Chapter 002 – The Unavoidable Murphy’s Law

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Due to a slight setback on a project, Yan Jin arrived home later than usual. As he stepped into the empty villa, the feeling of emptiness and loneliness overwhelmed him. For a moment, it made Yan Jin think of getting a sleeping companion.

But the moment that thought came by, it was driven out of his mind instantly. Leaving aside his disgust towards paid-sex dealings, the fact that the Yan family ancestors were famous within the social circle for their loyalty for many generations came to mind. Mocking such ‘fine traditions’ should not be ruined in his hands.

Midnight, 1 am.

After taking a shower, Yan Jin felt a bit hungry. He headed towards the kitchen in his slippers. He took out two tomatoes from the refrigerator and switched on the lights.

Boop. The tomatoes fell onto the floor.

The glossy flooring that he anticipated was not only covered with water stains, there was a water puddle with a gray-colored “mouse” lying right there in the middle.

Thankfully, CEO Yan had a strong heart, and he was not afraid of such creatures. His first reaction was not to pick up his broom and sweep away this harmful thing, but to be surprised at how his villa that was scheduled for weekly cleaning – even where cockroaches were hard to spot – to have a mouse?

With suspicion in his mind, Yan Jin soon found a clue.

He found that the tail that was overly short with a round body and no visible long whiskers, it should be…

A hamster, right?

Stray cats and dogs were common to see, but this was the first time he’d seen a stray hamster.

Could it be Mickey Mouse?

Yan Jin found it interesting, so he walked around the lying hamster and noticed that the creature’s eyes were closed and it was not moving at all. He started becoming suspicious, could it be dead?

Coincidentally, Xiao Yu, who had fallen, was irritated by the lighting and gradually woke up dizzily as his eyes which were the size of green beans fluttered open. The scene in front of him was still unclear until a while later when his vision slowly became clearer.

Then, Xiao Yu and Yan Jin met eye to eye.


Xiao Yu let out a miserable shriek and fled in embarrassment. After running in circles, he stepped onto the water puddle, slipped, and fell backward.

Yan Jin took a few steps back. Watching the little hamster’s panicking silly behavior, he laughed without holding back.

Xiao Yu was confused as he had slipped, could not get up immediately. So, he laid on his back with his eyes wide open, silently making a complaint against the source of the laughter.

After Yan Jin finished laughing, he squatted down and pushed the tomato that had dropped earlier towards Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu, who had just gotten up, had to hug the tomato that was shoved towards him. With a blank look, he hugged the tomato that was about the same size as him and blinked his eyes adorably.

“Okay, this is your ownership fund, from now on, you’re my pet.”

Yan Jin was smiling the whole time, but somehow it brought chills down Xiao Yu’s spine.

Facing this familiar smile, Xiao Yu’s first reaction wasn’t ‘I won’t have to worry about my life anymore~’ but it was –

It’s you!

Xiao Yu recognized Yan Jin.

S City’s second to none jewelry group – YL Corporation’s CEO, seventh place on the national richest and powerful list, the Yan family’s Yan Jin.

He was currently twenty-nine years old and already had fame and wealth in his hands.

When Xiao Yu was still a human, his status wasn’t considered low as well – the title of being the youngest gifted designer was quite well-known too. He and Yan Jin interacted occasionally, but it was usually at large-scale meetings and dinner parties. Where else would they get a chance to meet one another? This was why Xiao Yu could not recognize him at first glance; the difference between a cool-looking chairman in suits and ties and someone dressed loosely in a bathrobe was just way too different.

Xiao Yu clenched his teeth; if he were an animal that had more attack strength, he would have charged forward and bitten this person in front of him immediately.

That’s right, when he was still a human, Xiao Yu detested Yan Jin to death. Well, towards a chairman of the competitor group, who had always beaten him by a margin, it was hard to have any positive attitude towards that person. However, that’s not the reason why Xiao Yu hated this person. The reason why Xiao Yu particularly hated Yan Jin was because the designer working under this person had copied his design draft!

And it didn’t happen just once or twice, it was every single time for half a year!

What was even worse was that when Xiao Yu summoned his courage to confront this person, he got ridiculed harshly. Without any evidence, he could only leave dejectedly. Till today, Xiao Yu could not forget that official smiling face.

Yes, it’s the face that was right before his eyes!

He may be smiling, but it gave off an unpleasant feeling towards everyone!

Well, well. Who would have expected that even when he was not a human anymore, he still had to meet the face that he detested the most?

If he had known earlier that this villa belonged to Yan Jin, he’d swear to never step foot into this building even if he starved himself to death.

At this moment, Xiao Yu suddenly thought of the famous Murphy’s law.

When some things had the possibility to go wrong, no matter how small that possibility was, it would still happen! And this time around, it was obvious that he had not escaped Murphy’s law – out of all the residences he could choose, he just had to walk into Yan Jin’s villa and get caught red-handed.

What Xiao Yu didn’t know was that after he had turned into a hamster, his severe mental activities would be manifested on his body features.

