Chapter 024 – Interest (NSFW)

Translator: Helliot

Editor: P’Raikantopeni

Only the soft sound of the door closing could be heard in the small living room. Gu Ze sat around for a while before walking barefoot into Meng Fu’s room. That man had left in such a hurry, yet his room wasn’t messed up in the slightest.

Perhaps he was bored, or perhaps it was curiosity, but Gu Ze’s attention turned towards the small desk that was full of books. Some of them were high school textbooks, and some were law books. There were old books and new ones among them, but it can be seen that they were well-cherished by their owner.

Gu Ze flipped open a high school geography textbook, and he could see a dense collection of Meng Fu’s handwriting inside. The words were neat and clean, and markers of various colors were used to highlight the key points. It was unexpectedly quite pleasant to look at.
He thought to himself, Meng Fu wouldn’t be thinking of taking the college entrance exam still and head on to study law, would he? Wasn’t that too ironic for him?

Opening his small wardrobe, he could see only a few pieces of clothing inside. They were cheap stall goods, but each piece was folded properly. Closing the wardrobe, he turned his eyes towards the small single bed in the room. It happened right there, on that day.

It was uncertain what he felt right then, but he turned around and left the room.

At eleven o’clock that night, Meng Fu met with a familiar guest. Gu Ze was embracing two beautiful women in the private room, smirking as he watched him bring the wine in.

“Wait. Before you go,” he stopped Meng Fu who was just about to leave, “pour the wine.”

Chief Liang and the other old bosses kept on staring at this strange scene. To think Chief Gu actually took a fancy to a male waiter. Chief Li nudged Chief Liang’s arm and whispered, “What’s going on here? Is Chief Gu developing a taste in men, too?”

“That’s his enemy.”

“What, his enemy?”

“I just found out about it recently. That’s the man who ran over He Manyu.”

“Oh. But no matter how I look at it, that look in his eyes seems like he’s harassing him.”

“Isn’t it all because his enemy has a pretty face?”


After his glass of wine was poured, Meng Fu thought Gu Ze would ask him to do something else, but unexpectedly, nothing happened. He even looked a little puzzled at Gu Ze for a moment before going back to his calm appearance. Politely, he turned around and left the room.

There were beautiful women in his arms, yet he wasn’t focused on them at all. With the excuse of going to the restroom, Gu Ze got up and left the room. Through the bustle of luxury and indulgence, his eyes followed Meng Fu’s back.

This man was so constantly busy that his work never stopped for a moment. However, when guests came up to harass him, someone would immediately come over to put a stop to it. Seems like that Di Jun has already made some arrangements.

When Meng Fu finally took a break to use the restroom and came out, he met with an old acquaintance at the sinks. After washing his hand, he nodded in greeting at Gu Ze and was about to leave.

However, his arm was caught. He thought that Gu Ze wanted to say something to him, but the man just gazed at him and said nothing.

He gently broke free from the man, but he was pulled back abruptly, almost falling into Gu Ze’s arms. In a panic, he tried to back up. From the corner of his eye, he could see Gu Ze step back as well, seemingly in more of a panic than him.

“Seems like you adapt to this kind of place quite quickly.” Gu Ze let go of him, the look of panic from when he was pulling Meng Fu before no longer present.

“Anything as long as I can do a good job. Please excuse me, I still have work to do.”

But when he tried to leave, Gu Ze followed him.

Finally, he stopped. Turning around, he asked, “Mr. Gu, could you not follow me?” Walking out of the restroom, everyone who saw this scene stared at them with strange eyes.


It would be useless to argue back when he’d given him such a firm answer, so Meng Fu could only ignore this person and go about his own business.

When Chief Liang walked out with a young boy in his arms, what he saw was Gu Ze sitting on the sofa, watching Meng Fu work. Together with Chief Li and the other bosses, he went towards the sofa and teased, “Mr. Gu, why’re you alone? Who are you waiting for?”

Then, in a quiet voice, as if discussing a secret, he approached Gu Ze’s side and asked, “You’ve had a taste of him, haven’t you?”

It goes without saying that he meant Meng Fu.

Gu Ze did not hide it either. “I told you I’d take revenge myself.”

