Chapter 026 – Rumors

Translator: Helliot

Editor: P’Raikantaopeni

A certain someone’s hand finally knocked on the door, and the words which had been brewing in him for a long time were changed into an eerie smile the moment Meng Fu opened the door.

Meng Fu was standing in front of the door, hesitant to move away. As early as when he heard knocking at the door, he knew that the only person who would come at this hour would be Gu Ze, but there was no helping it. He couldn’t just ignore the knocking. He didn’t want to disturb the neighbors again and create even more trouble.

Since he refused to move, Gu Ze reached out and pushed him aside. Without putting on any slippers, he walked straight towards Xie Zhenzhen who was tidying up her clothes. “Miss Xie, isn’t this adultery?”

Meng Fu quickly cut Gu Ze off by stepping in between them. “Mr. Gu.”

There was a firmness in those eyes that Gu Ze had never seen before, which surprised him. But following that was a surge of anger.

“Meng Fu. Should I say that you’re generous, or should I say that you don’t know shame?”

“Yes, I’m the one at fault. I’m the shameless one.” He scrambled at the initiative to take the blame, making himself out to be as lowly as a grain of dust. So please, Mr. Gu, Gu Ze. Don’t tell her what happened between us.

Gu Ze let out an eerie laugh as his hostility-filled eyes swept between Meng Fu and Xie Zhenzhen. “Sure enough, Miss Xie is bold after studying abroad. You really do make a good match with a murderer like Meng Fu. Oh, am I by any chance disturbing you and your…affairs?” He looked back at Meng Fu with an icy smile.

His words were just like the edge of a knife, which Xie Zhenzhen had fully witnessed last time. Watching Meng Fu’s humble back, she felt a twang of pain in her heart.

Meng Fu, it’s not your fault.

But if it wasn’t Meng Fu’s fault, then who was going to settle the bill for those two lives lost?

Xie Zhenzhen finally fell silent.

“No, nothing was happening to begin with. You don’t have to come specifically at this time, Mr. Gu.” Meng Fu said.

It was rare for Meng Fu to go against him. Even though his voice was soft, his attitude was firm.

“So you think I came at the wrong time? What time should I come, then? When you’re both lying naked in bed? Meng Fu, do you think you have the right to be happy now? My wife is dead, and yet you get to sleep with Xie Zhenzhen as much as you want!” He suddenly snapped harshly.

All of a sudden, Meng Yi opened the door. Since he had just woken up from his sleep, his reaction was a little sluggish. It was only when he opened his eyes to look was he surprised. “Meng-Meng, why are Big Brother and Big Sister here? Our house is so lively all of a sudden. What are you playing? Let me play too.”

Thinking that everyone had gathered to have fun, Meng Yi even forgot to use the toilet.

“We’re not playing. We’re discussing something. Meng Yi, be a good boy and hurry back to bed.” Meng Fu quickly walked to Meng Yi’s side and pushed him back into his room.

How was this any place to play? It was clearly a battlefield.

“What are you discussing? Can’t Xiao Yi listen?” Meng Yi blinked his big eyes and looked at Meng Fu naively. It was obvious that he wanted to participate in this type of lively occasion. Meng-Meng and the others are playing without me, he thought.

Gu Ze collected the cold look on his face, and he could see that Xie Zhenzhen was also looking at the pair of brothers with the same gentle look.

“Xiao Yi won’t be interested. It’s work stuff,” he explained seriously to him.

“Okay.” Meng Yi nodded. When he was about to reach the room, he suddenly remembered. “Meng-Meng, I’m gonna burst. I need to pee.”

While Meng Yi went into the bathroom, two of the three people in the living room were standing, while the other was sitting, surrounded by eerie silence.

The smoldering war earlier seemed to have come to a halt somehow. The man with his sword drawn just looked coldly at the pair of feet that were curled up as usual.

Then, when Meng Yi returned to his room, Gu Ze dropped a single cold sentence. “Remember, Meng Fu. You don’t deserve to be happy.”

Gu Ze knew very well the power contained within that sentence, and he knew very well that Meng Fu was quivering in his heart. That was all that was needed for him to achieve his goal.

