DITA – Chapter 46.1 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 46.1 (NSFW)

Gao Zhun straightened his tie. Dabbing at his lips with a handkerchief, he exited the washroom. A young man followed in tow, his light-colored hair and eyes hinting at his mixed heritage. Though it was clear that he had already gotten a taste of the sweetness Gao Zhun could offer, his besotted eyes remained transfixed by the swaying hips before him. The bar was far from crowded at this time of the day; as the two made their way down the corridor, one after the other, there was little doubt that everyone around them knew exactly what they had been up to. Gao Zhun wanted to leave, but his companion was not ready to let him go. Taking a quickened step forward, the youth grabbed his hand and muttered, “Stay a little longer… I’ll…”

Gao Zhun shook off the grasp with ease. Just as the young man reached for him a second time, someone called out from behind, “Sir?” Gao Zhun recognized the voice almost at once. He turned his head and saw Justin sitting on a small settee with a slender-looking youth. On the glass tabletop before the pair were a glass of gin, a cup of coffee, and a velvet watch case. Did this chance meeting come as a surprise? Perhaps, or perhaps not. After all, this seemed like a most natural progression for both of them. At the thought of their unpleasant conflict not too long ago,i Gao Zhun suddenly found his old self pathetic and laughable. “Justin, you’re back? When did you return?”

Gao Zhun started walking over, but the young stranger stopped him with a rough yank on his arm. “What do you mean by this? You trying to play me?!” Gao Zhun gave him a flitting, sidelong glance, and saw Justin spring to his feet in his peripheral vision. He could even imagine the look on Justin’s face right now – obsessed and passionate, with all the ardor characteristic of his youth.

Stoked by the mental image, Gao Zhun responded to the young man with a taunt, “So what if I am? You want a fight?” He was full of confidence at this point. He had no doubt that Justin would rush over like a jealous lover and knock the young man down with a chivalrous punch – but things turned out very different in the end. Instead of homing in on the brat, Justin grabbed Gao Zhun by the waist and hefted the older man onto his shoulder with a single, effortless jolt of his body.

The world turned topsy-turvy as Gao Zhun’s feet were lifted off the ground. When his vision stopped swimming, he realized that Justin had carried him out of the bar while everyone else looked on in shock, too stunned to even think of stopping him. As the door slammed shut, Justin fished out his car keys and gave the remote control a press. Across the road, the flashes from the headlights of a Grand Cherokee attracted the attention of passersby. Heads turned in the men’s direction, but Justin remained unaffected by the onlookers’ stares. In a manner so audacious that it bordered on arrogance, he strode up to his vehicle, opened the door to the front seat, and flung Gao Zhun into the car.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Having lost all composure, Gao Zhun could not stop railing at the young man while straightening his suit. Justin kept his attention on the road, steering the car without a word, and only turned to give Gao Zhun a concerned look when the older man fell silent at last. But Gao Zhun was far from calm; the faint smell of tobacco in the air triggered an inexplicable sense of panic within him, and he gave the glove compartment a vicious kick. “I want to get out here.”

“What for?” Justin made an abrupt turn. “We’ll reach my studio soon.”

Gao Zhun swung in his seat from the momentum. In retaliation, he put on his lofty airs and sneered, “Don’t waste my time unless you’ve got something decent to show. What’s the point of going if there’s nothing to see?”

“The point? To have sex, of course,” Justin replied in an airy tone, taking Gao Zhun by surprise. As the older man gaped at him in disbelief, Justin added, “You’re a bottom, aren’t you? Perfect.”

They reached the studio in the end, with Justin practically dragging Gao Zhun through the door. Under the raised ceiling, sunlight shone through a glass wall and illuminated the various contents of the three-storied workspace. Assorted sculpting materials, smooth-cut wood, broken cast copper and rough limestone blocks gleamed in the evening glow. Justin shoved Gao Zhun across the debris-covered floor, forcing him towards the wall, and pushed him against a workbench standing directly in the setting sun. “Get up there,” Justin ordered as he started undoing his own suit, tie, and belt. Gao Zhun resisted, but his struggle was rendered futile when Justin hefted him onto the work surface with an effortless lift. Tugging at Gao Zhun’s jacket, the young man issued his second command, “Start stripping.”

Thrust into the blinding, crimson light, Gao Zhun shut his eyes as his head began to spin. Piece by piece, his clothes were peeled away from him. When he was stripped down to his bare skin, he had no choice but to bury his trembling body in the young man’s embrace. “Not here…” Gao Zhun muttered. Not in the working area, where the tools, the glass wall and the sun made him feel as if they were about to do the deed outdoors, in the open for all to see. Justin was unmoved by the plea. His brazen eyes roamed all over Gao Zhun, tracing the lines of every muscle and bone in his body. This was what the young man had been trained to do, and Gao Zhun shivered under the awl-like sharpness of that shrewd, unrelenting gaze. “This isn’t how you used to be…”

“And is this what you used to be?” Justin retorted. Strong fingers kneaded at every weak spot he could find on Gao Zhun’s form, eliciting soft cries from the older man as his sensitive body tingled again and again from the stimulation. Soon, Gao Zhun was reduced to a willing mess in Justin’s arms. His lips, the tip of his nose, and the corners of his eyes reddened with desire, as if he were ripe for a kiss. “Look how alluring you are…” Murmuring, Justin scraped his thick fingers across the tips of Gao Zhun’s nipples. Flushed areolae shrank at once as the buds tightened from the touch. Toying with the man’s body at an idle pace, Justin leaned forward to drawl into Gao Zhun’s ear, “Why wouldn’t you let me touch you back then, hm?”

