Chapter 63 Part 2: Both Boys and Girls

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 63 Part 2: Both Boys and Girls


“Old Xiao, my dear chap, you really can’t avoid throwing a three-day banquet at the state banquet hall now,” said Zuo Zihuan. “A single elemental user child would send people over the moon for three years, but you’ve got yourself 3 elemental user grandchildren in one go!”

“Lei Jue sure surpasses everyone’s expectations,” said Marshal Bai of the Western Moon District. “Old Xiao, your kids must be the first elemental couple on our planet to have twins, right?”

“That’s right, though to be more exact, they’re triplets. They just grew at their own paces after being transferred to the surrogacy capsules, and so ended up coming out at different times.” When Xiao Zhicheng thought about how he had grandchildren now, he was completely filled with bliss. The frustration and displeasure that the deputy minister had evoked earlier flitted away from his mind. Now, all he wanted to do was to go home and hold his grandchildren.

“If I weren’t so old, I would go a couple rounds with you at the training grounds. You look like you’re in need of a good clobbering to wipe that grin off your face.” Marshal Bai of the Western Moon District rolled his eyes. While Xiao Zhicheng was already a grandfather to a set of triplets, none of Marshal Bai’s children were even married yet!

“If you keep comparing yourself to others, you’ll end up in tears.” Zuo Zihuan heaved a sigh as well. He had never been a grandfather either.

“Lei Jue keeps giving us new surprises,” Party Leader Li said with a smile. “Lingyu sure is a fortunate kid. Lei Jue too.”

“Yes, these two children are each others’ lucky charms.” Xiao Zhicheng laughed, casually taking a look at the branch that had been brought onto the fighter aircraft.

While Marshal Bai’s vapour ensured that none of the water would be lost, it still did not look as full of life prior to being broken off.

Team Leader Chen and the Vice Party Leader, on the other hand, felt that it was already good enough that they were able to maintain the branch in its current state, since it had separated from the trunk of the tree. It was likely to live if they brought it back and soaked it in the root-growth solution. 

Meanwhile, Xiao Lingyu sent another photo. In the photo, the entire family of five were dressed in matching outfits. He and Lei Jue were dressed in dark blue, his two sons clad in pale blue, and his daughter dressed in a similar style but in pink. A lightning bolt was emblazoned on all their chests. It was apparent that these clothes were custom-made. Xiao Lingyu used his broad arms to hold his two sons, while Lei Jue held the daughter. The two of them snuggled up together, smiling while looking at the other. The warmth from the scene seemed to float through the screen. 

The netizens who had thought that they would still need to wait a few days to hear about the birth, as well as the ones who did not believe that anyone could give birth to twins or triplets with elemental powers, could not calm themselves when they saw the photo online.

TowardtheForest: Xiao Lingyu my man, he’s really got triplets! And there are 2 boys and a girl!

Below_the_waterfall: Oh this is too much, dear god, it really is a set of triplets, with elemental powers!

HillsBeMountains: I’m just sitting stunned like an idiot here…

Metal_Wood_Shipper: I’m going crazy! My OTP really does outstrip the rest! My OTP has a set of elemental triplets ahhhhh!

Ice_of_the_Western_Moon: So what elemental powers do the twins have?

XiaoLingyu: The second son Xiao Xi is a metal user, his sister Xiao Jue is a wood user. Both of them are S-rank.

Banban: These two are insane! They had three kids on their first try, and all three are S-rank elemental users!

The netizens were stirred into an even greater frenzy after Xiao Lingyu replied. Countless people flocked to see the triplets. 

Look at that tender skin and those tiny, soft hands! Although their hands were so tiny in their Papa hand, they were still able to gather a cloud of elemental energy around their hands. Dear lord!

Just then, Lei Jue uploaded a video clip. In the video, he took the newly warmed milk and placed the nipple of the packet into his second child’s mouth. Instantly, the packet of milk turned charcoal black, its shape twisting and warping while green smoke emitted from it… the child wailed and cried due to his hunger. The more he cried, the more energy he released, and the more the packet of milk bore the brunt of the assault. 

XiaoLingyu: 20 packets to a box. He drinks 3 and electrocutes the remaining 17. He lets off electricity during feeding time. My good son, you’re making it hard on your Papa, I’ve had to heat a whole box just for one feeding session…

ReleaseHer_LetMe: My god, he electrocutes his food! He’s so cute, so adorable!

HandofGod: *throws tantrum* I really want to hold him, *sobs*…

Banban: Hey, previous poster, aren’t you afraid he’ll barbecue you, hahahaha

NutritionalDrinksaretheworst: I’m already overwhelmed, owo

Xiao Lingyu certainly didn’t feel overwhelmed—’overwhelmed’ could get in line and wait behind ‘happiness’. He introduced the new members of his family briefly, and announced that he would be distributing virtual red envelopes [1] to all of the online well-wishers as thanks on behalf of his children. He then put 66,660,000 galactic dollars into a virtual red envelope and set upper and lower limits on withdrawals from it before releasing it to the public, where each person would have a chance to open it until the money ran out.

The netizens cheered, leaving comments at an insane speed. Even those who read fast could not keep up with the deluge of comments, never mind the slower ones.

Of course, while nearly everyone focused on this major piece of news and were happy for Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue, there were a few who weren’t.

Feng Gu had taken a holiday to meet a girl one of his relatives introduced him to. Because he and Lei Haige had not been separated long, and also because he had not divorced Lei Haige yet for the sake of his reputation, he couldn’t meet with her openly. So his relative brought the girl over to her house, and then invited Feng Gu over as a guest. Although Feng Gu wasn’t too interested, the girl was after all a plant ability user with healing powers. She didn’t look too shabby on top of that, and her family owned two large businesses for the manufacturing of hovercars too. So Feng Gu went and met up with her. 

