Chapter 024 – Dervert

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Xiao Lingyu turned the temperature in the aircraft to the max and tightly held Lei Jue, but Lei Jue still shivered uncontrollably in his arms. Lei Jue’s body temperature was dropping lower and lower, and Xiao Lingyu could clearly feel the soft and warm body gradually turning cold as ice. This sensation gave rise to a very unfamiliar feeling in his heart—the feeling that he might lose something no matter how tightly he held on—which caused him to faintly feel some panic. 

Actually, Lei Jue still had some consciousness left; he was just too cold, cold to the point where he felt as if the moisture in each and every one of his cells had frozen solid. He subconsciously curled up in Xiao LIngyu’s arms as he sought the other’s warmth, but he still felt that it wasn’t enough. If possible, he really wished someone would light him on fire. Even if he burned to death, it would still be better than being cold to the point where he couldn’t even say a whole sentence like he was now.

Xiao LIngyu had already contacted his eldest brother, so the aircraft was headed to Xiao Lingqi’s lab at its fastest speed. After they arrived, Xiao LIngyu carried Lei Jue inside.

Xiao Lingqi hurriedly motioned for Xiao Lingyu to set Lei Jue on the examination table.

Hearing this, Xiao Lingyu tried to set Lei Jue down, but Lei Jue tightly gripped onto him and refused to let go. Xiao Lingyu could only helplessly use some strength to forcefully pry Lei Jue’s hand from his waist. It was clearly Lei Jue’s hand being pried off, but it felt like he was cutting off his own flesh.

“Persevere, Little Jue.” Xiao LIngyu held Lei Jue’s shoulder.

“Little Five, back up a bit.” Xiao Lingqi pressed the power button then asked Xiao Lingyu, “Where did you guys go? Did you encounter anything unusual?”

“We went to Prosperous entertainment district to play a virtual reality battle and didn’t encounter any sort of peculiar circumstances. It was during battle that Little Jue suddenly became like this.” Xiao Lingyu watched Lei Jue arduously endure the pain as he quickly recalled everything they had encountered earlier, but no matter how he thought about it, nothing really stood out, except…. 

“We saw He Yunshu.” 

As he spoke, Xiao Lingyu immediately contacted Si Qing, saying, “Old Third, help me investigate what kind of people He Yunshu has been in contact with recently, and if our battle facilities have been tampered with today.”

“Lu Xian has already made arrangements. How is Lei Jue?” Si Qing asked. “Is it the thing you told me about before?”

“Pretty much. The specific results haven’t come out yet, I’ll contact you later.” Xiao Lingyu ended the call and continued speaking with Xiao Lingqi, “Other than He Yunshu, there wasn’t anything else that was different from when I went before. Little Jue and I maintained contact regularly during the battle. He fired and hit Che Heng, then when I went to talk to him the abnormalities had already begun appearing. After leaving the game, he told me he was cold.” Xiao Lingyu glanced at Lei Jue, who was still continuously shivering. “Eldest brother, can you warm him up a bit? He hasn’t stopped shivering.”

“Wait until the examination is finished, we have to confirm whether it’s because ‘Plan A3’ has been activated first and see what effects it has on his body.” Xiao Lingqi’s expression was unsightly. “With his body temperature so low, generally speaking, the temperature of the room right now should make him feel warm. However, he still feels this cold. One reason is because of the abnormalities with his own body temperature, but more importantly, I think it’s very likely that this is the effect of repressed memories.”

“Repressed memories?”

“Yes.” Xiao Lingqi looked at the results that were appearing one after another and continued, “It’s from the activation of  ‘Plan A3’ indeed, look at this location here—” On the screen of the photon computer, he pointed to a bright dot on a CT scan of Lei Jue’s brain. “When you brought Little Jue for a checkup before, it wasn’t as active as this. If you want him to stop feeling so cold, we can only freeze him for now. Little Five, ask Lei Jue’s opinion. I’ll go find some friends to look into how to resolve this.”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and repeated Xiao Lingqi’s question after he heard the door close, then immediately added, “You definitely won’t agree, though, isn’t that right?”

Lei Jue gave an unsightly smile. Although he really was very uncomfortable right now, Xiao Lingyu’s guess was correct. He didn’t want to be frozen, he wanted to see Lei Jianying’s disappointment with his own eyes. If Lei Jianying thought this would make him acquiesce, then he was really daydreaming.


Lei Jianying, however, didn’t know Lei Jue’s thoughts. After receiving news from Wei Li again and learning that  ‘Plan A3’ was successfully activated, he finally gave the first happy smile he had in quite a while.

“In that case, he’s going to return soon?”

“Yes, General. No matter how strong someone’s willpower is, it would definitely be impossible to endure, especially at night time. I think he will return by tomorrow at the latest.” Wei Li thought he’d accomplished his mission pretty well this time and silently let out a sigh of relief. The atmosphere at the Lei family has been quite low recently, so if he’d failed, he wasn’t sure if Lei Jianying’s anger would end up directed at him.

“Did you use both types of stimuli?” Lei Haige asked.

“This… sorry, Eldest Young Master, because he suddenly exited the virtual reality mode, the second stimulus was interrupted and the original objective wasn’t completed.” Wei Li cautiously glanced at Lei Haige’s expression. “However, I’m certain that since the first one was successful, he will definitely return.”

“Mhm.” Lei Haige didn’t say anything else, but his expression was chilling as he sat to the side.

When Wei Li had seen Lei Haige face to face in the past, he felt that this person was gloomy and filled with a never-ending chain of sinister ideas, but he soon discovered that the feeling the current Lei Haige gave off was even stronger—who knew if it was because of recent events.

