DITA – Chapter 30.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Cien

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 30.1 (NSFW)

Gao Zhun had already taken his bath. He sat on the bed, waiting in an oversized t-shirt borrowed from Fang Chi. His underwear, newly bought at the supermarket, felt a little tight.

Fang Chi came out of the bathroom without his glasses. Drying his hair with a towel, he looked at Gao Zhun with a slight squint. “How are you feeling? Does the new environment scare you?”

“No.” Gao Zhun was feeling shy instead. He lowered his head, revealing the clean, beautiful arch of his neck. “Am I causing you too much trouble?”

“It’s alright,” Fang Chi replied as he tossed his towel onto the couch. He was wearing a t-shirt as well; unlike Gao Zhun, however, he had also put on a pair of shorts. Lifting the covers, Fang Chi climbed onto the foot of the bed. “Do your feet move much in your sleep? Try not to kick my face in the middle of the night.”

Gao Zhun seldom moved in his sleep – he had trouble falling asleep most of the time, in fact – but he did not tell the truth. “Sometimes, I move around a lot,” he lied. Nervously twisting his fingers together, he continued, “Why don’t we… sleep in the same direction instead?” Fang Chi was stunned for a moment. Although the pause was very brief, Gao Zhun felt as if minutes had passed. Unable to withhold the truth anymore, he stammered, “I… I want to sleep at the same end as you.”

“Why?” Fang Chi asked.

Gao Zhun did not answer the question. “Let’s sleep in the same direction, please?” he continued pleading, insistent and obstinate.

Heaving a sigh, Fang Chi dragged his pillow from the foot to the head of the bed. He could not see much, but he could sense Gao Zhun’s gaze on him, anxious and eager. It lingered on his skin, feverish with the intensity of someone about to melt into a puddle or burst into flames. “Tomorrow is a workday, so let’s turn in early.” Fang Chi got into bed, propped himself up with an elbow, and reached for the light switch. “Can I turn off the lights now?”

“Wait.” Gao Zhun stopped him, looking a little neurotic. “Can you hold my hand first?”

He must have avoided absolute darkness for a long time, Fang Chi knew; it was a common symptom among patients with PTSD. “We can sleep with the lights on tonight.”

“It’s okay.” Gao Zhun curled up on himself and lay down. “I want you to see me doing my best.”

Gao Zhun’s words filled Fang Chi with a sweetness that he had not felt for many years. He ached, as if someone had reached into his chest and given the tenderest flesh on the tip of his heart a good hard pinch. Under the covers, he sought out Gao Zhun’s hand – the cold hand of an artist – and took it into his own. “Lights out now. Close your eyes.”

Gao Zhun obeyed without question; he lay still and shut his eyes. Darkness descended upon the room in the next instant. Almost at the same time, he unconsciously tightened his grip on Fang Chi’s hand, and a gentle voice spoke into his ear at once, “Don’t be scared. I’m right here.” Then, amidst the rustling of clothes and soft creaks in the mattress, Fang Chi settled down in bed at an appropriate distance away.

Bit by bit, Gao Zhun lifted his eyelids with trepidation. All was black before his eyes. Unable to see anything in the absolute dark, he began to panic. “Doc… Doctor Fang!”

“Mm?” Fang Chi’s voice took on a slight drawl, quite unlike how he usually sounded in the clinic.

“Nothing,” Gao Zhun replied, at ease once more after hearing Fang Chi’s voice. However, it was a short-lived calmness. All too soon, he called out again with frantic urgency, “Doctor Fang?”

“Mn,” Fang Chi answered without delay. But Gao Zhun did not understand himself anymore: he did not know what had come over him, or why he was fussing so much like a fretful, inconsolable child. Overwhelmed by this inexplicable anxiety, Gao Zhun began trembling all over, and his eyes burned with the urge to cry.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Chi had no choice but to close the distance between them. He shifted over, enveloping Gao Zhun with the warmth of his breath and a masculine musk never present in the daytime. Shamelessly, Gao Zhun gave himself over to Fang Chi, clinging to the other man’s arm like a forlorn woman all on her own, soft and helpless against his body.

Fang Chi fell silent at the touch. Perhaps because of the darkness – or the fact that they were in bed – he seemed to have stopped being himself as well. Right now, he was nothing more than just a man who was needed and relied upon. Reckless with a desperation of his own, Fang Chi pulled Gao Zhun to himself and embraced him.

Ah…” Gao Zhun sighed in contentment. The single note, as fatal as it was sweet and fragile, echoed endlessly in Fang Chi’s head. His hands sank deeper into Gao Zhun’s flesh, pressing hard as they began fondling his entire body: from his taut, supple waist to the round mounds of his ass; from his chest, exposed through the loosened collar of his t-shirt, to the naked expanse of his thighs. Just as Zuo Linlin had once remarked, Gao Zhun was as smooth to the touch as a woman.

