DITA – Chapter 34.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Cien

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 34.2 (NSFW)

It was past seven by the time they returned to Fang Chi’s apartment. The sky was dim, and a gray haze pervaded the horizon. Bound by some form of tacit understanding, neither man spoke a single word. In the hushed stillness of the room, they undressed themselves and closed the thick curtains. Then, after showering, Fang Chi laid out a single set of covers with a black and white checkered design. Blushing, Gao Zhun dove under them with fresh moisture on his skin.

Although it was still early, Fang Chi turned off the lights. As soon as he lay down, Gao Zhun sat up in bed. Fang Chi did not dare to look in his direction; yet, even in the dark, even with his eyes averted, he could still feel Gao Zhun undoing the buttons on his pajamas one by one. The top fell away. Then, lifting his hips, Gao Zhun slipped off his pants as well with a curl of his legs. Clad in nothing but his underwear, he lay down once more and pressed himself to the other man.

Fang Chi fixed his gaze on the pitch-black ceiling overhead, a thin sheen of sweat forming on his forehead. As expected, Gao Zhun stirred again within seconds. Trembling, he climbed onto Fang Chi’s body while his soft hair fell against Fang Chi’s face, lightly quivering across his skin. “Doctor Fang…” came the sound of a hoarse whisper before Gao Zhun pressed their lips together. It was a soft, fleeting kiss – just like the one he had received from Fang Chi – as tender and loving as it was timid and shy. Dipping lower, Gao Zhun then latched onto Fang Chi’s chin. Over and over again, his restless lips rubbed at the small patch of skin, as if pleading in silence for the other man to show some mercy and return the kiss.

But Fang Chi was a master of manipulation; he did not give in. Instead, he slid his hands all over Gao Zhun’s naked flesh, slyly navigating his caresses around needy, sensitive areas like his hip bone, armpits, and nipples. The cruel teasing edged Gao Zhun further and further into arousal. His breath chilled. Splaying his thighs and raising his ass into the air, Gao Zhun straddled Fang Chi like a cat straining its hind leg in the full throes of its heat.

Then, mimicking the other man’s actions from the previous night, he rocked hard against the bulge underneath him, humming wildly with every frantic thrust. At the same time, he sought out Fang Chi’s torso with his hands, fondling the sweat-drenched expanse of Fang Chi’s chest before moving downwards to curl his fingers into the upturned hem of his t-shirt. Yet, just as Gao Zhun started to pull weakly at the clothing, Fang Chi grabbed his hands and freed his t-shirt with a rather heartless tug.

“You promised,” Gao Zhun argued, aggrieved and hurt. “You promised to be nicer to me…”

“I didn’t,” Fang Chi insisted, struggling to preserve his final shred of professionalism as a therapist.

“You did,” Gao Zhun pleaded with urgency. In the dark, something hot and wet fell onto Fang Chi’s face; he touched it and realized that Gao Zhun had begun to cry. “You clearly did!

Once again, an inexplicable change came over Fang Chi. Not knowing what was happening to himself, he shot up in bed, yanked off his own t-shirt, and lunged forward to embrace the other man. Keeping clear of Gao Zhun’s lips, Fang Chi covered his face with the softest of kisses. The taste of tears seeped into Fang Chi’s mouth and lingered on his tongue, salty and bitter as the tang of love.  

“Ah… ahh…” Unable to bear the onslaught, Gao Zhun collapsed onto Fang Chi while his ass continued its frenzied movements like wound-up clockwork, wantonly bucking against Fang Chi’s groin without rest. But this was not enough for Fang Chi; despite Gao Zhun’s exertions, he wanted more, needed more. Brutal hands dug hard into Gao Zhun’s buttocks. Squeezing and spreading those ass-cheeks to the rhythm of the other man’s feverish thrusts, Fang Chi groped the round globes out of shape, tormented them till they were tender and raw. He was so rough, even Gao Zhun’s cotton underwear began slipping off his hips. At the first contact between his fingers and the real, naked flesh under the thin fabric, Fang Chi lost his mind. Like a rutting beast, he bucked upwards into Gao Zhun again and again with violent, uncontrolled jerks of his waist.

