DITA – Chapter 27.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 27.2 (NSFW)

Untouched by any sense of urgency, Chen Hsin thrust a greasy hand between Zhang Zhun’s legs. Wrapping his fingers around the base of Zhang Zhun’s right thigh, he gave it a good, hard squeeze. “This is where he landed his kick, am I right?”

Chen Hsin was right. Pain shot through Zhang Zhun at once – a sharp, throbbing pain laced with inexplicable tingles, lighting sparks of arousal everywhere they touched. Continuing to whet his appetite on purpose, Chen Hsin drawled against his flesh, “Here, I’ll give it a few rubs and make it better.”

He began his obscene massage for real. His fingers sank into the tender base of Zhang Zhun’s thigh, kneading without mercy, and the back of his hand ground hard along Zhang Zhun’s swollen length with every squeeze. Pleasure, exquisite and excruciating, overwhelmed Zhang Zhun. It was too much for him to take. Even his arms seemed to have turned numb from his excitement, and he struggled to hang on to Chen Hsin’s neck. “Touch… touch me…” He peered beseechingly at Chen Hsin through the watery haze of his glassy eyes, his breath cold and urgent on Chen Hsin’s skin.

Reveling in the sight of Zhang Zhun’s wanton desire, Chen Hsin asked out of the blue, “Do you know why I hit him?”

Still gazing at him with parted lips and unfocused eyes, Zhang Zhun shook his head. Chen Hsin slid his hand along the base of Zhang Zhun’s thigh and into the crack of his ass. Scraping his fingers along the moist crevice, he continued, “Because he said that you looked like a nice, easy f***…”

It took a long time before Zhang Zhun made sense of those words. His eyes regained their focus and blazed with anger. “Isn’t this enough of a reason for me to beat him to a pulp?” Chen Hsin asked, gnawing at Zhang Zhun’s chin as his fingers probed deeper into the soft crack. “He also said that… you’d become real thirsty in the sheets… once you’re f***ed hard enough.”

Such comments were too much, too insulting even for dirty talk. Enraged, Zhang Zhun flung a fist weakly at Chen Hsin. Catching the soft punch with ease, Chen Hsin remarked, “Xiao-Deng went to send Wu Rong off today. He should be back from the airport any minute now.”

Unable to follow his train of thought, Zhang Zhun frowned and stared at him in confusion.

“Let’s go to my room instead?”

Every inch of Zhang Zhun’s skin turned red in an instant. At last, he realized that every one of Chen Hsin’s actions tonight had been part of an elaborate plan. Massages that became flirtation; the ‘practice’ that left him high and dry; the abrupt shift in conversation from those comments to Xiao-Deng – all were calculated steps leading up to this explicit, irrefutable invitation for actual sex. The two of them, going all the way…

“I… I’m not ready yet,” Zhang Zhun stammered, his shifting eyes giving away his fear of the sexual act.

“I’ll lick it for you,” Chen Hsin replied. Sticking out his tongue, he curled and flexed the muscle in a lewd display of its dexterity. “I’ll make you feel real good, from front to back…”

Surprise flashed in Zhang Zhun’s eyes. He never knew that getting licked ‘back there’ was a thing, and he certainly did not dare to imagine Chen Hsin doing that for him. “Stop with the nonsense…”

His obvious lack of experience caught Chen Hsin off-guard. “You mean… no one’s ever pleasured you in the back before?”

“Why would anyone ask that of someone else?” Zhang Zhun asked with a timid glance.

Chen Hsin was incredulous. “Have you ever been to a nightclub?”

“They do this in nightclubs?” Zhang Zhun stared at him, wide-eyed with astonishment and a little disgust.

“No, that’s not… I mean…” Chen Hsin became flustered all of a sudden; he no longer knew what to do. “What… what about the front? Have you…”

Blushing, Zhang Zhun answered with a shake of his head. Just then, bits of that absurd ‘dream’ came back to him. As he dropped his gaze, his eyes fell on Chen Hsin’s hand, still resting on his thigh. Since they had already taken things this far, he thought, perhaps it was okay to tell Chen Hsin about it. “But I dreamed about it once,” he confessed in a near-inaudible whisper. “That night, after the party where I had far too many drinks, I dreamed of you…”

All color drained from Chen Hsin’s face. Zhang Zhun was talking about that night when he got too wasted to fend for himself. That night when Chen Hsin took advantage of the situation to play with Zhang Zhun’s body as he wished. He thought it was just a dream? No wonder Zhang Zhun let him off so easily the next day – no wonder Zhang Zhun looked so… shy! Breaking into a cold sweat, Chen Hsin withdrew his hand from Zhang Zhun’s leg.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of such a private, indecent confession, Zhang Zhun was unable to lift his head at all. “Am I out of my mind?” he murmured.

