DITA – Chapter 46.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 46.2 (NSFW)

Beyond the working area stood an iron staircase; the rust on its steps added a postmodern industrial feel to the structure. Like a spare part to be refined, or a trophy long-coveted, Gao Zhun was held with utmost care as they headed towards their destination at the top. The next thing he knew, he was on his feet once more, standing under a metal shower head as the water came on with a swoosh. Even before his eyes could get used to the sudden cascade, the other man had begun fondling his buttocks with a purposeful grip. “You’re too big…” Lowering his gaze in fright, Gao Zhun grasped at the young man’s wrist. “I’ll get you off with my hands, okay?”

The plea fell on deaf ears once more. Like a smitten fool who had lost his wits, Justin could not keep his hands off the man before him. Fervently kneading Gao Zhun’s neck, he dug deeper into Gao Zhun’s ass and opened up his narrow passage using just two fingers. The older man trembled in fear of his lover’s strength. Then, as Justin’s thick middle finger penetrated him with the help of the running water, Gao Zhun started shivering in earnest like a newborn chick fresh out of its shell. While baby chicks shivered from the cold, however, Gao Zhun shivered from a most perverse and unspeakable pleasure.

The sculptor’s finger was steady, precise, and relentless. Each thrust triggered a new wave of spasms in Gao Zhun, and he thrashed against Justin with the mindless vigor of a wound-up toy. Grinding every inch of his flesh against the young man’s virile body, he mewled in anguish, “Jack me off…” Helpless moans quavered in his throat as the corners of his eyes took on a deeper shade of red. Justin looked down at Gao Zhun’s crotch and saw how hard the man had become. All of a sudden, the finger was pistoning faster and harder, changing its angle every time it rammed into Gao Zhun, hitting his sweet spot again and again with brutal accuracy. Gao Zhun’s writhing became frantic, and he jerked his hips wildly with all his strength as if the pleasure had driven him out of his mind. Only lust remained. So far gone was he that he pressed his erection to Justin’s knee as soon as it pushed its way between his legs. The next instant, half-sitting and clamping the knee in place with his thighs, he began rutting against the muscled limb.

Justin watched in wonder, astonished by the stunning allure blossoming before his eyes. If he could call it his own, he would gladly spend an entire lifetime savoring its beauty. “Sir… Sir!” He called out to Gao Zhun, and electric shocks of excitement surged through the older man. The guilt of f***ing his pupil, and the thrill of bedding a man young enough to be nephew, thrust Gao Zhun further into the depths of his deranged ecstasy. Mind-numbing tingles spread through all his limbs; his bladder felt so full that it ached. “Wait,” he mumbled, “hold… hold on for a bit.” Reluctant to give up the delicious friction, Gao Zhun ground against Justin a couple more times before trying to ease himself off the young man’s leg. But Justin lifted his knee at once, as if he were playing a game with Gao Zhun, and propped the older man even higher. “I need…” Gao Zhun pointed at the toilet just beyond the shower. “Hurry up and let me go!”

“You’re too hard. You won’t be able to relieve yourself anyway.” Justin could not bear to part with Gao Zhun, would not even allow him to leave to empty his bladder. “Let me get you off first,” he coaxed with sweet, empty words.

“No!” Gao Zhun was desperate. His toes curled and squirmed in helplessness on the floor, yet Justin refused to yield despite how pathetic he looked. Clutching his c*** with both hands, he begged once more in a pitiful whimper, “I need to pee… please, let me pee…” He fought with every last bit of his sanity to hold back his need, only to watch Justin grab the lube off the rack without a word. In one fell swoop, the young man squeezed a huge dollop into his palm, slathered it all over his shaft, and penetrated Gao Zhun from the front with a savage thrust.

Gao Zhun burst into tears like a bullied child. Justin was still too big for him to take up the ass, too big to go in all the way. The young man, however, remained unfazed; half-buried in Gao Zhun, he planted his feet firmly on the ground and began snapping hips forward with gusto. “Help… help!” High-pitched screams echoed off the walls as Gao Zhun threw himself into a delirious struggle against the onslaught – but the fight was over in the blink of an eye. Strong arms locked around his flailing form, making it impossible for him to move at all while his cleft convulsed in time to Justin’s relentless pistoning. A frantic howl ripped from his throat, “N-no!

Almost at the same time, Gao Zhun pissed himself. Pee sprayed onto both their bodies and streamed down Justin’s thigh. Perhaps overwhelmed with sensation, or exhausted from the exertion, Gao Zhun drooped his head like a puppet on broken strings and collapsed against his lover. “Sir, you’ve drenched me in your piss!” Eyeing the light yellow liquid in the run-off, Justin felt a rush of satisfaction, a kind of pride touched by a hint of malicious glee. He lifted Gao Zhun’s chin, only to be met with the sight of closed eyes and quivering lips; the older man had already passed out.