When his palms became drenched in sweat, Fang Chi returned to his senses at last, and he stilled in horror at his own actions. Yet, Gao Zhun would not let him stop. “T- touch me…” Boneless with mind-numbing pleasure from Fang Chi’s hands, Gao Zhun grabbed at the therapist’s frozen arms in confusion. Then, half-twisting his own body to peer over his shoulder, Gao Zhun tried to make Fang Chi’s palms move against his ass again.

Watching the lewd, enticing sight before him, Fang Chi suddenly feared that he would not be able to stop himself anymore. It took so little to please Gao Zhun; even a half-hearted squeeze of his smooth ass was enough to render him helpless with excitement. Fang Chi hated to see the other man like this. In his mind, this was how Gao Zhun must have looked when he was raped in the car by the thug: so powerless, so indulgent of his own desires. Bitterness swelled within Fang Chi. Gripping hard at Gao Zhun’s buttcheeks, he flipped their positions, pressed the other man down onto the bed, and sank his teeth into Gao Zhun’s nipple.

In the brief tussle, Gao Zhun’s underwear slid from his hips to his thighs. Even as he cried out and drew back his chest from the pain, Gao Zhun started sliding the fabric down his legs. Twisting his knees together, he rolled the fabric down to his calves. Then, with a nimble shake of his ankles, he hooked his toes into the fabric, tugged it off his feet, and tossed it to the side. This series of actions did not escape Fang Chi. He knew what Gao Zhun had done, and understood what it meant: the man under him right now was naked and willing. He could do anything he wanted to this man. All of sudden, he was transformed into a weary traveler dying of thirst while Gao Zhun lay before him like a thousand feet of cascading waters. Yet, Fang Chi hovered on the brink in hesitation, too afraid to take the final plunge into the all-consuming depths.

While Fang Chi struggled with his doubts, Gao Zhun felt that he was ready, though he did not know what he was ready for. All he knew was that he desired something from Fang Chi, that he longed to be conquered by the other man. Tormented by the idea of being ‘an item’ with Fang Chi, Gao Zhun – naïve and confused – reached out to undo Fang Chi’s shorts. This attempt, however, was thwarted by Fang Chi. As if in compensation, he pressed down on Gao Zhun’s hips, exposed his erection even more, and started humping in earnest against Gao Zhun’s swollen length with powerful downward thrusts. Winded by the relentless impact from Fang Chi, Gao Zhun gasped helplessly for air, and broken words spilled through gritted teeth, “Take it off… Get off… with my… thighs…”

Fang Chi froze all of a sudden. He heard what the other man said, but did not dare to believe his ears. “What did you just say?” Gao Zhun had never been so ashamed. He bit his lips and turned away. Fang Chi pressed, “Say it again.”

“I…” This time, Gao Zhun’s voice was so soft that his words seemed to dissipate as soon as they left his lips. “I’ll get you off… with my thighs…”

Fang Chi’s mind was in turmoil. “Where did you learn of such a thing?!”

Gao Zhun clammed up; he regretted mentioning the idea and did not want to discuss it any further. But his resolve gave way the very instant Fang Chi spanked him lightly on the bum. Covering his face, Gao Zhun muttered through his fingers, “I saw it on my phone… I only wanted to look up ‘homosexuality,’ I swear!”

“On our way back?”

Gao Zhun nodded. “The article popped up on its own. Something about ten basic positions for gay sex…”

“Then you opened the link?”

“I was just curious!” Frightened by the thought that Fang Chi might be disgusted by him, Gao Zhun threw his arms around the other man’s neck and hung on tight. Contrary to his expectations, however, Fang Chi said nothing, neither approving nor disapproving.

Emboldened by this lack of reaction, Gao Zhun lifted his thighs and tried to squeeze them around Fang Chi’s erection through his shorts. Yet, perhaps because he was too anxious or clumsy, he kept failing in his attempts. He bit his lips. Just as he was about to try again, Fang Chi lost his patience. He grabbed Gao Zhun by the shoulders, flipped him onto his front, and leaned his own weight onto Gao Zhun without any warning. The impact sent Gao Zhun reeling. He lost all sense of bearing for a moment. Before he could recover from his disorientation, something began forcing its way into the gap between his ass and thighs – something so hot and hard that it burned against his skin despite being sheathed in cloth.

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