Chen Hsin’s throat tightened, as if an invisible noose had closed its stranglehold around his neck, and he could not utter a single word. Zhang Zhun’s question hung in the air between them, unanswered. As the silence dragged out, Zhang Zhun could not help but steal a furtive glance at him out of the pink-tinted corners of his eyes. At the sight of the unmistakable affection in those depths, Chen Hsin began to panic. None of his flings had ever been like this; out of his countless affairs on and off the set, no one had ever looked at him in this way. Yet, even as Chen Hsin became frozen with confusion, Zhang Zhun seemed to have come to some sort of resolution within himself. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Chen Hsin’s neck. Then, with eyes gleaming at once with love and apprehension, he pressed their lips together.

It was a brief and simple kiss. Pulling away as soon as their lips touched, Zhang Zhun looked at Chen Hsin up close, gazing into Chen Hsin’s eyes as if he was checking his own actions and the man before him one last time. Very soon, he leaned forward again for a second kiss, much bolder than the last. His tongue ran across Chen Hsin’s teeth to knead at his gums. His insatiable lips sucked greedily at the corner of Chen Hsin’s mouth, the soft tip of his nose rubbing frantically against Chen Hsin’s cheek with his exertions. For Zhang Zhun, a lingering kiss like this was far more expressive of his unspeakable feelings than the hottest sex they could have.

Chen Hsin had never tasted a kiss like this. It was so immature that it felt more like a game between teenagers than a real kiss – and yet, it overwhelmed him with effortless ease. He could not cope with it. His heart seemed to have become an awkward drummer, too clumsy and nervous to keep up a regular beat. Even his lungs failed him now. Air emptied out of his body with every exhalation, but he seemed to have lost all ability to breathe in again. Dazed and breathless, he began to feel his life seeping away bit by bit.

Sensing the irregularity in Chen Hsin’s breathing, Zhang Zhun released him from the kiss and reached up to caress the hair that had fallen over the younger man’s brow. Slowly, Chen Hsin opened his eyes – restless as a drowning man who had just broken through the water surface, frantic as a boy who had just acted on his awakened desire for the very first time. Then they kissed again, without any fondling, neither of them knowing who took the initiative this time. Together, they savored the kiss with all their beings, forehead to forehead, toes curling against toes.

Goodbye my almost lover, goodbye my hopeless dream Chen Hsin’s phone rang, but he turned it off without a single glance.

Lying on their sides, they exchanged one long kiss after another. Spit trickled down their necks as they rubbed their lips raw. Even their ears, pressed to the bed, were chafed from friction against the cotton sheets. Chen Hsin felt as if his entire lifetime had passed while they lay on the bed, thus entwined. Yet, even if he had really used up all the remaining time in his life – he thought absurdly – it would not have been a waste to spend it on such kisses.

All of a sudden, Zhang Zhun’s voice drifted through the fog of exhaustion in Chen Hsin’s oxygen-deprived head. “Shall we go to your room?” he asked, picking up where they had left off.

This was not what Chen Hsin had expected. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he felt Zhang Zhun begin to pull up his pants. Once dressed, the older man turned toward him, straddled his body, and pulled up his pants for him as well with trembling hands. Intoxicated by the atmosphere between them, Chen Hsin felt the desire to break into a grin. He peered up with smiling eyes, and saw Zhang Zhun above him, his head tilted to one side as the dim, yellow light shone through his disheveled hair, looking almost too beautiful to be true.

“We aren’t acting,” Chen Hsin muttered as he tangled his fingers in Zhang Zhun’s hair, speaking his mind aloud by accident. “My gosh, this is real. This is really happening!”

Combing his own hair back from his face, Zhang Zhun pulled Chen Hsin out of bed. After straightening their clothes, they left the room and headed straight for the emergency stairwell, one falling several steps behind the other. Once they passed through the cream-colored doorway, Chen Hsin turned around to grab Zhang Zhun by the hand. Without exchanging a single word, they skipped up the stairs together, and turned at the landing before exiting on the 38th floor. The door opened into a long corridor before it swung shut again behind them.

In the distance, at the far end of the corridor, stood a large suitcase. Neither of them paid it any mind as they walked down the hallway, hand in hand. When they were almost at Chen Hsin’s room, however, he realized with a start that the luggage was sitting right in front of his door. A split-second before misfortune struck, he shook away Zhang Zhun’s hand and snapped around. As he had expected, a petite figure emerged from the shadows of the decorative green plants in a corner. She stood before them in a short dress, her doll-like features framed by long black tresses. After a quick glance at Zhang Zhun, she called out to Chen Hsin. “Honey,” she complained sweetly with an edge of girlish petulance, “why didn’t you pick up my call?”

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