Chapter 66: Poor Mr. Single

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 66: Poor Mr. Single

The President of Eternal Beauty Inc. was a typically standoffish man. But today he was smiling at everyone he passed. He was born handsome, and his smile made him youthful. His secretary Aerin handed him a cup of tea and couldn’t resist asking with a smile, “Is it really that amazing?” 

“Of course.” Ye Qunlan took the tea cup with a thanks and answered with a laugh, “Mr. Single is an expert that you can’t even hire for money. Now that he’s accepted our request, we’ll never have to worry about anything anymore.” 

As a well-known fashion producer on Casweir, there were many people trying to steal their designs. Even though their company had their own anti-theft measures, the advance of technology meant that there was no guarantee of safety. Just recently, an independent fashion design studio had their designs stolen, and not only did that studio end up sued, their reputation also suffered. The sad thing was that nobody could figure out who stole the designs, so the studio had to accept the loss. And then there was that skincare company who had their recently developed recipe stolen, losing a great amount of money because of it.

Even though their company hadn’t experienced theft yet, there had been attempts. They were just lucky that the company staff had been quick to react and stopped the thief by cutting off all internet access. But they wouldn’t be lucky every time, so it was necessary to prepare the best defense possible. 

“Is this ‘Mr. Single’ really that talented?” Aerin had worked for Ye Qunlan for seven or eight years, and so she was always direct when talking to him. “I feel like he’s so demanding. We have to pay 80% of the cost upfront, and he won’t even meet face-to-face. And it’s unbelievable that he’s only guaranteeing a year of maintenance. He’s washing his hands of all responsibility for anything that happens after the year. It just feels like he’s robbing us, and that we’re taking too high of a risk.” She couldn’t imagine why the netizens would worship him so much; his online popularity was almost as high as the triplets’. 

“You don’t pay attention to these things, so you wouldn’t know, but the guy’s skill is solid. He was already famous in the circle back when I was still learning how to design. Why else would so many people be willing to sell their souls in order to get his help? Let me give you an example; our planet’s most famous pharmaceutical company’s old CEO still gloats to this day about getting Mr. Single to help with their algorithms. And you know what, even after all these years, none of their drug recipes have been stolen. Mr. Single also helped design their company robot’s programming, and they’re all very advanced. They wouldn’t lose even against the latest smart robots in the market. This means that Mr. Single was way ahead of the times. So many smart robot producers would love to have him, but he doesn’t care for fame or fortune.” 

“If he’s really that good, then he probably has everything he wants. Of course he won’t be tempted by fame and fortune.” Aerin smiled and continued, “But why did he accept our request? Maybe he has a thing for our young and handsome Mr. President Ye?” 

“Stop joking and get to work.” Despite his words however, the tips of Ye Qunlan’s ears turned red.

When he was studying design, he loved making simple software as a hobby. He was interested in careers where he would be able to play with code, and he had always admired programmers with their own distinct style, programmers like Mr. Single. He had always regretted not having the opportunity to talk with him. Now that there was an opportunity to get to know him, Ye Qunlan was ecstatic. 

It’d be even better if he could befriend Mr. Single, of course. Although many people held the opinion that Mr. Single was a dangerous hacker, Ye Qunlan thought Mr. Single couldn’t be limited to that title, because his actions were very different from that of a hacker’s. Hackers usually revolved around invading personal photon computers—Mr. Single’s abilities clearly went beyond that. 

Aerin still thought her boss was being too generous with the payment. But when she saw how he reacted to the mere mention of Mr. Single, she realized that money meant nothing to her boss. This wasn’t about spending money on a defense algorithm design, this was about spending money trying to woo Mr. Single.

Wasn’t he afraid of Mr. Single being a creepy old man or an ugly dinosaur? Aerin didn’t understand, but when she thought about all those people who met their partners online, her boss didn’t seem too weird after all.

