DITA – Chapter 45.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 45.2 (NSFW)

Like a dumb fool, Chen Hsin stared in a trance at the fine wine in his hand. It gleamed between his fingers, resplendent as the setting sun. All of a sudden, he looked up once more and shot a hardened glare at Zhang Zhun. He, too, was ready with his answer. With all the recklessness of a desperate man who was risking everything he had, Chen Hsin raised his glass and knocked back his drink.

Zhang Zhun watched the Adam’s apple slide up and down Chen Hsin’s throat. Once the glass was emptied of its contents, the younger man flung it onto the floor. It hit the carpeted surface with a muffled thud and rolled towards the door after several frantic spins. Swiping the back of a hand across his lips, Chen Hsin set his steely gaze back on Zhang Zhun, his silent challenge flashing clear in his relentless stare: Your move now.

Yet, as if he did not dare to meet those taunting eyes, Zhang Zhun brushed by the younger man and walked up to the table. Clink – he put down his glass, and Chen Hsin felt his heart close to shattering. A single teardrop tumbled from the corner of his eye. It rolled down the side of his nose, slipped between his lips, and filled his mouth with bitterness. His hands tightened into fists as he watched Zhang Zhun lower his arm – just to see the older man raise it again to grab the opened bottle. At last, lifting his eyes and reaching out to Chen Hsin with a gaze full of tender longing, Zhang Zhun started chugging the wine like a lost wanderer about to die from thirst in a desert.

But Zhang Zhun knew that he would not last; half a bottle later, the alcohol kicked in. He felt the burn in his gullet and the throbbing in his temples. His racing heartbeat thundered in his ears. Without any warning, strong arms enfolded him from behind, ripped away his clothes as if they would tear him apart, and flung him naked onto the sheets. Then, the full weight of another heated body was upon him, pressing him deeper into the bedding. Almost at the same time, he caught the sound of a bottle being uncapped, and a heady fragrance wafted into the air.

Everything that followed was little more than a blur: Zhang Zhun’s thighs were pried apart; his cleft was fingered, slicked with oil, and torn wide open by a fully erect c***. Everything happened so fast. Too fast. In the mere blink of an eye, it seemed, his body was racked with the searing pain of being penetrated by another man. The alcohol rushed to his head, but there was no dulling the sheer agony within him. No amount of intoxication could numb his senses to such a brutal attack on the softest, most intimate part of his flesh – and there was nothing Zhang Zhun could do besides enduring the onslaught with helpless tears and gritted teeth. He was no stranger to pain, after all; years of training had taught him the pain of stretched muscles and pressed legs, of beatings and injuries, of torn tissues and broken bones. Now, struggling to give his lover an easier time, he tried his best to relax the muscles in his lower body while anguished moans fell from his lips.

Chen Hsin gasped. A guttural grunt escaped his throat as if his breath were choked off by an unexpected stranglehold, and it was hard to tell whether he was in pleasure or in pain. “God, you… you’re too tight!” Zhang Zhun was squeezing so hard that it was impossible for him to move at all. He could neither push on nor pull out; he was stuck, and he pressed at Zhang Zhun’s thighs in frustration like a virgin boy fumbling through his very first time. Much to his surprise, there seemed to be no limit to Zhang Zhun’s flexibility. Under those toned muscles was a most pliant body that bent easily into unimaginable angles and blew Chen Hsin’s mind away.

“P-pass me the wine…” Zhang Zhun was hurting so much that even his fingertips trembled. As soon as Chen Hsin handed him the bottle, he gulped down its contents and yanked his asscheeks further apart with a hand. “Hurry the f*** up!”

Chen Hsin leaned down to scoop the older man into a tender, loving embrace. Yet, even as he held Zhang Zhun with far more gentleness and care than he had ever given any woman, his lower body showed no mercy at all. With a single ruthless thrust, Chen Hsin forced apart the tightened walls and rammed himself into Zhang Zhun. “Does it hurt…? Are you hurting?” he could not help but ask, punctuating his question with one lewd roll of his hips after another. Zhang Zhun did not answer; he could not. Gnashing his teeth together while strange moans burst from his throat, he clutched at Chen Hsin’s shoulders and hung on in desperation like a man on the brink of death.

It suddenly occurred to Chen Hsin that this was not sex, but a ritualistic sacrifice of flesh and blood. The sound of distant drums rumbled in his head, and a lilting chant of unknown meaning filled his ears as vermilion flames streaked across his vision. Awakened within him was a primal instinct from an atavistic past: make the offering, complete the rites, and seal this pact between them for an entire lifetime. He surged forward. Mustering every last bit strength within him, he slammed their bodies together and impaled Zhang Zhun with his entire length. Then, buried to the hilt in his lover’s flesh, he circled hips and ground his shaft all around the tortured walls. Zhang Zhun’s insides trembled and tightened once more around Chen Hsin, this time clinging to his heated skin like a fitted glove.

