DITA – Chapter 38.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Cien

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 38.2 (NSFW)

Hanging between the legs before him were the genitals of another man. Fang Chi stared. He had thought the sight would fill him with disgust, but it did not. Instead, he felt the wash of a feverish heat all over himself, like the intoxicating flush from a heady cocktail on a sticky summer night. He watched as Gao Zhun approached, slippers forgotten and feet unshod; there was something clean and sexy about the press of those naked soles on the cool floor.

Gao Zhun felt the directness of Fang Chi’s gaze on his lower body; the other man made no attempt to temper the pointedness of his stare. Although Gao Zhun had modelled for his teachers before – had bared all and lain in the light for others to observe and photograph – he had never felt as tormented and ashamed as he did now. Drenched in sweat, he tried to cover himself with his hands and begged, “Don’t look…”

Fang Chi wanted very much to step forward and grab Gao Zhun by the waist, but forced himself to hold back. Anxiety simmered in his chest as he waited for the other man to draw close. Only when he was within reach did Fang Chi lift a hand at last to ghost his fingers down the side of Gao Zhun’s neck. “I saw,” Fang Chi said, brushing against the sensitive skin.

Without any warning, Gao Zhun slammed against Fang Chi’s chest and hugged him tight. As though every last bit of his strength was thrown into the embrace, his hold cut painfully into Fang Chi’s sides. “What you’re doing right now…” Fang Chi began, raising his hands; he had every intention to push the other man away, but his arms ran contrary to his will and encircled Gao Zhun instead. “You’re playing with fire.”

Gao Zhun’s touch began to run unbridled all over the body before him. Caressing Fang Chi’s back and fondling his chest, Gao Zhun became more and more wanton with desire. “As long as you’re willing, I’ll follow you wherever you go.” Then, Fang Chi felt a nudge at his thigh; something was pressing against his leg – something not too hard, but very hot. As if they had a will of their own, his hands slid from Gao Zhun’s waist to his pelvis. His palms lingered there for a moment, groping and kneading, before stroking their way to the front.

Electric shivers tore through Gao Zhun at once. Wild with excitement at the thought of where those hands were heading, he trembled all over, down to the very tips of his toes. “Doc-Doctor Fang!” Crying out in disbelief and feverish need, he bunched his ass and thrust his crotch forward. His eyes skimmed across Fang Chi’s chin and darted toward his face for a quick glance before flitting away again in the next instant. Every one of Gao Zhun’s expressions and movements burned with urgency and impatience.

“Go back to your place this Friday,” Fang Chi said, running his hands over Gao Zhun’s belly, kneading everywhere except where his touch was needed the most.

“No…” Desperate for release or terrified by the thought of being chased away, Gao Zhun writhed in Fang Chi’s grasp, flexing his waist like his life depended on it.

“Go freshen yourself up. I’m running late.”

Gao Zhun’s eyes reddened in anguish. Unable to take it anymore, he pressed his sweat-drenched forehead to Fang Chi’s shoulder and ground hard. “Help me…”

“What you’re doing isn’t right.”

“You’re the one who made me this way,” Gao Zhun breathed, his voice colored with flirtation rather than complaint. Needily, he sought out the other man’s hands with his crotch. “I just want you to touch me… just a little…”

Fang Chi knew that he could not give in, could not touch him where he asked. Yet, without knowing why, he grabbed Gao Zhun between the legs and gave him two hard, brutal tugs. It was too much, too sudden, for Gao Zhun. His heated voice died at once in his throat, and his jaw slackened. Quivering, he parted his lips as if waiting for a kiss. In a heartbeat, Fang Chi’s mouth was pressed to his ear. “Freshen yourself up,” he breathed, a lingering murmur against sensitive skin. “I’ll pick you up after work.”

Gao Zhun gazed up at him, little more than a shivering, panting mess.


After work, Gao Zhun found Fang Chi waiting for him as promised. He made his way over to the vehicle, running a little, and got into the Volvo. Just as he was about to reach for his seat belt, Fang Chi beat him to it and fastened it for him like an attentive boyfriend. Overwhelmed with pleasant surprise, Gao Zhun blushed. A shy smile touched his features, lingering at his brow, as well as the corners of his eyes and lips.

“How was your day?” Fang Chi asked, turning the steering wheel.

“Nothing much happened. Like I said, I didn’t even need to be here in the first place,” Gao Zhun replied, a faint complaint against how the other man had toyed with him in the morning.

Feigning ignorance, Fang Chi continued, “Do you have sunshades for your car?”

At the mention of the vehicle, Gao Zhun froze. “Yes, why…” Realization hit him. “No! I don’t want to!” Fang Chi was indeed heading in the direction of Gao Zhun’s home. Every last trace of the joy Gao Zhun felt when he first entered the car dissipated; he was his neurotic self once more.