“Sir, Left Hurricane has gotten ahold of the photos on the Vice Party Leader’s photon computer. Party Leader Li should see them pretty soon.” Carrera informed Xiao Lingyu. “Since you recently accepted the request from Mr. Huang, I believe that Party Leader Li will soon think that Lei Jianying’s kidnappers are from the Vice Party Leader’s and Mr. Huang’s side.” 

“Mmhmm, pay attention to everyone’s movements in the next few days.” Xiao Lingyu said, kneading his forehead. He was trying to figure out the problems outlined in the latest order. “Also, if Madam asks, you are absolutely, definitely not allowed to let it slip that I’ve taken side jobs. Are we clear?” 

“Rest assured sir, I will not say a word.” Carrera didn’t understand why she couldn’t talk about it, but since Master had stressed it repeatedly, she would follow through. 

Xiao Lingyu nodded. He didn’t know why, but he felt uneasy. Lei Jue was too observant, and Xiao Lingyu had no idea how long he could keep this hidden from him.

It was a little embarrassing. 

Xiao Lingyu wiped at his face, suddenly wondering whether he was buying a bit too much into his assigned traditional gender role. 

Within the super luxurious, mobile multi-purpose room, Lei Jue was holding his daughter while feeding her instant milk. The two older children were asleep in their cots. Ever since the collapsing building incident, he and Xiao Lingyu were too worried to both leave the children at the same time. Since Xiao Lingyu said he had something to take care of, Lei Jue stayed behind with the kids. 

Their daughter was a docile child, and hardly ever cried unless she was hungry or needed her nappies changed. Lei Jue finished feeding her the instant milk, and then found a small nail clipper to trim her nails. Perhaps it was because he had experience taking care of younger children at the orphanage, but he carried out the tasks easily and attentively.

“Little Jue, it’s Lingshu. May I come in?” Xiao Lingshu knocked on the door. 

“Of course.” Lei Jue answered when he heard the knock. He continued his clipping, asking without lifting his head up, “Was there something you needed?” 

“Is now a good time to show you the design for the new house?” Xiao Lingshu walked in with a professionally made colored rendering of their new house. He saw his nephews taking a nap and lowered his voice. He continued, “Mom and Dad said you guys will be living here the most in the future, so they wanted to hear what you and Lingyu have to say. By the way, where is Lingyu?” 

“He stepped out.” Lei Jue thought about the bags under Xiao Lingyu’s eyes that had appeared over the last few days, and a smile flashed across his face. “Did you design the new house?” 

“Not the exterior. My friend did that. But I’ll be in charge of the internal structure, material, and stress tests later. I have to guarantee that they can stand up to the chaos caused by my two nephews after all.” Xiao Lingshu grinned. “Since Lingyu isn’t here, I’ll leave for now. The design is in the drawing tablet. There’s no password. Take a look when you and Lingyu have time and write down any thoughts or suggestions to let me know” 

“Will do. Thanks, Lingshu.” Lei Jue ran his fingers along his daughter’s nails to make sure they were rounded enough to avoid hurting her. Then, he held her while he took a look at the designs on the tablet. 

Ever since their house collapsed, the entire family had lived in the mobile multi-purpose homes scattered around the lawn. They had bought three sets in total. Lei Jue and his family of five took one, their parents and grandmother shared another, and Lingshu had the third. When Lingqi visited, he would stay with Lingshu. As for the collapsed building, the debris had been cleared away on the third day of cleaning, and the important things recovered. Now, only the basement remained, and Lei Jue guessed that Xiao Lingyu was probably holed up there. 

Although they hadn’t destroyed the home on purpose, they should still bear at least a small part of the repair costs. Xiao Lingyu was probably feeling stressed because of that.

Lei Jue looked down, and, seeing that his daughter had fallen asleep, stood up and put her in the cot as well. He then called out to the communicator, “Carrera, are you there?”

“Yes Madam. How may I help?” Carrera’s voice replied instantly.

“My husband has been flexing his fingers unconsciously recently. Has he been overusing them?” 

“Yes, Madam. You’re very observant.” 

“Can you tell me what he’s busy with?” 

