Chapter 61: Triplets?


Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 61: Triplets?

In just an hour, the post got over ten thousand comments. Even those who weren’t fans of Xiao Lingyu or Lei Jue came to see the babies. Since the netizens asked similar questions, Xiao Lingyu chose a couple of representative questions to answer.

Xiao Lingyu: We are grateful to everyone for your concern. Our son is named Xiao Xiao and he’s inherited both our elemental powers. He ranks high in both. As to when he was conceived, I’d like to apologize to everyone first about this. Lei Jue and I started planning on having children very soon after getting together, and we were blessed fairly quickly. But to both of our surprise, we were fortunate enough to have more than just one child. 

Everyone must know that nature elementals have never successfully carried multiple children to term since something always happens during the pregnancy. But Lei Jue was carrying triplets. So while we were ecstatic, we were also very pressured and worried about the children surviving to term. This is why, after some discussion, we decided to keep quiet. The children were separated once they were transferred to surrogacy chambers, though our eldest has arrived a bit early. You can probably tell from the photos that he’s very small. We’re still waiting on our second and third child. 

The continuously surprised netizens were, by now, speechless. 


As if a dual elemental child wasn’t enough, now they find out that it’s triplets?!

BigBroYangLiu: I think I borked my photo computer. Let me restart, brb. 

FengPing: Is it really triplets? Holy shit, triplets! That’s amazing! 

Below_the_waterfall: Are they kidding us? I’m still shook. Triplets >_>

Big_tailed_rabbit: I also think it’s kind of weird. Isn’t it a known fact that elemental ability users are incapable of carrying more than one child? Also, if they’ve decided to keep this to themselves, why not wait till the other two are born to announce it? 

Everyone agreed with this sentiment once it was voiced. 

Xiao Lingyu remarked again: We’re announcing this early because we’d like to have everyone’s well-wishes for our two unborn children. As for triplets, I don’t think this is beyond belief at all, but rather due to Lei Jue’s good fortune. Specifically, this is all because of my mother-in-law. My father-in-law is from Casweir, but he met my mother-in-law during a mission and she’s a nature elemental. Supposedly she came from a planet called Maikalun, but that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that she’s got the genetics for twins as she and Lei Jue’s uncle were twins. Plus she also had incredible healing abilities, which Lei Jue has inherited. 

Carrera suitably inserted herself here using a throw-away account: If that’s true, then she’s amazing! 

Little_Peanut: Where is Maikalun? 

Cool_Beans: Yeah, how come we’ve never heard of it? 

Lightning: There are so many planets, isn’t it normal for us to not have heard of some?

The Naikelai galaxy contained innumerable stars. While tens of thousands were named, there were many that remained unnamed. Even those who dedicated their lives to studying these stars could not hold so many names in their brains, unless they had a memory card implanted. 

Xiao Lingyu: Maikalun isn’t a famous star, but it does exist. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to visit it ourselves yet. My father was actually the one who told us all this, since my father-in-law died in service and my mother-in-law also passed away early. The family Lei Jue lived with before didn’t tell him anything. Luckily, my father and father-in-law used to serve in the same unit, so my father knew a little of my father-in-law’s past. Of course, this is part of why we insisted on getting Lei Jue out of that house as soon as we realized he wasn’t being treated right there. 

TreeWoods&Forest: Speaking of that, I’m so glad that the b*stard Lei got caught! 

Royal_Idol_Repairman: +1 

BigGoldBean: The main point is triplets! Are they really triplets? 

Wood_Metal_Shipper: As if our idols would lie to us! If they say it’s triplets then it’s really triplets! Sending all the prayers to the babies and hoping they all grow up safe and healthy!

Lightning: Praying for the babies! Hope they grow up safely! 

As soon as the well-wishes rolled in, Xiao Lingyu immediately commanded Carrera to use several IDs to boost those messages. Soon, the entire screen was filled with messages of blessings.

Lei Jue watched as Xiao Lingyu seemed to be having fun simultaneously playing the victim and asking for well-wishes. He followed up with a short video and captioned it: My favorite game is playing electric shock with Papa!

When the netizens opened the video, they practically fainted from cuteness overload. As it poked at Xiao Lingyu’s face, an itty-bitty finger sprouted a small ball of golden energy. Though Xiao Lingyu was zapped, nobody could mistake the look on his face as he softly tapped his own finger to his son’s for anything other than a smile of adoration. 

Not Xiao Lingyu’s child? Lies! 

There had been those that claimed Lei Jue and Feng Gu had been together once so there was no way that they’d have a child with metal elemental capabilities. Now, look at this! Serves them right to be smacked in the face with the truth! 

The official website for Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue was already quite popular, and today’s traffic broke new records. Netizens asked more and more diverse questions and since they caught the elusive couple in a willing mood to answer questions, they wanted nothing less than to have all their curiosities satisfied. There were those who asked serious questions and those who were looking for gossip, but the most frequent comments were filled with well-wishes. 

