DITA – Chapter 43.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 43.2

But the outburst died abruptly on Zhang Zhun’s tongue as Chen Hsin latched onto his cleft with warm, moistened lips and sucked. Zhang Zhun’s arms shot forward in desperation and clung to the headboard for dear life. His eyes began burning all of a sudden as if tears were about to fall. He wanted to run, to escape the torturous sensation in his ass, but Chen Hsin dragged him back by the waist. Then, digging his hands into Zhang Zhun’s sides and pressing his elbows firm against the backs of the man’s knees, Chen Hsin forced him to raise his butt even higher in the air.

“I… f***!” Uncontrolled curses rolled off Zhang Zhun’s tongue. Shocks of pleasure raced through his body, far too intense for him to bear, and he was hard again in no time at all. Yet, Chen Hsin showed no signs of letting up. Pressing his nose to Zhang Zhun’s tailbone, he sucked even harder on the trembling hole, as if he were trying to pull the man’s flesh inside out with the suction from his lips alone. Zhang Zhun was hooked; it felt so terrifying, so thrilling, that he could not help but crave for more. Just as his naïve mind started to worry about the possibility of rectal prolapse, however, something penetrated him – something supple and burning hot. Again and again, it screwed itself into his ass, grinding along his convulsing walls and triggering tremor after tremor all over his body with every thrust. When Zhang Zhun finally recognized the thing for what it was – Chen Hsin’s tongue – his back went limp. His body collapsed onto the bed, unable to take it anymore, and a full-throated scream of ecstasy fell from his slackened mouth.

Sensing that his lover had gotten into the mood at last, Chen Hsin pulled away his tongue on purpose and switched to licking wet stripes along Zhang Zhun’s asscrack instead. At the same time, snaking an arm to the front, he took hold of the man’s erection yet again and roused it even further with long, idle strokes down its aching length. Soon, Zhang Zhun’s body softened under Chen Hsin’s caresses like a pool of water. Every last bit of strength melted away from his form; his powerful bones and muscles, honed through years of tireless training, were now rendered useless.

The fondling ceased. Chen Hsin released Zhang Zhun and flipped him around with a pull on his arm. Tensing a little in stunned confusion, Zhang Zhun clenched his buttocks and clamped his thighs together on reflex. The next moment, Chen Hsin lay down as well. Spooning Zhang Zhun from behind, he wedged his erection between the man’s cheeks and ground against the soft, moistened crack. “Relax…”

“N-no… don’t…” Zhang Zhun shied from the contact, thrusting his hips forward in an attempt to put some distance between their bodies.

Much chagrined by the rejection, Chen Hsin put on an air of childish petulance. “But look how raw my tongue has gotten from all the licking.” He stuck out his tongue near Zhang Zhun’s temple and licked a wet trail to the back of his ear. “C’mon, I’m already like this…” To drive his point home, Chen Hsin started smacking Zhang Zhun’s bottom with his c*** as if they were making love. “It’s not fair…” He nipped at his lover’s ear. “Unless… you go down on me as well….” Zhang Zhun showed no signs of revulsion at the idea, and his apparent pliancy encouraged Chen Hsin. “Hurry up,” the younger man urged, tugging at Zhang Zhun’s arm and anxiously thrusting his own pelvis forward at the same time, “suck me off…!”

Zhang Zhun got onto all fours, glanced at Chen Hsin’s flushed member, and crouched down bit by bit over the man’s lap. Yet, though he had given in to the demand, he knew nothing about giving blowjobs, not even how to begin. After wrapping his hands around swollen shaft, he looked up once more at Chen Hsin, helpless and confused. His young lover gave his chin a fond squeeze before parting his lips with a light nudge from his thumb. “Open wide, and wrap your teeth with your lips.” Zhang Zhun did as he was told and tried to take Chen Hsin into his mouth – but he soon hit his limit after only two bobs. He could not go any further. Chen Hsin, on the other hand, was unwilling to see Zhang Zhun forcing himself. “Use your tongue,” he coaxed instead as he stroked the older man’s hair, “lick it a little…”

The corners of Zhang Zhun’s eyes reddened, touched by the paint of seduction, and a ravished look came over his face. The tip of his tongue peeked out from his open mouth and gave the shaft a brief lick, as if it were just doing a taste test of the throbbing flesh. Chen Hsin had a hand on Zhang Zhun’s ear now, urging him on with impatient rubs along the cartilage. Frowning, Zhang Zhun tried again, then again; it took him several attempts before he eventually got the hang of it and started laving the shaft in earnest with his tongue.

Although Zhang Zhun had thought of the act as something to be tolerated rather than enjoyed, desire and lust had inexplicable ways of growing on one. Little by little, as the sound of Chen Hsin’s restless moans filled his ears, Zhang Zhun got carried away. The more he savored Chen Hsin with his tongue, the more his ass itched with need. So intense were the tingles in his walls that even his c*** swelled and ached. Desperation mounted within him. Guessing that Chen Hsin would not be able to see what he was doing, he snuck a hand behind himself and rubbed at his buttcrack with the heel of his palm.  

But Chen Hsin saw everything. Instead of calling the older man out, he watched in silence, relishing the sight of how lewd his lover had become. He bided his time with hunger in his eyes until Zhang Zhun was little more than a shivering mess of excitement, and his hand nothing but a frantic blur between his buttocks. Only then did he speak up in a lazy drawl, “You want it that badly, hm?” He patted the bed. “Move your ass over here.”

