DITA – Chapter 40.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Warning: Contains descriptions of dubious consent and severe abuse of power

Chapter 40.1 (NSFW)

Sunshades were placed against the windshield, throwing the car’s interior into darkness; there was no illumination in the enclosed space apart from the faint glow coming through the side and rear windows. Fang Chi removed his glasses and instructed from the front seat, “Try your best to recall the details of the attack.”

Next to the therapist, Gao Zhun lay on his back with his hands resting flat on his belly. “Please… can you please lie down as well?”

With the slightest tilt of his head, Fang Chi’s eyes fell on the other man’s trembling lower body: an expensive belt buckle, a pair of beautifully-shaped thighs, and a hint of the tantalizing flesh hidden between those legs. His gaze lingered. No matter how hard he tried to look away, his eyes returned without fail to that private spot between Gao Zhun’s thighs – that very part of the man’s body which he had been teasing just hours ago. He could feel its texture and heat on his palms even now, and he was overwhelmed all of a sudden by his memories from this morning. The shallow rasp of scattered moans filled his ears once more, while the skin on his chin tingled again from the cat-like caresses of Gao Zhun’s tongue.

“Five minutes,” Fang Chi replied instead, feigning indifference. “We begin the simulation in five minutes.”

It was an unbearable pause for Gao Zhun, but it was just as much of an ordeal for Fang Chi. The therapist had gotten hard, and his fully engorged member throbbed in eager anticipation of what was about to happen. Fang Chi had always believed himself to be a practitioner with professional ethics, but how should he explain his own actions now? How could he? Here he was, using therapeutic techniques to lure his patient into having sex at the scene of his trauma, in the vehicle where the assault had taken place. This was more than just a gross violation of professional conduct, the therapist knew; this was criminal.

Frustration gnawed at Fang Chi. Yet, the more agitated he felt, the more his desire swelled within him, and his hand found its way to Gao Zhun’s thigh even before the five minutes were up. The leg shuddered once before stilling under his palm, and Fang Chi began running his hand back and forth along that docile flesh, kneading hard through the trouser fabric.

“Doctor Fang?” Gao Zhun called out nervously.

“Imagine me to be that man,” Fang Chi tricked him.

“But…” Gao Zhun’s voice became heated as well. “He wasn’t like this.”

Fang Chi snapped around, a sinister gleam in his eyes. “What was he like, then?”

Fear stirred within Gao Zhun. “He lay on top of me, beat me, and ripped off my pants,” came his frank reply. “He was very rough.”

Fang Chi visualized the scenes as described. Although he had already imagined them countless times in private, being in the car made every image more real, and far more heart-wrenching. The pain stabbed deep into his gut. Was this jealousy? Vexed, Fang Chi sank his grip into Gao Zhun’s thigh and began climbing onto the man. “Give me details.”

Gao Zhun watched as Fang Chi prowled his way up like a dangerous predator; starting from Gao Zhun’s thighs, the therapist pinned down his patient bit by bit with the weight of his body. Gao Zhun’s fear took on an edge of expectancy. Shyly, he pressed his lips together. “He pinched my thighs, licked my face, and kept prodding me with his thing. He said…” For the very first time, he told Fang Chi what the man said to him that night: “So what if you’re rich? You’re still going to be f***ed like anyone else.”

Fang Chi could not stand it; he could not stand anything about that man. “What else did he say?”

“He said that I…” Gao Zhun paused with a painful bob of his Adam’s apple. “He said I was too loaded to have ever taken it up my ass before, and he was going to make me feel real good.”

Enraged, Fang Chi tore at Gao Zhun’s belt and pulled down the zipper. Amidst the other man’s rather feeble attempt at a struggle, Fang Chi yanked the trousers away – only to stop short in surprise at the sight before him. Clinging to the skin between Gao Zhun’s legs was a tiny strip of black fabric that barely covered his important bits. “What’s this that you’re wearing?” he asked, staring in confusion. Gao Zhun blushed. He tried to cover himself, but his therapist did not let him. With a touch that seemed as curious as it was deliberate, Fang Chi rubbed his palm all over the clothed flesh. “Leather?”

Burning with shame, Gao Zhun held on to the man’s roving hand and tried to make him stop. “PU leather… I bought it online, just for fun.”