A string of Gu Ze’s footprints were left on the ground, the thick layer of dust on his soles seeming almost deliberate in symbolizing his visit. Finally coming back to their senses, the air suddenly felt awkward around the two.

While Xie Zhenzhen went to take a shower, Meng Fu changed the sheets to a set of new ones and cleaned up the room. Just as he was about to leave, Xie Zhenzhen, dressing in a loose pair of pajamas, caught his wrist. “Don’t go. I asked you to give me a child…I was serious about that.”

He grabbed Xie Zhenzhen’s hand in response. “I caused the death of Gu Ze’s child. You should also understand what he would do to mine.”

“All I want is a child, then I’ll leave. Isn’t that okay?” She held his hand tightly, begging sorrowfully.

“Zhenzhen. Get some rest. You won’t have these thoughts once you’re fully rested.” You’re just tired. You’ve been hurt by your fiance. You’re just trying to find a sense of security by coming to me. What girl would want to become a single mother?

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I won’t regret it…”

She continued to speak, and Meng Fu did not stop her. But after she finished speaking, he just stroked her head and said a gentle good night to her.

After a quick shower, he was still feeling some pain from his lower body, so Meng Fu tried to lie on his side on the sofa with his legs slightly curled up. But if he slept soundly, then it felt like something was stirring up in his heart. Meng Fu had woken up before the crack of dawn.

After eating a simple breakfast, Meng Yi happily left in Ye Yan’s car, leaving behind Meng Fu and Xie Zhenzhen to look at each other.

“I’ll call a cab for you.”

“Are you really in such a hurry to kick me out?” She smiled bitterly.

“Zhenzhen,” he responded helplessly.

“See? I was right. You’re trying to drive me away. Meng Fu, you may look gentle, but you’re more ruthless than anyone else. You broke up with me just like that, and you really never sought me out when you said we shouldn’t see each other anymore. I’ve been waiting for you the whole time, watching you. I got engaged just to try and make you jealous. Meng Fu, you still like me, don’t you?”

She began to cry again. The woman who prided herself in not being a crybaby was constantly crying in front of this man.

“Zhenzhen, it’s not worth it. Go home.”

“I’m not going.” Wearing Meng Fu’s pajamas, she sat at the dinner table, wiping her tears pitifully.

She was able to leave proudly last time, but this time she was the one who missed him first, so she wouldn’t leave so easily.

Meng Fu looked up at the clock. It wasn’t early anymore. He was anxious to go to work so he didn’t dwell too long on her. When he came back at night, Xie Zhenzhen was already gone.

Not even a single note was left behind, as if she’d never been there at all.

He went to work early and returned late as usual, reading books in his free time. His days were tiring but full. It was that substantial feeling that allowed him to ignore all the annoying thoughts.

But what he rejoiced the most about was the fact that Gu Ze hadn’t sought him out for a month.

And yet, just as he was feeling relieved, the bad things still came as they should.

Rumors of him being a murderer were spreading like wildfire in the nightclub. There were curious gazes on him, as well as puzzled eyes. Some would try to avoid him while others teased him. “Meng Fu, I didn’t think you had it in you to kill someone.”

“Meng Fu, you’ve really got guts, huh?”

Some even asked him, “I heard it’s really chaotic in prison. What’s it like behind bars? Are there any…” His voice trailed off with sordid implications.


Rumors spread around like germs. Places such as nightclubs were supposed to be the most fertile ground for gossip.

He was silent and kept his mouth shut until a customer lifted his chin and asked, “Wanna do it?”

As if that hand was extremely dirty, he shrugged it off with disgust.

“What are you shying away for? Isn’t this kind of thing common in prison?”

Meng Fu finally snapped. He turned around to leave, but the guest rudely hugged him from behind. Usually, his colleagues would be there to help him, but he wondered why all these people started to look at him coldly at this time.

They watched him go through this as if it were one big joke.

Maybe they thought that whatever it was, it was only what a murderer deserved.

Meng Fu stomped on the guest’s foot violently and slammed his elbow into his stomach before escaping as fast as he could. Before work was over, he knew he’d lost this job.

When he was about to reach his doorway, he let out a big sigh and leaned against the wall, laughing. Gu Ze, tell me. How far do you think I should suffer before you’re satisfied?