“The bed…” Gao Zhun grabbed Justin’s wrists and draped himself over the young man. “Let’s go to the bed… my legs can’t hold up anymore!” Justin denied the request; refusing to let Gao Zhun have his way, he persisted in his exploration of the man’s body. There was something magical about those warm, dexterous hands, imbued as they were with the power to give shape and life to anything they touched. Waves of pleasure, languid and lingering, lapped at Gao Zhun’s senses and mind. For a dazed moment, he even felt as if he had been transformed into Rodin’s lover,1 and nothing mattered anymore – not the teacher-student relationship they shared, nor the age gap of ten odd years between them. All he wanted was to fall ever deeper into the abyss of desires dark and dangerous.

“Do me…” With a sultry sigh on his lips, Gao Zhun rubbed his cheek against Justin’s shoulder, sensual and relaxed. There was no immediate reaction from Justin, however, and Gao Zhun wondered if the man preferred a different approach. Just as he was about to reach for Justin’s belt, the young man moved. Sturdy hands grabbed Gao Zhun by the buttocks all of a sudden and lifted him off the workbench. The next instant, with his legs dragging and scrabbling on the floor, Gao Zhun was pinned against a concrete wall.

As his back hit the rough, unfinished surface, Gao Zhun let out a yelp. The soles of his feet stung; they must have been scraped raw. Justin glowered at him, but there was a strange glint in those eyes, as if their owner could not bring himself to be as fierce as he had wanted to look. “Who do you think you’re trying to seduce?” the young man growled.

Gao Zhun’s face stiffened at his impudence. As both a mentor and an elder to Justin, he had every right to be enraged by such insolence. “Get lost,” he jeered. “There’s a whole line out there begging to take your place if you’re not interested…” Justin did not let the older man finish his sentence; without any warning, he hauled up one of Gao Zhun’s legs. Then, keeping both of them in standing positions, he undid his own belt and thrust his erection between the man’s naked thighs.

Rage gave way at once to desire; out of habit, or expectation of the pleasure to come, Gao Zhun bent his supporting leg to make more room for the young man. Justin snapped his hips forward at the unabashed invitation – but two bold thrusts later, he was still unable to enter the tantalizing body before him. Gao Zhun began wringing Justin’s arms in urgency while anxious sweat broke out all over his young lover’s brow. He even avoided Gao Zhun’s eyes, looking a little panicked as he averted his face.

Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Gao Zhun gave Justin a shove on the chest and got on his knees. He reached for the young man’s shaft, planning to slick up the clumsy thing with his mouth. Only when he felt the heft of the throbbing flesh in his hands did he realize just how huge the boy was. Justin was as well-endowed between the legs as he was well-built in physique; both features boasted of stunning sizes that could inspire awe in anyone who saw them. Even after loosening his jaw as far as it could go, Gao Zhun barely managed to wrap his lips around Justin, and no amount of suction could ease the beast further into his mouth. He had no choice but to pull away and use his tongue instead. Bobbing his head with effort, he started licking his way up the straining length, from its base to the tip. The pleasure drove Justin wild; he reached down to cup the back of Gao Zhun’s head with impatient hands, torn between the instinct to press down and the fear of doing so. At last, Gao Zhun replaced his tongue with his fingers. Pumping the shaft with slow, deliberate strokes, he muttered in apprehension, “I can’t. It’s too big.”

Justin’s façade cracked, revealing traces of that young man that Gao Zhun knew so well. “Don’t even think about running away,” he snapped, child-like in his petulance as he yanked the older man to his feet. “I’ve f***ed many who’re thinner than you!” He tried to drag Gao Zhun across the working area, but the man cried out in pain after taking a mere couple of steps. Justin turned at the sound, and his eyes fell on a pair of ankles so dainty that they seemed to belong to a woman instead. Thrilled by the sight, he swept Gao Zhun into his arms and carried him across the floor, bridal style.


  1. Rodin’s lover: Auguste Rodin was a famous French sculptor generally considered to be a pioneer of modern sculpture. His lover, Camille Claudel, was his muse and protégé, and was just as talented as Rodin himself. The two first met when Rodin was 43 years old, and Claudel was only 18.

Translator’s Note:

  1. Gao Zhun is referring to Justin’s attempted assault in Chapters 36.1 and 36.2.
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