Chapter 78: You’re Dead Meat.

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 78: You’re Dead Meat.

Even if Zuo Yan was normally stoic, he couldn’t prevent the corners of his lips from twitching. He carefully glanced over at his father and brother and realized they weren’t any better than him. His father, especially, looked like he was about to spit fire! 

Zuo Zhihuan had never dreamed that he’d run into a scene like this when all he wanted was to discuss something with his second son. This brat…what in the nine worlds was he up to in his room in broad daylight???

The Marshal’s expression was stormy.  He didn’t know whether to go in or leave. In the end, he let out a deep sigh and decided to preserve his child’s dignity. He left first, but not before saying, “I expect all of you in my office in a bit.” 

Zuo Qiu and Zuo Yan responded affirmatively and looked at each other. They saw the same tinges of awkwardness in each other’s eyes. 

Should they knock on the door or not? 

As the two brothers hesitated, another evocative moan travelled through the door. “Ahhhhh! You’re so great! So big, oohhhhhh…” 

Marshal Zuo was just heading up the stairs when he heard that, he stumbled and almost hit his jaw on the steps. The two brothers rushed forward to beat at the door at that, afraid that something even worse would come out! 

Zuo Feng heard the unexpected sound of someone knocking on his door and hurriedly jumped up to grab his photon computer. But the humanoid tree moved faster and, completely ignoring how enthusiastic the two people on the photo computer sounded, tossed the computer aside and rushed to root himself into the flower pot at the speed of light. 

“Who is it?” Zuo Feng asked in an unfriendly tone. He turned off the photon computer, his face even redder than before. At this time of day, it could be anyone knocking on his door. And if it was one of the men in the family, they’d be able to hear the sounds coming from his room because they all had exceptionally good hearing! It was his fault for paying too much attention to the porn, he’d have heard someone approaching the door otherwise!

Zuo Qiu lightly coughed before speaking, “Little Feng, it’s me and Little Yan. Dad has discuss with us. You…” 

“Give me a minute.” Zuo Feng turned to glare at the humanoid tree pretending to be an inanimate object in the flower pot. He tried his best to act like nothing happened and walked out the door. When he saw his brothers standing outside, forcing themselves to pretend nothing out of the ordinary happened, he felt his expression darken. 

The tips of his ears turned crimson. “Shall we head over now?” He asked.

“Yeah.” Zuo Qiu looked into his younger brother’s room and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The bed wasn’t particularly messy and things were still in their rightful places. However, strangely enough, there was a weird atmosphere about it that hinted towards something intimate having happened. 

Zuo Feng shut the door and tensed his body. He was goinghave to take the fall for this! He couldn’t even protest! 

Di Lin cackled like a madman. After he made sure Zuo Feng and his brothers left, Di Lin couldn’t resist sending a message to Lei Jue: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Lei Jue replied as soon as he received the message. ‘Spill, what did you do to mess with him this time?’

Di Lin replied, ‘I’ll see you in a few days. Tell you then.’

‘Sure, take care of yourself.’

Both parties wiped away records of the message. Afterwards, Di Lin silently put on his ‘I’m a handsome tree’ act. He sucked up enough nutrients from the soil, shook his leaves, and then turned to face the window. He squinted his eyes and had a great time sunning himself. If someone took a photo of him right at that moment, he would look identical to when Kangkang snuck out to play. Both Di Lin and Kangkang had the same ‘exotic’ personality. 

In order to prevent the children from turning into humanoid trees and then running off, Xiao Lingyu was in the middle of setting up the robot he just got from Lingqi. This robot excelled at detection and would join the ranks of the triplet’s personal caretakers. 

“Say, when Mr. Huang celebrates his birthday, do you think Zuo Feng will take Uncle with him?” Lei Jue asked Xiao Lingyu as he used two fingers to pinch their youngest, who was about to crawl into the flower pot again. 

“Hard to say. To Zuo Feng, Uncle hasn’t been ‘conscious’ for all that long, so Zuo Feng might have his concerns. Of course, that guy is a bit conceited, so it could go either way.” Xiao Lingyu stared at their youngest waving his limbs and laughed. “Even if Zuo Feng doesn’t bring Uncle, Uncle will invite himself.” 

“That’s true.” After all, directly or indirectly, Mr. Huang had played a role in the killing of so many of the Golden Fruit Tree Clan. 

“What we should be worrying about now is what to do with this little dude.” Xiao Lingyu took their son from Lei Jue. Their child was so tiny, and when he was placed on Xiao Lingyu, he used all his might to hold onto Xiao Lingyu’s shirt with his tiny wooden claws. The child’s head turned this way and that, as if he was terrified he’d fall down, and the tiny leaf on top of his head shook. As if Xiao Lingyu didn’t have a good hold on the child’s tiny butt.

“It’ll be better than having something come up after we bring him over.” Lei Jue gently stroked the tiny leaf on his son’s head. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw his son squeeze his eyes shut in an expression of blissful contentment. 

Most of their family had planned on attending Mr. Huang’s birthday celebrations, but clearly they had to make some adjustments now since Kangkang could turn into a humanoid tree at any moment. It wouldn’t do to have someone discover this ability, so it was no longer appropriate to bring him to Mr. Huang’s birthday celebrations. This meant that someone had to stay behind to take care of the child. 

“Oh right, was that a message from Uncle just now?” Xiao Lingyu asked. 

“Yeah, Uncle said he’ll come by in a few days. We’ll see if he has any ideas then. If not, then I’ll stay behind and watch Kangkang. As for the nightleisure bugs, I’ll try my best to have them behave according to my will. If that doesn’t work, we’ll extend the timing of the plan.” 

