NMD – Chapter 54: Unrestrained Spending

No Money to Divorce

Translator: Helliot
Editor: NH

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 54: Unrestrained Spending

Pain had completely drowned out his thoughts. Zhong Yan never knew that such pain could exist, and his thoughts had completely stopped. He could only hear the roar of a man that sounded like an injured beast, and the dull sound of a blade piercing a body. Though the sound could pass through his ears, it did not register in his mind.

The swaying lights were hanging right above him. After a few seconds, or perhaps a few years, when time had lost meaning to him, someone fell down beside him, and the anxious face blocked the light.

“Xiao Yan!” Adrian held up Zhong Yan’s head. His beautiful phoenix eyes were open, but they seemed to have lost their spirit. “Xiao Yan, no…don’t, please…”

Adrian had never been this scared in his life, nor had he ever killed a person so quickly. Lanz’s body fell beside them and he had already stopped breathing. Adrian couldn’t even care to stab him a few more times to vent his anger, he was only scared of holding Zhong Yan up.

Adrian cradled Zhong Yan’s face and tried to wipe the blood from it, but his own hands were also stained with blood, so Zhong Yan’s face was stained with more and more of it. Zhong Yan blinked. He caught onto Adrian’s clothes with his hands that were already soaked with blood and said, “It hurts…Ade, it hurts…”

“I know, I know. I’ll find someone to save you right away, so don’t be scared. It’ll stop hurting soon.” Adrian quickly comforted Zhong Yan, and himself. He immediately moved to stop the bleeding, but only after taking a close look at the injury on Zhong Yan’s belly did he realize how deep the wound was. It had simply been turned into a mess of flesh and blood. Their battlefield first aid guide didn’t talk about how to stop the blood in these situations at all.

Under these circumstances, they would generally be abandoned on the field.

But the battle had already ended. With how advanced the current medical technology was, as long as they were treated in time, as long as they had one last breath in them, or even if they only had half their bodies left, they could still be saved. There was no way he couldn’t be saved!

Adrian gritted his teeth and was just about to go out to find a signal to call for help, but Zhong Yan’s weak voice stopped him. “Don’t go…just leave me. I don’t think…I can hold out any longer. Listen to me…”

“Shh, leave that for later, I’m going to find help, I’ll be back as soon as possible!”

“No, there’s no time left, listen to me…” After saying these words, Zhong Yan’s focus seemed to have converged. With much difficulty, he took a deep breath while ignoring the pain. “The password to my terminal is ten years ago from today. The full authorization rights to ‘Specimen’, and the rest of the important information is inside. A long time ago, Pearson, he said you were a natural during your first two years in Navi. He said you were a revolutionary, and that you would become a big problem, so you had to be dealt with…I, through Specimen, have been trying to warn you many times, in these years…”

He would be barraged with severe pain every time he moved while talking, so he had to pause after every few words. Only after hearing this did Adrian finally realize that those warnings had not been conveyed to him by Vahl…It had always been Zhong Yan!

“So, you separated with Pearson because…” His voice trembled as he spoke.

“Perhaps…even Pearson might not know…why I insisted, to step back…” Zhong Yan tried weakly to laugh, but he didn’t even have the strength to move the corners of his lips anymore. “That year I left, I opened, the first specimen store. I wasn’t, seeking for that position…It was…a way out I prepared for you. You have to…quickly tell them, check the situation in, each military command. only when you’re clear, can you fight…”

“I got it, so don’t talk about this now. Don’t worry, we’re not going to start a war, we’re only going to use force to defend against conflicts…I just went way too overboard that day because I wanted to scare you, I’m sorry…” Adrian hurried to explain. Zhong Yan seemed to have become more at ease as he looked at his eyes. Then, his heavy eyelids slowly closed. Adrian suddenly held his face, “Xiao Yan, don’t sleep, don’t sleep. I’m just going away for a few seconds, okay? I’ll be back soon, wait here for me, okay?”

Zhong Yan’s hands clung tightly to his clothes, expressing his refusal. Just as Adrian was about to bear with the pain and move away his hand, it suddenly got noisy outside.

