DITA – Chapter 43.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 43.1 (NSFW)

Large hands kneaded slow, gentle circles into his scalp while a most attentive mouth suckled at his lips. His eyes, though closed, stung from the suds that had seeped under his lids by accident. He felt as if he were floating, and a sense of lightness spread through his entire being as their slippery bodies ground against each other. “This will do,” Zhang Zhun breathed. He pulled away slightly, pressing his lips into the barest hint of a smile. “There’s no need to be so thorough…”

Chen Hsin turned on the shower. A steaming hot spray enveloped the two of them, and his tongue plunged into the depths of Zhang Zhun’s mouth almost at the same time. It swiped to the right, licking a long stripe across the soft palate, slipping behind Zhang Zhun’s teeth, and burrowed into the tender gap between his upper and lower gums. With a violent shudder, Zhang Zhun’s knees buckled. Chen Hsin wasted no time in flipping the older man around and hugging him from behind. Then, before Zhang Zhun could react, a hand reached between his thighs and wrapped itself around his hanging shaft.

Using the techniques advertised by certain types of massage parlors, the hand began kneading along Zhang Zhun’s length, inch by inch. “What are you doing…?” He twisted in Chen Hsin’s arms, trying to escape the grip, but the younger man’s grasp became firmer instead. Pressing his palm snug against the base, Chen Hsin continued to fondle the hardening flesh with varied strokes of his dexterous fingers. This was the first time Zhang Zhun had ever been touched in this way; he stared at the hand, riveted with shock, and bit his lips in silence. “Didn’t I promise I’d suck you off, hm?”1 Chen Hsin drawled, arousal thrumming through his voice and making it hoarse. “Got to get you clean and ready, y’know…” As he spoke, he thrust his tongue into the other man’s ear and prodded at its sensitive walls.

Zhang Zhun’s breath hitched. Mewling as if he were gasping for air, he clamped his own hand over Chen Hsin’s wrist – though it was unclear whether he did it out of fear, or hunger for more. His beautiful form swayed slowly under the running water, accentuating the delicious lines etched into his body as his fine muscles flexed to perfection across his sculpted frame. Chen Hsin glutted himself at the sight. The more he looked, the wilder his hand became, and Zhang Zhun cried out from the pleasure. He began rocking his lower body in excitement, slamming his ass against Chen Hsin’s thighs and grinding across the man’s pelvis with every backward roll of his hips.

All of a sudden, Chen Hsin flipped Zhang Zhun around once more. Pressing their faces together, he gazed downward into the older man’s eyes and issued a single order, “Give me a wash too.” Zhang Zhun swallowed a few times in quick succession and lowered his head for a look. Desire clouded his mind. He took hold of Chen Hsin’s erection with trembling hands, and felt its heat spread across his skin as it throbbed and twitched with vigor between his palms. Then, he started rubbing Chen Hsin off.

Despite the lack of creativity in Zhang Zhun’s technique, Chen Hsin did not seem bored at all by his simple caresses. Watching the older man through narrowed eyes, he stroked along the back of Zhang Zhun’s thighs, cupped the man’s buttocks with his hands, and pinched them tentatively. Zhang Zhun did not resist in the least. Emboldened by this sign of acquiescence, Chen Hsin became much more daring and aggressive as he played with the handfuls of flesh in his grip. Although Zhang Zhun would look up in puzzlement whenever the squeezing became too rough, he remained unguarded against the younger man.

“Your ass feels so hot…” Suggestive mutters rolled off Chen Hsin’s tongue as he continued pushing his limit, but no reply came from Zhang Zhun. So focused was he on the eager, energetic c***s between their bodies that he was unable to respond at all. Chen Hsin decided to take things further. Without any warning, in the midst of squishing the pert globes out of shape, he pulled the cheeks apart and scraped his fingers along the groove in between – all the while keeping a guilty sideways glance on Zhang Zhun.

“Don’t,” Zhang Zhun objected at last, twisting in discomfort. “That feels really weird.”

