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Vol 2 Chapter 27 – A Freeze Out

Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.     In your life, have you ever been afraid of something? The answer is probably ‘yes’. Every person in their life has been afraid of many things, ranging from a ferocious beast to your head teacher. Every person is afraid of different things for different reasons. However, have […]

Chapter 018

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Su Yuyang was silent. Ling Miao covered his mouth and began laughing—a sad expression, a sorrowful laugh, and tears rolling down his face. “Yuyang, we’ve been together so long. Do you really still not understand me?” Ling Miao threw out another line which crashed into Su Yuyang, stunning him. […]

Chapter 076 – The Correct Way to Use ‘A Man of His Words’

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     The interesting part was that instead of the main item in the picture, the first thing that Xiao Yu noticed was the background. Why wouldn’t he? The background was all too familiar to him. It was Yan Jin’s desk; the place where his cage was previously. Now that he […]

Chapter 074 – Jewelry Case

Translator: iamfeiii Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     During the first half of the conference, almost nobody had noticed booth eighteen. That was because the booth had been under construction since morning. Not only was there nothing on display, there was even a ‘CAUTION. STAY AWAY’ sign in front of it. In addition, the booth’s location was […]

Chapter 092 – Why Did Sister Hide The Truth

Translator: PKitty Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Tezuka First Published on Chaleuria     These few days, Gu Li kept smiling and laughing happily as though she had eaten too many sweets. Even Gu Zhun harbored some doubts about whether his sister went bonkers.   “Sister, what’s wrong with you? Are you mentally unwell?”   “Nonsense!” Gu Li denied […]

Chapter 017

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Ling Miao walked very slowly. He was not anxious. The words from before were his true thoughts. Since he could not stay in Su Yuyang’s apartment, of course, he had to go look for an apartment elsewhere. Ling Miao opened the door and already had one foot over the […]

Chapter 016

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom     Ling Miao was about to become homeless, and, as a result, his thoughts were completely focused on rent. A week ago, his landlord had informed the tenants that the next month’s rent would be raised and had given them a week to find another house. Ling Miao’s other two […]

Chapter 073 – Moonlit Manacles

Translator: Twin.Fishes Editor: Rei Quality Check: Tezuka     As his emotions calmed down, Xiao Yu took a cushion out from the cage to put under his butt. Then he used a stand to prop up the iPad so that he could continue to watch the broadcast comfortably. This iPad model was known for being portable. Its […]