Lei Haige hadn’t really gone anywhere in the past few days, not even to his new home. Feng Gu also hadn’t come to find him, or even contact him. The two of them were in a deadlock, completely lacking the sweetness between newlywed lovers. Lei Haige completely blamed all of this on Lei Jue.

His family had pulled some strings to remove the video, but so many people had already seen it. Lei Haige felt that no matter if it was deleted or not, it was already impossible to relieve his hate toward Lei Jue.

Now, he wanted to see Lei Jue in pain; only this could make him happy!

Lei Jianying held a cup of tea, not rushing to complete his official business, just sitting there and waiting, instead. In any case, the conflict between the Lei and Xiao families still hadn’t been brought into the open, but privately, they had already shed all pretense of cordiality. He wanted to know how long Lei Jue could hold out and see if he would be like that obstinate father of his and stay stubborn to the end. If it was really like that, then it served him right if he died!

At this time, Xiao Lingyu was still holding Lei Jue; or maybe it was more accurate to say that he hadn’t set the other down since the examination ended.

And Lei Jue had already recovered quite a bit, in comparison to before. At the very least, he could intermittently speak. He told Xiao Lingyu that Lei Jianying’s motive was to make him go back and about that song he’d heard during the virtual battle, the tune that made people despair but the lyrics were clearly directing him to something.

“I-in my h-head, t-there s-seems to b-be a l-lot of e-extra m-memories.” Lei Jue drank a bit of the warm milk that Xiao Lingyu helped him hold, then turned to glance into his eyes. Because his voice was so quiet, Xiao Lingyu had to lean in very close to hear clearly, so they maintained a position of cheeks pressed together. And he had been sitting in Xiao Lingyu’s lap this whole time. “W-wait t-till I rec-cover a b-bit more, I-I’m g-going to s-send Lei J-Jiany-ying a v-video.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Show them that you can hold out, make them give up on the delusion that they can use this to make you go back.” Xiao Lingyu helped Lei Jue wipe off his sweat.

“H-heh, I th-thought, you would s-say, it was be-because I c-can’t bear to p-part with you, so I c-can’t go back.” Lei Jue shivered as he moved the Abyssal Comet Fire to the other hand, then continued, “F-f*ck! I s-sound l-like a stutter .”

“If you don’t feel well then don’t talk for now. Do you still feel really cold?” Although Xiao Lingyu knew it might not be useful, he still set the milk to the side and tightened his arms, helping Lei Jue rub his arms and hands.

“A-already m-much b-better.” Lei Jue paused. “You’re r-really a d-derv-vert!”


“D-deranged p-pervert! I-I’m already l-like t-this and y-you c-can still g-get hard t-to m-me! F-f*ck!”

“When did I—” Xiao Lingyu noticed that someone had come into the lab and lowered his voice, “—when did I get ‘hard-f*ck’ to you? Can you be reasonable? It’s obviously from holding pee in!”

“A-are you l-looking for a f-fight!”

“Yes, yes, I’m looking for a fight and you’re looking for a f*ck,” Xiao Lingyu said. “Hey, can you stop trembling so hard? You’re going to tremble the pee out!”

Lei Jue wanted to say, Why’s your trigger so loose? All it takes is a few shivers for you to shoot, but he felt that this sentence was too long so he simply saved the effort and used it to leave Xiao Lingyu’s arms.

Xiao Lingyu felt Lei Jue’s struggle and subconsciously tightened his arms. “What’s wrong?”

“You g-go p-pee. I-I w-will s-stretch m-my body.” Lei Jue felt like his body had already begun warming up, so he wanted to go walk around.

“Wait a bit longer,” Xiao Lingyu felt a bit helpless as he spoke.

“Why? Y-you w-want me to b-block y-your ‘g-gun’ for y-you ag-gain?”

“Whatever, it’s not like this is the first time, anyway.” Xiao Lingyu recalled that, at the wedding, it was also because he was holding Lei Jue that he’d gotten hard. After he quietly said this, he picked Lei Jue up like a monkey and walked toward the washroom.

The researchers Xiao Lingqi brought over glanced at them and said, “They’re really joined at the hip.”

Xiao Lingqi smiled, but actually felt a bit awkward.

After arriving at the door of the washroom, Xiao Lingyu set Lei Jue down. Lei Jue walked in place while Xiao Lingyu went to relieve himself.

As for what type of relief it was, Lei Jue wasn’t interested in investigating at the moment. However, Xiao Lingyu hadn’t come out after quite some time, and Lei Jue felt that his body had recovered quite a bit after walking in place. He had an urge to go, so he also went to the washroom.

There were two stalls side by side in the washroom. Because the soundproofing was good, it was actually quite difficult to hear sounds that made people feel awkward, but Lei Jue still froze right after he entered. 

It wasn’t because he’d discovered that it was very possible that Xiao Lingyu might be doing something, but rather the wave of very strong energy behind the door that stunned him.

Even if that energy quickly disappeared, Lie Jue was certain that he hadn’t made a mistake! It evidently came from Xiao Lingyu’s stall, and there was only the two of them in the washroom, so who could it be if it wasn’t him?!

Xiao Lingyu was certain that there was no one here who could sense elemental energy, so he indulged himself in the thing he would rarely do normally, since only S-rank element ability users could sense externally released energy, but the person who had immediately frozen after coming in still made his heart skip a beat.

How could he forget that Lei Jue was different from everyone else from the very beginning?

Could it be that he’d discovered something?

Finding out that the person standing outside was Lei Jue, based on the communicator’s location function, Xiao Lingyu realized that he didn’t need to toss himself about anymore, his little brother was already half soft from shock.