Fang Chi started playing with Gao Zhun’s ass. The tiny strip was held in place only by two leather strings. Fang Chi remembered seeing similar designs in the US; such novelty items were very popular among gay men. “What’s this called?”

Unable to cover his buttocks, Gao Zhun clapped his hands over his face instead. “It’s a thong…” he mumbled through his fingers.

“Why would you wear anything like this?” Fang Chi pressed on, knowing full well what the answer was. This time, racked with tremors, Gao Zhun was truly rendered incapable of speech.  But his therapist continued fiddling with his underwear. As Fang Chi tried to pull down the string above the man’s crotch, the other string became stuck in the crack between Gao Zhun’s buttcheeks, and snapped at the barest hint of exertion from Fang Chi.

“Ahh!” A single cry slipped from Gao Zhun’s lips. Grabbing at Fang Chi’s hand, he begged, “Not here…”

The therapist knew that he was referring to the car. “So tell me,” Fang Chi repeated himself as he groped that handful of flesh through the now loosened cloth, “why would you wear something like this?”

Gao Zhun was cornered; he had no way out, and his eyes moistened with tears. “I thought… you might like it…”

Fang Chi swallowed hard. Did he like it? He could not tell for sure. All he felt was excitement – a thrill that rushed straight to his head and made his scalp tingle. “Why would I like something like this?” He undid Gao Zhun’s buttons, one by one. “I’m not a perv.”

A perv. The expression sliced through Gao Zhun’s fragile nerves like a hot knife through butter. He broke down in tears, wiping his eyes again and again on the snow-white cuffs of his sleeves. Fang Chi’s heart ached at the sight, but his words were brusque and harsh, “No crying.” Gao Zhun was silenced at once. The shirt was peeled open next. “Go on,” Fang Chi prompted, rolling his patient’s small nipples between his fingers, “tell me what he did to you.”

“He said I felt f-f***ing good, and threw my leg over his shoulder.” With great difficulty, Gao Zhun struggled to swallow the fluids flooding into his nose and choking the breath out of him. “As he did it, he asked me if I liked it, if I felt good, and said I… I’d be the death of him…”

Fang Chi’s head throbbed. He lifted the man’s left thigh and hefted it onto his shoulder. “Like this?” Gao Zhun’s face reddened to the extreme. Perhaps because the man above him was Fang Chi, Gao Zhun was driven to his wits’ end by the frantic flutters in his heart. Yieldingly, he tried to splay his legs further to make Fang Chi more comfortable in the narrow, oppressive space.

This had not been part of the plan. The therapist never intended to carry out such an action; even now, he did not think of taking things any further than he already did. Yet, everything about Gao Zhun was making Fang Chi lose his mind: that flickering gaze as he wavered between his desire to look up and his fear of doing so, that sweat-drenched hairline, and that teasing piece of sexy underwear… Fang Chi’s reason snapped. The very next instant, he undid his fly and reached into his pants.

Unable to believe what was happening, Gao Zhun set his unblinking stare on the other man’s crotch. He watched as the erection was freed from the confines of those trousers; he saw it stand before his eyes, straight as a ramrod, a lethal weapon at the ready. Instinct kicked in. His body shrank away on reflex, but Fang Chi held him down. “Don’t run,” the therapist coaxed, though it was no longer clear whether he was trying to convince himself or his patient, “it’s just training… we’re just training…” Then, with a single thrust, Fang Chi wedged his c*** deep into the waiting flesh between those spread thighs.

D-doctor Fang!” Gao Zhun cried out in fear. They were too close. Not once on any of their numerous nights together did they ever come this close to each other. Perhaps because of their position, Fang Chi’s erection was now snug against his sphincter, prodding straight at his vulnerable opening.

“Shh!” Troubled by guilt or some other misgiving, Fang Chi was extremely afraid of hearing the other man’s voice. “Don’t be scared. It’s alright.”

“But…” Gao Zhun was terrified. Lying in this car, trapped in this position, assailed by the real pressure at his hole, he was overcome by the feeling that he was less than a second away from being penetrated again. “No! Not like this!”

“I said it’s alright!” Fang Chi thrust hard at the ring of muscles. Gao Zhun’s body slid backwards from the impact, and Fang Chi scooped him up before he fell. “I’m not your therapist now,” Fang Chi muttered as he pressed his forehead to Gao Zhun’s, “I’m that man. I’m raping you.”

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