“Sir?” Justin called. Gao Zhun seemed exceptionally peaceful as he lay unconscious in the young man’s arms. In this moment, he was neither a teacher nor a random partner in a casual hook-up. Feeling rather stifled all of a sudden, Justin turned off the shower. “Sir,” he called out once more, combing through the man’s black hair bit by bit. Still, there was no response. Certain that Gao Zhun was out cold, he finally found the courage to lean in and touch the man’s lips with his own. He sucked a little on the softness before letting go, only to latch onto it once more in the next breath. It was a furtive kiss, cautious and timorous, yet it was enough to make him come. His hips rammed forward a few more times and stopped moving at last.


Gao Zhun felt the world rocking around him. It felt good – so good that it seemed as if he were in seventh heaven – and it was not the movement but this exquisite carnal pleasure that roused him from his stupor. His eyes fluttered open, and a raised leg appeared in his line of vision. He looked up; at the tip of the limb were five toes pointing to the ceiling. Then he lowered his gaze and saw a large hand clamped around the knee. It was a well-defined hand with a sturdy wrist, and it belonged to Justin.

The leg was his own, Gao Zhun realized, and they were on a bed now. His mind cleared. Squinting a little, he glanced towards his spread groin. That beast of a c*** was buried to its hilt up his ass, pounding again and again into his body. He eyed its dark crimson root and the sticky mess of hair at its base before gazing up to look at the owner. Sweat trickled down a flushed, youthful face framed by short hair mussed from the tireless heaving. Two round eyes twinkled with eagerness as Justin asked, “How’s that, Sir?” There was pride in his voice, as if he were waiting to be praised.

Gao Zhun lowered his leg onto the bed. Glaring sternly at the young man, he lifted his belly, propped his feet on the mattress, and sought out his favorite angles on his own. Very soon, he was moaning aloud with enthusiasm, filling the room with wanton cries. Justin was stunned. He gaped at Gao Zhun like a silly, inexperienced boy as the man tightened more and more around his shaft. The pressure became overwhelming. Just as he was about to back out for a breather, Gao Zhun blindsided him with a sharp squeeze and milked him dry. As if taken by shock, or shaken by the violence of his orgasm, Justin kept yelling and yelling as he came.

When he recovered from his climax, Justin was crushed by the indignity of it all. He hung his head in shame, mortified by the unexpected turn of events. Gao Zhun, too, was far from satisfied. Restless with unspent desire, he nudged Justin on the leg with his toes – but the young man’s body was not quite ready for a third round of stimulation. It was a little too much for his c*** to be wanked into excitement yet again after such a short interval. Displeasure mounted in Gao Zhun as the wait dragged out. Humming in discontent, he started kicking lightly at his lover. Justin had no choice but to cross his legs and get to work. However, try as he might, his member remained soft and dispirited despite his best efforts.

“Can you get it up or not?” Gao Zhun grumbled as he sat up in bed. Leaning towards the young man, he grasped the flaccid flesh with both hands and fondled its length with the lewdest touch possible. Yet the shaft showed no sign of recovery. Impatience sharpened into frustration, and Gao Zhun’s eyes moistened in anxiety. “How many times have you come?”

“Twice…” Justin mumbled, sounding rather injured as he swiped the back of his hand across his nose.

“This shouldn’t be…” Quivering with desperation, Gao Zhun lashed out with a deliberated taunt, “What a waste of your size!”

“Maybe taking a pill or two will help.” Justin looked up at last. Like a child in the wrong, he confessed, “I have some with me, Sir.”

The young man began to climb out of bed, but Gao Zhun dragged him back. “Get over here,” he ordered, and Justin settled back onto the sheets, meek as a lamb. Next, Gao Zhun got on his knees. Holding onto Justin’s shoulders for support, he crouched over the man like a little girl about to pee and clamped his lover’s limp c*** between his thighs. Flexing his waist with flair, he rocked his hips up and down, rubbing and squeezing all along that softened shaft. “How’s this… Is this doing anything for you?” Gao Zhun cradled Justin’s head almost lovingly. Caressing the muscles along the side of the young man’s neck, he breathed a velvet murmur against Justin’s skin, “Do you like me?”

Psychological stimuli seemed far more effective than physical ones, after all. In the blink of an eye, the embers of desire in Justin’s crotch blazed to life. He lunged forward and threw Gao Zhun down on the mattress. “Sir,” he blurted out with a chest bursting with feeling, “I love you!”

Gao Zhun relished the pleasure of being impaled once more by something so hard and hot. Long, shuddering breaths of ecstasy escaped his lips like sighs of bliss, or anguish. “Don’t love me…” He splayed his thighs even wider without feeling the least bit of shame. “Just f*** me.”

Only now, in this moment, did Justin give in to the urge to ask the question that had been weighing on his mind. “Does that man…” he began, referring to Fang Chi, but the remaining words died in his throat. It was far too hard to voice words as difficult as these: Does that man not want you anymore?

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