DITA – Chapter 32.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Cien

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 32.1 (NSFW)

After showering, Gao Zhun came out of the bathroom in his champagne silk pajamas, fingering his neat, well-blown hair. As soon as he saw that Fang Chi had laid out two sets of covers, a wounded expression came over his features, and he withered where he stood.

Just as Fang Chi was about to switch off the lights, his phone started ringing. Flashing on the screen was the caller ID, “Jia Shaofeng”. It was Justin’s Chinese name. “Hello.” Fang Chi picked up the call. “It’s okay. No, it’s no bother.” His voice was cold and stiff with indifference. “Don’t worry, I didn’t,” he assured the young man, casting a contemplative glance at Gao Zhun. “We have rules to abide by. Alright, goodbye.”

While Fang Chi was speaking on the phone, Gao Zhun had climbed into bed and gotten under one of the covers. He waited with reddening eyes as the other man ended the call and leaned over. “Can I turn off the lights now?” Fang Chi asked, but Gao Zhun remained silent, peering up at him with eyes full of hurt. Knowing why Gao Zhun was upset, Fang Chi sighed before switching off the lights and lying down. The room went dark.

In the quiet stillness of the night, Gao Zhun tossed and turned on his side of the bed, fretting within the confines of his blanket. “Doctor Fang?” he called out, and Fang Chi turned to face him in response. But it was too dark for them to see each other; they could make out nothing except the vague outlines of one another lying close at hand. Gao Zhun stirred. Discarding all sense of shame and restraint, he crawled out from under his blanket and started to burrow into Fang Chi’s covers instead, persistent and obsessed.

Fang Chi, seemingly terrified, tried to fend Gao Zhun off. He held up a hand to push the other man away, but Gao Zhun caught it with his own. “Don’t reject me…” Like a sexually frustrated lover, he pulled Fang Chi’s hand to himself and dragged it down his body: from the dampened skin of his cheeks to the thumping planes of his chest, then farther down to his warm, soft belly and fully erect length. His convulsing thighs rubbed themselves together uncontrollably. “Please, I beg you… It’s been too long since I got any…”

Fang Chi was stunned. His hand fell limp. Taking advantage of the other man’s momentary confusion, Gao Zhun dove under Fang Chi’s covers at once, nimble as a fish in water. His heated body, sheathed in luxurious silk, slipped effortlessly into Fang Chi’s arms. A dull ache swelled in Fang Chi’s head, and his temples throbbed as he felt the press of Gao Zhun’s groin against his own. Then, just as he did last night, Gao Zhun began rutting against Fang Chi’s crotch.

It was hard to tell how much pleasure could be gained from such indirect contact through their clothes, but Fang Chi simply could not help himself. Holding Gao Zhun by the waist, he flipped the two of them over and propped himself up to feast his besotted gaze on the man under him. As Fang Chi’s eyes adapted to the darkness, Gao Zhun emerged from the night, glowing. Every one of his expressions was suffused with an alluring warmth. Such careful scrutiny, however, seemed too torturous for Gao Zhun. He could not wait. Licking his moistened lips, he bucked his hips upward to hump against Fang Chi once more, softly grunting as he rubbed himself on the other man.

Fang Chi lost his mind: something exploded within him, blowing him apart. Nothing remained but the raging chaos of the most primal desire.

Dominated by the singular instinct of Freudian libido1, Fang Chi crushed down on Gao Zhun and pushed him deep into the mattress. Then, Fang Chi bunched his hips and rammed his own hardened bulge against Gao Zhun with a brutal downward thrust. Gao Zhun bounced once on the bed and cried out in surprise, a lewd note quivering in his voice. Not at all expecting such roughness from Fang Chi, Gao Zhun peered up at the other man in fright. Before his fear could ebb, however, Fang Chi rammed into him again – this time harder than the last – bringing the full brunt of his strength down on the tender flesh at the apex of Gao Zhun’s legs. The impact sent Gao Zhun reeling; even his very soul seemed to have been thrown out of his body by the ruthless force. Unable to take it anymore, he screamed – only to stoke Fang Chi’s desire even more and drive him further into madness.

They clung together like a pair of endless waves, constantly swelling and crashing in pursuit of each other. Fang Chi’s thrusts became faster and faster; Gao Zhun’s cries sped up in response and took on a feverish urgency that sounded almost coital. Fearing what would happen if he continued listening to Gao Zhun’s voice, Fang Chi ordered hoarsely, “Quiet!” Panicked, Gao Zhun clamped his hands over his mouth at once, but heated moans continued spilling through his fingers every time Fang Chi pounded against him. Fang Chi no longer knew what to do with him. He pulled Gao Zhun’s hands away from his mouth, pinned them by the sides of his head, and kneaded those tender palms with his own burning ones. Like a cat seized by its tail, Gao Zhun whimpered, making Fang Chi’s heart ache to the core. “Be quiet…” Fang Chi sounded as if he was pleading now. “Stop making these sounds!”