“What’s so weird about it?” Chen Hsin stubbornly held the man in place while his fingers tried to prod at the cleft hidden deep in the crack. Zhang Zhun clenched his ass at once. Fighting the intrusion with tightened muscles, he gave Chen Hsin a push as he struggled to turn around and glance at his behind. But the younger man trapped him with a tight hug. “It’s just a touch, I swear. Just let me have a feel, just once!” Zhang Zhun was still unconvinced. All of his attempts at refusal, however, were countered by urgent kisses from Chen Hsin; every time he balked at Chen Hsin’s pleas, the younger man would ravage his mouth until he softened up enough to allow the waiting hand to dig into the furrow between his buttocks. Several such exchanges later, Zhang Zhun relented a little. A furious blush on his face, he withstood the strange sensation of fingers pressing again and again at his entrance. So perverse was the experience that Zhang Zhun felt as if he had become a woman instead.

“Did you know?” Chen Hsin rubbed his middle finger back and forth on the tiny ring of puckered flesh, teasing at the rim with provocative flicks of his fingertip. “This is the most sensitive spot on a man’s body…”

Zhang Zhun sensed the younger man’s desire to enter him, to penetrate him just like those men did in the porn flicks they watched together. “Take it out,” he demanded with quivering eyelids. “I don’t like this at all.”

“Can’t we at least give it a try, please?” Even as Chen Hsin was voicing the question, however, his middle finger sped up its movements. Aided by the lubrication from the running water, it jerked against the rim with rapid prods – and the tight ring of muscles, tingling from the odd vibration, unfurled itself without warning. Zhang Zhun panicked. He pulled his waist away, but the finger found its way back to his entrance almost at once and slipped in without any difficulty.

Confusion overwhelmed Zhang Zhun. His entire body, pressed flush against Chen Hsin, turned a delectable shade of pink while a large hand wedged itself further into his butt. Desperate to shake off the intruder, he started bucking his hips in a frenzy. “Don’t move,” Chen Hsin coaxed, caressing Zhang Zhun’s back over and over again. “Stop moving, please…” Yet, despite his pleading words, he left the older man no room for further negotiation. Using a slow, pistoning movement, he thrust his finger as far as it could go. Rhythmically pushing in and pulling out, he rubbed along the tight walls as the digit edged deeper and deeper into Zhang Zhun’s body. All too soon, every last trace of tension melted away from the rim; the sphincter loosened up and began flexing in time to the finger’s thrusts. “Let me wash it out,” Chen Hsin breathed against Zhang Zhun’s ear, “make it nice and clean so I can put my tongue in you…”

“Ah… ahh” Uncontrolled cries echoed in the bath, and Zhang Zhun was filled with disbelief at the sound of his own voice. He must be losing his mind, he thought, to be teased to the point of moaning aloud by someone playing with his hole. But there was no denying how far gone his body had become: his entire ass was numb, and his legs were too weak to hold him up; if it was not for Chen Hsin’s hold on him, he would collapse onto the floor any time now.

“Do you like it?” Chen Hsin asked, shameless and explicit, as he listened to the squelching sounds he was making between Zhang Zhun’s legs. “At least… you don’t hate it, do you?”

“D-damn…” Still refusing to back down, Zhang Zhun tried to curse at the younger man. As soon as he opened his mouth, however, he was mortified by the quaver in his voice. It was trembling so much that his outburst sounded more like dirty bedroom talk than the scolding he wanted it to be. Piqued and ashamed, he clenched his teeth at once and yanked Chen Hsin’s hand away. The younger man pulled out his finger, just as Zhang Zhun wished, only to press their lips together in the very next instant. One wave of pleasure crashed into another, like a clap of thunder hot on the trails of a lightning storm on a summer night, and Zhang Zhun was lost in sensation once more.

“Let’s move to the bed?” Chen Hsin could tell that Zhang Zhun enjoyed kissing him; the older man would soften and melt in his arms every time they kissed. After Zhang Zhun nodded his assent, Chen Hsin opened the bathroom door as he littered kisses all over the man’s face. Then, hugging and fondling his lover, he guided both of them towards the bed.

Zhang Zhun’s entrance had yet to recover from the teasing. Still unable to close itself, the hole twitched in restlessness, itching a little with need. As the tingles spread through Zhang Zhun, he became hot with impatience. Without realizing what he was doing, he started urging Chen Hsin to pick up the pace, signaling his eagerness with the agile tip of his tongue and sensual rolls of his hips.

