is very different from theirs.” The director was all seriousness as he analyzed the scene for Wu Rong. Gesticulating with animation, he continued, “There are real feelings between them, but your scene is pure violence. It’s all about the violence and I need you to go all out. It’s okay even if it gets excessive. Anything is better than not going far enough.”

Wu Rong’s hand was still clamped over his mouth. He tilted his head so that he was watching the screen out of the corners of his eyes. “Got it. Just go for the most shameless thing I can think of, eh?” he responded with false bravado. The more apprehensive he felt, the stronger his need to appear confident and ready. “Watch me give it to him hard!”

Amused by his reaction, Chen Cheng-Sen exchanged a glance with Zhou Zheng and replied, “We’ll be counting on you tonight then, Wu-laoshi!”

Everyone began making preparations. Chen Cheng-Sen came up to Zhang Zhun and took a purposeful sniff. Deciding that the cologne was not strong enough, he sent Zhang Zhun back to the makeup department for additional sprays. As the makeup artist added the required touches for Zhang Zhun’s styling, Chen Hsin suddenly asked with feigned nonchalance, “You okay?”

The expression on Zhang Zhun’s face shifted a little. He thought he understood what Chen Hsin was trying to imply, but he was not sure. “There isn’t really anything to be ‘okay’ about. It’s just acting, after all.”

Chen Hsin shot him a sideways glance and nodded. “Sure,” he replied after a long pause, “you’re okay with anyone.”

As if regretting his earlier answer, Zhang Zhun added, “You don’t have to stay, you know. You don’t have to… watch.”

“Why shouldn’t I stay and watch?” Assuming the supercilious air of an A-list male lead, Chen Hsin spat, “It’s just some silly humping with your pants on. A minor scene with no real action.”

Equally amused and exasperated by the taunting remark, Zhang Zhun replied as his lips twitched into a smile, “Do you really have to be this mean?”

Wu Rong strode up to them. He was dressed in a black sweater, paired with faded jeans and a baseball cap. Slinging an arm around Zhang Zhun’s shoulder, he leaned in and sniffed the other man’s collar. “Do they have to be so particular? It’s giving me a headache!”

Zhang Zhun began straightening his tie, seamlessly escaping from the confines of Wu Rong’s arm. “It’s even worse for me, you know.”

Chen Hsin lit a cigarette and studied Wu Rong through the rising smoke. His face was a little flushed, as if he were somewhat embarrassed and discomfited. “Um, your senior here has never acted in scenes like these,” Wu Rong began to say to Zhang Zhun, “do we need to… y’know, do any preparations beforehand?”

Chen Hsin snorted. “What preparations do you need when you’re not even taking off your pants?”

Zhang Zhun truly cared about his senior and his feelings. After giving Chen Hsin a disapproving glare, he led Wu Rong to the side where they continued the discussion in lowered tones. Chen Hsin watched Zhang Zhun whisper into Wu Rong’s ear. He saw how they would pause when things got too embarrassing and stare at each other’s lips in awkwardness before bursting into laughter in unison.

“F***!” Chen Hsin cursed softly to himself. When the director called for the set to be cleared of uninvolved personnel, he began stalking towards the sidelines, brushing by Wu Rong in the process. He patted the other man on one shoulder and said with a Taiwanese lilt, “Take it easy, Rong-ge.”

As Zhang Zhun got into position, the script supervisor announced, “Deep in the Act, scene 1, shot 1, take 1AB!”

Action! The elevator doors slid open. Zhang Zhun stepped out in high spirits, playing with his keys. In the waiting area diagonally across from him, Wu Rong loosened his neck and stepped into the frame with a camera closely tracking his movements from behind.

Zhang Zhun opened the door of his Prussian blue Cayenne. Wu Rong appeared behind him, his eyes sweeping down Zhang Zhun’s lean back to his waist and hips. Then, he grabbed the back of Zhang Zhun’s neck all of a sudden and forced him into the car. He climbed in as well, yanked the door shut, and locked it. A camera waited in the back seat, focused on Zhang Zhun’s face. Zhang Zhun panicked, but remained relatively composed. “Calm down, please. I won’t fight back. How much do you want?” He took out his wallet from the inner pocket of his jacket with shaking fingers. It was packed with cash, in both Chinese yuan and US dollars. “Take it. You can have it all.”