Mr. Huang’s birthday celebration was to be hosted at the Haweila Palace, which has been the place of residence for every Emperor of Casweir. It was decorated lavishly. Lei Jue had passed by it twice, but never entered. This time, what he and Xiao Lingyu planned could be described as both simple and difficult. They planned on releasing the nightleisure bugs in Haweila Palace and then, at the appropriate time, have Lei Jue control them in a coordinated attack on Mr. Huang. Nobody else knew the full extent about Lei Jue’s ability to control animals, so as long as they were careful, there shouldn’t be any big problems. 

Xiao Lingyu had already started to lay the foundations for this plan. He even got the ball rolling on some things that would provide a better cover for Lei Jue and also misdirect people toward Party Leader Li. He hadn’t discussed the specific details with Lei Jue yet, because Lei Jue needed to focus on maximizing his control over those tiny bugs for now. 

As for the Zuo family, Zuo Zhihuan had summoned his three sons in order to talk to them about Mr. Huang’s birthday celebrations. The Emperor’s birthday celebration would be a lavish affair regardless, but this was also his 80th birthday, which meant the affair had to be on an even grander scale. Basically, this entire celebration invited every big household on Casweir. Zuo Zhihuan and his entire family would be attending. 

Zuo Feng didn’t have to guess to know what his father was thinking. There was never a lack of sons and daughters from good families at these types of events. In other words, his old man’s desperation for a grandson was acting up again. 

“I don’t have to tell you more about what’s happening. This birthday celebration may not be peaceful, so all of you must be very careful that night.” Zuo Zhihuan then rubbed his brows. “The Xiao triplets are young yet and all of you should be on good terms with the Xiao’s. If anything happens, remember to help out.” 

“Don’t worry dad, we’ll be careful.” Zuo Feng reassured. 

“Who would dare touch the two little devils from the Xiao’s? The girl might be well behaved, but the other two – especially the oldest – I’d bet that you couldn’t even pay anyone to touch them.” Zuo Feng pursed his lips. He didn’t want to admit it, but he had to give it to Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue for giving birth to those amazing triplets, each more powerful than the last! 

“Just remember that we owe the Xiaos a debt, so don’t let anything get between us.” Zuo Zhihuan took a sip of tea and when he raised his head, he caught sight of his second son smiling at the communicator. “Xiao Feng, I think you’re looking much better now that you’ve visited the Xiao family twice.” 

“Did I look bad before?” Zuo Feng touched his face. 

“Before…,” Zuo Qiu thought about it and then said, “you didn’t look as good as you do now.” Before, an air of depression had surrounded his younger brother. But now, that air seemed to have vanished. 

“Yeah, so make sure you spend more time with Lingyu and Xiao Lei. It will only do you good. You don’t know how envious the other families are because our two families are close. Don’t you behave as if you don’t know how fortunate we are.” How many other people wanted to ask Lei Jue to heal them? But you could count on one hand the actual number of people who got to see Lei Jue and the number of people who could go and visit them in person. 

“After getting to know them, I have come to realize that both Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue are pretty interesting.” Zuo Feng admitted sincerely. He thought that this was an improvement; his father hadn’t instructed them to make friends among their peers and see if any of them were potential romantic partners. 

“That’s right, there will be many singles in your age group there. Remember to look for opportunities and settle down with someone suitable soon.” Zuo Zhihuan said. 

“None of us are thirty yet. Dad, what are you in a hurry for?” This is just too much! Zuo Feng had no words to describe his feelings. 

“Am I the one who’s in a hurry? I don’t think it’s me who’s in a hurry!” Zuo Zhihuan stared at Zuo feng. “As desperate as I am, I’m not the one who acts shamelessly in bright daylight!” 

“Who’s shameless…” Zuo Feng paused and then recalled what happened when he opened the door. He suddenly had nothing to say. 

Zuo Zhihuan felt better after turning his son speechless. He set his cup down on the table and said, “If there’s nothing else, you can all go.” 

The three brothers stood outside the door. Zuo Yan asked Zuo Qiu, “Eldest brother, isn’t it weird for dad to call us in just so he could tell us these two things?” 

Zuo Qiu was also turning this question over. Upon hearing Zuo Yan’s question, he answered, “No matter what happens, let’s follow dad’s instructions.” 

Even though he couldn’t figure out what his father’s intentions were, he doubted his father would put them in harm’s way. 

Zuo Qiu walked down, still in thought. Just as Zuo Yan was about to head down, a hand suddenly grabbed onto his shoulder. “Hold up!”

Zuo Feng got a hold of Zuo Yan, whom he normally wouldn’t even greet, and asked, “Dad was there when you came to find me?” 

Zuo Yan nodded. “Dad was still there when the person in your room called out.” 

Zuo Feng stared at his brother in silence. 

All of a sudden, he found himself disliking his younger brother even more. 

Someone calling out? Who else could it be?!

Prepare to die, you humanoid tree. How dare you watch porn on my bed!

Zuo Feng’s mind instinctively went to those moans from the photon computer. He walked briskly, pushing open his bedroom door and walking in.

As soon as he stepped foot inside the door however, Zuo Feng’s breath caught in his throat, because lying on his bed was a slender, fair-skinned, and butt-naked man. And the shilah tree, which should be in the pot, had disappeared. 

Zuo Feng’s heart thundered hard, with a sense of anticipation even he didn’t know he possessed. 

But when he got closer, the man turned back into that shameless humanoid tree again!

He didn’t have a chance to get a good look at the man’s face!