NMD – Chapter 63: Carnivore

No Money to Divorce

Translator: Helliot
Editor: NH

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 63: Carnivore

Adrian was so shocked his hands shook, and the bowl fell straight from his hands. But fortunately, his ability to react was extraordinary. He bent down at superhuman speed and caught the bowl when it was just centimeters away from the ground, successfully avoiding the tragedy of breaking one of his and Zhong Yan’s couple bowls just two days after buying them.

“You…” Adrian was just about to tell him to stop standing and to go lay down in the room. But the instant he saw Zhong Yan after turning around, he suddenly forgot what he wanted to say.

Zhong Yan’s skin was very fair, to the point where not much contrast could be found even against the snow-white pajamas he wore. He was so covered in white that his pink lips, black eyes, and hair were very eye-catching. He was not wearing the hood, so the pair of big and long rabbit ears on the hat were hanging down. At this moment, he was standing right at the door, and Adrian didn’t know why, but he was suddenly reminded of that day in the backyard where that palm-sized rabbit was poking its head outside of the door to the miniature rabbit’s nest, looking around.

Zhong Yan was standing while supporting himself on the door frame timidly. Clearly, it was way too embarrassing for a man like him who wore a suit to work every day to wear a loose children’s onesie. He was tugging uneasily at the soft and fluffy clothes on him. Children have delicate skin, so the fabric of the pajamas was particularly soft. When he saw Adrian staying silent, he felt more and more embarrassed and nervous. Even his voice was shaky. “Is it weird? As expected, for an adult to dress like this is too…that. I should go change.”

“Don’t.” Adrian quickly walked to him in large strides. “Why change? You just had surgery, this fabric is soft enough, so don’t change.”

Even though he was telling him not to change cause of how soft the fabric was, his hands could not wait any longer to pull up the hood at Zhong Yan’s back. After pulling the hood over him, Zhong Yan became a lop-eared rabbit. Adrian couldn’t resist giving a slight tug on the rabbit ears at the side. Zhong Yan shrunk away, and couldn’t help complaining, “Why are you pulling on my ears?”

“You just look so cute I couldn’t help but bully you,” Adrian answered. The rabbit ears were made of even thicker terry material and it felt nice, so he couldn’t help himself from pulling at it.

Under normal circumstances, Adrian was a man who sympathized with the weak. Just like when he first met Zhong Yan. He knew that his year’s top-scorer was an orphan. He was so thin, but he had to bring a big box to school all by himself. Not long after living together with him, he heard him vaguely speak about his less than perfect childhood. At that time, he was thinking wishfully about how his roommate who had come from a small planet he had never heard of was a pure little white rabbit that was being bullied. He did not hesitate at all to bring him under his wing and would bring him along for everything.

Even though their professions were worlds apart, and they practically shared no courses, they still spent much of their time together. During their first year, their classes weren’t far away from each other, so they would even meet each other between classes to chat for a bit. It wasn’t until Zhong Yan slowly rose up in school, became the backbone of the student council, and even successfully took over unprecedentedly as the student council president in his second year that Adrian gradually realized that this person was not the little rabbit he thought he was.

But Zhong Yan in the dorms was different from him in the outside world. Only when the two of them were alone was Zhong Yan’s temper so soft, and he always went out of his way to accommodate him in every possible way. There was also no need to mention that Adrian had to look at his giant space rabbit bed sheets every day. In his subconscious, he could not get rid of the impression he had that Zhong Yan was “weak and needed his protection”.

When Zhong Yan first revealed to him his ambitions that he kept deep within him for the longest time, telling Adrian that he wanted to obtain the highest position. Adrian could clearly see the sharp light in his eyes, and that ferocious desire like that of a carnivore. Even if he could not agree with Zhong Yan’s point of view, he still had to admit that at that moment he knew, as clear as anyone, that this was not a man that required anyone’s protection. He was a man who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him, and an opponent strong enough to rival himself.

Now, with those pair of long ears, and in a pure-white children’s onesie, Zhong Yan once again looked as if he could be bullied by anyone—that anyone being Adrian—but for some reason, Adrian did not feel any pity this time. Instead, he could feel his breath speeding up, and the sinister part of him deep inside his bones was being aroused.

Rabbits should have red eyes.

“Stop playing around.” Zhong Yan’s rabbit ears were being played with. He slapped away Adrian’s hand that was constantly playing with his rabbit ears unhappily. “I’m going to take it off.”

He had just turned around to head back inside the room, but Adrian followed him in and shut the door behind him before picking him up like a bride.

Zhong Yan reflexively held onto his neck. Adrian was still wary of his wounds so he didn’t dare to throw him on the bed, and instead held him like a fragile object, setting him down softly on the bed. Zhong Yan was trapped in the soft white material that looked as clean and pure as a newborn baby. Adrian grabbed the bed sheets with both his hands and trapped Zhong Yan under him, but he didn’t dare to press down on him, only looking over his pale skin and red lips again and again.

Zhong Yan felt extremely ashamed because Adrian was still in his neat and stately military uniform, while he himself was dressed like that. He reached out to push him. “Wait, you should change first before…before…”

“Before what?” Adrian asked in a whisper, but he could no longer hear much of what Zhong Yan was saying. This was the first time in his life that he felt that a soft, weak, fluffy little animal like a rabbit could be so cute. Take Zhong Yan for example. He had completely grabbed his attention. He leaned down in fascination, personally taking off the hood he had just pulled over Zhong Yan’s head, and kissed Zhong Yan whose ears were already beginning to redden.