For example, when he was furious to the peak of an explosion, it looked like he was shivering nonstop on the outside.

Yan Jin watched the shivering Xiao Yu in front of him and sank into contemplation.

This hamster couldn’t be a stray. Someone must be keeping it and didn’t watch over it properly. Hence, it escaped.

Even if he knew that this was just a lost hamster, Yan Jin had no plans to return it.

Not watching over it properly and losing it only meant that the original owner was an irresponsible person.

Now that it had been picked up by him, then it was his property. No one should have second thoughts over it.

Xiao Yu, who was still planning on using his gaze to attack Yan Jin, was scooped up in the next second. That’s right, scooped up. Firmly caught within Yan Jin’s palms, Xiao Yu did not hesitate. He opened his mouth and launched a bite.


Before he could put all his might into that bite, the back of Xiao Yu’s neck was pinched. The pain made Xiao Yu involuntarily release his mouth. He looked upwards and saw Yan Jin’s dark face that looked that it would soon be dripping with black ink.

Hn, didn’t expect that would make him fear me.

However, even when Xiao Yu released his grip, the hand that was pinching the back of his neck did not let go at all. Instead, his entire body was lifted over the shoulder. Initially, Xiao Yu struggled a few times, but the height to the floor freaked him out very quickly.

Help, too high!

When he was still a human, this kind of height was nothing of course. But now that he was just a hamster, and the type that was no larger than ten centimeters, to be lifted over at shoulder height by a man who was at least 1.8 meters easily scared him unconscious with the sight that he saw when he looked down!

Of all times, Yan Jin did not forget to voice his threat, “You bite again and I’ll throw you outside and let you fall to your death.”

Xiao Yu, who was naturally scared of death, froze like an ice sculpture when he heard that threat. Don’t even mention about turning back and biting that person, he didn’t even move an inch.

Yan Jin carried Xiao Yu in one hand while he held the tomato with the other. Just like that, he brought Xiao Yu out of the kitchen to a place that was out of Xiao Yu’s expectations –

The bedroom.

Even if Xiao Yu didn’t like Yan Jin a single bit, it raised a little bit of curiosity in him at this moment.

This was, that Yan Jin you know…

In the fashion scene, there was a very famous magazine that focused on sensational news called [Spreading Fire]. In the magazine, there would be a poll for the most highly eligible bachelor. The Yan family’s Yan Jin would always top the list with at least two times the number of votes away from the second place in every election.

Other than his attractive looks and background, at this unimaginable age, Yan Jin was known to never indulge himself in lust, always keeping his hands to himself. One could say that no one had ever entered Yan Jin’s bedroom except for the hourly cleaners. Men and women had attempted numerous times to offer themselves to Yan Jin, but they all failed. This person was so outstanding that he probably evoked anger in both Gods and humans alike, and did not have a single scandalous partner, was like a huge fragrant, steamed bun – even the tiniest crumbs (the slightest bit of personal information) could make those ladies from prestigious families watching his every move go crazy.

To have the chance to enter Yan Jin’s bedroom was an opportunity that was hard to come by, even if you begged for it!

Xiao Yu widened his eyes and studied his surroundings.

There was nothing much in the room, which made it look spacious. There was a black grand piano by the window, which matched the muslin fabric curtains. On the balcony was a pot with a short cactus which looked really comforting.

In the middle of the room was a retro, dark brown-colored double bed. The blankets were nicely spread out along with pillows that were placed in the appropriate positions. The back of the bed contained a bookshelf that was embedded into the wall. Both sides had a wardrobe and near the entrance was an office desk that had a computer on top and a rotating chair in front of it. The soft lighting came from the huge, fancy chandelier from above.

It wasn’t as stunning as what he had imagined, neither did the taste represent that of typical rich people. Yan Jin’s room had a very comfortable feeling that was vastly different from the impression he showed to everyone.

And this room had an item that looked really, really special compared to the other normal furniture around it.

It was the floor mat that was beneath him.

It was not a simple Persian carpet, but one that was created after being specially designed by a professional. There was only one of such piece in the entire world. Perhaps it was a designer’s instinct, but the moment he entered the room, this unique carpet immediately caught Xiao Yu’s attention. Very quickly, he recognized it – this carpet’s designer was himself.

Le Temps Des Cathédrales – that sentence was printed on the light brown carpet. The unique, elegant font roused Xiao Yu’s memories.

Although his main business was jewelry designing, a few years ago, he had to take up some other designing tasks for money. The theme for this carpet piece was the era of the cathedrals. Its main source material was based on the famous western opera of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. As for the illustration of the carpet, the French wording in the middle was made using the painted glass windows of the cathedrals as its style – and all of those were hand-drawn by Xiao Yu. This carpet was his university work; it was also the first time he had designed something other than jewelry. Back then he didn’t think it looked that bad and yet now, it just looked terrible everywhere.

Before Xiao Yu could properly audit this piece of work, he was thrown in the middle of the huge bed.

That’s right, thrown.