As soon as the Elemental User Council received news, they immediately asked Xiao Lingyu for verification and published the good news on the council’s official website. This resulted in more people realizing that Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue have successfully graduated to becoming fathers. 

CrimsonTiger: I was injured during a mission, had half a leg amputated and ended up being allergic to the meds used for cellular regeneration. It’s all because of Healer Lei that I made a full recovery. Thank you to Dr. Lei for allowing me to keep on protecting our nation! And I hope their entire family never comes to harm and the babies grow up healthily! 

Lei Jue remembered this person and replied to the message with a “thank you”. He followed up with an additional message: I hope everyone is always healthy and also hope that Xiao Ling Fish and myself will be blessed with more elemental kiddos so they can protect this nation and heal more of those who need help. 

This message increased his popularity exponentially.  Several media outlets had helped with this by pairing the birth announcement with several clips of Lei Jue performing acts of healing, fanning the flames. The one where Lei Jue healed the child’s shattered hands garnered several tens of thousands of likes. 

Under these circumstances, any attempts at reporting Lei Jue and the Xiao family were seen as trolls. 

Everyone was celebrating the birth of Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s son and was happy on Lei Jue’s behalf that Lei Jianying got arrested. If Lei Jianying tried to report Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu right now, then it would only be Lei Jianying who drowned in everyone’s disgust. More importantly, would anyone believe him? 

Of course, if the majority of the parliament agreed on it, they could forcibly investigate the matter. But then what happens if the investigation only reveals that the Xiao’s and Lei Jue have no intention of ruling Casweir? Who’ll take responsibility then? 

Even though they had a fail-safe excuse – the safety of the nation trumps all – this would inevitably make an enemy of the Xiao family. Before, they could use Lei Jianying as an excuse, but now that Xiao Lingyu and Lei Ju came clean about Lei Jue’s foreign blood, Lei Jianying was no longer as useful. 

They had to admit that Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s decision to show off their eldest son was timed perfectly. At first glance, this was just them showing off their firstborn and casually mentioning that Lei Jue had some foreign blood in him. But connecting the two served as a buffer. 

But this was too much of a coincidence; as soon as they decided to bring up Lei Jianying denouncing Lei Jue and the Xiaos, Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue countered with this. 

In a study with a tan color scheme, an elderly gentleman examined the content of the headline news for several media outlets with a dark face. 

“This is what your ‘most impressive’ engineer gave us as a defense system?” The gentleman’s voice was calm, but the suppressed anger caused cold sweat to break out on the middle-aged man across from him. 

“I’m so sorry sir, we really did try.” The middle-aged man wiped at the sweat, “But on Casweir, Left Hurricane’s abilities are top-notch. We never suspected that…” 

“That what? That someone would be able to crash through and steal information in such a short time?” The old man chuckled darkly. “Your ‘top-notch’ is a bit exaggerated, isn’t it?” 

“That’s because the other party’s Mr. Single. So… sir, you must know that he’s the most famous hacker on Casweir. Nobody stands a chance against him.” The middle-aged man felt like he didn’t deserve the criticism, “He never works for anyone and isn’t for hire, so we never expected him to do this.” 

“It’s fortunate that all our plans are encrypted and coded, otherwise…”, the older man squints, “this would be the last time you spoke to anyone.” 

“Yes sir. Ah, does this mean we’re continuing with the plan?” The middle-aged man asked cautiously. 

“Put it on hold. It’ll be near impossible to get that passed through the parliament right now.” The old man closed his eyes. “How’s the investigation into the Holy Eagle Mecha Corps going?”  

“Weapons Depot No. 6 is still under strict guard. Left Hurricane tried several times to get through their defense, but no luck so far.” The middle-aged man didn’t dare bring up the fact that if Left Hurricane had been any slower at withdrawing, he’d have been captured by the other side. 

“Find a way to let the vice president know. You know what to do, right?”

“Yes, we’ll let it slip that this has to do with Lei Jue.” The vice president was desperate to know Lei Jue’s secret. As soon as he realizes there’s a problem with Holy Eagle Mecha Corps’ Weapon Depot 6, he’ll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom, so they won’t need to expend any more energy on this effort. 

The old man agreed and waved a hand. “If there’s nothing else, you can go. Don’t let anyone disturb me.” 

The middle-aged man obediently left. When the older man heard the door close, he took out a bottle of facial mist and sprayed it over his face. A wipe with a handkerchief revealed his true features. At this moment, the plant across from him suddenly moved a single leaf. 

The old man immediately squinted and stared hard at the plant, but it never moved again. Still, the old man felt something was off and yanked it from the pot, immersing its roots in a purple liquid. After he watched the plant wither, the old man threw it into the smart trash can. 

The trash can was full and automatically dumped its contents outside. But during the night, the supposedly dead plant seemed to revive itself and lifted its “legs” as if it were an animal to sneak off into the dark. 

The next day, the majority of the Parliament arrived at the Holy Eagle Mecha Corps for inspection.