Zhang Zhun was so embarrassed that he could not even lift his eyes. “F-for… what?”

“For me to eat you out, of course. Not interested?”

Zhang Zhun shifted his knees in hesitation, looking torn between his desire to move over, and the immense shyness that kept him in place. Chen Hsin refused to give the man an easy way out; silent and unmoving, he waited for Zhang Zhun to take the initiative of his own accord. As expected, the older man’s reserve did not last, and Chen Hsin soon found himself facing the glistening, sticky mounds of Zhang Zhun’s bum. “Remember to keep your tongue moving, yeah?” Chen Hsin instructed as he righted the position of the ass with a firm grip on the man’s thighs. Then, spreading the cheeks as far as they could go, he buried his face between Zhang Zhun’s buttocks and penetrated the sensitive hole once more with his tongue.

Zhang Zhun yelled at the top of his lungs. He could not take it at all. Like a woman tortured by the most potent aphrodisiac, he screamed his throat raw as his waist flailed wildly from the excruciating pleasure. There was no holding back his voice, and his desperate coital cries echoed off the walls. Chen Hsin thrust a finger into the opening and scraped along Zhang Zhun’s walls while his tongue lapped at the twitching muscles. “Keep it down. Hotel soundproofing isn’t all that good, y’know.”

Zhang Zhun was frightened, but he was just as horny as he was scared. To suppress his voice, he wrapped his hands around Chen Hsin’s shaft and filled his mouth with its flesh. Bit by bit, sucking as he went along, he swallowed more and more of the hardened length until he managed to take it to the hilt. The suction and tight warmth were almost too much for Chen Hsin. He reached for Zhang Zhun’s c*** in return and started jacking the man off with vigorous jerks of his wrist. A vicious cycle of lust formed between them: the more depraved they became, the better everything felt; the better they felt, the deeper they wanted to sink into their depraved needs. Zhang Zhun ceased being himself; wild beyond recognition, his mouth slackened and stretched wide, he deepthroated Chen Hsin with every bob of his head. Like the shameless whores in the porn flicks they had seen, he shut his eyes and lost himself completely in the sensation of f***ing Chen Hsin with his mouth.

Then, in an instant, everything was over. Their climaxes crashed upon them out of the blue, and it was impossible to tell who came first. Like a series of chain reactions, they tightened their asses and bunched their waists almost at the same time, howling one after the other in ecstasy before crumpling onto the bed together. They lay in a heap, their bodies awash with the intoxicating pleasure of it all, and gasped for air.

Unwilling to end things just yet, Chen Hsin continued fingering the red, swollen pucker before his eyes. After teasing the tiny folds into a spasming fit, he propped himself up between Zhang Zhun’s thighs and crawled forward on his elbows. To make it clear that he wanted to keep going, that he had not gotten enough of Zhang Zhun, Chen Hsin ground his softened member against the man’s slippery butt. In the same breath, he muttered shamelessly, “I want to put it in… let me put it in you!”

Zhang Zhun lowered his eyes and pulled away with some restraint, knowing that Chen Hsin would soon be hard again if the humping went on for any longer. A quiet murmur fell from his lips, “No…”

“Why not?” Chen Hsin relaxed his arms, lowered himself onto Zhang Zhun, and melded himself to the man’s back. “I promise I’ll be very careful.”

Agitated by the dogged persistence, Zhang Zhun replied in a somewhat muffled voice, “It’s addicting…”

“Huh?” Chen Hsin could make neither heads nor tails of the response.

Zhang Zhun batted his eyelashes with the unease of a bashful young girl. “I went to the countryside once when I was a child. There was an old man who was sick like that…” Telling the story made him so shy that even his lips quivered. “According to the adults, it happened when he was still in his teens. Someone lured him into the field and… you know. After that, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He’d keep wanting it, day in and day out – because the cum that was shot into him made hairs grow along his bowels, and he would itch so badly all the time…”

Chen Hsin was stunned by the tale. Zhang Zhun seized the opportunity to slip out of bed. By the time the younger man collected his wits and came back to his senses, he was greeted by the sound of running water in the bath. “That’s just a bunch of nonsense made up to scare the kids! How can it be possible…” His exclamation, however, was cut short by the ringing from Zhang Zhun’s phone. He snatched up the device, planning to pass it to the man in the bathroom, but paused when he glanced at the caller ID: “Senior.” The next moment, his gaze turned to the clock on the wall. It was already eleven in the night. An inexplicable temper flared to life within him, and he picked up the call instead.

“Zhun-er!” Wu Rong called out, unmistakable worry in his voice. Despite the noisy background on the other end, Chen Hsin felt the man’s genuine concern for Zhang Zhun. “I just saw the f***ing news. What the hell happened? You… are you alright?”

Chen Hsin felt his mood lift a little. “Hold on,” he replied calmly after a short pause, lowered the phone, and went up to the bathroom door. He gave it a light push, while a string of expletives rang out from the device, “F*** you, Chen Hsin! Stay the hell away, you sick motherf***er! Stop dragging others through the shit with you!”

The door opened. Zhang Zhun emerged in a mist, sexy beyond words, as perfect as if he were God’s unopened gift to mankind. He took the phone from Chen Hsin and listened for a moment with a tilt of his head, looking ever so innocent and naïve. “I don’t hear anything. The line’s gone dead.”

Chen Hsin pulled him into a hug. Then, showering Zhang Zhun with adoring kisses as if he would never have enough of kissing the man, Chen Hsin murmured in a drunken daze, “I love you…”

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