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Chapter 111 – The Good Partner

Translator: Mukyuu Editor: Mokyuu QC: Mukyuu As a child, Lei Jue had often found himself interacting with all kinds of children. and he naturally learned a lot about kids. That’s why he didn’t even have to think when dealing with the two little demons in their family. The way he thought about it, his and […]

Chapter 108 – Daddy Zuo Feng

Translator: Mukyuu Editor: Mokyuu QC: Mukyuu By the time they sat down at the dining table, Di Lin was back in his human form.  Actually, he mostly stayed in his human form now because he needed to gradually become acquainted with more people. So he was trying to slowly get used to his new life.  […]

Chapter 107 – Riding the Waves

Translator: Mukyuu Editor: Mokyuu QC: Mukyuu In his tree person form, Kangkang was normally pretty hardy. But now that he’s been soaked in water, he was a bit soggy. Lei Jue placed a healing ball around him and cradled him in his palm. It was a while before the little guy sat up.  “Are you […]

Chapter 106 – Lost Again

Translator: Mukyuu Editor: Mokyuu QC: Mukyuu Lei Jue stuck both hands in his pockets, and a tremor ran through his heart at Wei Li’s words, but his face remained expressionless, “The A3 plan doesn’t affect me anymore.. What the hell does your first command have to do with me?”  Wei Li gritted his teeth, “Then […]

Chapter 55 – Part 1

Translator: HillarybyHillary Editor: Eric Rasputin Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Chaleuria     Chen Cheng-Sen angrily threw his phone down. “It’s over,” he huffed as he massaged his temples irritably. “If the reporters and fans continue to fight like this, we can’t continue filming!” Chen Hsin lowered his head and didn’t say anything. His […]

Chapter 105 – Let Me Out

Translator: Mukyuu Editor: Mokyuu QC: Mukyuu If at first people didn’t believe what Zuo Feng said, nobody doubted the veracity of the claim after Zuo Zhihuan cheerfully and happily confirmed that his son was indeed getting married.  Marshal Zuo was quite happy these days!  Though his future daughter-in-law was a bit special and might randomly […]

Chapter 104 – Cousins

Translator: Mukyuu Editor: Mokyuu QC: Mukyuu Ever since Di Lin arrived on Casweir, he slept as a tree in the forests when he got tired or sucked up nutrients from the soil when he got hungry. If he had to travel far, he would sneak onto a hovercar station or into a flightcraft station and […]