With the roaring of armored military vehicles coming closer, the sound of them braking could be heard outside the mansion. Fayn led a fully armed elite-team and crashed in. He only had time to verify that the only person sitting on the ground and was still alive in this sea of blood and corpses was Adrian when he heard him shouting at him. “Where’s Wei Lan?! Medical team, hurry up! Quickly! He can’t hold on any longer!”

Fayn had never seen Adrian so uncomposed before, but he couldn’t bother to assess the situation and just pushed the nearest soldier to him. “Quickly go and get the medical team from the rear support vehicle! There’s an emergency, make sure that Wei Lan himself comes!”

The soldier obeyed the order and immediately ran out.

Fayn took a few steps closer. Only then could he clearly see that the person covered in blood from head to toe was Zhong Yan, and couldn’t help himself from feeling shocked. He immediately turned back and ordered, “Don’t spread out! All of you go outside!”

He saw the hideous wound on Zhong Yan that was exposed to the air and feared that a group of soldiers rushing in would cause the flow of air to stir up the dust and pollute his wound. He took a few steps forward and added a bullet to each of the corpses lying by Adrian and Zhong Yan, making sure that they would no longer pose a threat.

“My guard, Fayn, he’s injured. He inhaled a powerful hallucinogen, move him out first,” said Adrian as he pointed towards the direction in which his guard fell.

Fayn quickly followed the direction he was pointing and found the unconscious guard and moved him to a place outside where he could get some fresh air.

Adrian leaned his body over, and said in a gentle yet powerful way, “Did you hear that, Xiao Yan? The doctor is coming soon, so don’t sleep! Talk to me, Xiao Yan…”

“The ring…what did it look like…” Zhong Yan muttered.

“I didn’t throw out the ring! It’s still at home. You’ll be able to see it when we go home.” Adrian quickly added, “It’s silver. Very cheap because I didn’t have money at that time. I’ll bring it out and give it to you when we’re home, okay? You have to come home with me. Don’t sleep. Hold on for a little longer.”

Zhong Yan’s breathing was becoming weaker, and his voice was so quiet that he could hardly be heard. Thankfully, Adrian had learned to read lips during his investigations class. “Do you…love me again? I’m going soon, Ade, just lie to me…”

“I’ve always liked you! Really! I’ve never stopped liking you! Right, didn’t you say you wanted to start over? We can start over as long as you live on…No, let’s start over right now, okay? Please marry me. Zhong Yan, will you promise me that?”

“Thank you.” A flash of pleasure could be seen in Zhong Yan’s eyes that were gradually dimming. His lips were moving weakly, and though he could hardly see it move, Adrian could still read the words from his lips: “You’re really kind…”

The moment he read those words, it simply felt as if an arrow had pierced through his heart. He spent so much time going out of his way to repeat to Zhong Yan how much he hated him that Zhong Yan couldn’t even trust his sincere confession now. He believed that this was only his last favor to him.

“I’m not lying to you!” Adrian’s hot tears dripped down onto Zhong Yan’s face, but he could no longer feel the warmth. “I’m not lying, Xiao Yan, I love you…It’s true…No, don’t sleep, don’t do this to me, please…I beg you…”

His tears blurred his vision, and a clear voice yelled out to him. “Move away!”

A pair of powerful hands pulled him, and dragged him away from Zhong Yan with an unshakable force. Adrian quickly wiped his tears and recognized that the figure of that white-robed back was Wei Lan. Fayn was at his side, trying to pull him back to his senses.

“Let go,” Adrian said under his breath.

Fayn saw that he had recovered some of his senses, so he obeyed and released him.

Adrian asked, “Can he be saved?”

“He can.” Wei Lan was in a hurry to deal with his wounds and responded without even turning back.

Anybody was willing to lie in order to comfort him, but Wei Lan wouldn’t. The boulder hanging on Adrian’s heart finally fell, but he quickly heard Wei Lan saying before he could even relax his breath, “He needs a large blood transfusion immediately before I can begin the operation. What’s his blood type, Commander?”

Adrian was just about to open his mouth when suddenly, he stopped as if something had caught his throat.

