DITA – Chapter 44.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 44.2 (NSFW)

Gao Zhun opened his eyes. As soon as he saw the items the man was holding up – a tube of lubricant, and two or three unopened condoms – he was filled with shame and shock. The man hurried to explain himself, “I always use protection, but with you… I want to feel you, flesh against flesh.” Stunned by the pleading expression on his face, Gao Zhun gave a muddle-headed nod. The man wasted no time in stripping himself of his trousers, revealing the lush hair on his pubis, and an overexcited c***. Gao Zhun shied from the sight after a single glance, and his body tried to curl up on reflex – but the man would not let him hide. He clung to Gao Zhun with dogged persistence while his rough, insatiable hands groped all over the helpless body. Shuddering, pitiful gasps escaped Gao Zhun. “D-do it… from the b-back…”

At the sound of the feeble request, the man propped himself up. Before his eyes, Gao Zhun rolled onto his front with a sensual twist of his body, alluring as a delicate bloom in the wind, tantalizing as a fish dancing upon the waves. The man could not hold back any longer. Uncapping the lubricant with one hand, he sprung forward to taste the sexy contours of Gao Zhun’s back, laving every rise and dip from neck to waist with hot, wet strokes of his eager tongue. “I’m going to put some lube in you. It may feel a little cold. Just relax, okay?”

“Don’t…” Gao Zhun covered his ears. “D-don’t say that out loud.”

“Sorry, occupational habit.” The man chuckled, squeezed a generous dollop onto his hand, and continued, “Raise your ass a little.” Gao Zhun refused, so the man proceeded to lift Gao Zhun by the waist and prop his bum into the air. With the speedy precision of a well-practiced colorectal specialist, he slicked up Gao Zhun’s buttcrack using the warmed lube. Then, he started stretching Gao Zhun in an obscene manner, inserting finger after finger into the trembling hole with aid from the sticky fluid.

Although Gao Zhun was aware that fingers would be used in gay sex, he was too innocent to be prepared for the full extent of how meticulous and… shameful the process could be. His ass kept convulsing as if it were assailed by ceaseless waves of electric shocks, and his entire frame quivered in time to the spasms in his butt. His cheeks were pulled apart, spread as wide as possible to expose him fully before a stranger’s eye, while lewd squelches resounded in the depths between his buttocks. He gritted his teeth, forcing down the cries in his throat, but desperate lilting moans continued to escape his lips.

“Doc… D-doctor Fang…” Gao Zhun could not help calling Fang Chi’s name. Assuming that Gao Zhun was crying out for him, the man pulled out his dripping fingers without delay. Flustered with impatience, he gripped his aching erection and tried to thrust into the softened cleft. But Gao Zhun tensed as soon as he felt the sudden pressure at his rim. Those terrifying memories, that soul-rending pain still fresh on his body and mind, all came to life once more. His hips began bucking violently, as if they were fighting off yet another rape attempt. “No… no!

Dismayed by Gao Zhun’s unexpected change of heart, the man grabbed the flailing waist with agitated hands. Sweat streamed down his face and all over his body. “Don’t be scared, it’s alright!” He reached forward with a sticky hand, sought out Gao Zhun’s shaft, and tried to calm the younger man down by pleasuring him with every trick he could remember. “It’ll go in easily, I promise. It won’t take long!”

“You’re lying!” Trapping the man’s moving fingers with both of his hands, Gao Zhun yelled between broken sobs, “It’ll hurt and make me bleed!” Yet, the fiercer the struggle, the more aroused the man became. Pushed to the breaking point of his endurance, he pressed hard against Gao Zhun’s buttocks and shoved his livid, tortured c*** towards the tiny opening. Despite how thick he was, he entered Gao Zhun without any difficulty, and slid his swollen length into the tight sheath with a soft squish.

Gao Zhun braced himself for the agony of being ripped apart once more. Like a lamb in a slaughterhouse, he awaited the fall of the blade in a numbed stupor – but the horror never came. The man behind him screwed deeper and deeper into his ass, forcing him to open up ever wider. The keen sensation of being filled and stretched beyond his limit awakened him from his fearful daze. Soreness, discomfort and the barest hint of an unspeakable pleasure washed over his senses, but he felt no pain. “Ah… ahh?” Unable to believe what was happening, he could not help but reach behind with a tentative hand. Following the curve of his own ass, his fingers soon came into contact with the man’s sweat-covered belly. Only then was Gao Zhun convinced that the man had buried himself to the hilt in his body.

