Chapter 67: Nicknames

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 67: Nicknames

It was a good thing Lei Jue’s self-recovery abilities were strong, such that he was able to heal instantly from any bumps and bruises. Otherwise, he’d need to take a trip to the hospital with something as large as Xiao Lingyu slamming into him…

Still connected, the couple looked at each other, both quite exasperated. Xiao Lingyu asked Lei Jue, “Nothing’s hurt, right?”

Lei Jue shook his head. “You? It hasn’t broken right?”

Xiao Lingyu thrust, feeling Lei Jue’s hands on his back clench in response. He smiled, “You’re underestimating me too much. I’ll go see what the little master wants.” He gave a helpless sigh at that, forcing himself to get out of Lei Jue before going to check on his eldest. 

The kid was still very young, so it was to be expected that he’d wake up every night, whether it was for the toilet or for food. Xiao Lingyu knew this of course, he just hadn’t thought that his son would be so merciless about it. Xiao Lingyu hadn’t ‘eaten’ in such a long time, and yet, right when he had meat in his mouth and was just about to chew down, the kid decided to interrupt him. 

“He’s probably wet his nappy, at this time of night.” Lei Jue stood up with Xiao Lingyu’s help, patting the kid’s back and confirming that yes, the child had indeed wet his nappy. He took over the job from Xiao Lingyu, “I’ll change the nappy. You should pile what’s left of the bed in the corner, we’ll sleep on the ground tonight.”

“The way I see it we might as well make the ground our permanent bed. He’ll give me a heart attack if this happens again.” Xiao Lingyu peered at the part of him still standing at attention and hurried up. He not only pushed the bed aside, but he also cleared away the smaller broken debris on the ground too. After cleaning up, he heated up three packets of the instant milk, and fed each of the three kids with Lei Jue. Once they’d made sure the children were asleep again, the two finally laid down against the mattress on the ground. 

“Shall we continue?” Xiao Lingyu held Lei Jue in his arms, nibbling gently on his ear.

“The mood’s all ruined. Wait a bit.” Lei Jue did want to do it, but he felt like laughing every time he looked at the trashed bed in the corner. When the bed had collapsed he’d been too busy feeling speechless, but now, looking back, it must have been a very theatrical scene. 

Xiao Lingyu sighed. “We must have owed them something in our past lives for them to torture us now.” Xiao Lingyu looked at the three different colored beds. “Daughters are so much better. They’re obedient and cute. We’ll give all the good stuff to her in the future, and leave none for the two brats.”

“Let’s think of a nickname for them.” He suggested. They’d thought that they would only have one child before, so they’d decided on Pikachu. But now there were three kids; it wasn’t like they could keep calling them ‘eldest’, ‘second eldest’, and ‘third eldest’ forever.

“I feel like we should pick gentler names for them, so they won’t get too rowdy.” Lei Jue said. 

“I don’t think that will work. Haven’t my parents told you? They wanted their children to be quiet growing up, so they named us ‘Qin, Qi, Shu, Hua’[1]. Turns out each one of us was naughtier than the next. Names will have no impact.” 

Recalling how much of a ruckus he and his siblings had made, Xiao Lingyu firmly believed that it was useless no matter how refined-sounding the names were!

“Oh, that’s right. Speaking of names, I’m quite curious, why did they use ‘Lingyu’ when it came to you? Is there a special meaning to it?”

“There is, yeah.” Xiao Lingyu’s hand made light strokes across Lei Jue’s back, “At the time, Dad and Mum had already had four children in a row with no abilities. Although Dad never said anything about it, mum felt quite stressed at the time, because all the other wives of family heads with elemental abilities had borne children with powers already, and she was the only one who hadn’t. So later, when mum had me, grandpa suggested giving me a name that wasn’t too refined. Despite knowing that names had nothing to do with abilities, mum was desperate for an elemental child, so she listened to grandpa and decided to give me a loud and ambitious name. Which is why my name doesn’t follow the same trend as my siblings; Lingyu. Grandpa told me that I was to become a person whose name would be known through the entire universe [2]. Thinking about it now, it sounds quite crude; but those had been their wishes for me at the time.”