“If you don’t let me play with your rabbit ears…” His deep and hoarse voice lightly brushed against Zhong Yan’s ears, “Then it should be fine if I play with these ears, right?”

The blush at Zhong Yan’s ears spread all the way to the corners of his eyes. With the white hood pressed behind his head, the contrast of it accentuated the red color of his blush. Adrian could feel his throat getting parched, and the trousers of his military uniform were beginning to feel a little tight.

But this wasn’t a good time for indulgence. Zhong Yan’s wound had still yet to recover. Moreover, Zhong Yan’s surgery happened the day after their supposed one-night stand. No matter how careful or restrained he was that day, there would definitely still be traces. He was very convinced Wei Lan had seen it, because Wei Lan had specifically ordered him not to engage in any “intense exercise, including sexual intercourse” during the recovery period of the patient.

Zhong Yan was just beginning to get into it when he realized that Adrian had stopped moving. He shut his eyes to recover from his quickened breathing before turning over, annoyed, to lay down next to Zhong Yan.

“Let’s…do this another time.”

Zhong Yan had also recalled his own condition. It was fine for him to restrain his desires, but he was worried Adrian would feel bad, so he quietly asked after some hesitation. “If you want, I could help you with…”

“Don’t say it!” Adrian quickly cut him off. “I’m scared that I’ll lose my self-control if you say it.”

He got out of bed and didn’t even turn back to look at Zhong Yan’s face for fear that he would change his mind. While walking away, he said, “Don’t say anything to me, talk to me after I’ve had my shower.”

Zhong Yan sat up and pulled at the corner of Adrian’s clothes. Adrian thought he was going to stop him, and at that moment, he had already made excuses for himself. If he was careful and went slowly, they could actually give it a try…

“Go shower upstairs,” Zhong Yan said.

This was completely different from what Adrian expected. For a moment, he couldn’t understand, and asked in confusion, “What?”

“I want to use this bathroom.” As he said that, Zhong Yan got up from bed.

Adrian watched as he tidied up his fur, ah no, his pajamas, and said, “Didn’t you just finish…washing…” After speaking halfway, he suddenly realized. Zhong Yan’s reason for going to the bathroom was the same as his. Thus, he quickly stopped his words. “Oh.”

“What do you mean, oh?” Zhong Yan who was wearing the rabbit onesie with his eyes red went straight into the bathroom of the master bedroom and shut the door in front of him.

Adrian subconsciously took a step towards the bathroom. As if he could predict his movements, Zhong Yan knocked on the door from inside and said, “Quickly go and wash up, you still have to wake up early tomorrow to wash the rabbit.”

“Got it,” Adrian responded, and headed upstairs for his DIY session.

Adrian spent much more time in the bathroom compared to usual. By the time he returned to the room, Zhong Yan had already shriveled inside the quilt to look at his terminal.

“I just received some news from that side when I was taking a shower,” Adrian quickly told Zhong Yan, “Qu Yongyi has provided part of the evidence.”

Zhong Yan sat up immediately. “Really? Where is it?”

“God, can’t you slow down a little?” Worried, Adrian rushed straight like an arrow to his side to hold him. “Does it not hurt for you to move so roughly?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore. But forget that, where is it?” Zhong Yan asked eagerly, “How much evidence did he give?”

“I haven’t finished looking at it myself. We can look at it together.” As he said that, Adrian enlarged his virtual screen and climbed into the blankets. Since he was worried about hurting Zhong Yan, they had been sleeping separately these days.

Zhong Yan moved over to lean on him. He was still wearing the rabbit pajamas, and the soft fur brushed past Adrian’s arm. But he was no longer restless like before. Both of them were concentrated on the records in Adrian’s terminal.

After a few minutes, Zhong Yan muttered, “This is enough. But I suspect this isn’t all of the evidence, this is just all he can give. Pearson wouldn’t let him keep something as straightforward as the transaction records anyway. He knows he won’t be able to escape, so between us and Pearson, he put his bet on us.”

“I’ll send it over to you,” Adrian said. “Are you going to adjust the arrangements with your team?”

Zhong Yan responded with his fighting spirit ignited, “Of course!”

Pearson was a thorn in his side. Ever since finding out that he had murderous intentions towards Adrian, he had always wanted to get rid of him. Not to mention the fact that Pearson had nearly succeeded, the old grudges were now mixed in with the new. Zhong Yan immediately contacted both Intron and Old Yate, determined to launch his offensive.

Adrian responded to his own subordinates and looked up to see Zhong Yan working seriously in the childish rabbit outfit, and couldn’t help himself from breaking out in laughter.

“What are you laughing at?” Zhong Yan took a moment to shoot a look at him, and his eyes were filled with murder.

A murderous little rabbit.

It was even funnier now.

Adrian quickly reminded himself of the gravity of the current matter at hand and was barely able to control his own facial expression.

The people Zhong Yan had urgently contacted tonight would never expect that the signal was being given by someone dressed in a rabbit costume, because all of them had received tasks that called for bloodshed.

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