The man was inside him; he had been penetrated. As soon as the thought registered itself in his mind, Gao Zhun’s entire body heated up. Every tendon and joint turned to mush while frenzied tremors raced along his shivering waist. His whimpers were now joined by the man’s throaty moans. Instead of rushing to piston himself into Gao Zhun, the man adjusted his fit little by little – and it was too much for Gao Zhun to bear. He scrabbled against the sheets, clawing at the bedding with all ten of his fingers. All of a sudden, the man lunged forward and thrust even deeper into Gao Zhun, triggering his primal instinct to tighten his walls and squeeze. Gao Zhun screamed, and the last of his reserve gave way to unabashed, unfettered lust.

“Your fingers… will get hurt.” The man stretched out his arms. Locking their fingers together, he murmured against Gao Zhun’s ear, “Hold on to me instead.”

All the man wanted was to reach his hands; there was no ulterior motive behind that long, delicious thrust. The moment Gao Zhun realized this through the haze in his mind, he melted into the man’s arms. “How…” He mewled in wonderment at the pleasure of being screwed in the ass. “How can it feel like this…”

The man started rocking his hips to a gentle rhythm. “It is how it is. How else is it supposed to feel, hm?”

It felt so good – so, so good that he wanted to come again and again, every single second of this exquisite torture. His butt jerked wildly in the full throes of excitement, and he arched his back in desperation for the man to f*** him even harder. His body howled with need, mad with craving for the man to pummel him with all the speed and strength of that bastard who forced him for the very first time.

“Is it okay… to do it from the front?” the man asked out of the blue. The only response he got was a helpless shake of Gao Zhun’s head. After a hesitant pause, the man tried again, “Can’t I do it from the front?” Wanting the man to give his best, Gao Zhun nodded this time. The man backed out of his body with a soft pop from his wet, sticky entrance. Then, flipping him onto his back, the man entered him once more. As he spread his thighs in anticipation of a rough pounding, Gao Zhun realized that there was nothing to be afraid of, after all. ‘Anal sex’ was far from the horror it had been made out to be; it was the easiest thing in the world.


Exhaustion seeped through his bones. Gao Zhun glanced at his watch. It was already past midnight, but the man was still bobbing his head between his cheeks, licking him raw and sore. He clenched his butt and felt the man’s fingers still buried in him, as if they had never left. Feeling shy, Gao Zhun pressed his lips together in embarrassment. Noticing that he was awake, the man slid up Gao Zhun’s body to gaze into his eyes. “Would you like to wash up? I’ll tell you how to get it out.”

They climbed out of bed, and Gao Zhun followed the man into the bath. Under the hot spray, the man lavished him with reverent, besotted kisses. “Squat down and open your thighs wide. It’ll flow out on its own. Try it.” Gao Zhun refused. Without commenting on his reluctance, the man guided Gao Zhun’s hand towards his rear and tried to teach him to dig out the mess. “Or you could try this instead…” Unease flashed in Gao Zhun’s eyes; he remained unwilling to do as instructed. The man shifted closer so that they were almost flush against each other. “Can we… meet again? Will there be a next time between us?”

The question took Gao Zhun by surprise. He had assumed the control would always lie with the other party – yet, the man who had been tormenting him in bed just moments ago was now humbled before him, gazing at him like a lowly servant. Testing the man out of curiosity, Gao Zhun replied in a soft voice, “No.”

Wistful sadness came over the man’s features at once. His caresses became more affectionate and tender as he continued, “Didn’t I give you a good time? You came so many times…”

Indeed, they had the wildest time together, reveling in sheer debauchery as they switched from position to position… They went through so many of them, some of which Gao Zhun could not even bear to recall. He bowed his head. “No…”

“Will you visit that bar again?” The man refused to give up, but Gao Zhun shook his head once more. Despite being turned down three times in a row, the man showed no signs of anger. He continued to fondle Gao Zhun with increasing enthusiasm, and Gao Zhun found himself enjoying the feeling of being pampered with such care and unadulterated adoration.  

After showering, the two got dressed, each separate from the other. Nothing about their tryst mattered to them anymore; the luxurious room, the cooled bed, and the musk of wanton sex still thick in the air no longer had any meaning for them. The man stood in the doorway. He did not dare to ask for Gao Zhun’s name. “Will you please…” he began, summoning his courage for one last request, “suck me off, just once?”

Gao Zhun refused, of course, and turned to leave after picking up his wallet and keys. Just as he was about to open the door, the man moved without warning: he undid his belt, tugged down his fly, and pulled out his half-erect c***. Gao Zhun eyed the ugly thing. He did not know what had gotten into him; he could not seem to look away. Before he realized what he was doing, he was already on his knees before the man, ghosting his tongue over the pathetic flesh. Although Gao Zhun would not take the shaft into his mouth, the featherlight licks were enough to drive the man out of his mind. He fell back against the wall and loosened his tie with a yank. “Keep my card. Call me whenever you’re lonely…”

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