“Brutish? I think it sounds nice. It feels hard and unyielding” Lei Jue gave a feather-light flick of Xiao Lingyu’s member underneath the covers, as his grin turned mischievous. “Tsk, I was talking about a hard and unyielding feeling, not a hard and unyielding embroidery needle. What’re you standing up so tall for?”

“How else would I sate you?” Xiao Lingyu caught Lei Jue’s hand and bit it, once again moving on top of him.

The little ones were quite understanding this time and didn’t interrupt. Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue went at it to their hearts’ content and fell asleep after, all thoughts about nicknames gone from their heads. 

Lei Jue’s internal clock woke him up the next day. Although he had kids now, he was still used to getting up early, and so woke up at half-past five in the morning. The first thing he saw was Xiao Lingyu. 

Xiao Lingyu was already awake then, lying on his side with an arm supporting his head, apparently having watched him for god knows how long. Seeing Lei Jue awake, Xiao Lingyu smiled at him, “Honey, how about naming the oldest Pipi, the second one Kaka, and the third one Qiuqiu?”

“Pipi and Qiuqiu are fine, Kaka no. Let’s call him Kangkang.” The word ‘Kaka’ made him think about the big dog he’d helped outside the vet’s back then. There was no way Lei Jue was going to name his child after a dog. 

“Okay, Kangkang it is.”

“Have you been thinking about this all morning or something?” Lei Jue gave Xiao Lingyu’s head a push, sitting up.

“No. but I was thinking that your butt’s gotten bigger recently, babe.” Xiao Lingyu grinned, his hand sneaking over for a handful of Lei Jue’s behind. 

Lei Jue slapped Xiao Lingyu’s hands away, producing a crisp ‘smack’. He shot Xiao Lingyu a taunting glance. “You sure it’s not that your gun got smaller?”

Xiao Lingyu got up and hugged Lei Jue from behind. “Didn’t you experience that for yourself last night? You’d know perfectly well whether it got smaller or not, right?”

Lei Jue nodded. “It got smaller.” He stuck out a finger. “By this much.”

Xiao Lingyu almost choked at the indicated length. Right then, however, Xiao Lei came in from the other bedroom. The big fellow gave Xiao Lingyu’s crotch a long stare before letting out a series of weird calls, his gaze mocking. Xiao Lingyu hit his chest with a fist, calling out to Lei Jue, who had disappeared into the bathroom. “Lei Jue, are you sure you don’t want to send Xiao Lei back home so he can get a mate?”

Lei Jue hadn’t even replied before Qiuqiu let out a loud cry, apparently startled by her old man’s loud voice. 

Their daughter had always been quite obedient, and she didn’t cry much, so Xiao Lingyu’s heart twisted into little bits and pieces at the sounds of her cries now. He became a whirlwind of motion, slipping on his pants and picking his daughter up to pat her gently on the back. 

Their darling princess looked the most like Lei Jue out of the three, and she was the one Xiao Lingyu spoiled the most. As for the little trouble-maker who liked interrupting his parents, and the second son who cried whenever his brother did, it served them right to be ignored for a bit! They could cry for all he cared, a little bit of physical exercise never hurt anyone. 

Hearing the sounds of crying, Lei Jue hurriedly pulled open the door and poked his head out. “Hugging is fine, but you can’t kiss our daughter, you hear me?”

Xiao Lingyu paused in surprise. “Why?”

An awkward expression flashed across Lei Jue’s face. “Don’t you remember what you did last night?”

As if just realizing, Xiao Lingyu quickly turned his face away from his daughter, so that she wouldn’t touch his mouth. But now, as if insulted by the action or something, she cried even harder, large drops of tears pitter-pattering downwards without an end. Normal babies didn’t even shed many tears when they cried, but clearly their children were different. 

Lei Jue had been showering when he heard this. He showered faster, washing himself like he was fighting a battle before rushing out and taking over. However, the moment the child went into his arms, Xiao Lingyu smushed a big kiss against his cheek, before escaping to the bathroom. 

“Xiao Lingyu you’re looking for a beating aren’t you?!” Kissing his face with the same mouth that had kissed his butt, the b*stard!