Chief Liang chuckled. He knew it wasn’t the right time for him to ask to try Meng Fu yet, so after saying their farewells with each other, the company presidents left the nightclub with their separate partners for the night.

It was already 2:00 a.m. and the nightclub was still lively. Men and women intoxicated themselves in this corrupted place of debauchery. Meng Fu changed shifts and walked out of the nightclub wearing his clothes from this morning.

Right there at the entrance was Gu Ze, waiting.

He had no idea why Gu Ze would purposely wait for him to pick him up, but a terrible thought began to surge in his mind. He grabbed the seatbelt uneasily and was nervous when he got out of the car.

Then, when the man followed behind him with the intention of following him into his house, his hands clenched around his keys. “Mr. Gu, are you just going in for a cup of water?”

It was a foolish question, but it also seemed faintly suggestive.

“What do you think I’m here to do? Open the door,” Gu Ze commanded.

Originally, he had only planned to follow Meng Fu to the nightclub to see how tough work was for him, and he discovered that his workload was no different from before. He even had the time to smile and greet his colleagues occasionally.

That smile really caught his eye. He looked happy. Damn it, how can a person like him live so happily? He couldn’t get happiness, so why should Meng Fu deserve to be happy?

The only thing he was deserving of was a life of suffering. Gu Ze allowed the seed of hatred in his heart to germinate and grow, fermenting it to control the faint shreds of regret and sympathy inside his heart.

Meng Fu opened the door, and before he could even get him a cup of water, he heard Gu Ze’s cold voice say, “Go take a shower.”

With just four simple words, he understood what Gu Ze wanted. He thought Gu Ze was already satisfied after exacting revenge on him that time.

Hesitant, his legs refused to move.

Gu Ze stood next to him, pursing his lip. “You don’t want to wake your brother up later, do you?”

Xiao Yi was his weakness.


He stayed in the bathroom for a long time, and he didn’t see Gu Ze when he came out. His heart relaxed slightly, but it was only when he opened the door to his room did he find that Gu Ze was lying down on that single bed of his.

That man had his head down, playing games on his phone as usual and only putting down his phone once he saw him enter. “Took you long enough. Now strip.”

Meng Fu refused to move, so Gu Ze continued eyeing him with cold eyes.

Those eyes of his that were filled with hatred contained just the tiniest amount of affection.

“If you won’t do it, I’ll do it for you.” As he said that, he got off the bed and was about to approach Meng Fu.

Meng Fu scrambled back in a panic and answered, “I’ll do it.”

He’d already said too many pleas of mercy tried last time. He couldn’t even find any more words to change Gu Ze’s mind.

But once he was naked, he had no idea what to do. Eyes down, he stood there without moving, soft eyelashes like butterfly wings wet with a layer of sorrow.

Gu Ze walked over, took his arm, and pulled him to the bed. Just like last time, he set him down in a kneeling position.

Meng Fu’s back was taut just like a drawn bowstring, and his fear was just like chains, locking him into place. He wanted to escape, but he knew very well that he couldn’t. Xiao Yi was sleeping right next door, so he couldn’t even make a lot of noise.

Before they’d even begun, his palms and forehead were already covered in sweat. He still remembered the pain last time, the pain that drilled deep into his heart. He remembered it clearly.

Gu Ze unzipped his pants halfway and his fingers moved towards Meng Fu’s rear, entering him firmly. He heard Meng Fu’s stifled grunt by his ear, as the hips of the man under him buckled subconsciously.

Gu Ze stared at the shoulder blades jutting out from the man’s bare back, and suddenly had the feeling that they looked just like a beautiful butterfly, spreading its wings to fly away.

But in fact, he had no idea that these beautiful shoulder blades also had another beautiful name, called butterfly bones.

Reaching out, Gu Ze’s finger touched the arches softly, his heart suddenly skipping a beat. He’d never felt that before in his life. As if he had just stepped into a minefield, he quickly backed away and suddenly snapped at him. “Meng Fu, how can you smile so happily?”

How can you still be happy while I’m in pain?

Meng Fu didn’t understand. All he felt was the increasing pain arising from his lower body as the number of fingers increased.

It hurt as if his bones were being carved away.

Still, he couldn’t hold himself back from pleading in the end. He was sensitive to pain. “Mr. Gu, I was wrong. Please forgive me.”