Chapter 79: Touching the Flower

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 79: Touching the Flower

DI Lin stretched and shook out his leaves. He turned around to look at Zuo Feng, who had not said a word since entering the room. Di Lin was as calm as if nothing had happened, as if the one who had been lying on the bed butt naked wasn’t him.

In contrast, Zuo Feng’s face was still a suspicious shade of red. He stared at the tree-person on the bed, as still as a statue, like he’d been petrified by Di Lin’s ‘magic trick’. 

Right at this moment, Di Lin elegantly put one of his little tree claws under his head and crooked his finger at Zuo Feng in a ‘come hither’ motion. 

Zuo Feng startled back to his senses. Seeing the little tree-person’s foxy actions, he went over and picked the tree-person up by its feet. “Getting arrogant are we? You’re on my turf, yet you dare play tricks on me?”

Di Lin was being picked up by one leg. Although it wouldn’t hurt him, it didn’t feel great either; he had never been hung upside down like this before, and he was so angry that he lengthened his arm, a clawed finger pointing straight at Zuo Feng’s crotch!

The tip of his claw was as pointy as a needle. It looked both hard and sharp. With a little poke, it could pierce the cloth and dig into the man’s family jewels.

Zuo Feng felt even more enraged now. “Want to bet I’ll burn you?”

Di Lin shoved his nail forwards without hesitation. 

He had controlled his strength exceptionally well. Although it had punctured the pants, it did not hurt Zuo Feng. Zuo Feng, however, realised that Di Lin wasn’t afraid of carrying out his threats and lost his composure a little. A fireball swirled in his hand, the flames only two centimetres away from the tree-person, and the threat in them extremely obvious. 

Very soon, Di Lin began feeling uncomfortable from the heat. He took back his branch hands and curled his tiny form up, slipping quickly away from Zuo Feng’s control and running over to the corner to sulk. He used the same trick every time Zuo Fen got angry and even though it should have stopped working after the first few times, it was still effective for some reason. He didn’t know whether it was because Zuo Feng was too dumb, or whether it was because the man was too gentle. 

Zuo Feng looked at the little tree-person sitting in the corner who was sulkily drawing circles on the ground, displeasure written plain on his face. As predicted, he let the fireball vanish and walked over. He squatted down, poking the tree-person’s face. “Turn into a human again for me.”

He wanted to know whether the little tree-person would look like Lele. 

He had been so close to seeing its face just then!

Di Lin turned his face to the side, avoiding Zuo Feng’s hand and ignoring him.

Zuo Feng wanted to ask the tree-person ‘So are you Lele or not?’ But he got the feeling that if he voiced the question, the other might get even angrier. After all, the little guy in front of him had expressed that he wasn’t before. Therefore, Zuo Feng kept his mouth shut after some consideration.

His father had said he looked better recently, but Zuo Feng thought the change in his mood was more tangible. If anyone had dared give him attitude in the past he would have taught them not to mess with him in an instant. He never would have let them act spoiled around him like this.

It was acting spoiled, wasn’t it—the little tree-person acted like it knew exactly which of Zuo Feng’s buttons to push. Zuo Feng seemed to fall for it every time even though he knew the little tree-person before him wasn’t Lele.

Lele’s personality was completely different from the little tree-person’s. Forget about lying on his bed naked—even just saying something vaguely dirty would have him feeling shy. On the other hand, this imp went around as if he didn’t know what shame was, and constantly acted suggestively. 

Zuo Feng poked the little tree-person again. “What are you playing the victim for? You looked like you were enjoying yourself lying on my bed butt-naked just then, didn’t you? Go on, I’ll lend my bed to you, get on there and transform again for me.”

As if! You brat! Di Lin muttered inwardly. He felt quite haughty at the moment, but outwardly he gave off a wilted feeling. His leaves drooped down powerlessly, and his little claws never stopped drawing circles on the ground.

A strange feeling of having bullied some weakling crept over Zuo Feng.

