Chapter 64: When the Grandson’s Too Much

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 64: When the Grandson’s Too Much

“Wanna bet I’ll carve out your eyes if you keep staring at me?” Di Lin poured himself a glass of water as he asked. It was just a simple glass of water, but he sipped it as if it were the finest red wine. A few sips later, he turned around to look at Lei Jianying, acting as if he had not seen the flash of shock in Lei Jianying’s eyes. 

“Who are you?” If he ignored the damaged half, Lei Jianying swore the other half of the face across from him reminded him of Lei Jue. More precisely, it looked incredibly similar to a face he had known in the past. 

“Haven’t you guessed already?” Di Lin’s mouth curved slightly. “When you killed my sister and brother-in-law, you knew she had a brother, didn’t you?”  

“Impossible! Shouldn’t you be dead?” Lei Jianying saw the records his subordinates sent him back then. Every guard had died and Di Na’s brother had been amongst them, so how was this possible?!

Though Di Lin was smiling casually, the movement stretched the wounds on his face and turned his expression sinister. Lei Jianying looked at the man and quietly tried to move a little. 

When he first regained consciousness, he had felt dizzy. Then, the shock of seeing Di Lin had distracted him; it was only now that he realized that not only was he bound, he lacked the energy to move around too!

But how in the world did Di Lin extract him from somewhere even he, an S-ranked Lizard ability  user, couldn’t escape from? Even though the weird old man had transferred him out of the cage, it had just been to somewhere more spacious. To be brutally honest, it had still been a prison, just one that looked different. But he remembered the place being under strict security, with guards posted every few metres apart. No matter how many times he tried, he had failed to escape every single time. Unlike here, where it looked like Di Lin was the only one present. 

“So you’ve already talked with Lei Jue? Or perhaps, Xiao Zhicheng?” Lei Jianying frowned. Otherwise, he couldn’t think of a way Di Lin could get him out from the old man’s grasp. 

“Oh yeah, we’ve talked. You know, I should thank you for that.” Di Lin projected a photo of  Lei Jue’s family of five onto the wall. “I used to worry that Little Jue was suffering, but you found him such an excellent family. Now he and Xiao Lingyu have triplets and they’re all S ranked elementals. The Xiaos are this close to worshipping him. And this is all thanks to you, Lei Jianying. I never realized how selfless you were before, enough to ruin your own son and let Jue live the spoiled life. Tsk.” 

“It was his own fate. I would never set out to ruin my son, he has no one to blame but himself for how things turned out.” Lei Jianying’s expression darkened some more. 

Who would have guessed that Xiao Lingyu would be an S-ranked metal elemental? And who would have thought that such an infamous playboy would be able to settle down at the drop of a hat? If he had known beforehand, he’d never have allowed Lei Jue near Xiao Lingyu! 

As if Di Lin heard Lei Jianying’s thoughts, he laughed and said, “You’re absolutely right. Your son sucks so much it wouldn’t matter whether he went to the Fengs or to the Xiaos. Our Little Jue on the other hand would be popular anywhere he goes.” 

Bitterness grew in Lei Jianying at the mention of the Fengs. He didn’t blame them for cutting ties when he couldn’t give them the support they needed. It was a political union to begin with, and when a union like that was no longer advantageous, problems were to be expected. But he never thought they wouldn’t even show mercy to children! 

“You must be wondering how Yu Fenglai and Lei Haige are doing, right?” Di Lin remarked nonchalantly, browsing through the photos Lei Jue sent him. 

“Aren’t they on the Planet of Darkness?” Lei Jianying sounded calm and unworried; it was impossible to tell if it was real or all pretend. 

“They were on the Planet of Darkness. The Fengs didn’t want people to think Feng Gu wasn’t a man of promise, so your son had to die accidentally. Only then Feng Gu wouldn’t be called heartless. But, since a certain someone wanted to use Yu Fenglai and Lei Haige as blackmail against you, so…” Di Lin laughed and clapped his hands twice. 

Lei Jianying had no idea what Di Lin wanted to do. But he got his answer the next minute; the white wall behind Di Lin slowly rose to reveal a miniature forest behind it. 

“Fenglai? Haige?” Lei Jianying’s eyes widened. The small group of trees was just about the size of his previous home’s garden, just big enough to accommodate about 10 trees or so. The difference was that his family was imprisoned within those trees; the branches moved as if they were alive, keeping his wife and children trapped within their fluidly moving limbs. 

“Dad?” It was Lei Haige’s first time seeing his father in a long time, and he started struggling with all his might. But the more he struggled, the tighter the branches wound around him, until it looked like he was about to bleed. 

“Ah!” Pain made Lei Haige’s voice crack and sweat broke out on his face. He had never been in so much agony! 