Back then, when his relative had shown him her pictures, Feng Gu had thought that her looks weren’t bad—at least, not any worse off than Lei Haige’s. He hadn’t imagined that she would look so different in reality. 

Feng Gu didn’t want to offend his relative, so despite his picky taste for looks, he did not comment on it, merely telling his relative that he had no particular feelings for the girl.

The relative knew too that Feng Gu was quite popular in the Western Moon District. After all, he was a powerful elemental ability user, his father was a general, and his grandfather was quite powerful too. Without Lei Haige, he was a catch. The reason she introduced that girl was because the girl was the daughter of her husband’s boss, who wanted to marry an elemental ability user. Someone from the Bai family was obviously too far out of her reach, so the boss had thought of them, because they were related to the Fengs. 

“Feng Gu, I hope you don’t mind me nagging, but you can’t still be thinking of Lei Jue right?” Although Feng Xin did want to see her husband’s career flourish, she still cared quite a bit for her nephew. Feng Gu was after all the young master of the main branch, and the whole of the Feng clan would flourish only if he flourished. 

“Why would I think about him? It’s not like he has anything to do with me anymore.” Despite saying so, Feng Gu pulled out his photon computer and searched Lei Jue up not long after. 

He shouldn’t have looked; the news shook him to his core. Lei Jue had managed to give Xiao Lingyu triplets! And each one of them had either metal elemental abilities or wood elemental abilities, and they even bore incredible resemblance to Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue! No one would believe any rumours of the kids not being theirs. 

Going by their ages however, Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue must have been preparing for children not long after they got married!

So they had had the kids already, when he and Lei Haige had announced to the entire world that they’d been with child? And triplets too. They just hadn’t made it public since they weren’t sure whether the kids would make it. 

Feng Gu’s fingers unconsciously tightened around the photon computer, the tips paling. Seeing her nephew’s expression change so suddenly, Feng Xin thought it was that her questions had made him unhappy, and so added on hurriedly, “I’m just asking. It’s for the best that you’ve forgotten about him.” If he kept pining for someone so outstanding, he’d never marry again in his lifetime. 

“Aunt, I’ve still got a few matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave first.” Feng Gu left Feng Xin’s house after speaking. 

He sat back in his aircraft, and looked up news relating to Lei Jue on the photon computer within the aircraft. Then, unexpectedly, he saw a picture of Lei Jue and his family, all five of them. In the picture, Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue leaned closely against each other with their children in their arms. They smiled as if they had the entire world within their possession. 

Masochistically, Feng Gu stared at the picture for a very long time. 

He felt like this all should have been his. 

His, and yet he was the one who gave it up…

When a person’s thoughts become stuck on something, they would become the first to suffer. It’s not like Feng Gu didn’t know that his current state was detrimental to his development in the future, but he simply could not help missing Lei Jue, and envying Xiao Lingyu!

Feng Gu thumped his head heavily against the screen of the CPU. He had never felt so miserable before. Even when he had received the news that his first child had, as he had wished, died during the transition into the surrogacy capsule, he had not felt like this. He felt like all the nerves of his body were entangled within pain and helplessness 

He didn’t know that someone else felt worse than him right now. 

Having gotten his hands on a branch of the Golden Fruit Tree, the Vice Party leader parted with the other parliament members and, without even heading home first, looped around until he arrived in a hidden laboratory. But the moment he put the branch he had only just gotten in the root-growth solution, the branch, still alive the moment before, withered away as if it had been soaked in strong poison. 

Party Leader Li’s situation was pretty much the same, except he was even worse off. When Team Leader Chen had handed the branch he broke off privately over to Party Leader Li, Party Leader Li had happily given it to his underlings to see what was so special about it. However, the branch withered before the experiment had even begun. Not only did it wither, even the fragrance disappeared too. What was even more infuriating was that it showed no signs of recovering at all when placed in the root growth solution.

They’d spent so much effort and such a long time to get their hands on this, yet even before they could do anything it died. Party leader Li couldn’t describe what he was feeling right now. But that wasn’t the end of it; all the more angering was that Lei Jianying, whom he had hidden away, was stolen out from right under his nose!

“You useless fools! If you can’t even keep your eyes on a single person, what use do I have for you!” Party Leader Li’s face, transformed by surgery, looked so angry it seemed like smoke would pour off of it. “Have you found out who did it yet?”

“Sir, please calm your anger, but we h-haven’t…” The grunt looked at the old man before him in trepidation, before immediately ducking his head. “But… I think that it’s most likely the deputy minister.”

“How so?”

“Because one of the royals has a hand in this.” And according to their investigation, the deputy minister was in cahoots with that royal.

Minister Li’s expression was extremely unpleasant. He suspected the deputy minister and his people made their move when they got the branch. They probably wanted to get some more detailed information out of Lei Jianying..

He looked around the underground lab which was in a horrible mess. However, right at that moment, Lei Jianying was being injected with a tranquilizer meant for extremely large animals. He was dragged out of Lin City by Di Lin along with Yu Le and the others – whom Xiao Lingyu had sent to help – after he had been trussed and tied up. When he opened his eyes again, he saw a man sitting before him, one leg propped on top of the other and one hand supporting the man’s chin while looking at him. A man that was somehow familiar, yet unfamiliar. A man with half of his face disfigured…



[1] 红包: red envelopes: money