NMD – Chapter 61: My Husband

No Money to Divorce

Translator: Helliot
Editor: NH

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 61: My Husband

Ten minutes later, Zhong Yan felt like he had said the most number of refusals he ever did in his life.

“No, I’m not wearing it,” said Zhong Yan pitifully in the corner of the sofa as he held the rabbit.

“You promised me earlier, are you going back on your word?” Adrian was dressed in his black gold-rimmed formal military uniform and was holding a white terrycloth onesie.

The fabric was very soft, and there was even a hood on the fluffy set of pajamas. Two large bunny ears hung softly down from the top of the hood. One could tell at a glance that this was not designed for adults, but who knew why it was available in an adult’s size?

Adrian said, “I’ve already changed into my uniform, we promised to exchange.”

Zhong Yan raised the little rabbit to his eyes and pretended he never saw Adrian’s clothes. “Then quickly take it off. I didn’t see it, and I’m not looking!”

“Really?” Adrian stepped forward to take the rabbit away from his hands and placed it down on the coffee table. He stood in front of him and leaned down. “Then, I’ll take it off now, okay?”

He straightened his body and slowly undid the topmost golden button of his uniform. The former dignified abstinence was destroyed by that loose button, and there was a slight feeling of bold uninhibition added in now. Zhong Yan stared at his well-defined fingers without looking away, then up at his deep and tender eyes, only to feel the air getting hotter, and his breaths growing shorter.

But those hands stopped at the second button and stopped moving.

Zhong Yan had always been a very patient person, but he couldn’t bear it anymore in just a short dozen seconds. He couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you…stop?”

“Dear, you’ve been watching for so long.” Adrian reached out to stroke his cheeks and said in a gentle whisper, “You’re not going to tell me you haven’t seen it, right?”

Zhong Yan met his eyes, then, he suddenly felt like running away as soon as he found a gap. Adrian quickly grabbed his waist and secured him to his embrace with one hug. He moved close to Zhong Yan’s ears and chuckled. “What are you running for? You think you can run without paying for your meal?”

Zhong Yan who had failed to escape complained, “What kind of stupid clothes are you buying! If anyone photographs you…then wouldn’t everyone find out I’d be wearing that?!”

“Don’t worry, I had my guard buy it. I assure you nobody knows.” Adrian caught him with one hand and brought the pajamas over. “Hurry up, are you changing yourself or do you want me to put it on you?”

“Don’t wanna.”

Zhong Yan refused him outright. Adrian made a move as if he was going to take off his button, but Zhong Yan quickly reached out to stop him. While the two were messing about on the sofa, Adrian’s terminal suddenly sounded.

“What is it?” Adrian picked up and asked, his voice still sounded cheerful.

But after hearing what the other side had to say, his expression slowly turned serious. Zhong Yan who was resting in his embrace had also sat up when he saw his expression and put away his smile.

Adrian gave him a comforting look while he said, “Got it, I’ll head over immediately”

“What happened?” Zhong Yan asked as soon as Adrian ended his call. “You’re going to headquarters now?”

Adrian carried him up and returned him to the wheelchair. “No. I’m going to a nearby planet. Stay home like a good boy, okay? You don’t have to wait for me for dinner, and just sleep before me…”

Before he could finish, Zhong Yan managed to ask cautiously, “Did Qu Yongyi confess?”

Adrian was surprised, and said helplessly, “How are you so smart? Yeah, the person who was interrogating him just told me he was willing to testify, but he insisted on talking to me face to face. I’m going there now to the holding center nearby.”

“I’m going too,” Zhong Yan declared.

“No. You still haven’t recovered from your injuries completely, so just stay at home,” Adrian refused. But more importantly, he knew that Qu Yongyi definitely wouldn’t be in good shape after being interrogated for so many days. He didn’t want Zhong Yan to see things like this. The direct visual impact may make Zhong Yan think that he was a cruel man.

Zhong Yan insisted, “I want to go. I used to work with him and I’ve collected a lot of his biographical information. I might be able to help. What’s more…” He recalled the shocking moments of that day, and a look of hate could be seen flashing past his eyes. “In case you have no more use for him after he confesses, I want to be the one to fire the gun.”

Astonishment could be seen in Adrian’s eyes. He raised a brow. “Have you fired a gun before?”

“Adrian, I’ve always gotten the feeling that you have certain…biases towards people like us, civilian workers, I mean,” Zhong Yan said calmly, “You seem to be with the idea that lives would never be taken in the game of intrigue. It is exactly underestimation like that that you’ve ignored several warnings I’ve issued to you several times over the years. So you don’t think a representative councilor has killed anyone?”

“Have you killed before?” Adrian asked in turn. He really couldn’t imagine how Zhong Yan would look like killing anyone.

“Not at the moment, no. But if it’s necessary, I would,” Zhong Yan answered him calmly. “The difference is that I don’t have to pull the trigger myself. I only have the issue the order, and somebody will remove the obstacles in my way, just like how Pearson attacked you. I believe Fowler is the only ordinary representative councilor without his own clique or team. When I established ‘Specimen’, I hoped that he could become your eyes and your ears, so you could be informed of the Supreme Council’s killing intent towards you, but…Forget it. Anyway, I will become your eyes and your ears in the future. You can use ‘Specimen’ however you please.”