Fang Chi glanced at Gao Zhun out of the corner of his eye. “It’s just some simple training,” lied the therapist. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” However, things were very different from Fang Chi’s claims: upon reaching the underground parking garage, he parked in a distant corner and asked Gao Zhun to walk over, all alone, to his abandoned car.

“No!” Gao Zhun curled up on the front seat, the very image of a child scared out of his wits by the idea of injections. “No, I won’t!”

Fang Chi got out, opened the door on the other side of his car, and reached in to wrestle with an invisible rival named ‘Fear’ for the rights to Gao Zhun. Yanking the other man into his arms, he started to drag him out of the seat. “Hurry up! Be good!”

But Gao Zhun refused to stay still; he pushed and kicked, fighting back in earnest with everything he had. As he lashed out yet again to shove the other man away, Fang Chi caught his thrashing wrists and pinned Gao Zhun to the seat with his chest. Although his next move should have been to haul Gao Zhun out by his waist, Fang Chi did nothing of the sort. After a quick survey of their surroundings, he swooped in and mashed their lips together instead. So rough and reckless was the kiss, it quieted Gao Zhun down in no time at all. Yet, just as he was about to deepen the kiss with tender longing, Fang Chi pulled away with a single order: “Get out of the car.”

Gao Zhun peered up at him, hurt and sorrow in his eyes. Then, moments later, a wary glint came into those eyes as Gao Zhun began looking around. “Hurry up and get out,” Fang Chi urged once more. Gao Zhun shifted a leg; a beautifully-crafted black leather shoe stepped onto the rough cement ground. His lips moved. Knowing what he was about to say, Fang Chi cut in before he could utter a word, “Get out of the car. Don’t talk terms with me.”

What could Gao Zhun do? He was but a horse broken to the saddle, doomed to the will of his master’s whip. Fang Chi nudged him forward with a light push. “Make your way over,” he said as he crossed to another parking row. “I’ll watch you from here, and we’ll reach your car together.”

Gao Zhun took a very long time to get used to the smell of gasoline in the air, the white glare of the lights overhead, and the rows of pillars to his side. Instead of watching where he was going, he kept his eyes fixed on Fang Chi, as if it was the only way he could ever take a step forward in this space. There Fang Chi was, at the other end of the row, matching Gao Zhun’s pace and encouraging him as they inched along: “You can do this! You’re stronger than you think!”

Yet, Gao Zhun needed no such encouragement at all; Fang Chi’s presence was enough. All he needed was for Fang Chi to be there for him. Trembling, Gao Zhun murmured into the air, “Stay with me. Please, I beg you, stay with me…” His voice was too soft to be heard, but Fang Chi stopped in his tracks all of a sudden. Gao Zhun immediately halted as well, like a perfect mirror reflection of the other man. In the next instant, Fang Chi sped up his pace, rushing down the lane as if trying to shake Gao Zhun off his trail. Tense with apprehension, Gao Zhun followed after him as the fear of being abandoned drove him further and further into panic. “Wait!” His eyes reddened as helpless, plaintive cries burst from his throat. “Wait for me!”

Fang Chi could not tell what he was feeling just then. He loved how much Gao Zhun relied on him, but feared at the same time that the other man would grow to depend upon him completely. Even as he relished the pleasure of glutting himself on Gao Zhun’s body and soul, he shied from the idea of shouldering any responsibility for his actions. He was a true hypocrite, he knew, but Gao Zhun was just as willing and complicit – he had to be. Was he not enjoying this as well? Did he not let go, and allow himself to drown in this mess between them?

At this thought, all of Fang Chi’s guilt disappeared, and a perverse desire took its place. He arrived at the Cayenne before Gao Zhun and waited. Watching the other man stumble toward him with staggering steps, an immense gratification welled up within him. The moment Fang Chi opened his arms a little in the faintest show of acceptance, Gao Zhun broke into tears of gratitude and foolishly tumbled into his trap like a naïve newborn fawn.

“Don’t leave me.” Gao Zhun nuzzled into his arms, still gasping for air.

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Fang Chi coaxed, stroking Gao Zhun’s hair. The sweat-drenched strands running through Fang Chi’s fingers revealed the extent of their owner’s fear. “Go on, take out your sunshades.”

“What for?” Gao Zhun asked. He did not want to leave the embrace at all.

“Cover your windshield,” Fang Chi instructed. He clamped a hand on Gao Zhun’s nape and forced him to look up. “Then, get in.”

“Huh?” Gao Zhun peered at him with blank incomprehension. Then, rattled by sudden understanding, he tensed. An odd expression came over his face; the corners of his eyes glistened, and the color of his face wavered. Bit by bit, his lips parted with shock, revealing the white tips of his teeth and the red flesh of his tongue.

“We’ll try out some in vivo flooding today. It’s a form of behavior therapy,” Fang Chi explained, staring straight at Gao Zhun’s lips, “which will take the form of a simulation exercise.”

A quaver crept into Gao Zhun’s voice. “Simulation… of what?”

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