“Why the hurry, hm?” With a soft laugh, Chen Hsin eased Zhang Zhun onto the bedding before climbing on top of him. His thumbs sought out the man’s nipples and ground hard. Then, he rolled the nubs between the middle and index fingers on both hands until he had Zhang Zhun helplessly bucking into the air, beside himself with excitement from the relentless friction. Brushing aside the loose strands of hair that had fallen across Zhang Zhun’s forehead, Chen Hsin leaned down to lap at the half-closed lids like an adoring cat. “Let me know when you’re about to come.”

As he spoke, Chen Hsin started sliding down the supple body in his arms, following the rise and fall of its beautiful contours as he went lower and lower. Zhang Zhun watched him through the glaze of arousal in his eyes. He had a vague idea of what the man was about to do; Chen Hsin was going down on him just like he did in the “dream,”2 and Zhang Zhun was filled with secret anticipation at the thought. Yet, when the moist warmth of that mouth closed around him at last, he was immediately winded by a tumult of feelings for which he had been unprepared: panic, shock, and a most exhilarating thrill he had never known. The chaotic mix blew his mind away and shorted his senses. A sharp cry welled up from the depths of his throat; it pierced the air with its single abrupt trill, marking the end of Zhang Zhun’s fight against his own desire, as well as the beginning of his descent into pleasure.

Between his thighs, Chen Hsin bobbed his head in earnest, sucking and swallowing at a rapid pace. The sound of his slurping was far louder than the older man had thought possible. Never in his life had Zhang Zhun ever felt this good, but neither had any of his sexual experiences ever filled him with such shame. He reached for the covers with frantic fingers. Moaning, he dragged the blanket across the mattress until he buried his entire upper body under its layers. Only his reddened butt remained trembling in the air, convulsing as if it had just been ravaged by an electric shock.

In truth, Chen Hsin was not very skilled at giving head, but his dedication to making Zhang Zhun feel good more than made up for his lack in technique. Every caress from his lips and tongue, every squeeze of his mouth and throat, was marked by the utmost care with which he pleasured his lover. Then, succumbing once more to temptation, he parted Zhang Zhun’s cheeks again and slipped his outstretched ring finger into the groove. All was wet and sticky along the tiny strip of tender flesh. There was little resistance to Chen Hsin’s touch this time; after a firm press against the center of the puckered hole, the rim fluttered open and welcomed the finger with quivering muscles.

A change came over Zhang Zhun’s moans; he started to drag out his cries, and the notes became higher in pitch. Chen Hsin slowed down the movement of his mouth. In turn, he thrust his finger harder into Zhang Zhun’s ass. He was only up to his first knuckle when Zhang Zhun began tensing all over. Kicking his legs furiously against the bed, Zhang Zhun started shoving Chen Hsin’s head away with whatever strength he could gather. The man was going to come, Chen Hsin knew, but he refused to let go; the closer Zhang Zhun was to his climax, the more Chen Hsin’s mouth tightened around him. Gripped by the throes of pleasure, Zhang Zhun’s hips bunched and bucked like crazy, filling the room with the frenzied rhythm of his ass thumping against the mattress.

It did not take him long to finish. Spurt after spurt, Zhang Zhun emptied himself into Chen Hsin’s waiting mouth before his legs gave out and collapsed onto the bed. Grunting a little, he lifted the blanket from his face – just in time to see the younger man spit a thick mess into his palm. That was his cum, all his. Unable to stand the sight, Zhang Zhun clapped his hands over his face and averted his head. At the same time, he flipped his body over in an attempt to hide his thoroughly debauched flesh away – only to feel a hand smear something wet and sticky all over his buttocks. The hand even made sure to coat his buttcrack and balls with the fluid before using it as lubrication to tease at his entrance. When Zhang Zhun realized what the goopy substance was, he almost combusted from the searing embarrassment that shot through his body and went straight to his temples. “What the hell! Chen Hsin, you –”

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Chen Hsin first made the suggestion to pleasure Zhang Zhun with his mouth in Chapter 27.2.
  2. The events of the “dream” took place in Chapter 13.2; Zhang Zhun became convinced it was a dream in Chapter 15.1, and confessed to Chen Hsin about his own depraved “dream” in Chapter 27.2.

To avoid breaking the continuity in this scene, Chapter 43.2 has been uploaded together with this chapter. Please continue reading!

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