“Di Lin, what do you want?” Lei Jianying could be merciless towards anyone, but he couldn’t stand by and watch his wife and child suffer. He saw his son’s face turn ashen with pain, but his wife remained motionless, her head bent downwards even as the screams rang out. No matter how hard he tried to slip into his lizard form, he couldn’t do it. 

“What do I want? I’m just letting you experience what you made us go through.” Di Lin explained, reaching a hand towards the trees. His hands turned into branches and firmly wrapped around Lei Haige’s neck. The branches that wound around Lei Haige’s body withdrew at the same time, and Di Lin dragged Lei Haige closer by that one around his neck.

“You little b*stard, how does it feel to be the one being bullied?” 

“Let, let go of me…” Lei Haige dug at the branch around his neck futilely but the branch remained glued to his neck, as if welded there.

“Let you go? Your dear father didn’t let go of me back then.” Di Lin tightened his hold and watched Lei Jianying, like a demon that crawled out of hell. His eyes were as red as if they were steeped in blood. Lei Jianying could almost see the slaughter of the guardians on Meikalun again, through those eyes. Those people had knelt and pleaded for mercy for the children, but he had captured Lei Jue and killed them all in front of Lei Jue… 

“Di Lin, whatever you want to do, do it to me! Let Haige go!” Lei Jianying struggled into a standing position but quickly collapsed back onto the ground. Not only could he not shift into beast mode, he was still unable to move. Something as simple as standing up made him break out with cold sweat. 

Di Lin smiled. Since Lei Haige was already close to fainting, he did as Lei Jianying asked and threw the boy aside. Lei Haige gulped in air like a beached fish returning to water. Just as Lei Jianying breathed out in relief, Di Lin’s sharpened branches stabbed at Yu Fenglai. By then, Yu Fenglai had only just come to, and a giant bloody hole opened on her chest!

Her pained scream echoed around the room, and even pierced through the walls to reach the people next door.

Yu Le covered his ears and asked Zhou Bin, “Are you sure this is okay?” 

Xiao Lingyu ordered him and Zhou Bin to come and help Di Lin. Turns out, Di Lin really only needed them to do two things. One, shoot a few tranquilizers. Two, help haul the people up the flight and then down again. As for the rest, Xiao Lingyu took control of the robot guards by hacking them, and Di Lin handled the few remaining human guards. Di Lin and his skills…

Yu Le recalled how easily Di Lin had torn someone apart with expanding branches and shivered. For someone who had the face of an angel on the left, he sure behaved like the devil his right face portrayed. 

But then again, this meant they didn’t have to worry about his safety. After all, this was Lei Jue’s uncle by blood, and they had to make sure he was unharmed, no matter what happened. 

The sounds from next door moved up in how agonised they were. The twisted helplessness in the voice made Yu Le rub his arms as he listened.

Zhou Bin on the other hand, remained quiet, simply bundling up some of the photos to send to Xiao Lingyu. Then, he ignored the screeching next door to look at the Xiao triplets. 

As soon as Xiao Lingyu received the message, he placed his sleeping eldest son in the custom made isolation crib. He tucked his son in and only sat down next to Lei Jue when he was sure the baby wouldn’t wake. Then he clicked on the photos. 

Lei Jue caught sight of the photos and quietly asked, “They really managed to whisk him out?” 

Xiao Lingyu hummed in assent, “Right now uncle is with Yu Le, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Put Xiao Xi down, since the kids are asleep and we’ll have mom and dad watch them for a bit. We should go to the basement and send these photos to the Vice Party Leader.” 

Lei Jue was just about to say that they could do it from here, but then he remembered how their eldest and second child had the bizarre ability to turn the place into a disco. He nodded, “Let’s go.” 

If they had to do it over because of an interruption halfway through, he’d bang his head against the wall. 

Xiao Lingyu laughed as he kneaded the back of Lei Jue’s neck once. Then he ducked out to ask his parents for help and followed Lei Jue out. 

Xiao Zhicheng was usually quite busy, and so rarely had the time to sit down with his grandchildren. He looked at one and then the other carefully. Luo Yuling was the same, and smiled happily as she sat next to her husband, observing their granddaughter. She whispered quietly, “Did you know that Linghua has a girlfriend now?” 

Before, only their eldest daughter had been married, and the rest of their children had remained single. Or, maybe they had dated, but if they did then they had never brought them home to meet the family. Maybe it was because of their youngest son’s special circumstances, but nobody talked about it. Now that their brother and brother-in-law have triplets, however, the older brothers probably felt free to marry. 

Xiao Zhichen said happily, “I know. I think she’s an author. She has quite the understanding of flowers too.”

Luo Yuling immediately perked up. “Yes yes yes, that’s the one! Her name was Lin Nuonuo. Linghua said he’ll bring her around when he’s free.” 

