Chapter 002 – Sentence

Translator: Helliot

Editor: Isalee

The second person who came to see Meng Fu was a stranger. He was a tall man with a handsome face, but his face revealed a stern and murderous aura.

The instant he saw Meng Fu walk in through the door, his eyes were fixed on him. Those eyes were filled with such hatred and anger that if murder was not a crime, Meng Fu had no doubts that this man would kill him on the spot.

“My name is Gu Ze. I’m He Manyu’s husband.”

Meng Fu looked at the man and clenched his hands, causing a soft clink as his handcuffs jingled. He was too ashamed to face the husband of the woman who died. “I’m sorry.”

In exchange for the two lives he took, the only thing he could muster was a heavy sorry, an accumulation of all his guilt.

“What’s sorry gonna do for me? Manyu’s dead, my child is dead, yet a murderer like you is still well and alive. You should have died as well. Just you wait, I’ll hire the best lawyer and make sure that even if I can’t get you sentenced to death, you’ll be locked up for a while.”

“I’m sorry.”

He didn’t know what else he could say.

Gu Ze looked at this man with his head down, chin practically buried into his collar, thinking to himself, It’s always the nice-looking ones who do bad in this world, huh?

That’s exactly what this Meng Fu sitting in front of him was. He had a gentle and nice-looking face, but a guy like him still did a hit and run.

He took out a piece of paper from his wallet and placed it on the table in front of him. Facing Meng Fu, he said, “This is your acceptance letter from A University.”

“Why do you have that?” Zhenzhen should have thrown it away for him. Why was it with Gu Ze?

“I pulled some strings and got it straight from your school.” Gu Ze observed Meng Fu’s expression, looking at the hope of the future this acceptance letter held in his eyes. Then, waiting for Meng Fu to reach out, he quickly took it back. “But you won’t be needing this anymore.”

He cast a sidelong glance at Meng Fu, then he tore the letter into shreds as the latter watched on.

That thin piece of paper was the fruit of ten years of hard work. Even though he knew the moment he stepped into the cell that university would have nothing to do with him anymore, watching the letter being torn in front of his eyes still made his heart ache.

“Feeling sad?” Observing his silence, Gu Ze said, “But compared to what I’m feeling, what you’re feeling is nothing.”

“I’m sorry, I will accept the punishment of the law.”

Gu Ze scoffed. He looked at the torn pieces of paper. Meng Fu’s name had been torn into two halves. “I’ll make sure your life is hell.”

Even after returning to his cell, his mind was still on that torn acceptance letter.

His dream had ended before it had even begun. How tragic.

Meng Fu grew more and more restless. He had no idea how Meng Yi was doing, nor how many years he was going to be sentenced. A hit-and-run resulting in death would get him at least seven years.

There was no chance of him gaining a lenient sentence. He had just turned 18 two months ago. If he goes to prison, what would happen to Meng Yi?

His trial soon arrived. When the prosecutor asked if he wanted to hire a lawyer, he shook his head no. Even when the court offered to assign him a lawyer for legal aid, he refused it.

Standing alone before the judge, he listened to his charges one by one. Seated behind him were his aunt whom he had not contacted for many years, Xie Zhenzhen, and Gu Ze in the plaintiff’s seat.

“In accordance with Article 133 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the defendant Meng Fu is sentenced to seven years in prison.”

In just a few hours, the verdict was out.

Seven years…It was a really long time.

How many hours did he have to count through, and how much torment would he have to tread through to survive seven years?

As he walked out of the courtroom, handcuffed, his aunt said to him, “Meng Fu. Xiao Yi will be with me, so don’t worry.”

“Mm. Thank you, Auntie.”

But before he could step out of the door, he heard Gu Ze yelling furiously at his lawyer. “What is this bullshit? He killed two people. How did he only get seven years?!”

“He was open to confessing his wrongdoing, and subjectively, did not have the intention to commit the crime. Plus, he just turned eighteen. That’s probably factored in as well. The judge will consider everything before convicting and sentencing him. Over the years, most cases don’t exceed fifteen years, Mr. Gu. I’ve already done my best,” his lawyer explained to him quietly.

“No noise in the courtroom.” The judge who had yet to retire banged his gavel and warned.

Gu Ze gritted his teeth, his facial muscles twitching from the force. But soon, he regained his calm. He left the plaintiff’s table with a large stride and when he passed by Meng Fu who was being led out by the bailiff, he turned back and said something that Meng Fu would never forget for the rest of his life. “This is just the beginning of your suffering.”

After leaving the courthouse, Gu Ze pointed at his lawyer’s nose and cursed angrily. “What the fuck kind of a bullshit lawyer are you? Didn’t you say there’s a fifteen-year sentence? Why didn’t you charge him that then? Also, I told you to send a gift to the judge, did you do it or not?”

“Mr. Gu, I did send him the gift and asked for the favor, but the gift was returned. The judge refused it.”

“Then couldn’t you have gone to a different fucking court? And if you can’t do your job, then find someone else who can. Did I spend all this money hiring you just so you could say random bullshit in court?”

Seven years. That murderer Meng Fu definitely couldn’t be in jail for just seven years.

The lawyer tried to explain the jurisdiction problems to Gu Ze, but considering how pissed he was right now, he wouldn’t listen. So, he said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Gu. Prison is a brutal place. I’m afraid a young man like Meng Fu won’t even last seven years in there before it breaks him.”

Anger slightly appeased, Gu Ze sneered. “That’s right, I’m sure a guy like him won’t even be able to last a couple months.”

From the beginning of the trial, Meng Fu was aware that Xie Zhenzhen was watching him the whole time. Even after his aunt and Gu Ze left, that girl was still following him from behind.

“Mr. Bailiff, could I have a minute with him?”

Perhaps Xie Zhenzhen’s pretty tear-stained cheeks roused their sympathy, but the two bailiffs surprisingly agreed.

“It’s just seven years, it’s not long.” Xie Zhenzhen wiped her tears away with her hand and squeezed out a smile in an attempt to make herself feel better. “I’ll wait for you.”

“Don’t. We’re not together anymore.” He was tempted to wipe away Xie Zhenzhen’s tears, but even the slightest movement brought to his ears the crisp clink of his handcuffs.

Even the tiniest sound felt like a sharp knife cutting across his heart.

Meng Fu put his hand down and clasped his hands together in front of him.

He didn’t have the courage to touch her.

“You’re the only one who agreed to it, I didn’t agree.” Her voice was choked back with her tears and she could not stop wiping her tears. “I still want to go on dates with you, watch movies, eat, and travel…There are so many things lovers do that we haven’t even done yet. How could we break up?”

“Zhenzhen.” Meng Fu raised his voice, interrupting her. He turned to the bailiff and said, “Let’s go.”

There was no way for them to stay together, so why hope? Xie Zhenzhen was a rich girl from a nice family while he was a man without a future. They walked on two parallel lines, so why waste energy hoping that their paths will cross?