Wu Rong let out a thuggish laugh. He suddenly put down the seat and punched Zhang Zhun on the side of his forehead. The leather wallet fell to the ground, scattering red and green bills all over the car floor. “So what if you’re rich? I don’t give a damn. Save it for a therapist after I’m done with you!”

He climbed on top of Zhang Zhun and threw his weight onto the body below him. Unbuckling Zhang Zhun’s belt with one hand, he held up his phone with the other and began taking photos in rapid succession. Flash after blinding flash, accompanied by a frenzied flurry of shutter sounds. Zhang Zhun could not open his eyes. His trousers and underwear were yanked away. A large hand began kneading at his groin, and true fear consumed him. His temples pounded. He started fighting back, unable to believe what was happening to him. But his visible shame only excited Wu Rong even further. He ran his hot tongue all over Zhang Zhun’s face as he rammed his half-hard crotch against the flesh between Zhang Zhun’s legs. “So what if you’re rich! You’re still going to be f***ed like anyone else!”

Standing by the director, Chen Hsin held a paper cup in one hand and pointed at the screen with the other. “Didn’t you say that they didn’t need to take off their pants?” he asked with a baleful glare at Chen Cheng-Sen.

“That’s what I said to Zhang Zhun.” Chen Cheng-Sen was focusing all of his attention on the scene before him and could not be bothered with Chen Hsin at this point. “Didn’t you see that reaction just now? That’s some genuine emotion there. Look how great the effect was!”

Chen Hsin simmered in silence. A mix of emotions roiled in his gut without any means of relief; only he alone knew about the rage, jealousy and worry mounting within himself. On the screen, before the cameras, violent lust continued to dominate the scene. Wu Rong unzipped his jeans. Fisting a hand roughly in Zhang Zhun’s hair, he panted into Zhang Zhun’s ear, “You’re so loaded I bet you’ve never taken it up your ass before. I’m going to make you feel real good, free of charge!”

Wu Rong’s voice, amplified by the microphone, rang out from the director’s headset. Chen Hsin stared unblinkingly at the screen, the paper cup crushed in his clenched fist, its long-cold contents dripping from his hand. Feeling the sudden wetness on his pants, Chen Cheng-Sen looked up and saw the expression on Chen Hsin’s face.

Meanwhile, in the enclosed space of the car, Wu Rong could see nothing besides Zhang Zhun’s face and spots of light from the outside. The scent of Zhang Zhun’s cologne diffused into the stifling air. It mingled with the odors from their bodies and filled the car with an intoxicating smell of lust. Wu Rong felt as if he had gotten hard for real. His heart hammered hard and fast in his chest. The body below him was so unusually hot, so tender and supple that he wanted to thrust himself against it with all his might. His eyes fell on those tightly pressed lips before him; they were so close, but he did not dare to kiss them. Yet, the more afraid he was, the harder it was for him to look away. In that brief moment of hesitation, as his eyes lingered on Zhang Zhun’s mouth, the director called out, “Cut!”

Covering his crotch with a hand, he got up from Zhang Zhun’s body, looking somewhat chagrined. Zhang Zhun, on the other hand, sank into the car seat with labored breaths. As the crew crowded around the car, Wu Rong reflexively covered Zhang Zhun’s crotch with his cap. The crew passed them some water through the lowered window. Instead of using the intercom, Chen Cheng-Sen, too, came up to the car for a direct discussion of the scene with them. “You didn’t go far enough, Wu-laoshi. Rapists get violent and beat up their victims. You’re not in love with him. You’re just screwing him!”

Wu Rong nodded with his head lowered, dropping his gaze at the same time and noticing all of a sudden that his hand was still stroking Zhang Zhun’s naked thigh. The space was too small, he thought, and there was too much of that f***ing cologne everywhere. “You’re not making love to him,” Chen Cheng-Sen reminded Wu Rong over and over again, “you’re raping him. Okay?”

As the director moved on to yell at the lighting team, Chen Hsin came up to the car and stared through the window. Not knowing how to face the other man, Zhang Zhun turned away and shrank a little into Wu Rong’s arms. Sensing his movement, Wu Rong began reasoning with Chen Hsin. “Don’t look,” he said with a smile on his face, “he’s feeling shy.”


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