DITA – Chapter 40.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 40.2

But it was impossible for Gao Zhun to immerse himself in the exchange. Trembling, he shook his head. “N-no, you’re not… you’re D-Doc…”

Fang Chi slammed against him once more. “Why won’t you listen!” This time, the man showed no sign of stopping. Mimicking the actions of actual intercourse, he grabbed Gao Zhun’s waist and began pistoning fast into the crack between those unguarded cheeks. “So what if you’re rich! You’re still going to be f***ed like anyone else!” Like a real rapist, Fang Chi repeated that man’s sordid words and ravaged the body below him to his heart’s content. Not every thrust from his flurried pounding would hit the sweet spot, but the sensation jolted both their hearts every time it did.  Slowly, Fang Chi perfected his aim and started thrusting against Gao Zhun’s opening with fevered determination. The hole, so tiny as it was, became red and swollen in no time.

“No, i-it’s going…” Panicked, Gao Zhun clung to Fang Chi’s shoulders as the tender folds at his rim unfurled and loosened from the onslaught. He begged, tortured and pitiful, “Let’s go home… let’s do this at home, please?”

Fang Chi did not listen. In fact, he could not hear a single word; roaring in his mind was the basest, most primal instinct of all males to pillage and plunder. The more excited he was, the more fluids he leaked, and it became harder for him to direct his thrusts. His shaft, slick with precum, kept slipping away from his aim.

As the number of misses increased, however, a new realization dawned on Gao Zhun: it felt good to have something pressed up against his entrance. Now, denied of the pleasure he wanted, he was consumed by an immense emptiness within himself. He whimpered with need, wordlessly pleading for more, and the distress in his voice made Fang Chi anxious. The man propped himself up at once. Looking down, he gripped himself and jabbed hard at the abused rim with his c***. Pleasure assailed Gao Zhun like never before. Exquisite tingles spread down his limbs, seeped into his bones, and made his body limp. The sensation felt utterly different from how it had been just moments ago, and his whetted appetite pushed him over the edge into uncontrolled lust.

“Doc-Doctor Fang!” Gao Zhun writhed against Fang Chi, rolling his waist and hips in time to the man’s thrusts. His eyes and lips were suffused the ripened desire of an animal in heat. His hungering erection, still wrapped under that tiny scrap of black fabric, pulled tight against his belly and swayed from side to side with shameless jerks.

Fang Chi grabbed the desperate flesh and kneaded it between his fingers. “Were you like this as well when he forced himself on you?” he demanded, but Gao Zhun could only answer him with garbled cries and confused moans. Hands scrabbling all over Fang Chi’s chest, toes curling against tensed soles, Gao Zhun angled his hips for even more friction between his rim and the thing at his entrance. All the while, the vague knowledge that this was not enough – that he wanted far more than this – ate away at him.

“Tell me!” Fang Chi ordered with a painful tweak of Gao Zhun’s buttocks.

Gao Zhun would not admit it. “No… I wasn’t…” He was adamant in his denial, but Fang Chi refused to gratify him anymore. As an act of revenge – against that one time when Gao Zhun lay with his rapist, and that involuntary climax at the end – Fang Chi pulled his shaft away. Then, forcing himself into the tight groove at the base of Gao Zhun’s folded leg, he rutted against the skin at the man’s groin. Anguish consumed Gao Zhun. Clenching his ass several times in distress, he peered up at his therapist for help. “My butt… feels funny…”

Fang Chi was close to finishing, so close. Lost in the throes of pleasure, he registered nothing but the frenzied vibrations tearing through the entire car, and the agonized writhing from the desperate body below him. No one in the world knew of the atrocity he was committing right now. Here he was, in a deserted corner on a lonely night in early autumn, giving in to his perverse sexuality and reveling in his own moral degeneracy like a depraved beast that knew no better. Shame overwhelmed him, and the piercing thrill of his own guilt thrust him all of a sudden into the blinding bliss of sheer ecstasy. Howling, he came violently all over the storage compartment between the seats.

Moments later, Fang Chi collapsed onto Gao Zhun. Despite having spent himself, his hands fondled the flesh on Gao Zhun’s ribs as if he could never have enough of the man’s body. Gao Zhun shivered, still tortured by the hardness between his own thighs. Yet, instead of speaking, he lifted his arms and folded Fang Chi to his chest in a gentle, loving embrace.


Gao Zhun remained in a state of semi-arousal on their way home. Fang Chi turned a blind eye to the tent in his patient’s lap, thinking that the man could bear with it. “Pack up your things tonight. I’ll send you back after work tomorrow.”

There was no response from Gao Zhun; he faced the window in silence. Sensing that the other man might be crying, Fang Chi reached over to hold the hand resting by Gao Zhun’s legs. In order not to let go, he even chose not to put his car in neutral at the red light. “Stay cool. Don’t let her notice anything amiss.”

“You’re afraid she’ll find us out?”

Fang Chi sighed. “Why should she ever find out about this?”

“Then…” Gao Zhun turned around. His eyes were red, just as Fang Chi had expected. “It’s over… between us?”

Despite having only one hand on the steering wheel, Fang Chi navigated the vehicle with practiced ease. “There’s never been anything between us,” he replied, his voice light and easy. “Just think of it as a dream.”

“Then I don’t ever want to wake up.” Gao Zhun shook his head, devastated. “I can’t!”

