DITA – Chapter 9.2 (NSFW)

Deep in the Act

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: DPalmz

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 9.2 (NSFW)

The cameras began rolling. As instructed by the screenplay, hesitation and nervousness crept readily over Chen Hsin’s features. “Why?” he asked, a quaver in his voice, “Why won’t you face me?”

With the camera behind him, Zhang Zhun focused on acting through his body language. He flexed his supple waist and the beautiful planes of muscle on his back shifted enticingly under the glaring white light – just like a flower on the cusp of bursting into full bloom. Looking over his shoulder, with the scarlet stud in his ear catching the light, he pretended to reach for Chen Hsin’s erection. His reply was flippant as he lowered himself onto the hardened rod, “I’m worried you may not be able to get it up if you have to do me from the front.”

Casting all his restraint aside, Zhang Zhun started moaning lightly, his breath quickening as he immersed himself in the performance of a man who brazenly sought and initiated sex with other men. Chen Hsin watched as Zhang Zhun finally eased himself all the way down against his crotch, skin flush against skin, his rock-hard erection wedged in the soft crack of Zhang Zhun’s ass. Zhang Zhun shuddered uncontrollably. Waves of heat washed over his lower body as a deep crimson crept across his hips. Before Chen Hsin’s eyes, the blush began to spread rapidly down Zhang Zhun’s thighs and up his back, suffusing his entire body with a tantalizing shade of red. Chen Hsin’s breathing became labored. Primal instinct took over, and his body tensed with the urgent need to buck upwards into the red, hot flesh on top of him. But Zhang Zhun suddenly called out, his voice trembling out of control, “Dir… Director! Sorry! I… I need a break!”

It was clear to everyone that he was too overwhelmed to continue, so the cameras were stopped and Zhang Zhun was given time to recover and adjust himself. Sitting flush against the excited, throbbing organ between Chen Hsin’s legs, Zhang Zhun was acutely aware of the mess between their bodies – hot, wet, and slippery. It was a sensation that escaped description. There was nothing else that Zhang Zhun could do besides waiting for the overwhelming sense of shame to pass. But even as Zhang Zhun struggled to numb his own feelings, Chen Hsin was becoming increasingly restless. Tormented by the physical stimulation from Zhang Zhun, frustration mounted within him. Barely aware of what he was doing, Chen Hsin slipped his hands over the thin shoulder blades before him and began kneading in flagrant lust. Zhang Zhun’s breathing hitched. He flinched from the touch with ragged breaths and pulled Chen Hsin’s hands away, but Chen Hsin wrestled against his grip, stubborn in his refusal to leave Zhang Zhun alone.  “You’re not the only one who’s having a hard time, okay?!”

Zhang Zhun snapped around, his ear stud flashing in the harsh lighting. “Well, no one asked you to get hard!”

Stung by Zhang Zhun’s pointed tone, Chen Hsin’s temper flared. He gave Zhang Zhun a hard pinch on the butt and tried to get up. Zhang Zhun immediately called out, “I’m ready, Director!”

Chen Hsin had no choice but to fall back onto the couch again and wait patiently for Zhang Zhun to begin moving. Zhang Zhun seemed more relaxed this time. Like a shameless whore, he spread his legs wantonly for the camera and swung one of them over the side. All eyes in the room were irresistibly drawn to the shapely limb, transfixed by the sight of its stark contrast against the deep red of the couch. The director loosened his collar and barked out new instructions for the cameras, “Cam B! Give me a close-up shot of Zhang Zhun’s ankle, and his toes!”

As the cameras started rolling again, Zhang Zhun slipped into character with ease. Licking his lips and moaning as if his life depended on it, he rutted his ass against Chen Hsin’s crotch in an urgent frenzy. Chen Hsin gritted his teeth, panting as his face scrunched from the exertion. The sounds gushing from Zhang Zhun’s lips assailed his senses relentlessly. He listened as hoarse, guttural cries became quicker and sharper, getting faster and faster, higher and higher until they fused into a single desperate keen of ecstasy… and shattered finally into an abrupt silence – “Gao Zhun” came.

Whimpering and panting weakly, Zhang Zhun collapsed onto Chen Hsin, unable to move as his body shook with sensation. Bucking his hips lewdly, Chen Hsin drawled, “That… was fast.” His comment was met by silence from Zhang Zhun. A sense of urgency welled up within him. Drawing up his knees, he began rocking upward against Zhang Zhun with light, shallow thrusts.

Zhang Zhun’s back was entirely flushed — like the flesh of a ripened fruit trembling on the tip of a branch, ready to fall at the barest touch. Chen Hsin sat up. Hugging Zhang Zhun from behind, Chen Hsin sank his teeth into the lovely arch of his neck. “I haven’t come yet,” he muttered as he pushed Zhang Zhun forward. He guided Zhang Zhun’s hands to the armrests and prompted him to raise his ass into the air. Then, clinging to Zhang Zhun’s waist, he shifted himself into a kneeling position. “You’re so tight. I won’t take long…”

He dug his fingers into Zhang Zhun’s ass, unable to keep his hands away, and kneaded the flesh wildly without a care for the camera’s scrutiny. In the split second before he began thrusting, he could not help casting his eyes downwards to the crack between the mounds in his hands. Hidden in the shadows, he knew, there was a secret crevice. He was just curious, he told himself, and this was nothing more than an unintended accident. But for reasons he could not explain, although he saw nothing in that furtive, hurried glimpse, he still became incredibly turned on as shameless arousal seared through his body.