“Still working on gathering evidence. Lei Jianying has admitted that he was taking orders from the Vice Party Leader and Mr. Huang, but we don’t have enough evidence yet. So the master is working hard to gather the evidence as quickly as possible.” Carrera felt proud of her excuse.

“Then please remind him to take enough breaks.” Lei Jue didn’t ask any more questions. 

That night, upon his return, Xiao Lingyu took turns hugging and kissing each of his three children. He helped Lei Jue bathe the children and put them down for bed before taking care of his own needs. He took off the clothes that had become wet when giving the children a bath. Then, he went to take a shower himself, walking out of the bathroom afterward with just a towel around his waist. 

Lei Jue hadn’t fallen asleep yet. He leaned against the headboard in loose-fitting pajamas. When he heard the bathroom door open, he glanced up. 

Xiao Lingyu couldn’t put his fingers on why, but his throat felt dry. He coughed lightly, walking slowly toward the bed before sitting down and asking, “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

Lei Jue didn’t reply. He put his photon computer aside and grabbed Xiao Lingyu’s hand. A ball of green energy surrounded them, easing the tension on his fingers and wrist. Then, he moved his hands to Xiao Lingyu’s eyes and eased some of the dryness and soreness there. Finally, he patted his legs and indicated for Xiao Lingyu to put his head on his lap. He gently massaged Xiao Lingyu’s head, and when he was done, he said, “Sleep now.” 

Xiao Lingyu didn’t know what to say.

How was he supposed to sleep after that? He had the feeling that Lei Jue knew everything already!

Lei Jue laid down as usual, as if he really was clueless about everything.

But Xiao Lingyu couldn’t calm down. Even though all his weariness had disappeared after Lei Jue’s healing session and his overworked eyes were no longer hurting, he just couldn’t sleep! He took off the towel and set it aside, forgetting his pyjama pants as he laid down naked next to Lei Jue. 

Lei Jue eyes were closed like he really did intend to go to sleep. His thick eyelashes drooped like a butterfly’s wings. 

Xiao Ling felt a sudden, impulsive desire. After he and Lei Jue left the Holy Eagle Mecha Corps, they’d been sp busy with taking care of the triplets that they hadn’t had sex in a long time. More precisely, he and Lei Jue haven’t done anything ever since their eldest was born… 

In short, it had been a while. In the Corps, they were busy taking care of the children, so they couldn’t go into the Primary Fruit, and it had been impossible outside of the Primary Fruit. But now that Xiao Lingyu had the experience of playing electricity games with his eldest, he had no more problems controlling his natural energy. 

Finally, Xiao Lingyu couldn’t resist anymore, hauling Lei Jue into his arms. He kissed Lei Jue, asking quietly, “Why did you suddenly heal me?” 

Lei Jue opened his eyes. He lifted his knee and rubbed it enticingly along Xiao Lingyu’s body. He said with a half-smile, “You work so hard, and I’m worried you’ll be too tired to…” 

Xiao Lingyu suddenly flipped Lei Jue under him and bit down naughtily on Lei Jue’s ear, “How did you know?” 

Lei Jue put his hands on Xiao Lingyu’s waist and applied gentle pressure. “Everyone on the net is talking about how the hard-to-get Mr. Single is suddenly accepting requests. And by coincidence, my resident genius programmer has gotten busy out of the blue. Isn’t ‘Mr. Single’ a name you took on because you assumed you’d be single forever since you couldn’t control your elemental abilities? I’m guessing you haven’t changed it because you don’t want anyone to know it’s you, right? Even though the possibility of that is very…” 

Xiao Lingyu swallowed the rest of his words. A few moments later, Lei Jue’s breathing roughened.

Xiao Lingyu kept kissing Lei Jue as he took off Lei Jue’s clothes. When he felt that Lei Jue was ready to take him in, despite not being in the Primary Fruit, he buried himself with a thrust into Lei Jue’s body. 

Right at that moment, Xiao Xiao wailed… 

And the bed collapsed with a thud.