“Wuh, Da, Da…” Xiao Yu reached out her soft pudgy hands and grabbed Lei Jue’s hair, her head resting against Lei Jue’s shoulder. 

“Da? Are you trying to say Dad, my dear?” Lei Jue’s eyes lit up. It wasn’t very likely, but the sound she made definitely sounded like Dad. 

“Da!” A small ball of green light bloomed on the tips of Xiao Yu’s pointer finger, and she poked it against Lei Jue’s face. 

In response, Lei Jue hurriedly mimicked the way Xiao Lingyu played his zapping game with their sons. He began playing healing games with his daughter for the first time. A big green light ball met a smaller one, and Lei Jue felt immensely happy. He hurriedly called for Carrera to record them, and he took a screenshot not a minute later, shamelessly posting it to gloat.

The caption was, ‘Finally, my first time playing elemental ability finger games with my daughter.”

Dancingleaves: Hahahahahha, looks like mummy has been jealous of daddy’s electricity games for quite a while now. 

RoundnRolly: You must feel so happy! The little angel’s getting prettier by the day.

Brocadewoods: I wonder who she’ll end up marrying in the future, the guy would faint from how lucky he’d feel!

Black: I’m curious too. She’s probably the strongest female wood elemental user in the history of our planet.”

Metal_Wood_Shipper: As a loyal fan, I believe that whoever wants to take the little angel’s hand in marriage would have to pay a great price. With such amazing father-in-laws, anyone less than perfect would never dare.

Lei Jue looked at his daughter and remarked, “Let’s beat up anyone who tries to snatch you away!”

Xiao Yu heard him but understood none of it. She called out “Da” again, sweetly.

Lei Jue gently stroked his daughter’s face. Seeing that his sons have stopped crying, he sent his daily picture of the three kids to his uncle. Unexpectedly, his uncle sent him a voice chat request a moment later.

“Little Jue, did your mum and dad leave anything for you in the past?” Di Lin asked the moment the invitation was accepted. “Or have they said anything special to you before?”

“They haven’t, why Uncle?” Because they were using a channel specially created and made secure by Xiao Lingyu, Lei Jue could talk to his Uncle without fear of being spied on. 

“Lei Jianying has already confessed everything that happened back then, but just his confession isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve been looking for more evidence lately, to prove that this matter involved other people too.”

“That’s right. Have you gotten new evidence then?” Yu Le and Zhou Bin would contact Xiao Lingyu once a day, so Lei Jue was quite familiar with the way Di Lin operated. He was therefore not surprised at how Di Lin had managed to fish information out from Lei Jianying, given Di Lin’s violent tendencies despite his gentle appearance. 

“It’s not that I have new evidence, but rather that Lei Jianying told me that your father should have already gotten his hands on evidence back then, except no one knows where he put it.”

“Could he be lying?” If Lei Jianwei had found proof back then, why hadn’t he gone and made a report?

“I don’t think he’s lying. If your father had no way to ensure the safety of our clan, it is very likely that he wouldn’t have taken the evidence out even if he did have any.” Di Lin thought back to his brother-in-law, who he hadn’t liked much at first but who he eventually acknowledged. He frowned. “Did he ever say anything weird to you, when he was still with us?”

“No.” Lei Jue thought back very carefully, and there indeed hadn’t been anything. The original Lei Jue had been taken to Casweir by Lei Jianying when he was very young, but apparently, he didn’t see much of his parents, and so his memories of them were almost negligibly faint. 

“Looks like we’ll have to think of another way.” Di Lin smiled then, “Yu Le and the others have taken Lei Jianying away already, and Lingyu says he has plans for what happens next. When I finish a few more things up on my end I’ll head over and visit you guys.”

Lei Jue nodded and agreed to the visit, reminding Di Lin to take care of himself. 

He hadn’t known at the time that, in a few days, they’d have another visitor, and one whose personality clashed heavily with Di Lin’s at that. 



[1] 琴棋书画: Qin Qi Shu Hua: The characters that make up the Xiao siblings’ names. Respectively, they refer to instrument-playing, chess-playing, calligraphy, art. They refer to the 

[2] 令宇: Lingyu: The second character, ‘yu’, in Lingyu means ‘universe’.