Another doctor took over Wei Lan’s work, and only then was Wei Lan able to take some time out to look at Adrian. “You don’t know? Xiao Lu, take out the blood type detector…”

“Type B…” Adrian said with much difficulty, “Variant class, type B.”

Even the doctors who were busy cleaning the wound couldn’t help themselves from looking over, and their voices cracked. “Variant blood type?! That…We don’t have that type in the portable blood bank we brought.”

Even Wei Lan was frowning, but he passed on the instructions practically without pause. “First, give him artificial blood to hold him on. Then, Commander, you…”

Adrian quickly responded, “I’ll contact the blood banks nearby. How long can the artificial blood hold him?”

“Don’t bother with any blood banks more than an hour away, there’s no time.”

Several doctors carried Zhong Yan to a stretcher and transported him out of the mansion that was filled with corpses. The rear support vehicle was already outside. They had to transfer Zhong Yan to the sterile room in the vehicle to continue treatment.

Before getting in the vehicle, Wei Lan’s last words to Adrian were: “Two hours is the limit. Going by the regular course, artificial blood can be inserted for a maximum of ten to twenty minutes. When it goes past half an hour, I have to pull out the transfusion needle. In the ischemic state, he can hold out for at most half an hour. For the first hour, at least get him one batch of blood, but a large amount of blood is needed in the follow-up, so start contacting the blood banks from nearby to far away.”

Adrian’s lips were pursed tight and he nodded to show that he understood. Fayn and the two other officers standing next to him were busy trying to contact the nearest blood banks, but after hanging up their calls, their expressions were heavy.

“Nothing?” Adrian asked.

“We have 400 milliliters in our own military command’s general hospital. It’ll take an hour…I’ve already asked them to send it over in the fastest combat ship we have. It should be able to arrive in time.” Fayn said, “Variant blood types are too rare, even more so here. In the blood blanks closest to here, the only large-scale blood bank that has a small amount is a star system away from here. It’ll take at least two hours for them to reach. If we go further…Glory System has some, and the distance is four hours away from here…”

Adrian clenched his fists and said solemn voice, “Tell all the blood banks who have it to send it over. Immediately notify headquarters to search the files and screen through every person to find who has type B variant blood in the military command. If there is, immediately negotiate with them.”

Fayn nodded immediately. At this time, all of them heard a bustle from outside. Fayn said, “It’s that group of reporters. They’ve already been stopped outside of the manor so they can’t come in, don’t worry.”

“Wait.” Adrian said, “There are reporters outside?”

“Yeah. We rushed here too quickly so we didn’t get to conceal our tracks and they followed us over…Hey, what’re you doing?”

Adrian strode out of the gates of the manor in large strides. The door had long been surrounded until there were no leaks. The Navi military unit saw that it was him and automatically made way. A raging storm was breaking out in Adrian’s silver eyes, and his body was covered in blood as if he had just crawled out of hell. The reporters at the front were stunned by his imposing aura for a moment, and it actually turned silent in an instant.

“Are all of these cameras on live broadcast?” Adrian swept over a dozen hovering cameras that were suspended at a person’s height.

“Most of them are, Sir Yate,” several reporters responded cautiously.

“Good. I am now offering a reward to the entire Federation. My location is…” Adrian clearly spoke out his coordinates to the live cameras which were transmitted by hundreds of millions of bitstreams over to the virtual community that was expanded over every inch of civilization. The mysterious uncrowned king of the Navi System appeared covered in blood. In a short few seconds, views were booming, and the numbers were still climbing rapidly.

“If anyone with type B variant blood can rush here within four hours, for every milliliter of blood, I will offer 1 million standard federation dollars. The reward is now in effect, and the prize money is halved every hour. I will honor with my life the health, safety, and return of any type B variant blood carriers who come.”

The crowd was in a turmoil and all the reporters had gone crazy. A male reporter shouted to confirm, “Sir Yate, did you just say you were offering one million for every milliliter?”

“That’s right.” Adrian repeated himself, “For every milliliter of blood, I will offer one million. Every ten, ten million. Every hundred, one hundred million.”

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