“Are you really angry?” Even Zuo Feng himself didn’t realise that his tone had gotten softer. “Hey, just be obedient and turn into a human for me.” He thought about it and then added, “If you do I’ll give you a bigger flower pot and change the soil into a more nutrient-rich one.”

He was a tree-person after all, so should like these things right?

Di Lin was indeed a little tempted. The current nutrient levels in the soil weren’t enough; it had gotten to the point where he almost couldn’t eat his fill. He had only changed into human form earlier to hook the brat in, because he needed to attend Mr. Huang’s birthday party. He needed to get Zuo Feng to take him, so he needed leverage big enough to make Zuo Feng do it.

Seeing the little tree-person put a finger on its chin, as if in thought, Zuo Feng struck the iron while it was hot and added a few more conditions. “I can put lots and lots of nutrient fluid next to your pot too, and I’ll pour as much of it as you want into the soil. If that isn’t enough, you can even drink it straight from the packet!”

Di Lin thought to himself, Now that’s just unfair!

Zuo Feng poked the little tree-person again. “So can you?”

Di Lin looked Zuo Feng up and down. Taking in how Zuo Feng’s air of gloominess had disappeared after the poison had been removed and how much brighter he looked, Di Lin couldn’t help but feel a rush of desire. He really wanted to kidnap him and trap him on the bed, and then do unspeakable things to him. 

After thinking about it however, he shook his head and climbed into the flower pot. After planting down his roots, he fell silent. 

Zuo Feng’s curiosity had now been piqued though. He glanced at the little tree-person in the pot, currently looking like a very ordinary shilah tree, and questions flew through his mind.

It could fully transform into a plant, and could turn into a human, could it be an ability user? He didn’t buy the explanation that the heavens had taken pity on him and given the shilah tree sentience or whatever. That had been his wish for so many years now, but it had never come true—even he thought he had been dreaming impossible things by now.. 

But, right now, those impossible dreams had come true. Not only so, the little tree-person could communicate with him through simple means. 

Zuo Feng couldn’t tell whether he was more worried or more happy right now. It had been so long and he had been lonely the whole time. Ever since Lele had left, he hadn’t been able to open his heart to anyone else; the little tree-person has changed that.

How could he put it? He felt as if, ever since knowing the little tree-person existed, his whole mindset had changed.

Before, he’d always felt very sick of everything and everyone and couldn’t muster up much enthusiasm for anything, but that had completely changed now; his patience was growing by the day, and he now had things he felt exceptionally interested in. He wanted to get to the bottom of the little tree-person’s secrets; every time he thought about how he was the only one in the world to really understand the little thing, he felt happy.

“Are you really not going to transform for me?” Zuo Feng decided to try for the final time. “Could it be that you’re shy? Am I the first person in the world who’s seen you naked?”

Di Lin responded with silence. He glanced at Zuo Feng, and realised  that was indeed the case, He nodded while thinking inwardly, so you gotta take responsibility for me!

“What a pity then. I didn’t get to see you clearly before you changed back.” All he remembered was that the body had been very willowy and pale, though it hadn’t looked soft or weak. Rather, there was a more healthy and robust beauty to it.

Zuo Feng once again failed to resist his urges, reaching out a hand and touching the quiet little tree in the pot. 

Di Lin currently genuinely wanted to chop Zuo Feng’s hands off. Why the heck was he touching a tree so sensually? It made him want to bloom, godd*mit! 

The little tree-person touched his head and, there it was, he had bloomed in-f*cking-deed! 

Zuo Feng lifted his hand up to touch the little flower. 

“I’ve heard before that flowers are the sexual organs of plants? And that a plant blooming was the equivalent of a human feeling horny. This is your second time blooming at me, so can I interpret you lying naked on the bed as an invitation for me to screw you?”

That said, Zuo Feng gently flicked a green leaf near the flower. Di Lin shuddered violently, suddenly feeling as if he’d been electrocuted.

He stared at Zuo Feng who lay opposite of him, suddenly quite restless. And so he pulled out his roots, jumping straight from the pot onto the ground.

Zuo Feng watched him curiously. 

Di Lin then turned around, and right in front of Zuo Feng, turned into a human.