Chen Hsin did not hold back at all as he began thrusting madly against Zhang Zhun. He was so rough – too rough, like a crazed animal in heat – that Zhou Zheng, watching from the side, became increasingly worried that Zhang Zhun would be ruined by Chen Hsin. Although everyone on the set seemed to be giving Chen Hsin the benefit of the doubt because of his status as a top-notch actor, Zhou Zheng could not help but wonder if Chen Hsin was abusing his power and taking things too far. Regardless of Zhou Zheng’s reservations, however, filming continued and Chen Cheng-Sen signaled for camera A to move to the front for a close-up shot of Zhang Zhun’s face.

When he first heard about what would be expected of him in this film, Zhang Zhun tried to prepare himself mentally by imagining how it would feel to have another man’s erection thrust so roughly against him from behind. But no amount of imagination prepared him for what was happening to him now. He had become painfully hard. His perineum ached and tingled from the brutal onslaught. He could no longer control his voice or body. The soft whimpers and moans of pleasure that spilled from his lips were just as real as his erect nipples and the sheen of sweat that covered his body. In spite of himself, he even began rocking back to meet Chen Hsin’s thrusts. The loud slap of flesh against flesh filled him with shame, and the flush on his skin deepened.

“Zhang Zhun, raise your head and show your face!” the director suddenly ordered.

Zhang Zhun heard him. He tried to follow the director’s instructions, but strength seemed to have drained from his overly sensitized body. His upper body had collapsed onto the couch, and his legs were splayed weakly under Chen Hsin. Chen Cheng-Sen repeated his command, “I said, show your face!”

Zhang Zhun was anxious and ashamed. As his eyes began to burn with unshed tears at his own helplessness, Chen Hsin suddenly reached for his chin. Stroking Zhang Zhun’s sexy jawbone with a thumb, Chen Hsin lifted Zhang Zhun’s face to the camera.

When Zhang Zhun’s face finally showed up on the monitor, Chen Cheng-Sen and Zhou Zheng were dumbfounded at the sight before them. As expected, it was a face reddened with burning passion and palpable desire. But, far more than that, his face was suffused with a natural erotic allure that seemed to have come from the very core of his being – a face so mesmerizing that no one could ever forget it.

Before the camera, Zhang Zhun’s struggle continued. Moving his lips with effort, he delivered his line in a broken whisper, “Call… my name…” Drawn by Zhang Zhun’s soft, indistinct murmur, Chen Hsin leaned forward and pressed his chest to Zhang Zhun’s back. Laying his cheek against Zhang Zhun’s cheek, he listened as Zhang Zhun mewled like a petulant child: “Call…call my name!”

Their bodies melded tightly to each other. Like a cat desperate for affection, Zhang Zhun began rubbing his cheek persistently against Chen Hsin’s palm. Stung by the pain from his injured hand, Chen Hsin grunted. Entranced, Zhang Zhun stuck out his tongue in response and gave the gash a lick. Confused and delirious with desire, Zhang Zhun seemed to have lost all sense of shame as he lapped in contentment at the messy wound, sending the entire situation spiraling out of control.

There had been no clear directions in the screenplay on how this scene should be concluded. Despite this, Chen Hsin had begun filming with the confidence that he would be able to direct the scene to a perfect and controlled ending with his skills. But Zhang Zhun’s tongue changed everything as it shattered even the last bit of reason within Chen Hsin. “Zhang Zhun… Zhang Zhun!” he called out as he lost his mind completely. Clinging to Zhang Zhun’s ass, he came hard and fast, a barbaric cry tearing from his throat as he shot spurt after spurt into Zhang Zhun’s ass crack.

Slowly, the hot fluids trickled down Zhang Zhun’s thighs. The cameras continued rolling, forgotten by the director as he stared on in shock. Recovering his wits ahead of the director, Zhou Zheng turned to rouse him from his daze. “Director, I believe that’s enough.”

With that, the filming finally came to an end. Limbs entwined, Zhang Zhun and Chen Hsin lay unmoving on the couch as waves of lingering sensation washed over them. Clearly, they would not be able to recover anytime soon. After instructing the crew to pack up, Chen Cheng-Sen turned to Zhou Zheng and said with uncharacteristic thoughtfulness, “Let’s go. Give them some space to themselves.”

Chen Hsin, on the other hand, had little care for anyone besides Zhang Zhun. Oblivious to the goings-on around him, Chen Hsin flipped Zhang Zhun over. As Zhang Zhun rolled onto his back, he covered his face with an arm. But there was no hiding the fact that he was still hard. “I’m just giving you a hand, okay?” Chen Hsin muttered as he reached between Zhang Zhun’s cum-smeared legs and wrapped his fingers around Zhang Zhun’s erection. For reasons understood by neither of them – perhaps he was still dazed, or perhaps he was too desperate for release – Zhang Zhun did not reject Chen Hsin this time. Swinging an arm loosely around Chen Hsin’s shoulder, Zhang Zhun gave in to Chen Hsin’s touch and closed his eyes.

The film crew left and closed the door firmly behind themselves. As they began heading for the elevator, Zhou Zheng pulled Chen Cheng-Sen back. “Director,” he began in a whisper. “I think Chen Hsin made a mistake. The name he called was ‘Zhang Zhun’!”

“Not a problem. We’ll deal with it in post-production,” Chen Cheng-Sen replied with a nonchalant air. He seemed to have been aware of the mistake even before Zhou Zheng brought it up. “After how far Chen Hsin had gone for this scene, are you seriously suggesting a retake? Make a note of this scene, we’ll….”

As they were speaking, someone came towards them down the corridor, staring at them with red, puffy eyes. It was Xie Danyi. She had been waiting all this while, and it was evident that she had been crying while she waited. She searched through the crowd with a gaze filled with an inexplicable sadness. Very quickly, however, her sorrowful expression gave way to shock as realization began to sink in. “Where are they? They… they didn’t come out with you?”

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