The sounds of their breathing became louder and louder, rising and falling in tandem in the darkness of the room. Like a tiny boat dashed upon the roaring waves of a tempestuous sea, Gao Zhun felt himself close to falling apart. Fear, despair, and pure physical pleasure churned within him, sweeping him into the most excruciating throes of arousal. Forgetting himself and losing all restraint, Gao Zhun hardened uncontrollably. Moans spilled from his lips, low and urgent. Humming and whimpering with need, he writhed in Fang Chi’s arms, sliding flesh against flesh with every serpentine flex of his body. He could not stop himself. He rocked himself repeatedly against Fang Chi, each motion harder and more desperate than the last. Then, emboldened by his own actions, Gao Zhun even began to hump against Fang Chi’s crotch, clenching his ass and grinding his aching bulge into Fang Chi’s groin.  

Fang Chi, too, had long lost himself to desire. As if he were handling the finest porcelain vase, he held fast to Gao Zhun with a firm, careful grip. Fang Chi’s groin grew warm from the persistent friction, and he could not help but admit in confusion that he loved the feeling. It felt so good that he even tried to reciprocate a little: with a lewd thrust of his hips, he nudged their bulges together and rubbed his half-hard member along Gao Zhun’s fully engorged length.

The sensation drove Gao Zhun wild. His underwear, drenched in sweat, was so tight and sticky that it bit into his ass like a taut net, sending shocks of unusual pleasure searing through his body. Unclenching his gritted teeth, Gao Zhun sought out Fang Chi’s cheek with feverish lips. Sensing his movement, Fang Chi dodged at once. Gao Zhun refused to give up; he tried again. Throwing his arms around Fang Chi’s neck to pull him down with his weight, Gao Zhun tilted his head and strained upward to claim Fang Chi’s lips with his own. However, knowing what Gao Zhun was up to, Fang Chi dropped his head before the other man could react. Burying his face in the bony crook of Gao Zhun’s neck, Fang Chi slowly exhaled a long, cold breath onto his skin.

“Mn… hngh…” Gao Zhun could not stop trembling. Thrusting his ass upward in a frenzy, he melded his crotch to Fang Chi’s as his own erection continued to swell and harden. “Doc… Doctor Fang!” Shamelessly rutting and grinding like his life depended on it, Gao Zhun fisted his hands in Fang Chi’s t-shirt. Cries of Fang Chi’s name tore from his throat like frantic pleas for help, but Fang Chi did not respond at all. Instead, he continued raking his hands over Gao Zhun’s body and rode hard against his arousal without uttering a single word in reply.

The night went on; it was a very long night – so long that it numbed both of their minds, making it impossible for them to tell how everything drew to a close, or how they fell asleep in the end. When Gao Zhun came around again, it was already dawn. Regaining his senses, he registered a dull ache in the small of his back, and felt the tight squeeze of his own thighs around one of Fang Chi’s legs. Recalling how he had ridden that leg all through the night, Gao Zhun became overwhelmed with shame. Too embarrassed to turn around, he quietly lifted the covers and saw the sticky mess at his crotch. Layer upon layer of cum had soaked through his underwear, and some parts had already dried into hardened spots.

Behind Gao Zhun came the sound of Fang Chi rolling over in bed. Like an alert fawn pricking its ears in alarm, Gao Zhun froze at once, not daring to move a single muscle. He listened as Fang Chi got out of bed and stalked to the bathroom in his slippers. Hearing the door close and the water begin to run, Gao Zhun sat up as well, pulling his legs to his chest while he waited on the bed. The wetness in his constrictive underwear made him very uncomfortable. He did not dare to recall how he had been last night; he was too wild, too filthy to bear thinking about. Then, struck by the fear that he might have soiled Fang Chi’s bed, he sprang up at once from the mattress and began checking the sheets for stains.

As Gao Zhun bent himself over the covers, Fang Chi came out of the bathroom. Without sparing Gao Zhun a single glance, Fang Chi busied himself getting dressed for work. Frightened, Gao Zhun called out to him softly, “Doctor Fang.” Fang Chi continued to ignore him as he went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Gao Zhun covered his lower body with his own shirt and chased after him. “It was all my fault last night. Please don’t…”

“Enough,” Fang Chi cut him off in agitation. “Go take a shower. We leave at eight.”

“Then… when are you going back with me to collect my things?” Gao Zhun asked with trepidation. In the next breath, as if he already knew what the answer would be, he continued in a low, muffled voice, “Are we… not getting my things anymore?”

Fang Chi turned away with cold indifference. Table knife in hand, he chopped up a hardboiled egg that had just been shelled. “We’ll talk about it in the evening.”

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