Zuo Feng discovered that he had been right. The man’s body was slender and well proportioned, and his skin was very pale. Paler than Zuo Feng’s even, but it did not look sickly—it was a healthy white colour, a shade that looked tantalising to touch. 

Zuo Feng couldn’t resist reaching out his hand, drawing his fingers lightly over the man’s back as if bewitched. 

Di Lin lifted up his head, a soft moan escaping him. He had a deep and husky voice, so alluring that Zuo Feng’s whole body felt like jelly. 

Zuo Feng’s hand slithered onto Di Lin’s waist, his lust instantly spreading through every fibre of his being. 

It was the lust of a virgin—one that, upon awakening, was akin to a violent tempest, and would not stop without heavily battering its target. 

Di Lin gave a low laugh, “Does it feel nice to the touch?”

Zuo Feng’s movements abruptly halted. “You’re…able to speak?”

Di Lin angled his head toward Zuo Feng. “Why couldn’t I?”

Zuo Feng paused in surprise. He saw that the other wore a wooden mask on his face; the mask hid two thirds of his face but Zuo Feng could still see his chin and eyes. Di Lin’s irises were very dark, contrasting greatly against the whites of his eyes. A careless gaze from him felt like it contained a million words, each word an utterance of deep love. 

Zuo Feng’s breathing lost its rhythm. He was sure now that the man wasn’t Lele, but even so he was still helpless against their allure—it was like he had caught onto a scent, a fragrant and slightly saccharine scent, that made him drown helplessly in these emotions. 

“Do you have a name?” A barely discernible urgency made its way to Zuo Feng’s voice. “How should I address you?”

“‘Babe’, ‘Darling’, anything’s fine.” Di Lin leaned back slightly, lying his head against Zuo Feng’s shoulder. “Anything you want is fine, okay, Zuo Feng?”

“Okay…” With that, Zuo Feng suddenly spun the man around, pressing him against the wall and kissing him violently. This wasn’t his first time hearing his full name from someone, but it was his first time feeling a rash urge to claim the caller as his own because of it. 

It didn’t matter who the first to light the fire was; all that mattered was that they saw in each other’s eyes the same inferno, hot enough to burn everything in the world to nothingness. 

Di Lin was a bit hesitant at first, but after their lips touched his body no longer listened to him. As he had mentioned before, something that had been suppressed for over thirty years was utterly uncontrollable when released. 

The two kissed at each other like madmen, and when they reached the bed, no one knew who had taken the first steps towards it. Zuo Feng held Di Lin under him as he kissed every inch of his skin, and Di Lin tilted his head up, his breathing a mess. The moans he let out from time to time encouraged the man on top of him and his movements grew rougher. 

Zuo Feng was biting away enthusiastically but without any technique; it didn’t take a genius to figure out that it was his first time. Di Lin opened his eyes and looked at him, a strange smile appearing momentarily on his lips. 

After about three minutes, Zuo Feng could hold himself back no longer. He ripped off his clothes haphazardly and trapped Di Lin under him with his body.

He smiled, looking at the person lying quietly under him. “Darling?”

Di Lin hummed in reply, before flipping over without warning and trapping Zuo Feng under him instead!

Zuo Feng frowned. “What are you doing?”

Di Lin licked his chin. “What do you think I’m doing?”

It wasn’t long before Zuo Feng realised that the answer to that question wasn’t something he wanted to admit, at all. 

He was going to hit anyone who tried to tell him that fire could beat wood in the future! If they were so confident about it, they could go take on their own piece of ‘wood’ and see for themselves! One that had overpowered self-regeneration abilities—they’d die from exhaustion before successfully scorching the other!

It was the latter half of the night. Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue were sleeping heavily in each other’s embrace, when suddenly Carrera mentioned Uncle left them a message. 

Seeing the time, Lei Jue worried that Uncle might have an emergency, so he hurriedly opened up the message, only to see the following words:

“My nephew, you have an aunt now. Wanna guess who it is?”

Lei Jue fell silent.

No! Not at all!