A change soon came over Zhang Zhun. Unsated desire suffused his voice. His legs, frantic with helplessness, rubbed against Chen Hsin’s back while his ass jerked up and down. His jaws slackened – partly from intoxication, partly from the need for air – and his mouth fell open. As if he were high on some potent aphrodisiac, every inch of his skin, every one of his movements and expressions, was now seething with unadulterated lust. “Harder…” he mewled, his head limp against the pillow, “I said harder, dammit!”

Chen Hsin heard him. Drenched in sweat from his exertions, the younger man bowed his head to take a downward glance. Straining with some effort in the low lighting, he saw the way he was pistoning into Zhang Zhun’s abused hole, as well as the blood on his shaft. “No, you’re bleeding…” Before he could finish his sentence, however, Zhang Zhun lost his patience. Twisting and flexing his hips, he took Chen Hsin to the hilt, clenched his ass with gusto, and began f***ing himself on the throbbing c***. This was a little too much for Chen Hsin. Hissing and struggling to cope with the onslaught, he tried to back away, but his retreat only made Zhang Zhun wilder and wilder. At last, emboldened by the alcohol in his system, he threw the younger man down onto the bed instead. The next thing Chen Hsin knew, Zhang Zhun was straddling his thighs, screwing down on his length, and bouncing in his lap without any shame or restraint.

Having lost all agency, Chen Hsin reached up and held the supple waist before him. Zhang Zhun was too fierce, too fast. Bursting with power and strength, he rode Chen Hsin with a new fervor that was entirely different from the manner in which he had taken Chen Hsin’s pounding just moments ago. He seemed so alive, so stunningly gorgeous as he wrecked the bed with his insatiable, frenzied rocking. ‘Sexy’ was too feeble a word to describe him right now; just as that dancer – Tommy? – once said, Zhang Zhun was a real thirsty beast in the sheets once he was f***ed hard enough.i

“… Zhun… Zhang Zhun!” Propping himself on his elbows, Chen Hsin tried to shuffle backwards and put some breathing space between them, but Zhang Zhun would not let him. Lost in pleasure, he shoved his jerking hips down on Chen Hsin’s c*** again and again, filling the entire room with obscene sounds of flesh slapping on flesh. Without any warning, Chen Hsin came. Blindsided by his sudden climax, he shuddered and emptied every last drop of his load in that hungry ass before falling back in dismay.

Even as Chen Hsin panted in mortification, struggling to recover from the shock, Zhang Zhun continued rocking in his lap like a little fool. When his inebriated mind registered the change in feeling inside his butt, he bunched his hips in desperation and tried to recover the lost sensation in his ass. Whimpering, he flexed his waist against Chen Hsin, but to no avail; several frantic twists later, Chen Hsin’s flaccid length slipped out and flopped onto the groove of his groin.

Dammit! Chen Hsin clamped a hand over his forehead as he reeled from his utter humiliation. Nothing was going as planned; only now was he fully aware that his lover was a man – a powerful man who could milk him dry without any effort and make his eyes roll back in ecstasy in the process. “What’s… wrong?” Zhang Zhun mumbled as he spread his thighs to take a perplexed look between his legs. He grabbed the limp member and attempted to stuff it back into himself. When he realized how the handful of softened flesh refused to go in no matter how hard he tried, he changed his tactics. Reaching behind himself, he pulled his cheeks apart without any hint of shame, and started rutting in earnest against Chen Hsin’s pubic bone.

“F***!” Cursing, Chen Hsin flipped the older man onto the bed with a renewed burst of energy. Cupping his lover’s face between his hands, he ravaged the man into submission with a flurry of wet, messy kisses. Once he was back in control, he stuck his brazen hand between Zhang Zhun’s thighs, planning to jerk the older man off instead. Zhang Zhun peered up at him through the glistening glaze in his eyes. He seemed so helpless, so pitiful, and so loathsome at the same time. Regardless of how Chen Hsin coaxed and pleasured him with his hand, Zhang Zhun continued jerking his butt toward the younger man, making it clear just how much he wanted to take it up his ass.

Overwhelmed by a sense of defeat, Chen Hsin pulled away from Zhang Zhun. Hanging his head, he sat down at the edge of the bed, poured some olive oil into his hand, and tried to get himself up again with hard, rapid strokes. It was not an easy feat in the least; his mind and body were still numb from the sheer violence of his orgasm mere moments ago. “What was I thinking,” he mumbled in bitterness as he rubbed along his length, “I was crazy to let you drink at all!” As the word ‘crazy’ slipped from his lips, something clicked within his body and his member jolted to life in his hands. He stared for an incredulous second at his unexpected erection. Then, like a rapturous halfwit, he jumped back onto the bed with all the enthusiasm of a boxer seeking to prove his worth in a second round. “Alright, come over here!” Shamelessly pouncing onto Zhang Zhun’s waiting body, he tongued the skin under the man’s ear and murmured, “How’s that, hm? Aren’t I fast?”

Translator’s Note:

  1. This is a reference to the exchange between Tommy and Chen Hsin in Chapter 25.2.
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