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Vol 2 Chapter 68 – Xun

Translator: PandaWu Editor: Drogan QC: Dray First Published on Chaleuria.   Chapter 68 Xun I nodded. To be honest, as Wen Jiubo mentioned, I also had this same vague feeling. Although I couldn’t tell what it was, I could felt that something was slowly and subtly changing in Yan City. “I noticed something, so I consulted an […]

Chapter 060

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Ling Miao slumped bonelessly over the table like a heap of wet dirt. All around, curious, concerned, or greedy gazes swept over him, but he ignored them all. The only thing that had made his expression change was just now, when a man had called out “Su—-” Not Su […]

Chapter 059

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     “If you’re asking me to sound out Ling Miao’s feelings for Su Yuyang, I’m telling you now—forget it!” Ji Linxi smiled faintly as he looked at Feng Ji, ridicule plain on his face. Feng Ji froze. He guessed Ji Linxi’s thoughts and grimaced: “You’re right. Xiao Li and I […]

Vol 2 Chapter 67 – The Green Fan

Translator: PandaWu Editor: Drogan QC: Dray First Published on Chaleuria.     “Uh, I see.” Shi Yitong was speechless. I looked at Coo and then look at Wen Jiubo, it suddenly occurred to me that this cat’s former owner should be Wen Jiubo… “Wen Jiubo, what was its previous name?” Wen Jiubo looked at and sighed, “Xuanse.” […]

Chapter 16 – Part 2

Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria   Gao Zhun’s choice of words was rather misleading; his routine for ‘freshening up a little’ was far more elaborate than Fang Chi had been led to believe. Leaning against the doorway of Gao Zhun’s bathroom, Fang Chi gaped in astonishment as he watched the other man apply all […]

Chapter 16 – Part 1

Translator: Kotoni Editor: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria     The weekend came around again. They had agreed on a second outing, so Fang Chi showed up again Saturday morning outside their estate, puffing on a cigarette as he waited. At nine o’clock sharp, Zuo Linlin appeared. She approached him with a bounce in her step, all […]

Vol 2 Chapter 66 – The End

Translator: PandaWu Editor: Drogan QC: Dray First Published on Chaleuria.     “I’m fine.” Wen Jiubo smiled, dusting his hands. “Everything’s resolved.” “What did you say? Everything’s resolved? What did you resolve?” Bai asked a lot of questions at once. “Ah, Su Xiaoyun!” Shi Yitong noticed Su Xiaoyun, who was sitting on the ground and immediately rushed […]

Chapter 058

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Old Su? To Ling Miao’s recollection, Su Yuyang was the only person Yan Li called ‘Old Su.’ Su Yuyang is here? Shock exploded like a clap of thunder in Ling Miao’s mind as his body froze to the spot. Ji Linxi seemed to think that Ling Miao’s reaction wasn’t […]

Chapter 112 – New Car

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Kai     “Squeakk.” Trip? Sure. Xiao Yu answered half-heartedly as he played his game. Yan Jin: …… Chairman Yan, who thought that it would not an easy feat to convince his hamster, hid the five-centimeter thick packet of information behind him. “Squeak?” Why did you take a step back? Xiao Yu squinted his […]