Xiao Linghua’s girlfriend’s family had a large plant nursery. Xiao Linghua had ordered some fresh flowers from them for one of his events. The young woman didn’t normally do deliveries, merely giving out instructions and putting out a few books about flowers from time to time. But Xiao Linghua had ordered so much that day that she’d had to help out. She delivered some of the more expensive flowers to the destination, which was where Xiao Linghua had been holding his fan meet event. 

The flowers were delivered safely, but as the young woman was leaving, rain had started coming down in torrents. Seeing that she was by herself, Xiao Linghua had gotten his assistant to bring her an umbrella. Unexpectedly, the young woman had declined his offer, and not a few seconds later, a large sunflower had blossomed above her head. She had impishly pointed at the flower then, and said, “Thank you Mr. Big-shot idol Xiao, but I’ve got this. Keep the umbrella. But thanks again. See you!” She had run away immediately, leaving Xiao Linghua standing there, stunned. 

It had been many years since anyone had rejected him. If he hadn’t seen for himself how innocent the girl was, he’d suspect that she was playing hard-to-get. 

Afterwards, he found out from her that even if she had taken the umbrella, she wouldn’t have been able to keep it. Her aunt was her family’s debtor, and one of Xiao Linghua’s diehard fans. If she found out the umbrella had come from Xiao Linghua, she’d probably have demanded it as payment for the debts

“Linghua said she’s a plant ability user and that sunflower is her plant, “ Luo Yuling recakkedm laughing,“She doesn’t seem to believe that Linghua is serious about her even now, and it’s driving Linghua batty.” 

“The fact that she’s simple is good. Someone who thinks too much might stir up trouble.” After a brief pause, Xiao Zhicheng continued, “Of course, Little Jue is an exception. He might have a few plots up his sleeve, but he never uses them on family members.” 

“Yeah. It’s a good thing that Little Jue is with Lingyu; he’d run circles around Linghua.” Although they loved every one of their children, they had to be honest and admit that Lingqi and Lingyu had high IQ, Lingqin and Lingshu had high EQ, while Linghua… Well, Linghua was straightforward and impulsive, and didn’t like to think too hard about things, so someone a bit pure was perfect for him. 

They continued happily discussing their children’s love lives. Just as they got to Xiao Lingshu, the oldest grandson whimpered, started twisting his little body around, as if extremely uncomfortable. It appeared that he had peed his nappy.

No matter how much Luo Lingyu wanted to, she didn’t dare touch him and could only instruct her husband on what to do from afar. 

Even though Xiao Zhicheng had changed diapers before, it had been a one-off thing. Nevertheless, he still had some experience at least, and was able to carefully untie his grandson’s diaper. Since Xiao Xiao had indeed peed, he grabbed a fresh diaper and put it on him. But as soon as he put it on, the diaper burnt to a crisp. 

This clearly wasn’t Luo Lingyu’s first time seeing something like this happen, so she calmly took out another diaper. However, this one didn’t even make it onto the baby before being zapped to ashes. 

Five diapers later and Xiao Zhicheng couldn’t help but give his grandson’s butt a gentle smack. “Xiao Xiao, you’re lucky you were born to our family. Another family would have gone broke trying to feed and clothe you.” 

Xiao Xiao giggled, staring at his grandfather with big black eyes. 

Xiao Zhicheng felt his heart melt at the sight and immediately snuggled against his grandson. To everyone’s surprise, as soon as Xiao Xiao touched his skin, a big ball of green healing energy emerged from the child and covered Xiao Zhicheng’s body. This healing energy was different from Lei Jue’s. Whereas Lei Jue’s healing energy was a net, Xiao Xiao’s seemed to be a seamless shield, covering Xiao Zhicheng like an eggshell. 

Xiao Zhicheng was shocked to find that his grandson had managed to cure the poison in his body instantly!

“My grandson, you’re amazing!” Xiao Zhicheng couldn’t resist rubbing his face against Xiao Xiao’s, “I’ll order all the diapers you’ll ever need!” 

“Wahhhh!” Xiao Xiao broke out in tears right then and there, and all the glass in the mansion shattered.

“Little buddy… you’re really something.” Xiao Zhicheng didn’t know how to feel, then. He felt like both crying and laughing. 

“You have a beard! How could you rub your face against his?!” Luo Yuling scolded her husband. She wanted to calm her grandson down, but couldn’t, so she remained standing there in exasperation. 

Lei Jue heard the sounds from outside and read Carrera’s report on the situation. Once he realized that nobody was hurt, he turned to Xiao Lingyu and smirked, quipping like he was interviewing Xiao Lingyu, “Mr. Xiao, how does it feel to know bankruptcy is imminent?” 

Xiao Lingyu shot back happily, “Absolutely fine. The money is there for you to spend. Baby, remember to bulk order some doors and windows later. Cases of them.” 

Lei Jue could only respond with silence.