“Hush… shhh…” Fang Chi tightened his grip on the other man’s hand. “Take it one step at a time. From this coming week onwards, we’ll return to the old schedule and cut down the sessions to once a week.”

At this, Gao Zhun undid his seat belt with a snap. He lunged at his therapist, grabbed the man’s face with a frantic hand, and devoured Fang Chi’s lips in despair. The car took a wild swerve; Fang Chi was caught off-guard. The vehicle broke past the double yellow lines for a moment before it veered back into its lane once more, and angry car horns blasted through the air.

“I don’t like the way you’re acting now!” Fang Chi released Gao Zhun’s hand and shoved him back. “One more time, and we terminate the sessions for good!”

Gao Zhun was shattered. Hurt to the core, he curled up on his seat and shrank into the narrow space, refusing to budge even after reaching Fang Chi’s place. There was no choice but to carry him out of the car and back to the apartment. On their way up, Fang Chi noticed the working camera in the elevator. After staring tensely into the lens for a while, he averted his eyes and looked away.

They made it back home at last, but Fang Chi still would not let Gao Zhun out of his sight. Not daring to leave the man by himself, not even in the bath, Fang Chi ended up sharing a shower with him. However, a change came over Gao Zhun as soon as his clothes came off: his manner took on a heady sweetness, and he warmed up to his therapist once more. He clung to Fang Chi’s arms, dampened skin glistening with a silken sheen, and suckled at the man’s lips. All the while, his partial erection continued to throb between his legs with unabated need. There was something abnormal about it all, Fang Chi thought, but the haze of desire clouded his mind. Just like what he had done in the morning, he reached for Gao Zhun’s shaft and began rubbing his hand along the man’s heated length. Legs parted, Gao Zhun screamed in unabashed pleasure, filling the room with his lewd, filthy cries.

Fang Chi loved teasing him like this. The more he played with that body, the more alluring Gao Zhun became. Yet, the more erotic and irresistible Gao Zhun looked, the more Fang Chi wanted to deny him the thing he craved the most. He did not allow Gao Zhun to finish. “I’m done showering,” he said, leaving the man high and dry as he exited the bath.

Gao Zhun took a very long time in the shower. While waiting, Fang Chi started packing. He moved from room to room, gathering every item that belonged to the other man: pajamas, underwear, cup, watches… There were traces of Gao Zhun’s presence everywhere, and he discovered all of a sudden just how much space the man had managed to take up in only a matter of days. Fang Chi slumped onto a corner of his desk, dejected. At the slightest turn of his head, his eyes fell on Gao Zhun’s accessories box. As he fiddled with the man’s collection of rings and ear studs, his heart began to ache.

He did not want to let Gao Zhun go.

As soon as he realized this, Fang Chi was swallowed by fear. In the midst of his panic, he glanced at his watch and saw that Gao Zhun had already been in the shower for over half an hour. Vexed, he went over to the bathroom and shoved at the door. “What’re you throwing a tantrum for? Hurry up and –” Fang Chi’s voice broke. The door would not budge; it had been locked from the inside. Anxiety stabbed through Fang Chi and made his hands tremble. “Gao Zhun? Gao Zhun!

Knowing that it was impossible to break the door down by throwing himself against it, Fang Chi rushed to grab a chair from behind. As he lifted the metal-backed furniture over his head, Gao Zhun opened the door at last and emerged from the bathroom, stark naked. After a brief glance at the other man, Gao Zhun dove gracefully under the covers and rolled over in comfort, revealing the delicious skin on his back in a most sensual manner. “What? Did you think I was going to kill myself?”

Mockery rang loud and clear in those words. Fang Chi flung the chair onto the floor with a crushing thump, pounced onto the bed, and tore the covers away. Gao Zhun lay waiting in bed, his ass in the air, his waist soft and supple. Fang Chi flipped him onto his back. Then, prying the man’s thighs apart, he lowered his gaze to stare at the opening between those legs. Pulling his neck into a fragile arch, Gao Zhun asked in a tremulous voice, “Want to… come in?” Fang Chi did not understand. Peering at the other man out of the corners of his flickering eyes, Gao Zhun added, “I washed it out and made sure it’s clean…”

Stop it!” Fang Chi flared up at him, but regretted it again as soon as the words burst from his throat. “Aren’t you… afraid?” He stroked the delicate skin at Gao Zhun’s waist with a light, gentle touch. “It’ll be painful. It’s the nightmare that’s been torturing you all this time. Don’t you remember?”

“I’ll be fine…” Obediently, Gao Zhun parted his thighs even wider, to the point of being almost obscene. “As long as you slow down…”

“No,” Fang Chi pressed his forehead to the crook of Gao Zhun’s neck. “Therapists must never develop sexual relationships with their clients. What I’ve already done is more than enough to get my license revoked.”

“But I was willing,” Gao Zhun retorted, a note of reproach in his tone.

Fang Chi lifted his patient’s chin. “You don’t have the capacity to make these judgments and decisions. This is a crime.”

“Just once.” Gao Zhun lost all reason, like a moth in firelight, fluttering with all its might as it crumbled away into dust. He cared nothing for what tomorrow would bring. “We do it once, and then we die together.”

Fang Chi stared in terror and alarm. “You need to calm down.” In a cruel move, he closed Gao Zhun’s legs and pulled the covers over him once more. “Go back tomorrow. We’ll talk again next week.”

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