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Chapter 107 – Class 3.3

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom   The first exam venue was as different from the poor students’ gathering grounds as heaven was from earth. No students gathered to discuss cheating strategies and nobody was selling answers. The students here were all top students who used every spare minute to go through their books. Even if only […]

Chapter 106 – The First Exam Venue

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom   Old Tang finished talking about additional classes and opened his literature textbook. He thought he still had plenty of time and was going to go over a classical poem with the class, but little did he know that morning self-study was already almost over. “Has it been so long?” Old […]

Chapter 16 – Jealousy

CHAPTER 16 JEALOUSY   Bai Ruohan returned to their temporary residence and the first place he went to was Jin Rongqiu’s private quarter. He lightly knocked on the door twice before he heard a rustling noise from inside the room. “Who is it?” Jin Rongqiu’s voice sounded from behind the door. “It’s me.” After his […]

Chapter 105 – He didn’t dare sleep.

Translator: Lyra Editor: NomNom   “Do you know how to wear your clothes properly?” “Huh?” Xie Yu pointed at the shirt He Zhao was wearing. He Zhao closed the bathroom door, completely focused on drying his hair. He had initially wanted to come out of the bathroom shirtless. “You’ve already seen me naked before, don’t […]

Chapter 104 – Best-case scenario, I can see him when I open my eyes every day.

Translator: Jury Editor: NomNom   Class 3 gathered around the back row. Xie Yu reached for the bottle of water at the corner of his desk and watched Wan Da dramatically act it out again. He Zhao was obligingly supportive, as always. “Very good, very good. You act well.” “Thank you.” Wan Da gave a […]

Chapter 223 – The Cat Clan (II)

Translator: O(n^n) oh baby Editor: thepinkfleurdelis Quality Check: Kai     Chu Ge looked at him warily. “A surprise?” He’d consider himself fortunate if it didn’t scare the shit out of him. Yan Jin nodded sincerely. “Save your surprise. I still need to get back to work. You can return to wherever you came from.” Chu Ge had […]