“I… I…” Gao Zhun could not help himself in the least. His voice no longer felt like it was his own. His lower body, too, no longer felt like a part of him. Like a pool of water or a handful of honey, he seemed to have melted into the sheets and spilled across the creaking mattress. “S – sorry…”

On the bedstand, Gao Zhun’s phone started to ring. Its blue screen lit up in the dark with an unusual brightness. It took Fang Chi only a slight tilt of his head to see the call was from Justin. Gao Zhun tried to reach for his phone, but the doctor pinned his wrists down as firmly as one confining a lover in bed. Between erratic gasps, Gao Zhun began, “There might be… problems at work…”

“You’re going to pick up the call like this?” Grabbing Gao Zhun by the waist, Fang Chi lifted the other man’s ass to himself. Panting, he continued bucking with the urgency of an impatient boor. “You’re going to let them hear you in this state?”

Gao Zhun could not believe what Fang Chi was doing; he was so rough that Gao Zhun’s silken pants were almost slipping off his hips. Helpless fingers clutched at the collar of Fang Chi’s t-shirt. “Stop… Stop for a while…” But Fang Chi would not listen; instead, he dug his fingers as hard as he could into Gao Zhun’s flesh.

The ringing stopped, only to start again moments later. Amidst the maddening, intermittent trill of his phone, Gao Zhun came. Toes tensing in the sheets, guttural moans tearing from his throat, he spent himself. Spurt after spurt shot into his underwear as sheer ecstasy ripped through his body. Fang Chi was surprised by how little it took to push Gao Zhun over the edge. He did not expect Gao Zhun to come so soon from such indirect stimulation, and the sight drove him wild. Turned on even more by Gao Zhun’s reaction, Fang Chi began thrusting faster, ramming harder.

Gao Zhun’s fluids soaked through his underwear; they seeped out from the drenched edges and oozed onto the pants half-hanging from his hips, forming deep, wet stains on the silk. No longer aware of the sounds he was making, Gao Zhun moaned mindlessly as his limp thighs fell wide open on the bed. Under Fang Chi’s relentless pounding, his cooling cum became increasingly sticky, and the mess squelched with every collision of their bodies.

Fang Chi could sense Gao Zhun beginning to harden again. Intoxicated by Gao Zhun’s hypersensitivity, Fang Chi slammed madly into the man below him. Then, unwilling to leave, he ground his arousal against Gao Zhun’s flesh in a slow, obscene circle before snapping his hips back again for another round. Fang Chi came violently several rounds later, his hands yanking so hard at Gao Zhun’s tiny waist that he was almost pulled upright in bed. Gao Zhun’s head spun as his torso fell backwards from the force, arching as if he was about to break in two. His pants fell away from his hips. Sinking his hands into Gao Zhun’s barely-clothed buttocks, Fang Chi crushed their groins together and jerked uncontrollably, releasing himself against Gao Zhun’s body. He rode out his orgasm on Gao Zhun, spasming in pleasure for over half a minute before his body relaxed again in contentment. Fully sated at last, the pair collapsed onto the bed together.

The sounds of heavy, labored breathing filled the room. It had been a long time since either of them had experienced anything like this. Even the exhaustion in the afterglow felt so good as it washed through their bodies. When Gao Zhun’s phone began ringing again, he patted Fang Chi on the shoulder and murmured, “My phone…” This time, Fang Chi did as he asked. He passed the device to Gao Zhun and listened as he answered the call with a sweet, velvet drawl, “Hello?”

The night was so quiet that even Fang Chi could hear the tension in Justin’s tone as he spoke on the other end of the line. “Sir!” he called out, his voice anxious and full of reproach. “Why aren’t you answering your phone this late at night?!”

“Ah?” In the lingering pleasure of the afterglow, a dreamy languor pervaded Gao Zhun’s being and crept into his voice. “Justin?” he asked amidst the sound of his own gentle panting, incredibly sexy and debauched at the same time. All was silent on the other end of the call, and the line went dead a moment later. Loosening his fingers lazily, Gao Zhun dropped his phone onto the bed. Then, in a most ambivalent manner, wavering between innocence and wantonness, he reached up and wrapped his arms around Fang Chi’s neck. “That felt so good…” he murmured, restless with anxiety. “Really, really good…” Fang Chi responded with tender caresses, straightening Gao Zhun’s mussed pajamas while playing with his slender fingers at the same time. He was so gentle, so loving that Gao Zhun got carried away and forgot himself. “Kiss me… please?”

Fang Chi stilled all of a sudden, as if a switch had been flipped within him. Panicking, Gao Zhun pleaded, “Once, just once!” But Fang Chi did not relent. He grabbed the arms around his neck, pulled them away from himself, and turned away cruelly to face the other direction.


  1. Libido:  Although the word ‘libido’ is more commonly defined as ‘sex drive’, it has a far more complex meaning in psychoanalytical terms. In Freudian psychoanalytical theory, libido is the primal energy within all life.  
    • Freudians believe that the human psyche is governed by the ‘pleasure principle’ – i.e. the human instinct is to seek pleasure and demand immediate satisfaction of its desires. Even the desire for survival, according to Freudian theory, is but a manifestation of the pleasure principle.
    • Through socialization, however, human develop conventions and rules that often impede and frustrate the primal instinct. As a result, the primal instinct becomes repressed and relegated to the confines of the ‘id’ (the reservoir of human unconsciousness).
    • Though repressed, the primal instinct continues to shape human psyche and needs in our unconscious, often creating urges and desires that run contrary to what is socially acceptable (i.e. taboos). Freud named this powerful and creative force/energy arising from the primal instinct, ‘libido’.
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