He was clearly talking about something bloody and ruthless, but Adrian felt warm after hearing those words. His expression slowly eased up, and he heard Zhong Yan continue, “After saying all this, what I mean to say is that I know much more about the Capital than you do. If you have the need, then let me meet him. Maybe I could get something out of him that you wouldn’t be able to.”

Adrian pondered on it for a moment, but he nodded eventually.

Zhong Yan leaned forward and fixed up the button Adrian had taken off earlier before carefully arranging his collar for him. He said, “You should go start up the ship. I’ll be out after I change.”

When he arrived with Zhong Yan at the holding center, Adrian never expected that he would actually end up using him.

After he ended his meeting with Qu Yongyi and came out of the interrogation room, Zhong Yan and the officer in charge who was waiting for him outside could tell the results from looking at his face.

The person in charge tried to ask, “What’s wrong, Commander? Was it unsuccessful?”

“He wants a way out,” Adrian sneered. “He said that Pearson is the main instigator. He wants me to keep him alive in the Navi System, but not in prison. He wants to return to a free life. Is he dreaming?”

“He brought a gang of killers and tried to assassinate our Supreme Commander, and now he wants to weasel his way out of it with a confession?” After hearing that, the officer in charge was also visibly displeased. He apologized, “I’m sorry, Commander. I was not thorough in my work. Give me two days, I’ll definitely…”

“I’ll go,” a cool voice sounded.

The officer turned his head, surprised. When he came in earlier, Zhong Yan had been standing to the side after speaking a few words with Adrian, never moving, nor speaking. His sense of existence was so low that he nearly forgot Adrian came bringing his family.

Adrian said, “No need, let’s head back for now.”

“You’ve already been at it for so many days, nothing’s going to change. He’ll have no more use to you once he confesses, and you won’t keep him around. It’s easier to just kill him than let him stay in Navi, but if he’s sent out of Navi, Pearson will kill him. He knows that very well.” Zhong Yan didn’t sound like he was talking about someone who nearly killed him. He sounded calm as if this person had nothing to do with him at all. “You might as well let me try talking to him, it wouldn’t hurt.”

“And what are you going to talk to him about?” Adrian asked. “That is an extremely selfish and despicable man in there. I can’t think of what else he would care about besides himself. But as for his personal interests…it just so happens to be something I don’t feel like giving to him.”

“About ninety-percent of the Supreme Council consists of such people. Including…” Zhong Yan laughed self-deprecatingly. Someone else was around, so he did not complete his sentence. “Let me try. Everyone has their weaknesses, and maybe I may know his.”

The door to the interrogation room was opened once more. Qu Yongyi thought that Adrian had returned. He had been suffering a lot these days so it took some effort to raise his head, and he could only powerlessly say, “Have you changed your mind, Commander Yate?”

The person who entered did not answer him. From the corner of his vision, he was able to see a set of leather shoes and suit pants instead of the military boots from earlier. He couldn’t help but feel shocked and raised his head.

The young councilor who used to sit on the table beside him at work was now sitting on the only chair in the interrogation room. When he saw him look over, he put on a genial smile. “I’m sorry, I’ve just gone through a surgery a few days ago. My husband won’t allow me to stand for long.”

As a councilor that did not need to rely on his face to find work, he really did look too good, especially when he smiled. It felt like a spring breeze had come to melt the winter ice, and it was a very pleasing sight.

But Qu Yongyi wasn’t in the mood to appreciate that pretty face right now. He could only feel a chill climb up his spine. This was exactly how it was a few days ago. Zhong Yan suddenly broke into the manor and disrupted all his plans. And going back further…Zhong Yan had clearly entered the Supreme Council after him, but he quickly reached the same position as him. For two years, he and Zhong Yan were both high-ranking councilors. He sat next to Zhong Yan every day, and he felt like it was torture. It was as if this young man was born a politician. He was always calm and stable, and he got along well with everyone. Very soon, when he himself was hopeless in securing a promotion, this young man had instead been taken note of by Old Yate and was pushed up by him to become his puppet as a representative member.

That’s right…Old Yate…Commander Yate…They’re married now, and they seem to be in a good relationship…

“You…” Qu Yongyi suddenly realized something amazing. “Have you and the Yate family been colluding this whole time? No wonder! I was thinking why it was always you. Turns out Old Yate had known long ago you were going to become part of his family!”

Zhong Yan chuckled. “You don’t have to know what’s going on inside. After all, you won’t be alive for long. I really don’t want to talk too much nonsense with a dying man, but seeing as you’re the first person to congratulate me on my marriage…If you’re willing to provide us the evidence we want, I can personally come to an agreement with you. I will hire someone to take care of your father in his old age.”

The muscles on Qu Yongyi’s bloodied face suddenly twitched. He glared at Zhong Yan in disbelief, only to hear him continue, “Did you not understand me? Then let me be straight with you. If you don’t tell us what we want to know, you’ll still die, but you won’t be going alone. My husband is a benevolent man, he would not do such a thing. However,” Zhong Yan raised his cold eyes to him. “I will.”

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