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Vol 2 Chapter 36 – Define Death

Translator: PandaWu Editor: DPalmz QC: Dray First Published on Chaleuria.     I appeared to be calm, but inside, I had already cursed him a thousand times. What was he doing?! “Er… Is that Wen Jiubo?” Shi Yitong stared at the Ferrari like a fool. “Why does he look so different? Isn’t he… usually dressed in a long […]

Chapter 028

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Ling Miao’s eyes were trained on the glass of the bathroom door. Only when the silhouette on the door began to make the motions of showering did Ling Miao get up and go to the kitchen. What was Ling Miao going to do? Turn off the hot water! This […]

Chapter 085 – Nannan’s Whispers (II)

Translator: Twin.Fishes Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     The reason Heart Lock could be completed so quickly was due to both Xiao Yu and Nannan’s participation. For Xiao Yu’s part, at least this time, Lin Zhou finally did not stupidly gift the design drawing to the mystery designer. Of course, there was a possibility that Lin Zhou encountered an […]

Vol 2 Chapter 35 – The Murder On Campus (2)

Translator: PandaWu Editor: DPalmz QC: Dray First Published on Chaleuria.     The room became silent again. No one wanted to know the truth surrounding Liang Kaifeng or his supposed death. Shi Yitong and I remained calm since we had experienced many horrible things together. However, my roommates who were usually extroverts became silent. The look on their […]

Chapter 027

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     “Does it make a difference?” Su Yuyang replied with a faint smile and kept walking, but he’d increased his pace. Before, Ling Miao would have retorted, “Do you think there’s a difference between eating food and eating trash?” but this line didn’t seem suitable for the situation and Ling […]

Chapter 084 – But it Would be Awesome

Translator: Twin.Fishes Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     “Squeak?” Four Seasons Manor? Once the lethargic Xiao Yu heard the name, he immediately regained his vigor and nodded his head twenty times in five seconds. “Don’t nod so hard.” Yan Jin wrinkled his forehead. “Squeak.” You even need to control that. Xiao Yu turned his little body, facing his butt […]

Chapter 026

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Su Yuyang’s phone beeped, cutting off Feng Ji’s words before they had even left his mouth. Seeing Su Yuyang’s troubled expression, Feng Ji could guess who the message was from. Su Yuyang looked at Feng Ji and pretended to brush away tears, then lowered his head and opened QQ. […]

Chapter 083 – It Would Be Great If He Could Be Exposed Immediately

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     No matter how crushed Xiao Yu felt deep within, the lovesick Chairman Yan was an unreasonable man. According to their conversation that day, he came to a conclusion on his own and gave Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both the death sentence. However, Yan Jin fulfilled his promise and […]

Vol 2 Chapter 33 – The Girl Who Jumped Off The Building

Translator: PandaWu Editor: DPalmz QC: Dray First Published on Chaleuria.     After meeting with Xiaoyun, we tried to find more people related to the haunting. But surprisingly, every person who heard the midnight knocking had disappeared. They either were not in their dorm or went back home because of an urgent family issue. Everyone vanished just as […]